Baby Thrown from Car on I-275

May 5th, 2009 by admin


TAMPA – A man suspected of throwing an infant from a car on Interstate 275 this morning has been arrested.

The 3-month-old baby was pronounced dead at 4:30 this morning after being found on the highway’s shoulder just south of Fowler Avenue.

Richard Anthony McTear Jr., 22, was placed in custody at Arlington and Virginia avenues. He is being taken to Tampa Police Department’s District 3 office.

The child was found by a passing motorist.

“Just out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw some trash on the side of the road. But the more I thought about it, I saw eyes,” said Jason Bird, who spotted the infant while driving to work at WTVT, Channel 13. “It flipped me out, and I started shaking and said, ‘It’s a doll, a baby doll.’ ”

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said the baby was Emanuel Wesley Murray, the son of 17-year-old Jasmine Bedwell of Tampa, who called 911 just after 3 a.m. to report a domestic dispute. According to the sheriff’s office, Bedwell told officers that McTear, her ex-boyfriend, had come to her apartment on North 15th Street, where he argued with her and battered her and her infant son. McTear is not the child’s father, deputies said.

At one point during the argument, McTear threw the child to the concrete, according to the sheriff’s office. McTear then took the baby and fled in a four-door Chevrolet Impala, investigators said. Details of the argument were not clear, deputies said.

Deputies responded to the call at Marbella Apartments, 12414 N. 15th St., about 3:15 a.m. Investigators later found the car at McTear’s home, 1601 E. River Cove St. Details on how investigators tracked down McTear are unknown at this time.

Last month, Bedwell sought an injunction against McTear for domestic violence. She didn’t appear in court Monday, and the case was dropped.

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  1. bubba 1st SRGT zender

    thats some sick baster, crayze parents in florida……thats why i call the florida state “the state of stupid people” by the way i love your show huge fan!! bubba amry 1st sgt zender

  2. 49 cent

    Man, Dis is a new sport in da hood. Get wif it bro!

  3. jmy44baseball

    We need to reform our justice system when a act like this is commited and the police catch you instead of going to jail you should have a bullet put in your head on the spot.

  4. Amy K Walraven

    While listening to your show this morning between eight and nine, I was mortified that anyone could do that to an innocent baby. As I was coming home from work the only information I had was what Bubba told me. However, I was very appalled at his “assumptions”. I was irritated when he assumed the poor woman who was beaten and had just lost her baby was fat and white. However, when he and his crew turned it around to be her fault that this terrible act of domestic violence occured. This is exactly why domestic violence cannot be stopped. Poeple with the privledge to be an icon share such horrible beliefs. The entire ordeal was…well, I can’t even wrap my mind around it. I am so appalled. It was obvious that Bubba was also upset. He just took it too far by placing blame on one of the victoms of this terrible event. Domestic violence is an understated crime. The violence often occures with rejection. Don’t assume this is the girls fault. This is what happens when you stand up to a sick man like that. Shame on you Bubba. I don’t think Ive ever been so angry with someone so insignificant in my life before. Please be a better man than that. You have alot of listeners and what you express as your opinion becomes a valid opinion. I know you are aware of this…just wanted to remind you. Sorry for rambling on.

  5. jim

    now that is messed up if i was the cop that found that bag of crap he would have a round in his head.The brothers don’t even do that in hartford.

  6. John

    Kill that sick dude.

  7. who cares

    have no use for a sick basterd like that .throw him out a car window at 70 …oh still living … repeat ….

  8. huh

    Obama is president! Its all good!

  9. Gennifer

    Good Morning,

    The problem lies with our justice system and the fact that the punishments are not harsh enough. Once in jail, you should have no rights, no cable, no Internet, no isolation, etc. The extreme liberals blame it on gun control and insist these people have rights. It’s a shame Shannon Burke is not still in jail and things like this, baby throwing, baby in trunk, are tolerated. This guy’s girlfriend needs to be in jail and Casey Anthony needs to be in general population. Shannon Burke should be fed to the dogs. Glad to have you back in Orlando!

  10. Joy

    There are a couple of points I would like to make. First, Obviously this guy is mentally deranged. I highly doubt that a court order would have stopped the jerk off from doing this. People that are like that have no conscience or fear of reprisal. How many times do we hear about battered spouses getting injunctions only to be later killed by the person the court ordered to stay away. We can bash this girl for not going to court. But I have a feeling in this case it wouldn’t have really helped her.

    The other thing is her age. Shes a kid herself. This doesn’t excuse her stupidity but it does maybe explain her naivety. I won’t defend her per se. As a mom I am highly protective of my boys. I would put myself in harms way for them without a second thought. The first time anyone was foolish enough to try and hurt my kids would be their last. I can’t imagine anyone being so scared they could sit there and not try to stop him. But all we can do is speculate. We weren’t there. Regardless of any wrong doing on her part. I feel for her. Losing a child can’t be easy. And her decisions to both get involved with this poor excuse for a human and her actions that night will haunt her for the rest of her life.

  11. FLOOD

    He should be chained and dragged behind a truck for a couple of hours then pour gasoline on him and light him up.

  12. Jenn

    As much as I would like to think that I am against the death penalty, when I read something this disgusting all I think is KILL HIM.This piece of shit does nothing to contribute to society so KILL HIM …seriously if any prison guards reads this let him out in the general public so they can KILL HIM …claim it was an accident ….just trying to plant a few seeds… maybe they’ll take root.

  13. JoAnne

    Amy K, Please get real! This stupid piece of trash mother could have prevented her baby’s death. She sought an injunction and then couldn’t be bothered to show up for court. Bubba and crew are the only ones out there that are not afraid to say it like it is. The mother should also be in jail, pardon me – first sterilized and then in jail. McTear should not be kept in isolation, but put in general population. His first arrest was at 14 for beating his own Mother for God’s sake. Why would this 17 year old stupid b**** even want to subject her baby to a loser like this? It was and is her fault for subjecting her baby to the chance of domestic violence!
    Bubba, Spice, Brett, Manson, Ned and the rest–keep up the good work.

  14. 49 cent

    I mean, why do stories like this even make the news? They are insignificant.

  15. Kyle French

    Wouldnt just shaking the baby have worked??

  16. Ameridred

    Hey I know the girlfriend of that guys mother

  17. Amy K Walraven

    Really very little point to this because it seems the narrow minds of those who pass judgment have been made up. However, Jasmine was his ex-girlfriend. She was attempting to leave and had even illicited the help of professionals. She already had a restraining order against him. (I feel pity for anyone who actually believes that piece of paper would have stopped him) She did not attend court on Monday to extend the restraining order because she never got notice of the court date. St Pete Times stated that niether her or the monster were informed of the court date. She was a child, but yet she did what was right and in her power to do so. Leaving is always the most dangerous time. Yes, in a perfect world this would have been avoided. However, jasmine is just a victim. A victim of domestic violence. I agree with everyone that if she was as horrible as all of you have decided that action should be taken. However, all of these stereotypes, prejudice, assumptions…the word doesn’t matter just make it harder for woman to leave, and in this case were wrong. I have no problems handling the truth, Bubba. Just should have waited for the facts before I acted.

  18. Ron

    Is this piece of S##t still breathing? I can understand the religious belief that two wrongs do not make a right, but what about an eye for an eye? Spare the rod, spoil the child? Kids are being raised now with zero respect for property or person. Forget the Talliban, we will be destroyed from within by our own children! I hope that when this animal sees the light of day, and he is free of his protected solitary confinement cell, justice will be there looking him in the eye. Just make it slow. He needs time to reflect on the events that lead him to his demise!!!!!!!

  19. Pat

    That sick m***er f***er should be neutered, you know what cut off and sent to solitary confinment for the rest of his life!

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