Basketball Hoops Donations Upset Fla. Atheists

January 3rd, 2011 by Staff – An atheist group is upset with a Florida sheriff’s attempt to get tough with local inmates.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd decided to send a message to those in the local lockup by removing the jail basketball baskets and donating them.

“You don’t come to jail to play basketball,” he said. “You don’t come to jail to have a good time.”

The basketball hoops were sent to eight certified non-profit organizations — all of them local churches. Ellenbeth Wachs, with the group Atheist of Florida responded, saying the property doesn’t belong on church grounds.

“He played Santa Claus with county property,” Wachs said. “He had no business doing that.”

Wachs said her atheist group is willing to take the issue to court as a matter of separation of church and state.

“Everyone who is designated to get a basketball court is a Christian church, and that violates the U.S. and Florida Constitutions,” she added.

The atheists now want Polk County to spend more money to dig the hoops up again and move them to parks, schools, or anywhere else without a religious connection.

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  1. Gary E

    this is complete crap . the separation of church and state was deemed so to keep the state for making decisions for the church or the church to make decisions for the state . not for basketball goals the state owns to be donated to whomever they see fit. Atheists need to get something better to gripe about and stop being petty

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