Baby Found in Box and Covered in Ants

June 2nd, 2009 by admin

(NECN/WCJB: Ocala, Fla.) – Ocala Police said that at around 5 Saturday evening, they were called out to the area of NW 24th avenue and 17th street in response to a baby girl being found in a box.

An area resident was leaving his home, when he saw a box sitting on the corner. When he took a closer look he saw a hand reaching out.

The residents cared for the baby girl until police could arrive.

She was covered with ants on her body and face.

Area resident Patricia Kinsler said,”If they can stop on the corner and put her down there, they could have easily came and put her on my porch or any bodies porch. They didn’t have to leave her down there like that”.

The baby girl is in doing alright and is in DCF custody.

Police are still investigating and said this is a very serious charge of child neglect.

They are looking for a grey pickup truck with a white top that may have been in the area around 7:30 p.m. on Friday.

6 Responses

  1. Blake R.

    I wish they would bound, torture and kill the pieces of shiz that did this.

  2. who cares

    sick sick sick what could this baby do to harm you . i have a very large ant bed for the one who done this to be stake out on .

  3. karen

    what a shame, babies and children being left on sides of the roads being mamed and torture and or killed. why does’nt our government or some political party’s get involved

  4. lola

    Whoever did this are just sick f###s. People that do this are worthless pieces of shiz that don’t deserve kids and shouldn’t be producing them at all !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. C~A

    Is it just me or does Florida seem to have the “babies are disposable” mentality. Child murder, neglect and torture seems to run rampid in that state! What is wrong with people. That poor little baby girl! Left to die in a god damn box! Whoever did this should be jailed…forever! I don’t care if she/he is on drugs or has been abused or “panicked” or whatever other excuses are used to defend such disgusting acts of child abuse and neglect. There are plenty of options for people who don’t want to be parents anymore for whatever reason! It’s barbaric to hear what the children of this earth endure at the hands of their parents..every day you read about another helpless and innocent child being thrown away like trash.

  6. paula woodall

    i wish they would pass a law. do to you for what you do to others and all this mess will stop. cause i bet that if they knew that they had to lie in a bed of ants until someone moved them they would not of done this to know one

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