11-year-old Boy Beaten for Cheerleading

September 30th, 2010 by Staff

Toledo, OH (WUPW) — Tyler Wilson likes to cheer. Tyler, a sixth grader in Findlay, Ohio, expected to get teased by some of his classmates once they found out he had joined the cheer squad over the summer. But he did not expect a broken shoulder and bruises.

Tyler’s mother, Kristy Wilson, is angry after a couple of kids beat up her 11-year-old son. She says they allegedly beat him up because he’s a cheerleader.

Tyler Wilson joined a cheerleading team in a league separate from his school. He’s the only boy on the team, but some of his classmates play football for that same league.

“They were saying I was a sissy cheerleader and called me a queer and stuff like that,” Tyler said.

Two youths allegedly beat up Tyler in August. His mother said one youth was suspended for starting the fight on school grounds at Glenwood Middle School. The other suspected youth, who allegedly broke his shoulder, was not, because it didn’t happen on the school’s property.

Tyler’s mother called Findlay police and prosecutors have charged the two boys who allegedly beat up Tyler.

Tyler has his reasons for wanting to be a cheerleader: he thinks it will help him get into a good college. On Wednesday the University of Toledo cheerleading squad responded to Tyler’s story. There are more than 40 cheerleaders on the squad and half of them are male.

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  1. obvi

    has there really been 1 single guy that was a cheerleader and never tasted ****?

  2. Christian

    I’m sure the children who beat him up are of a great household; I doubt they were even grounded when they got back to the trailer.

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