2 men arrested after attack on alleged child molester

October 26th, 2009 by

DAVIE, Fla. (WSVN) – Police have arrested two men after they attacked a man who fondled a 3-year-old boy.

According to Davie Police, 37-year-old Luke Petruschke spent the night at the residence of Manuel Vega in the 5100 Block of Davie Road after visiting with the family. At about 10:50 a.m. Friday, as Petruschke was preparing to leave in his silver Chevy Cobalt, Vega’s 3-year-old son told his parents that Petruschke had fondled him during the night.

Vega and a neighbor, Krish Carter, confronted Petruschke in his vehicle and used pieces of concrete blocks and other debris found nearby to force their way into Petruschke’s vehicle. After removing Petruschke from the vehicle, Vega and Carter reportedly struck Petruschke with their hands and feet numerous times.

Davie Police, responded to the report of the child being fondled and encountered Petruschke nearby, who had been severely beaten. Petruschke was taken to Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood and is in the Intensive Care Unit. “We all understand that people get emotional, but there’s a point where your behavior has to conform to the law. These people apparently went beyond that point, they became judge, jury and issued their own punishment,” said Sergeant Greg Gasse.

Vega’s family and friends said he loved the little boy and he reacted in the way any father would to protect their child. “I know he shouldn’t't have done this. I understand where he was coming from, you know, I wasn’t here, I’m sorry I wasn’t here. Hopefully if I was here this would have never even happened, but there’s nothing I can do now I’m just praying,” said the Child’s Grandmother.

“Any father would react this way. Yes he took the law into his own hands, but he was here and when he found out what happened he just reacted, in a bad way, but any parent would have done it. It’s too much of this going on,” said the Child’s Godmother.

Vega and Carter were arrested and charged with Attempted Felony Murder.

Petruschke is facing charges for Lewd and Lascivious Molestation on the three year old.

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  1. bill

    Way to protect the crimminal. Only thing these two guys did wrong was to not finish the job.Crime of passion or temp. insanity–use the system men-the real criminals do.Next time finish the job. this idiot gets 3 hots and a cot on my dime.

  2. vince


  3. Mandingo

    i would have finished the guy off. he got off easy….. just my opinion.

  4. Tim from mi

    Job well done,we need more malitia in fla,maybe these pp tochers,will commit suicide..

  5. Susan

    Finish the job…now we have to pay for the sicko!! And the victim pays for the rest of their life!

  6. Steven Bravo

    I agree with everyone’s statements here I would have doen the exact same thing and not thoguht twice before doing it. Does these guys have good legal counsle or will they be stuck with a phony azz public defender? Bubba should raley some legal fees up for these highly up standing citizens.

    Steven Bravo

  7. Hulk Hogan's Boots

    I would have damaged his parts so that can never do this to any toddler again. Why can’t molesters and rapist be casterated so that they can never do it again since these monsters get off so easily.

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