Step by Step Instructions to Stream the Bubba the Love Sponge® Show on your Smartphone

August 16th, 2011 by Staff

Step 1: If you go to in your Web Browser, you will automatically be re-directed to our mobile site,

Step 2: From here you can choose the “Bubba Army Button.”

Step 3: From here you can choose a channel and begin listening. Bubba One channel is Free for all users. The other channels are for paid members.

The stream will begin automatically

Depending on your phone type, you may find it most useful to download a free third party streaming media player. For android phones, two popular ones are: DoubleTwist and “XiiaLive lite” (the lite version of XiiaLive is free and sufficient for streaming our channels).


29 Responses

  1. drew cabana

    The streaming goes in and out of service or stops. Is there any way to fix it. I have a droid

  2. Mike

    I downloaded the DoubleTwist app and I am looking for your guys’ station so that I know where to look in the morning. What is it under? There isnt a way to search for you guys. I see Howard’s station, but no BTLS.

    Thanks for any input

  3. Jessaca

    I can’t believe you all are not in orlando any more. Do you think you will be moving to a new radio station? Just to let you all know you guys rock!

  4. William Campbell

    Resco Radio is also a free app that streams the show very well.

  5. jason

    For android users you can also find it on tunein radio. Download the app for the market and search for 102.5 The Bone. I listen every morning live through that app.

  6. Jeremy

    Listen to Bubba on iphone and now on my android phone. No problems with either one.

  7. Scott

    God damn it. I don’t listen to you guys for one damn day in two years on the way to work and you’re off the radio in Jacksonville! 104.5 screwed the pooch on this one for sure. Sorry to see you go.

  8. Patrick Dollins

    I’m a Boost Mobile subscriber using the BlackBerry Curve 8330. Using my phones browser I’m unable to even view Fortunately when you guys announced the move to RadioIO at the beginning of the year, I was able to bookmark Bubba Army Channel ONE. I’m able to listen via my phones web browser, had I not bookmarked the site back then though I wouldn’t be able to listen now.
    I downloaded the TuneIn Radio App from BlackBerry App World and using it I’m able to listen to Bubba Army Radio Channel ONE as well as the BRN’s terrestrial stations 102.5 The Bone in Tampa, 96.1 k-rock in Ft. Myers, & 98 Rock in Charleston, SC but TuneIn seems to cut in & out a lot. I’ve spread the word as much as possible about how to still listen. Good Luck guys you deserve a break…you’re the best show on radio.

  9. Paul

    The IO service is great. I used to listen to you and Howard on Sirius, IO offers much more flexibility. As far as the Bubba Archives are concerned, you should look at an App like Marc Maron’s WTF podcast. It allows paid subscribers download old episodes directly to your phone, touch or iPad. That would be perfect for Bubba on RadioIO.

  10. Christina

    WTF happened to 96.5 in Orlando? Yes, I’m one of your non-existent female listeners…an every day listener on my way to work. One day you’re on the air and the next…poof! This really blows! What a stupid, stupid move.

  11. Genetic Droid

    Hey Everyone with android. Try Tune in radio you can search for bubba.

  12. thomas

    what the hell 96.5 in orlando SUCKS, how can they take the best show on radio off. now searching for u guys all day. whats next….

  13. Ed

    Anyone with a Blackberry, I have 4 Blackberry Smartphones in my family and only two actually stream the BTLS show through the browser. After doing a bit of research, I found TuneIn Radio app from Blackberry App World and there you can stream 102.5 The Bone from Tampa and listen to the BTLS Show in the mornings.

  14. rob

    is there anything to use on my blackberry curve???

  15. Ben

    I have a sprint blackberry curve 8330. Here is what you need to do to listen to radioio on the blackberry: 1st go to browser options-browser configuration and change the emulation mode to Microsoft IE. Then go to browser-options-general properties and uncheck the box next to “enable cursor in column view”. Then you need to go to (not the mobile site). You can then log-in and access Bubba1, Bubba2, and all downloadable content assuming that you are a subscriber. Note that when viewing the downloadable content, you can’t click on the “play now” or “play in popup” links but can listen with the blackberry media player by clicking on the download link.

  16. Jason

    What time does Bubba come on Bubba Channel 1?

  17. Ben

    Jason – Bubba’s syndicated terrestrial show is on from 6AM-10AM eastern standard time weekdays. The uncensored show is on from 10:30AM-12:30PM eastern standard time weekdays.

  18. Wes

    TuneIn Radio for Windows Phone has Bubbaone and Two!!! Finally found Bubba on WP7!

  19. Eric

    I am an early enlisted member. I’ve been listening sence day one. Today I’m redirected and told I need to be a member. After logging out and back in it continues to redirect and not allow me to listen. I have an I-4 and I hope the phone is not suddenly an issue. Please advise,thank you…Eric

  20. jim

    live in dayton ohio try and listen on droid but radioio keeps dropping they are replaying very old shows.Whats up with that????

  21. Brad Hawkins

    Program still cuts in and out while playing, stops occasionally then I have to back out and refresh. Also on the radio io app I can’t find Bubba 2

  22. kim

    Trying to listen to bubba 1 on my smartphone radioio won’t work and tunein no longer works either, any suggestions on how to get it to come in maybe I’m doing something wrong not sure.

  23. Big Dick

    GOD DAMN!!!! I miss you f*ckers. No homo. I’m gonna give this a shot. Please try and get back on some channel on Sirius. You guys are f*ckin@ great.

  24. Charlie

    Get a podcast and app like Adam Carolla, I would love to listen to you easliy like I do with him.

  25. Gregory Rosati

    I live on Long island and have been reborn to the Bubba experience through IO. Stop giving Howard so much credit for your show as you are the REAL DEAL.

  26. tom

    The show is subpar at best ,,week , hes now trying to hard ,, sorry fatman.

  27. Michael

    Bubba one comes in but there is no sound. This ap worked fine until their latest update. Any suggestions will be appreciated BTW. I’ve already deleted it and then reloaded it but still no sound. Most other stations work fine but I’m having this problem with some other stations as well

  28. mike

    Bubba and family at the BRN love the show! “No Homo” Hope you guys kick the crap out of that sawed off piece of Schnit in court. Been a listener of bubbs as long as I can remember. Gonna come real here and say I’m simply shocked about the Ned news. Still love the show and all who make it happen. Keep making my mornings hilarious at work, bringing the truth and bustin balls. Bubba army all day!

  29. Joe

    Just download the Tunein app and listen there. It’s bullet proof…never had a problem with it.

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