Awesome Kong Arrested

December 26th, 2010 by Staff; Click the image to enlarge.

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  1. sdelira

    Never heard of Pricenton, MA. Must be a shitty suburb of Princeton.

  2. Matt

    Dumb black bitch . . . . . .

  3. ron mccarthy

    is waren sapp wearing his sisters wig ?/

  4. Big C

    First! Hahahaha, karma is a bitch Kong.

  5. Rob P.

    This nasty lookin bitch deserves what she gets.

  6. Dangerous

    That booking photo is PRICLESS!

  7. nelson

    princeton is in new jersey stiff

  8. the dude

    there is a princeton here in mass its a nice place. joe was probbably seeing joe the supermark

  9. tobytyler

    Rick James has come back to…. LIFE!!!!!!!!

  10. Mike

    Hell, she’s fatter than Bubba!

  11. daytona corey

    Fizzat Hog bitch got canned, now get the f out of florida!

  12. Doob

    It’s Midnight.
    Do you know where your KONG is????

  13. Kid Wicked

    it says her hair is black.

    that’s racist!!!!!

  14. tomthetrashman

    couldnt of happened to a nicer person she should have messed with the man buba rules!!!!

  15. Krazy K


  16. Leethal

    What exactly to they mean by Ethnicity: N ….lol

  17. John

    Are you kidding me? Making a big deal out of driving after suspended license! If you ask me this is making a mountain out of a moe hill. I don’t care for her either but seriously get a life and find something better to dig up!

  18. manny

    WWE Signing is official
    While Kia Stevens’ (Awesome Kong) twitter message started rumors she had signed with WWE, we can confirm the deal was made. – Wrestling Observer

  19. one nutt tom

    -Beating a white guy for making good common sense—priceless
    -Fat dude guy almost a chick, beating up the white dude and yelling “HAITI” at the same time——— Costs the white guy his job with the fledgling company.

    -White dude mocking loose gorilla from zoo for hiting him and making “Haiti” sound Absolutly PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!White dude being Bubba the love Sponge Beyond Belief.You can’t make this shit up!!!

  20. Dustin Ourso

    Isn’t that the dude from Goodburger

  21. Jay

    Haha, is that the chick that beat you up?

  22. daryl

    I want a three way with her and garnett.oh god

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