911 Call, Surveillance Released In Balcony Death Case

August 7th, 2009 by

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Eyewitness News obtained pictures and video Thursday that prosecutors plan to use to prove a woman who fell to her death from a hotel balcony was actually pushed. Her boyfriend is charged with murder.

The pictures paint a night filled with booze, from wine to a half-consumed bottle of Crown Royal whiskey. Clothes were scattered all over the room.

State prosecutors released the evidence Thursday and will use it to try to prove Nichole Hammond was pushed over the 16-floor balcony at the Orlando World Center Marriott.
“What’s your emergency?” a 911 operator asked Jonathan Speegle the night his girlfriend died.

“My girlfriend just jumped off the balcony of our hotel,” Speegle said.

Speegle, the accused murderer and boyfriend, dialed 911 seconds after Hammond fell over.

“She was leaning over the side and she just … I walked inside and I could hear, ‘Ahhhhhh’ and then … God, you gotta get here now,” Speegle told the dispatcher.

Crime scene techs dusted for fingerprints along the railing of the balcony where it happened on New Years Eve 2008. Sources say there is one fingerprint “not consistent with her hoisting herself over the balcony.”

During one part of the 911 call, Speegle seemed unsure about he had just witnessed on his hotel balcony.

“God **** it, my girlfriend just fell, jumped off. Ugh,” he said.

Eyewitness News also obtained video surveillance from inside the hotel. The video shows the couple checking into the Marriott just a couple of hours before Hammond died.

Speegle is charged with second-degree murder and is now out of jail on bond.

Eyewitness News talked to Speegle’s attorney Thursday afternoon. He said any discrepancies in what his client may have said in the 911 call were due to the frantic nature of the moment and Speegle is adamant his girlfriend fell.

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