$120,000 Bentley stolen from Naples car dealership

June 30th, 2011 by Staff

www.winknews.com — Naples police are searching for the man who stole a $120,000 Bentley Tuesday afternoon. It was taken from a salesperson trying to show the car from Ambassador Auto Sales on Davis Boulevard in Naples. Part of the elaborate crime was caught on camera.

They are the cars you see in the movies. Aston Martin, Bentley, Porsche. Luxury cars worth tens of thousands of dollars. Tuesday a 2007 Bentley GT worth $120,00 was taken from Ambassador Auto Sales.

“I was in complete disbelief because this kid was very well dressed and seemed very well to be and played a really good part,” said Nick Garulay, president & owner, Ambassador Auto Sales.

Garulay said the “kid” looked to be about 21 and said his “father” was planning to buy him a new car. Surveillance video showed the “son” in a bold red shirt checking out the Bentley in a warehouse.

“He knew the things to say. he’s done this before. it was almost like a sport for this kid,” said Garulay.

The suspect put a lot of work into this whole elaborate scheme. So much so that he decided to test drive this Aston Martin before coming back for the Bentley.

Naples police said when the “son” told his so called “father” about the Aston Martin, his “father” didn’t approve and wanted him to go back to buy the Bentley.

“Played off that he was very wealthy, that his father was very wealthy and he was searching for a car,” said Garulay.

The “son” took a buyers order and left a copy of his driver’s license with the name Justin William Durbin and asked the dealership to bring the car to downtown Naples so he could show his “father.”

“Opened the car door, jumped in the driver’s seat, told him that he needs to take the car and go show his father and before Garett could even answer, he hit the start button and took off,” said Garulay.

This wasn’t the only dealership the thief hit up. Auto Haus also saw the suspect this week when he asked about several cars on their lot.

“He definitely looked like the kind of guy who you would have no problem with trusting with a car,” said William Pahl, sales manager, Auto Haus.

Father son scheme Garulay said it was all an act. He just hopes the thief responsible comes forward.

“Be a man and do the right thing and bring the car back. Whatever happens from that point I probably cant control but just bring my car back,” said Garulay.

Naples police are investigating but no arrests have been made.

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