Aroldis Chapman’s Record-Breaking 105 mph Fastball

September 28th, 2010 by Staff – Cincinnati Reds relief pitcher Aroldis Champman threw an amazing 105-mph fastball Friday night against the Padres. In fact, during the 1.3 innings that Chapman pitched, not one single pitch was less than 100 mph. Most were around 102 mph. His 105-mph pitch broke the record that was held by Joel Zumaya of the Tigers, for a pitch that was clocked at 104.8 mph, and some say that radar was faulty. The radar gun at the game Friday night has been considered accurate, so this 105-mph record should have no controversy.
“That’s what happens when he gets a little rest,” Dusty Baker, Reds’ manager, said. “That’s why we didn’t use him for a few days.”
Chapman joined the Reds in January of 2010, after successfully defecting from Cuba in 2009. He started out in Triple-A, where he clocked a 105-mph fastball too, but did not make a major league appearance until the end of August where he threw pitches up to 103 mph.

2 Responses

  1. CHAD

    It’s a pretty good pitch but let’s face it he’s NO KENNY POWERS

  2. Hary Seaword

    Good thing he defected. If he signed as a free agent, he would have had to pay the Cuban Government 40% of his salary.

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