Accused police officer killer Dontae Morris turns himself in

July 3rd, 2010 by Staff

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TAMPA - Dontae Morris, who is accused of killing two Tampa Police officers, turned himself in late Friday night.

Lieutenant Stephen Lee from the Tampa Police Department confirmed to ABC Action News that the 24-year-old gave himself up peacefully.

A private citizen helped initiate the surrender, officials said. Tampa Police spokeswoman Laura McElroy said the citizen, who was only identified as an associate of Morris, arranged for Morris to surrender to him.

Officials would not identify who the person was, but said he was not a family member or an attorney.

The associate then brought Morris to a pre-determined location, where police were waiting to take him into custody. McElroy said the associate is eligible to collect the $100,000 reward that was issued for information leading to Morris’ arrest.

Morris has now been charged with three counts of 1st-degree murder, for the killings of the two officers, as well as the murder of Derek Anderson, who was shot to death outside the Kenneth Court Apartments on May 18th. Ballistics tests showed the gun that killed the two officers was the same gun used to kill Anderson, according to investigators

Morris is also charged with Possession of a Firearm. He is also a suspect in the June 8th death of 25-year-old Harold Wright, and a person of interest in an un-named homicide.

“Dontae Morris is under arrest,” Castor said at an 11:00 p.m. press conference.

This comes on the heels of the fallen officers’ wake, where many police officers felt the pressure to nab Morris Friday night.

“I pray that this brings a level of closure to the families of David Curtis and Jeffrey Kocab,” Castor said.

Castor said she stands by her initial statement that Morris is a cold-blooded killer and says he’s an anomaly that does not represent the Tampa Bay community.

Pam Iorio also spoke Friday night, expressing her relief for the families and the community at large.

“This is a very emotional evening,” Mayor Pam Iorio said.

“I just want to say thank you for the hard work that led to his arrest,” she said, referring of the joint efforts of multiple law enforcement agencies.

“I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Iorio also thanked the public and the Tampa Bay community, who contributed their efforts including over 400 tips to lead to Morris’ arrest.

“Tonight everyone can sleep easier, because Dontae Morris is off the streets.”

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  1. BillW

    I’m so happy they got that piece of shiz. I just hope now the DA goes for the death penalty.

  2. News

    They need to take this vermin’s shoelaces away so he doesn’t hang himself. The put him in a cell with a giant noose hanging in the center.

  3. Joe Cynical

    Look, I think I speak for everyone when I say “damn” He turned himself in because he dont respect the system. Im his eyes he’s got a legitmate shot of walking away with a slap on the wrist… as in the majority of the 43 arrests..
    He has got a hell of a lot more sympathy in mind for himself than he had for them two officers. DEATH PENALTY as for his “down ass” bitch, who drove over the officers body, we can only hope the next wannabe thug she dates kills her or someone she loves so she can feel the pain.. they rap about this crap in the so called music they make, cop killing is a big feat in the hood.. so are multiple stints in jail, so the system obviously does the furthest thing from reform these *******.

    this place is bullshizz im outta here

  4. Neds Herps

    Too bad they didn’t get to shoot that Boopity.

  5. RCK


  6. sancho

    just like bubba said,friend turns him in and gets the reward!

  7. Billman

    Put this mother ****** down like the mad dog he is!

  8. Dennis

    Mr. Dontae Morris:

    I urge you to plead guilty to the charges levied against you and seek a speedy execution. Should you choose that not to be in your best interest, I would encourage you to find feasible ways to kill yourself during your detention. I understand you are being held in isolation and you may find minimal available means with which to carry out this task. If I am not mistaken, there is no requirement that you keep your fingernails trimmed while in jail. My suggestion is that you allow them to grow for about one month. Use the concrete walls in your cell to slowly sharpen each to a point on one hand. Once you have finished this task and have gained the intestinal fortitude you lacked on the night you murder two of my brothers, use your sharpened nails to rip into the skin on your neck. Push firmly into the tissue on one side of your windpipe and feel for the pulsating sensation of your carotid artery. Get your fingers around it and pull it firmly from your neck until it breaks. Rest assured that there is nothing that can repair the damage you have caused. This act will allow you to more expediently reach your final destination in this universe, hell. If by some chance your trial date is a cold day in hell, and you are aquitted, rest assured that you will quickly learn that the walls and bars which held you were for your own protection, not fo the protection of society.

    Very Sincerely,


  9. Jacob from missouri

    I can not say how disappointed I am… this piece of sh** plays baby face and will get hours of tv time, traumatizing the families and the city and suck over one hundred thousand taxpayer bucks being on death row or getting a life term AND some friend of this piece of sh** gets 100,000 bucks of our money! I am not a Leo, but god dammit, these guys and gals protect us—when one of them dies we all die some inside. I just wished someone would’ve killed him…f’ rights …f’ the constitution…sometimes there is pure evil and it needs to be erased…Osama ordered the worst act of horror in U.S. History, but this guy is Osama plus the actual high jackers…this guy has had a history of planning sh**, and actually carrying
    it out. Every breath this piece of sh** takes is a slap in all of our faces…god dammit prison pop. Kill this f’er…please…

  10. Don Cab

    I think since Bubba was such a pivotal piece of this investigation he should be able to decide the fate of this POS. Bubba was so brave in announcing the second officer’s death before his family was notified and reminded his audience over and over again that “You heard it here first”, that he deserves to determine how this ****** dies. We will all stand in support and honor of the two officers at Bubba’s check presentation to the widows in front of the media. Bubba does this stuff because he really cares and he is truly a humble guy.

  11. Michael

    Somebody should put a gun to his head and pull the damn trigger… And everyone will not sleep better tonight because he’s gone…. There are families missing their husbands/fathers and so I’m sure that doesnt just make it all better for them

  12. josh

    I agree fully with #3 (Joe Cynical) The system is F***ed up beyond any thing I know, This whole thing is just sad. and you white trash saying people like him and that retard Matt Tudd are “good people” sould be shot in the Fing head, your just as bad as these cop killers, I’m so sry for the familys of these two fallen hero, I will make a donation and I hope every one else does the same

  13. k3vo80

    this stupid ass ****** will sit in prison while co’s beat the **** out of him until he dies he will be beat every day and you can count on that when he wakes up till he goes to sleep thats why he will be in a cell all by him self not for the safty of another inmates but so the can beat is stupid ass i hope they shiz with a z in his food

  14. Rene Lieurance

    TOO FN BAD!!!! I was really hoping for the TPD to have a clean shoot….Grady style….223′s and 40′s….hundreds would have been nice….What a PUSSY!!!!

  15. Scott

    First of all I’m happy this douche bag is in jail. What is even more crazy is the age of this guy. 43 charges at the age of 24. I’m praying to hear that he gets butt ***** with a plunger handle or a broom or mop stick will do.

  16. jeff


  17. Tek

    I will pray for this young man and his family. Would love to see a check presentation from Bubba to this young man’s family to help with his legal defense. I do not believe the official story.

  18. Tony Muth

    Whether he gets the chair or life in prison there is a special corner in HELL with his name on it!

  19. Erich Elster

    hopefully when this case is forgotten by the news media and this guy is in prison a kind guard will turn his back while some other animal tears this guy to pieces <3

    but bubba i hope you really didn't have anybody approach the families (at least not the women themselves) about scheduling the check giving yet. that was way too soon to ask them about it.

  20. Salvatore Devoti

    Im so glad they got this A**hole. Too bad he didnt get what he gave those poor police officers. I think they should let each officer in the T.P.D. get one shot before that idiot fries….

  21. Bryan Scott

    This shitter needs the “Law Abiding Citizen” treatment. And let Bubba Podcast it!

  22. Zack

    This black trash scum bag should be slowly and painfully killed and it should be nationally televised. And further more,the same should happen to that black trash bitch that was in the car with him. What is this world coming to? These people do not deserve the precious gift of life.
    God bless the families of the fallen. Peace, Z

  23. Justin

    It really saddens me that he turned himself in because I would like to have seen him shot down. He carelessly takes the lives of two men that were not only contributing to society but protecting and serving the public. Now we have to look at his mug over and over on the news and he is treated like a hero in prison by his fellow inmates. Please put him to death asap.

  24. FCTE389


  25. Jim Robey

    Now let the Bastard Fry!!!!!

  26. itsmefeliciat

    First off id like to say to you mr dante…. i will not judge you here today bc when a jury of your peers comes back with that well deserved guilty verdict your judgement day will come but i will tell you i hope you rot… you took someones father, son, brother, and husband from them because you wanted to be a selfish bastard.. your a piece of garbage..NO LAWYER IN THE WORLD CAN SAVE YOU SO SAVE YOUR SELF AND THE PULBLIC THE TROUBLE.
    second off….
    I hope he pleeds guilty and society gets him a speedy needle bc he is going to live like god in prision.. he killed two cops he will sit like a king until they put that needle in his arm! I do not want my tax dollars to go to feeding clothing or houseing his nasty rotten ass!!! i how ever would personally fund his death after he is convicted!!! and as for his family… ohh well shame on you… how would you feel if someone harbored the person that killed your child or you are the wife or husband or even the child of a victem… you all should have charges filed aginist you and thrown in jail with his worthless ass… and you should not get any money for doing whats right!!! doing whats right doesnt pay in dollars it pays on your judgment day and it pays in karma…. and guess what karma is a bitch, bitch…
    as for the police officer that was related to the idiot… you were welcomed into a family of brothers and sisters who always have your back and when your brothers fell you did nothing so you should not have a job… i also say just bc your family does things you should not be responsible but you swore under god to uphold the law… and you broke that.. i wouldnt wanna serve with you.. your a piece of shit like the rest of your family… and you should be fired and you should go to jail.. btw do you know what they do to cops in prision… ohh yes your day is comming missy…

  27. FTE Doughboy

    I say get a nice thick rope, and let this stupid ****** swing from the tallest tree in Tampa at high noon!

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