Abortion Doctor Murdered

June 1st, 2009 by admin

Dr. George Tiller, a famous abortion provider in Wichita, Kansas, has been murdered on his way to church today. Anti-abortion groups were quick to condemn the use of violence in the service of their cause, but that hasn’t prevented the liberal blogosphere from once again using such a tragedy as a tool with which to try to tar and feather anyone who disagrees with their purist position.

The abortion issue is a classic case of an issue that is entirely controlled by extremists. On the anti-abortion side, demonizing rhetoric about “baby killers” is all too easy a hook for a few mentally unstable fanatics who are all too willing to commit murder and feel like they are somehow saving lives in the process. And the pro-abortion side dishonestly conflates anyone who might have doubts about abortion at 8.5 months with the murderous wackos who kill abortion doctors, thus shutting down all debate and excluding even the possibility of a moderate position.

Which is worse? Clearly, those who commit murder in the service of their political cause win that dubious award. But those who exploit those incidents to try to end the debate over their own variety of political extremism are contemptible nonetheless. (Yes, Andrew Sullivan, I’m talking about you.) And anyone reading the comment sections must wonder if the potential for violence here is really only on one side. But those who actually read this post before commenting on it (a minority, according to my observations) should take note of the fact that I am NOT claiming equivalency between an anti-abortion murderer and a pro-abortion rhetorical bully.

But the message to the pro-abortion purists and anti-”Christianist” bigots in the blogosphere who are exploiting this crime in the service of their longstanding vendettas against all conservatives is that being better than a murderer doesn’t make you good.

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  1. Chris James

    Why is the free speech of the right being attacked on this issue? Why is the media acting like millions of people pulled the trigger?

    A Muslim just shot and killed two soldiers in Little Rock and everyone is acting like he did it alone. No one is attacking their free speech. Is this not a double standard?

    I am a military veteran. Where is the DHS report telling me to look out? Since I might be a target? This is a complete double standard.

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