3.70 update killed your streaming music? Here’s the fix.

January 7th, 2011 by Staff

Apparently the update changed the settings below to something that disrupts streaming.

Here’s the fix:

1) Dial ##3282#
2) Choose Edit Mode
3) Enter MSL (You need to call Sprint to get your MSL code)
4) Choose Advanced
5) Change HTTP PD Proxy Port to: 0
6) Change HTTP PD Proxy Address to:

These are the settings for other Android devices so I do not know why Sprint changed them. But this will get your streaming services working again.

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  1. Randy

    You need to call Sprint to get your MSL code

  2. Jon

    I tried doing this, but when I hit “edit mode” it wants a password and the only keys I have are the number pad and then letters P and W… is there a solution for this?

  3. joe

    enter msl? i get a password deaL. No option to enter msl. only #s. need fix fast monday will be soon.

  4. James

    BE Carefull NOT TO ENTER WRONG PASSWORD, Or change anything that isnt listed here, you could cause yourself a lot of troubles

  5. Sean P

    This is ghey… is everyone’s MSL different or what? Im on EVO 4G.

    Sarasota, FL

  6. Dan Black

    Hi, can you tell me if this will fix the disruption in the streaming on the android phones with verizon? Thaks

  7. Mark Thomas

    Called Sprint they blocked this because your site was using to much data for Sprint customers.

  8. Alissa

    Like Randy, I had to call Sprint and we did an update. Now I can listen to Radioio! The fix that you guys have listed above may not work for everyone.

  9. JIM


  10. Bigrigrich

    I can get the app to go to my phone. I m on android net work please help me out. I want to support you bubba.

  11. Scott Campbell

    I can get your MSL code if you CANNOT get it from Sprint but please try them first. If you need my help please email me at bubbahelp@yahoo.com and I would be happy to help any BTLS fan!

    PS: This is only for the EVO 4G Phone.

  12. Mike

    If you’re rooted you can use this to get it instead of calling sprint.


  13. Luis G.

    mine was working since day one but my phone had too much stuff on it and it was crashing so I called sprint and they helped me format my phone and reset to factory , after that I re installed the apps that I need and was able to listen with no problems .

  14. domi dom

    ALL SPRINT USERS!!!!, The fix is EASY!!!. Call customer service, tell them that you cant stream music on your phone from RADIOIO, they fix it there on there end, takes about 30 min. tell the that they got a company e-mail about the problem last Wednesday, the 5th. Bubba Army is strong when they got company e-mails about the problem. They are fully aware of the situation. I got the EVO and I have no problems.

  15. THOMAS


  16. Scooter

    I have a friend at Sprint and she gave me my MSL and I did as the directions say and now I can stream Radioio on my EVO w/ the factory media player. I deleted both other players (Xiialive and Double Twist). Thanks for all the help!

  17. Michael

    Password is different for every phone. I called sprint and they gave it to me.

  18. mike h

    my evo 4g tries to play it like a video then just stops and I dont know my password so this sux I turn mobile view off on my browser helped but not the best is there a android app we can get would be so much easier

  19. mike h

    if this is your future your screwed nobody should have to jump threw so many hoops just to try to hear your show call and get msl codes start changing internal software around on your phone wtf I want to support you guys but this is bs you need to get it together soon

  20. rusty

    can you get a fix for the samsung intercept?????please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. shane

    I can not get u called Sprint all the setting were on. Asked for the msl number would not it to me said I would be hacking in Sprint. Love your show any ideas thanks.920 267 2645

  22. Phlash

    Evo users: I had the same problems. It would play for a couple seconds – then stop.
    After reading this page, I called Sprint, and they fixed it from their side (while I was on the Evo). I simply had to do an ‘update profile’ when I got off the phone with them.
    They also gave me my MSL, just incase it didn’t work.

    Everything works good now, with stock player. – All in less than 10 mins.

  23. Alicia

    I am from Canada and I would like to get the app for by blackberry bold 9700 and bold 9780. Can someone point me in the direction on how to go about obtaining this.


  24. TC

    I have a HTC EVO 4G but only using 3G Sprint Network. Just called Sprint and got the “code” followed the steps and it seems to be working. Thanks for the advice

  25. westampa

    I followed directions and it worked

  26. sarge1976

    i have been listening on my Droid 2 for over a week now and everytime I listen for about 10 mins I have to reload radioio. I am a Verizon customer. Is there a fix for this issue? Thanks

  27. Greg

    STILL cannot get this on my Verizon Blackberry…WTF is up?

  28. Ryan

    Sprint HTC EVO Shift 4g… called sprint, they said its an HTC problem for which an update is in the works. I asked for the MSL number, they said sure, i entered the info, and bingo! Bubba is back!

  29. rusty

    when is the droid app coming? need it for the samsung intercept…error says “cant determine stream length”

  30. Tracy

    Is there an app yet for the android yet

  31. Joe S

    hey guys i am using an Iphone 4 and am also having ALOT of trouble it plays for a short while then chops in and out it it is so aggrevating that i dont even try anymore i have only been able to here 20 mins or so of your show in two days problems dont happen when im on wifi and i always have good signal and am usually on 3g when the issues happen please help

  32. fuzz

    Toatally worked – thanks. Tell Sprint you need to reset your phone and they will give you the passcode.
    Now my Sirius streams without a wifi connection as well.

  33. Jared

    I bought the Wunder Radio app, i found you guys on there but I can not get it to play could you give me some help. I am using the first verson of the Droid from Verizon.


  34. Brent

    Sprint gave me my msl. Everything works now. I’m on 4G in Raleigh…crystal clear. I put my EVO in my mount on my car with an rf thing for an mp3 player and I get Bubba on my radio in my car. No diff than Sirius, although Sirius was more convenient..

  35. Bob

    Bubba, Come back to Sirius, my drive sucks with out your show

  36. gabe k.

    Radioio does not work for BlackBerry Storm Duex. Will their be a fix for this. I hope so cause i love listening to bubba and the boys everymorning. i live in Ft Lauderdale FL and stream on Nobex Radio systems. I catch the 96.5 K Rock. I want the extra 2 hrs. and re air. Storm 2 Black Berry needs help

  37. Punchdrunk

    I called sprint 1st time they gave me a big run around, called them back 20 min later the guy gives me my code in 5 seconds. did the stuff above and its working thx for the help dont let sprint push you around when you talk to a person just straight up ask for your code

  38. Garrett

    does anyone have sprint and a blackberry that can listen to bubba?

  39. Roy

    I also have samsung intercept…and when I try to connect instead of opening another app to listen to stream it says “cant determine stream length”. Does anyone have a fix for this?

  40. John

    I have the LG optimus s (android) and have spent hours on phone with sprint and we cannot fix it.They finnally told me will have to wait for app to come out!Please someone tell me when the android app will be out because I am going crazy!!!!!

  41. tboone

    still week two no stream from sprint for my blackberry curve wtf i can’t lug this computer around everywhere i go. another thing i think it is bullshit ur charging 9.00 plus for a 2.99 product i.o. has no where near the caliber of satellite…. just my opinion.. and bubbas come back to buy a better phone is crap.. if you want my money i used to buy this phone then you should work to provide a product that works…

  42. BD

    Just call and get your MSL # from sprint and follow directions from original poster. DONE

  43. chuck alexander

    Sprint just told me that they are not giving out msl or changing anything.
    Why are EVO customers paying an extra 10 dollar premium if they are going to limit what I stream on my phone

  44. brannon worner

    I have a Motorola Droid 1 and typically it works flawlessly typically on Verizon. Is their a actual Droid app? I feel with apples douchey reputation folks are going to maybe prefer the Droid freedom and options. The Evolution 4g is a bad ass phone. Thanks guys.

  45. JIM


  46. Sever

    Hi. Is there an app for droid?

  47. Eric

    I need help with the Verizon droid X. I can get RadioIo to play for about 10 mins. Then click play again and the player will work for another 10 mins. Any Ideas?

  48. Skip

    I have a droid “LG Optimus android sprint phone” and cant listen to radioio, plays for 1 second and then you can’t hear any thing. Also wont let me change my msl code or any other codes for that matter. I want to purches subscriptions on radioio but theres no sense in it if i can’t listen to to bubba army radio. What can I do?

  49. kevin

    HTC EVO could not get stream, called sprint, they walked me thru an update profile gimmick, took all of 5 minutes and am all set. Just call sprint and they should be able to get your EVO up and running

  50. Chad

    HTC Evo. Open your browser (go to the internet), push “menu” button, click “more”, Click “settings”, click “Mobile View” (un-check it). Thats it! RadioIO works perfectly and this doesnt affect the phone in any other way. Very Simple.

  51. Gary

    Sprint gave me the MSL code, I followed the instructions and IO streaming works once again on the Sprint Optimus LG.

  52. Bill

    i was told they cant fix over the phone.it seems they could fix it for gary. sprint optimus lg.

  53. Bill

    I ended up going into a company sprint store and they tried to get the optimus lg to work.They said it wont stream.So….I bought the full size evo and then they did this fix.They told me that the mest-up settings that cut off the stream. Well it was put in by sprint so that it works as an automatic cut off. Like if you forget to turn off your phone.Also so that no one can hack into your phone.Iam not happy about it makes you want to buy a I-phone!……But the good news is Iam back listening to Bubba!

  54. JOANNE

    Thank you Chad—works like a charm with Sprint EVO 4G

    HTC Evo. Open your browser (go to the internet), push “menu” button, click “more”, Click “settings”, click “Mobile View” (un-check it). Thats it! RadioIO works perfectly and this doesnt affect the phone in any other way. Very Simple.

  55. CJ

    I did it step by step and seems to work fine now. HTC EVO. Got the MSL code from sprint very easily. Learn how to work kids!

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