3-D Breast Cam: See your implants BEFORE you buy!

February 29th, 2012 by Staff

TAMPA, Fla. – It is the number one plastic surgery requested by women.

Nearly a quarter of a million ladies get breast implants each year. Women seem to love their luscious new figures and what it does for their self-confidence.

One man who has performed thousands of breast augmentations in his long Bay Area career is board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Dan Diaco.

He is an artist.

This Tampa surgeon is so gifted at what he does that his work has a nickname. Women flock to his South Tampa office to purchase a pair of “Diaco’s.”

It’s clear that this doctor is good at what he does and truly enjoys making dreams come true. His patients rave about him and his professionalism. One of those patients is Stephanie from the Orlando area, a legal assistant who works in Altamonte Springs. She traveled to Tampa buy her “Diaco’s,” and it’s changed her life.

“I think he’s the best. He’s talented, very professional and made me feel comfortable,” she said.

“When I told my friends, it was a joke. I would joke as long as I’ve known them, ‘Oh, I’d look better if I just had larger breasts.’ I wanted them,” she laughed.

The breasts Stephanie wanted belonged to a supermodel.

“She’s sexy, she’s a bombshell, she’s gorgeous,” said Stephanie, describing Brazilian model Gisele Bunchen, the wife of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

“I like the way Gisele Bunchen looks. She’s tall and beautiful, and I’ve loved her ads since I’ve seen her in Victoria’s Secret. I’ve followed her modeling and seen a lot of her pictures.”

But is a picture of Gisele really worth a thousand words? In this case, it didn’t quite help Stephanie make up her mind. Seeing magazine photos of Gisele’s coveted C-cups didn’t do much to complete the image Stephanie was after.

There had to be a better way on the quest to a more perfect breast.

If only there was a way to try them before she buys them, taking the guess work out of breast work, so to speak. Stephanie laughs as she talks about Gisele’s world-renowned figure, ”I think she was always known as the ‘Boobs from Brazil.’”

It turns out building a luscious lady on a computer is a concept so current that Stephanie’s quest for Gisele’s breasts became a reality with the help of Dr. Diaco and his 3-D breast machine — a machine so cool, it creates figures hotter than hot.

Photo Gallery: Computers help in the quest for the perfect breast

Dr. Diaco tells us point blank,”There’s no question about it, women feel sexier with a larger breast.”

He’s right in Stephanie’s case. She can’t stop beaming.

Known for his work building a beautiful bust, this plastic surgeon has his own stealth weapon of sorts, a 3-D machine where his patients have the unique opportunity to get a sneak peek at their purchase. With the click of a mouse and the work of an artist, a new breast is born.

“They’re like fingerprints,” says Dr. Diaco. “The left side and the right side are never the same. They’re always different.”

Stephanie stands topless in front of what can only be described as a space-age machine with two outstretched arms on either side and one arm lowered from the top. At the end of each arm, there is a camera. Sitting beside her staring into a computer is Dr. Diaco, entering all the data about his patient. It is truly a remarkable marriage of science and medicine.

The fancy name for this unique piece of equipment is the AxisThree, but Dr. Diaco calls it his “magic cool machine.”

Stephanie’s images are scanned as pictures are taken. Her data has already been entered into the computer.

That’s when the magic happens.

A 3-D image pops up on the screen of what she’ll look like with her new breasts. She is thrilled beyond words, impressed by the machine, and genuinely in awe of her new look.

“Wow, I can’t believe that’s gonna be me,” she whispers.

Dr. Diaco says, “People can see what the breasts will look like on them. It helps a lot in whether or not they want to do the surgery.”

The “magic cool machine” has been making women happy for more than a year at the Diaco Institute, but Dr. Diaco is humble about it. He says he feels blessed by his success and never takes it for granted. He wants to make his patients happy, first and foremost.

And this $20,000 machine is working magic day in and day out in his practice.

Dr. Diaco was a pioneer of this secret weapon, the first in the Bay Area to have it. It is provided to patients at no additional charge with their breast augmentations. ”It has helped my practice tremendously. I see things with this that I wouldn’t see with the naked eye.”

Stephanie says she was sold when she saw the photos. “Basically, it was like I was trying them on,” she says. “When I saw them, I knew that’s what I wanted to do. I knew that’s what I wanted to look like.”

In fact, for Stephanie, it was the missing piece on her 34A puzzle. “I finalized the decision, and I got to see it, and it was actually me.”

With the help of modern day science and old-fashioned daydreaming, the transformation is complete. The beautiful breasts of a supermodel are no longer just wishful thinking for this mere mortal. She can see her C-cup in the mirror, a reflection worth every penny.

Stephanie is admittedly a new woman, beaming from ear to ear.  She’s buying bras like they’re candy and is excited about the image she sees in the mirror.

As for the modeling she does on the side, Stephanie smiles as she knows this is good for her career. ”This is going to be the piece that I’ve been missing,” she says. ”I’m so happy I did it.  It’s a new me!”

To learn more about Dr. Diaco, you can visit his website here.

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