Anna Nicole Mistakes Pregnancy for Gas

November 3rd, 2009 by – Anna Nicole Smith was so whacked out of her mind in 2006 that she mistook the baby growing in her womb for a case of bad gas — and it’s all on a tape that was entered as evidence in court on Friday.

The video was shot by Howard K. Stern at a little girl’s birthday party. Snippets of the video were released two years ago, but now the entire 50-minute tape is being used in the drug case against Stern and Anna’s former doctors.

In this particular clip, Smith can’t seem to comprehend the fact that she’s pregnant — consistently denying there’s a baby in her belly … despite the fact she’s showing.

It just gets weirder from there — check it out for yourself. Then sadly, at the end of the clip, the little girl looks straight into the camera and says, “She’s having brain trouble.”

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  1. The Masked Blogger

    She would have been great in the next Batman movie as the “Jokerette”. She wouldn’t have to do any acting, just tell her it’s all real! LOL, bitches.

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