Awesome Kong Files Lawsuit Against Bubba The Love Sponge®, Bubba Responds

February 25th, 2010 by – Kia Stevens, a.k.a Awesome Kong, has filed a lawsuit against Todd Clem, aka Bubba the Love Sponge®, and AT&T. According to a report on Courthouse News Service, Kong claims that Bubba called her at 5 a.m. on Feb. 10 from a blocked number. She alleges that he threatened to come to her house and “sucker punch her until she stopped breathing”, and then said, “You’ll be dead like all those other n—-s in Haiti you fat black b—h … F–k Haiti!”

Kong noted that she didn’t respond, at which point the caller who identified himself as Bubba the Love Sponge® stated, “‘What d’ya think about that, Monkey Kong? … What? Those big fat Jimmy Walker lips ain’t talking s–t now, huh?’”

Kong says she recognized the caller’s voice to be Bubba’s, however stated that AT&T refused to identity the caller. She is suing AT&T, demanding that they release records that would identity the caller.

Kong had attacked the radio show host at last month’s iMPACT! taping in Orlando. Kong was upset due to a “F— Hati” [sic] tweet Bubba posted on his Twitter earlier that weekend. She has been taking part in fundraising efforts for the relief fund for Haiti, which was rocked by an earthquake last month.

Bubba refuted the allegations this morning with the following statement:

“This morning I was made aware of allegations made in a petition for full bill of discovery by Ms. Kia Stevens, a professional wrestler with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. The allegations in this petition are one hundred percent false. To be clear; everything contained in this petition is not true. Ms. Stevens attributing outrageous racist statements and physical threats to me is disgusting.

“We can prove without any doubt the allegations made in this petition are false. First Ms. Stevens claims that she was called on the air, at 5:08 AM on February 10th, we are not even on the air until 6 AM Eastern time. We have phone records and eyewitnesses that account for my every movement that day from 4:50 AM forward. No call was made to Ms. Stevens at all.

“We will be pursuing all legal remedies available to us in the State of Florida to fight these deliberately malicious allegations.”

25 Responses

  1. Scott

    Get that dumb bitch! We got your back 100%! Teach that slandering A-hole some real justice.


  2. BubbaArmyGrunt

    Really sad how people try to take advantage of Bubba.
    Don’t let it get you down Bubba, your TRUE fans are behind you 100%!!!

  3. LD

    are you kidding? bubba this is the worst work i have ever seen ” in my life”

  4. mike moses

    i think this is a big set up with you hulk and kong this is what i think

  5. Anthony

    F Awesome Kong- Since TNA didn’t release her from her contract this is how she chooses to fight back. What is worse that in the end Bubba might have to file a lawsuit against Kong and TNA over the matter that happened a month ago because of this Kong character. So no matter how you slice it Bubba is in a no win situation here.

  6. Desiree Lambert

    I must say that this is truly outrageous. This woman attacked you over your opinion which we are all entitled to and now is suing you with no evidence that you did anything. I think someone may have called her. Was it a Bubba follower ? Not someone I would want following me, or is it a Bubba hater ? We can all guess. The fact is she has nothing to stand on. You can file a suit but in order to make it stick you need more than an acusation. Hope things work well for you. Desiree’

  7. rob cass

    good for you Bubba, i’m so sick of people pressing charges against people without even giving you a call and ask you a out the comments, i hope you press charges on her after you clear this up

  8. andrew

    Kick her ass in court bubba and I promise the sting of that will hurt way more then when she went mental and “kicked your ass” haha

  9. mike

    i guess this just showes that everyone whos in the wrong is looking for an easy payday.its time to stop turning the other cheek and make them pay for the bull that oozes out of their mouth.

  10. Walter

    Hey Bubba, have you thought that possibly someone claiming to be you called her? This may be a set up by either MJ or one of the many people that have heat with you.

  11. jamie

    kick that fat bitches ass bubba. BUBBA ARMY, BUBBA ARMY

  12. Patrick

    Take them on Bubba. File against Kia Stevens and TNA for the assault and for slander. It will give Hogan an excuse to get out. You can here it in his voice, that he is not pleased with what is happening over there.

  13. Jeff

    Bubba, I was truly disturbed this morning to hear the news of this lawsuit.It’s depressing to know that the world we grew in no longer exists! I guess we need to adapt to the new rules, ” There are no RULES” keep fighting the good fight.
    Love you guys in a non-faggot way ! Jeff

  14. Kevin

    Does this “Lady” know what she has done to her career. If she was indeed called by an imposter of Bubba she got got! Sniff the weeds and you probably find a Honky Tonk or a Jim Cornet

  15. Rus

    Since she wants to play dirty bubba and no one at TNA sounds like they really care to hell with them all. To quote you” if ur gonna be a bear be a grizzly”

  16. cornbread

    after all the shit with a T…u saved her job at TNA i say f her with a K…..get her FIRED NOW……FTE FROM VA.

  17. Jay

    Sounds like the jabrone who hacked your Twitter Machiine might be behind this. Might wanna check that out. Your Army has your back, man.

  18. cheese cracker

    who really cares just bring us good radio or shut up!

  19. benny from da dx

    yo bubba you got some redneck back wood fans why dont you and your so called redn neck arm come to da bx and try pooing shit like that because all of you guy would get your asses handed to you you said f haiti what just because ppl have harts that gave money to ppl that need it dont make us bad just shows the world tat we are 100%real and all your fans are fack asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Jason

    This is horrible, people like myself really appriciate all the good things that you do Bubba we know the real Bubba could never say such words… You are a good man under that thick skin…F KONG

  21. chris

    are u kidding me kong ur not awesome what nobody felt bad for u when u assaulted a man for just having an opinion and then NOT getting u fired. this is what he gets a bunch of crap from u because u said he pranked u thats not bubba what about bikes for badges and the money he raises for animals give me a break kong u suck BUBBA ARMY BUBBA ARMY BUBBA ARMY

  22. ECW Mark

    It’s a work, you marks!

  23. jimmy from pa


  24. Bella

    Bubba and Crew,
    I was shocked and appalled at the fact that this woman’s attorney even let her file a suit based on the nature of her allegations and her sheer lack of evidence. This…wrestler…is a disgrace to women everywhere, and definitely a detriment to TNA. I’m one of the few proud female members of the Bubba Army in the South Florida Division, and I was even sadder to see a lawyer from Fort Lauderdale is representing Kong. But I know that you guys will be able to nail this one in court, and I’m glad of it. Your army is backing you 100%! Bubba Army, Bubba Army! Good luck and keep us posted!

  25. Steven Keyes

    You should file a counter claim for the Tort of assault, when she hit you. If you want to sue be carefull you don’t get sued, or did she not think this out?

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