‘Saturday Night Live’ Viewers Had So Much Fun In This Donald Trump Skit

March 7th, 2016 by Staff


The roughly minute-long segment for the “Racists for Donald Trump’” skit which was aired on SNL seemed to appear as an ordinary campaign. The skit started with four individuals talking about why they like Trump, for being a businessman, trustworthy, no-nonsense rhetoric. The typical reasons why a voter would support a candidate. “The guy’s a winner,” one supporter said in the fake ad campaign. “He’s authentic,” said another. “I think he can make this country great again,” one supporter added. As the supposed ad campaign unfolds, one voter can be seen wearing a Nazi armband while another was in the middle of ironing his KKK uniform. The SNL skit then ended up with one supporter bringing firewood to a group of white supremacists burning a cross as the words “Racists for Trump” dissolves on to the screen.

Saturday Night Live also spoofed Trump’s Super Tuesday win with the 55th Governor of New Jersey – Chris Christie – by his side. The stand-up comedian and impressionist Darrell Hammond portray Trump as he bosses Christie around. The latter was played by Bobby Moynihan. “Everyone loves me. Racists, ugly racists, people who didn’t even know they were racists,” Hammond said. “I mean, he (Moynihan as Christie) really is a sad, desperate little potato back there. Aren’t you Chris?” he then told Moynihan to which the latter responded: “Yes, sir. Thank you, sir. Please, sir, may I have another?”

Trump has always been the subject of ridicule since he jumped in the presidential race. He had since made numerous derogatory statements. He described the Mexican people as killers and rapists. In November, when the presidential hopeful hosted the ‘Saturday Night Live,’ a bunch of individuals were gathered outside Studio 8 expressing their objection of the politician’s appearance on the SNL show.

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