Albuquerque Hard Rock Meet and Greet Area

May 2nd, 2011 by Staff

Here are the pictures from Bubba’s Meet and Greet location at the Hard Rock.

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  1. Venessa

    Yikes looks like the tables outside the gym at a high school taking prom tickets…not cool

  2. Fred

    It looks like the place where you get your name tag for a Tupperware convention…

  3. Phara0h

    WOW That is retarded placement. WTF was Hard Rock thinking?
    Also Grant should have done a better job at fallowing up and making sure that Bubba had a contact person in the Hard Rock he could talk to.

  4. Joe

    Nobody showed up?? Looks empty!

  5. michael day

    what is this a high school basketball game or something. I have seen bath rooms with more class.

  6. Todd

    Looks like the head table at a white trash wedding reception.

  7. kevin

    wow you got jobbered out , grant should be ashizamed!

  8. ronjon400

    are you handing out flyers to some 400 percent markup credit card.
    because that’s where I would be doing it from.

  9. hicktown

    theres more than enough room there and it looks fine for a meeting area. big deal..

  10. ned

    how long b-4 you fall off the map having your show available free? great job on io guys you made the right choice

  11. Tonka

    I’m sorry, but that’s a little bigger than a tiny hallway. It was only 20 or so people. Grant did drop the ball, but he did so by not finding somewhere else sooner. But the placement here isn’t that bad for the amount of people – or lack thereof – that you had. Is that a bar right next to it? Looks like what they promised.

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