‘Walmart of Weed’ Opens in Arizona

June 2nd, 2011 by Staff

www.deathandtaxesmag.com – WeGrow, the “Walmart of Weed” (which is actually better described as the “Home Depot of Weed”) is set to open its third store today in Phoenix, AZ.

The 10,000 square foot store doesn’t carry any weed, rather all the products associated with growing weed. “Everything — from supplies to services — that cultivators need to grow it,” the company told CNN.

According to the article, Dhar Mann, the 27 year-old entrepreneur who founded weGrow, got the idea when he was kicked out of a small hydroponics store for asking about medical marijuana cultivation. According to CNN, “He has plans for similar superstores in other states with legal marijuana.” The website promises, “Soon, weGrow locations will be taking root across the nation, with new stores sprouting in Arizona, Colorado, New Jersey and Oregon in the next few months.”

“Medical marijuana cultivating, dispensing, and consuming will exist with or without governmental approval,” Mann told CNN. “It’s time to tax and regulate this industry so legitimate business people and patients are not criminalized.”

He has a point. Medical marijuana, and some day regular marijuana, could potentially become a booming industry, just like fast food and cheap apparel. If one state, say California, would legalize weed, people would travel from near and far to visit super stores where customers could buy weed, weed paraphernalia and products for growing weed. Wealth for the owners and jobs for the community would soon follow, as would tax cash to spend on the plethora of pot-holes that line California freeways. The state would also save loads from decriminalizing weed. It would be an economic boom.

But Governor Jan Brewer recently filed suit against the “United States Department of Justice in the hope of getting a judicial ruling that clarifies whether Arizona has the right to implement its new medical marijuana laws,” said the Colorado Independent. Many in the medical marijuana community see it “possibly as an attempt to to get a ruling that would stop Arizona’s medical marijuana trade in its tracks.” Opposing the legalization of medical marijuana makes little sense for a big business-supporting Republican like Brewer.

We’re looking forward to when the Walmart of Weed is going up against the Costco of Weed—when the real decision is whether or not to buy it in bulk.

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