Angry Obama on oil spill: ‘Plug the damn hole’

May 26th, 2010 by admin

An obviously angry President Barack Obama, meeting with senior government officials, had one view on the 36-day old oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that is becoming a monumental disaster not only for the environment and his administration.

“Plug the damn hole,” he told the meeting. “Just get it done.”

The spill from a massive accident at a British Petroleum offshore oil platform, is becoming the Obama administration Katrinia, a symbol of government inability to respond to a crisis.

While Obama’s frustration is understandable, his critics say the slow response to the oil spill showcases his lack of leadership and experience. Instead of stepping in to take control of efforts to cap the spill at the bottom of the Gulf, Obama has chosen to say “let BP handle it” when BP’s failures helped create the situation.

Meanwhile, officials from states along the Gulf Coast and Republicans in Congress demand more action and response from Obama.

The American people expect better from the federal government, Missouri Republican Roy Blunt says in a statement released by his office. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal says Obama is “dragging his feet” on the issue.

4 Responses

  1. MIKE

    1000000 what ever out of work and wre not getting this under control, lets work. let bp put people to work.solved!

  2. MIKE

    hey bubba whats up with the countdown listen everyday but really dont know what that means

  3. MIKE

    i am so sick of people not getting what mother earth does for not a big freak for the earth but it is only logical, that without the earth and its naturall ability to do what she does wre dead.lets stop f**king it up!

  4. justin

    i dont know what you guys r worked up for, earth will take of itself. first fix on its list, get rid of us.

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