Aunt of Duct-Taped Boy Says Parents Should be ‘Locked Up’

May 3rd, 2010 by

CLEVELAND – Two parents remain under arrest after an eight-year-old boy was found hogtied to a coffee table inside his family home at 3742 E. 50th Street in Cleveland Thursday morning.

The boy was discovered after police responded to a 911call placed by his 15-year-old brother. “My little brother is downstairs tied-up to a table and he’s trying to get out,” the teen said on the call.

The older brother then told the dispatcher that his mother makes his sister tie the boy up every night or else his “sister gets beat.”

According to police reports, the 8-year-old’s hands and feet were bound with duct-tape behind his back.

Now, as the boy’s parents await charges, which police say are “forthcoming,” all nine children living inside the home have been placed in foster care.

On Friday, the little boy’s aunt spoke exclusively to Fox 8 News. She is the sister of 32-year-old Jason Dunikowski, the boy’s father.

Dunikowski and his wife, 37-year-old Andreia Huffman, were arrested for domestic violence and child endangering.

During the interview, the aunt claimed that her brother and his wife have been abusing their children for years. “To me, they should never have their kids back and they should be locked up.”

The woman, who asked not to be identified, said, “I don’t believe in abusing kids, that to me is not the way you’re supposed to raise a kid.”

The aunt says her brother is the father of five of the children inside the home. She says the abuse allegations aren’t the least bit surprising.

She also claimed to have witnessed the boy’s mother hitting her teenage son in front of her. The aunt says she even placed an anonymous phone call to Children Services, but to no avail.

“We were at Berea playground. The fork that you stab a hot dog with, [mother] threw it at him and stabbed him…and that’s when I called.”

The aunt says her mother also called Children Services but the children were never removed from the home. “It felt like I let [kids] them down. Even though we called, nothing has ever been done. It made me sick.”

The Department of Children and Family Services says the couple and their children moved from Kentucky to Cleveland a few years ago. During that time, they have only received one phone call about physical abuse which was determined to be “unsubstantiated.”

Now that the parents are in custody, the aunt can only hope these children will get the proper care and love they deserve.

“The kids need a better place. They need more help, they need a place where they can be loved and be children.”

In a mission statement, a spokesperson said, “The Department of Children and Family Services is focused on the children’s medical, physical and behavioral needs. The Department is working closely with the Cleveland Police.”

Cleveland Police Sex Crimes & Child Abuse Unit is investigating.


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  2. FreakSmack

    Why does the woman not want her identity revealed? She must think her brother, family, and friends are too dumb to recognize her voice, and clothing.

    And is there any job duct tape can’t handle? Oh yeah, sealing ducts..

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