Spice Boy is a Thief

November 18th, 2015 by Staff


Just in: May 3rd 2016






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  1. Joe from Toronto

    Damn Bubba, the good ol’ boy network screwed you over big time.

    I didn’t think Spice was this much of a back stabbing dick until now.

    I hope Spice gets what’s coming to him, he deserves it!

    Hopefully when this is all over you and Hootie can be friends again :)

    If this comment makes it on the site, I think it will be one of the first as I caught you mention one of the domains you purchased on the November 17th terrestrial show.

    – Joe from Toronto

  2. Mac Davis

    This is ultimate Bubba vindication!!! Notice how Calta hasn’t even tweeted about any of this??? Matt “Spiceboy” Loyd is a complete lying, scumbag, extortionist, thief.

    I can’t wait until Bubba can prove Calta’s definitive involvement. Hopefully today that happens!

    BUBBA ARMY!!!!

  3. TRJ

    Wow! How is this a no file? So happy the truth finally comes out. Bubba owned his involvement. When will spice man up and apologize to Hogan,Heather, and Bubba. He won’t! No Balls! #BubbaArmy #PowerofBA


  4. Tee

    WOW! I just read all 15 pages of this. All I can say is…WOW! I still can’t believe that Mark Ober will not pursue charges against Spice on this case. That is “the good ole boy” network.

  5. WhatWhat

    Wait, who was if that burned this to disk again? Seems to be what got the ball rolling here. How’s those ratings looking bubbs?

  6. Michael Wright

    Spiceboy needs to keep hiding behind his sunglasses. I laugh my ass off every time I see his GOOFY face without them……I listened to him for yrs on the radio….Its always the guy with the LEAST amount of talent in the group that always starts the trouble.

  7. Brandon

    The way spice boy tried to cover his ass would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.

  8. Justin B

    Hey I have got to page 16. Spice boy is 100 percent the culprit can’t wait read the rest. This guy is a psychopath and mental and other problems need to be sued due to this problem.

  9. Daniel Nolley

    WOW!!!! So unreal where is the justices

  10. Kevin

    Spice boy had to know what it was when he stole it.My question is,how did he know what was on the dvd when he took it.Did someone show him the DVD prior to him stealing it.Either way he should be held accountable for his actions.A lot of people have suffered overa 8500 dollars..

  11. Marc Macaulay

    Nice to know that your personal property can be stolen and then used via the internet to extort money and destroy professional careers with no repercussions or legal consequences. This opens the door for more scumbags to try and blackmail, extort, destroy careers and lives.

  12. Ms. Liz

    The take-away to be learned from all this to all the Bubba’s Haters out there on twitter- just be aware that your fictious name or moniker is traceable back to your IP, your place of work IP or whomever IP address you think makes you all invisible. Stop haressing people and stop believing everything you hear on Radio. Radio is entertainment and “Bits” to pull in listeners. Duh!

  13. donald m

    why would you not keep the tapes in a safey deposit box? unless you wanted them to get out. I think your guilty chubby…

  14. Karl

    I always liked what a dick he was on the show but I always felt deep down he wasn’t a good person. He’s a piece of shit.

  15. Michelle

    Wow Spice really had it out for you. He brought his wife Tasha right down to his level. They went to great lengths to cover their tracks but when you’re a lying thief it’ll catch up with you. Glad this is all out there now and I hope you and Hogan get your justice.

    One more thing… How do you let your wife (if you really love her) sleep with other men? I would never approve of letting my significant other sleep with anyone else.

  16. Sharon

    This is crazy that they will not prosecute with ALL this overwhelming evidence…

  17. JT

    Just imagine the cost of this investigation , serving subpoenas , stenographers , cost of travel , time if the investigators , this case probably has 100 grand or more invested and is shows without a doubt malicious intent and criminal activity. You may not get the satisfaction of seeing him in jail but he’s going to be paying you for the rest of his life.

  18. Les

    It seems clear to me, that Matt lied to the cops at the beginning. That in itself is a crime and prosecuting it would be simple based on the information included in this document. Clearly Ober could slam dunk on all the charges if he wanted to, to be sure Matt loyd would at least take a plea and its a shame that he will skate on this.

  19. Hong Loo

    I can’t believe spices wife and her friend haven’t totally sold him out.Also the fact MO doesn’t think charges should be filed is anther crime in itself with the over whelming amount of evidence that points right to that little piece of crap.BTLS stay strong and keep fighting your day of reconing is coming brother!!!

  20. Ralphy malenga

    How could anyone,after reading this, believe Cowhead and spice weren’t colluding to ruin bubba and take over his career? The lengths matt loyd went to to destroy bubba, not to mention Hootie, is unbelievable. This will be a major injustice if these “keystone ” criminals aren’t prosecuted… this is no different than a disgruntled employee trying to burn down the business. .. that’s what spice was trying to do ,effectively, and he needs to do time for it.

  21. Troy Conley

    How in the heck is this dick not in prison. We all have made our share of mistakes. You took this nobody in and made him a somebody I don’t get it. Me personally if I had the opportunities that he had on your show making $100,000 + per year I would take and be very grateful to you for it. I wouldn’t stabb you in back repeatedly. Same thing goes to Cowhead. Without you he wouldn’t have the successful radio career he has.

  22. Unkl Fleek

    Really glad to see Bubba wasn’t involved in shopping this DVD for money. His friendship with Hogan is ruined and the whole situation just sucks. Spice Boy is a punk bitch……hope he winds up on the wrong side of an
    ass kicking.
    -Unkl Fleek

  23. Melissa

    Spice is so guilty. People don’t get along with people at work all the time, but you don’t try and destroy their lives. Mark Ober is so wrong. Good ole boy network, just a guilty as Spice.

  24. TRJ

    Reply to What What:

    Tied for 2nd with Calta. So ratings looking pretty good. Sorry Bubba I realize this isn’t a forum to argue with trolls.

  25. Tony

    Bubba, I hope you are able to bring these scumbags to justice. The evidence is clear and cut, Spice Boy is a criminal and needs to be in jail along with anyone else involved. The corruption in the SA Office in Hillsborough County is shameful.
    FTE Ocala

  26. mufdvr 69

    Spice is a dick.its never t like bubba didnt already give him everything he had.if not for bubba he would be working at a gas station. U dont bite the hand that feeds u.he should of just asked if he could have sex with her too.jk…thats bad he will get his

  27. Redsoxfan239

    If the law is this clear on extortion why is no one getting charged. People should be pissed that he isn’t getting charged. Goldberg is stealing bubbas right to feel safe in the United States.
    836.05 Threats; extortion.—Whoever, either verbally or by a written or printed communication, maliciously threatens to accuse another of any crime or offense, or by such communication maliciously threatens an injury to the person, property or reputation of another, or maliciously threatens to expose another to disgrace, or to expose any secret affecting another, or to impute any deformity or lack of chastity to another, with intent thereby to extort money or any pecuniary advantage whatsoever, or with intent to compel the person so threatened, or any other person, to do any act or refrain from doing any act against his or her will, shall be guilty of a felony of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.
    History.—s. 42, sub-ch. 3, ch. 1637, 1868; RS 2420; GS 3261; RGS 5092; CGL 7194; s. 1, ch. 57-254; s. 991, ch. 71-136; s. 1307, ch. 97-102.

  28. Douglas Guertin

    First and foremost .. I think your show is great Bubba ! I think Spiceboyisatheif is the biggest scumbag alive . I can’t even believe that they are not putting charges against This douche !! Keep your enemies close does not work in this situation. I have followed you for many years and the pussy who put you over should be prosecuted !!!

  29. John

    Shouldnt state attorney should be charged with obstruction of justice ????

  30. maryjo

    I am so disappointed not only in Spice, but in our local officials for not doing their job, if this was anyone else, there would be charges. Sadly, so many people were hurt by this. For shame Spice Boy, shame shame you dirt bag.

  31. Craig from Canada

    Spice is scum ! He should be forced to toss Honky Tonk Mans salad !

  32. chad

    hopefully rick Scott can do something about this this is so much again R civil rights no one even got arrested

  33. William Corbit

    This is the problem with our judicial system. Too much cronyism! There is nothing that is fair and balanced. There is tangible evidence that there was a crime committed, but because of prejudice towards Bubba, No charges were filed. WHAT? If this had happened to anyone else they would be serving time by now. There needs to be some serious consideration to have an investigation launched in the officials that were elected by the people. Where are the checks and balances. The prosecutors that took an oath need to be held to task!

  34. Josh

    It’s an open and shut case. Plain as day! I love how the detective called out Spice on the date! 100% guilty!

  35. Dan

    How did spice or anyone for that matter even know it existed? I cant help but think you were showing it in the building. Maybe only to a select few.

  36. Common Sense


  37. Bob

    You need to post some links to Tasha’s nude pics on this site

  38. Donna Narancich-Dettman

    Wow. It is a slam dunk case, win on a silver platter. It is difficult to believe that anyone would hire any of them. Keep fighting to get the justice you deserve!

  39. David O

    I want to put a positive spin on this. Your show has the best lineup of people it ever has. Trace is great! All the personnel changes you have had since Spice left, to now, would that have happened had he not done what he did? Would you have the chemistry, and this riveting story to talk about now?

    I have an idea, when all this is over, do a press conference to kinda put a cap on it all, dressed as a woman.

  40. The Mexicutioner

    You have this in Spanish?

  41. Robin

    Is there any way you can Sue that piece of Garbage in Civil Court? Get the proof & sue the States Attorney too for Collusion!!!!

  42. Andrew O

    Fuck Spice. I have been a long time listener since 2005 here in Louisiana. I cannot believe he sold Bubba down the river and ruined Hogan and Bubba’s relationship over some bullshit like this. Did he need money for drugs or what? How is this a closed case? Justice needs to be served. I am baffled with bullshit right now. This is extortion.

  43. Clee Torres

    I don’t think I could find the brake pedal if he walked in front of my vehicle.

  44. Randy

    You sure did get railroaded! Sorry Bubba, he will get what is coming to him! Someone should Tonya Harding him!

  45. Mj

    They aren’t prosecuting because spice boy has a sex tape of Mark ober

  46. Paul

    Long time listner here first off….your the best!!! Spice Boi (spelled like a trani) is a scumbag! Second LET B-FUD read it or I won’t:)

  47. Josh

    I’m still not convinced that Heather didn’t have something to do with it. She has been very vindictive acting on Twitter and aligns herself with anyone anti Bubba.

  48. Harry O

    Bubba”I Believe M.O. has A Hard on for you Because you Use your DJ position (Shock Jock)to say and do for The sake of show Content what you Want! you are over the top
    That pisses The Good Ol”Boys off Bad, They cant stand it.
    this is there way of Dealing with you…. Wrong as it is. MJ was A Jackass for using his Radio position to get his way around town. Hurtfilioma is the term you use.
    Good luck Bubba Bury that Cowhead too”

  49. Billy Floyd

    You’ve got to fight this with everything you’ve got.

    This is the fight that you’ve been preparing for your whole career.

    You’ve got great people in your corner. We’re all behind you.

  50. 13 Ugly Crooks

    You have to wonder about a “charitable organization” that would allow a thief like Matt Lloyd to become a member. I wonder how all if the charities they deal with rate on Guidestar.

  51. Big Dave

    Clearly, Spice has placed himself in an actionable civil position. Highly suspicious as to why “legal law enforcement” won’t prosecute. It’s time, we the people, hold up the hammer at this trying time and swing it, no pun intended. I find the Calta factor and seeming involvement interesting and look forward to how this is played out. Can you provide the phone numbers, addresses, and info for our state representatives??? I would like to get some of them to answer why this non-prosecution is being allowed and why we should feel protected as citizens from such offenses happening to us? I’ve never done a sex tape, God knows it would look like a polar bear with a cold humping and iceberg, but if I did…… where’s MY protection???

  52. Greg from Kentucky Cuz

    WOW I almost can not believe my eyes it is absolutely amazing to me that Spice isnt already convicted and sentenced. To think that someone can sleep at night knowing the havoc they have caused in 2-3 peoples lives. A very interesting read and Im glad you released this Bubba and crew… I never doubted you it is nice to actually see this all come to light and I can only hope that Spice, Calta, and all involved parties get whats coming to them… Now im going to listen Thanks guys for keeping me entertained over the years and look forward to many more Love ya Bubba and crew Manson, 25 No homo! Now get these backstabbing Csing MotherFers BubbaArmy!!!!!!!!!

  53. Bill Shannon

    So sorry this has happened to you. Betrayal by close friends and family is truly awful. I will pray for you and all close to you. I wish you all the best and know your fans love u and have your back. We all have skeletons and that includes those attacking you. I hope you get the justice you deserve. God Bless stay strong.

  54. Paul

    Is the some way that we can rally against them, in a legal way? Petition, boycott, or protest? How can they get away with this.

  55. Radiomanflavor

    LMAO @ RADIOMANFLAVOR1970@GMAIL.COM. my god spiceboy is suck a fucking idiot.

  56. Steve T

    What a POS.

  57. david

    Every Florida resident should be embarrassed for their states legal system!!!

  58. Pat

    As an American tax paying, small business owner I am appalled at our judicial system. Where are the consequences? This is extortion. This is black and white, hands down, no question, extortion. I am sickened by the lack of justice and the lack of consequences. What kind of precedence does this set? What can we (the people) do to demand consequence? Seriously. Ober needs to go!!

  59. Jay Leno

    What a dumb fuck Spiceboy is, He shouldve used hide my IP address or the dark web.

  60. Steve Reynolds

    Mr. Todd Alan Clem: your entire life has been dedicated to being a complete jerk and tormenting others and now you are crying non stop when a little bit of karma has caught up to you. You are such a hypocrite; you make fun of the only people that even support you anymore…white trash, you are basically an infomercial always trying to peddle some of your “merchandise” or your so called racetrack. I happen to know that for the 2013-2014 school year, you, or rather your kid had the LARGEST outstanding school lunch non payment account in all of Pinellsas county! Highland Lakes Elementary’s principal was paying for your kid’s meals!! Also, his address on Hunter place, nice touch. I await the day when your kid realizes he has used you for all you can do for him and disowns you as a parent. Instead of the same hackneyed, repetitive material you are so famous for, something that would cause a ratings bonanza, have an on air, slow and painful heart attack or stroke and ultimately drop dead.What a weight would be lifted from society…literally!! Keep up the whining!! It only solidifies your desperation.

  61. John

    Wow the fix is in. Typical government employee’s that don’t do their sworn duty and we keep electing them!

  62. Maureen

    Ever since the “MJ trial”, whenever I see a photo of, or read any news about Mark Ober, I immediately want to throw up In my mouth. How did this scumbag even get into office!??????

  63. Andrew O

    Steve you need to fuck off. No one deserves extortion and a ruined all-time friendship over some fuckwit who needed to pay his bills. Also leave Bubba’s kids of this you pretentious asshole. Who do you think you are?

  64. Treceyfl20

    Oh my eyes…

  65. Double Blue Jay

    Good for you Bubba. Spice is a twat and you called it from the start. How he is not being charged is beyond me, and seems to be that you civil liberties have been violated. I hope this does not end here, as it sets a dangerous precedence.

  66. Double Blue Jay

    And “Steve Reynolds” you have no fucking class talking about a man’s kid. Go fuck your self you cocksucking pile of shit. Walk in front of a bus.

  67. Joel

    What an ungrateful pile of shit!


    The old Bubba would be railroading Mark Ober out of town right now, time to find the old Bubba and expose the “GOOD OL BOY” network!! Turn the heat up on him in a “all or none”, “go for broke” fashion. Time for vindication, #CRICKETS, BTLS Radio always!

  69. George

    Wow what a lowlife dirtball spice punk ass and counter Calta will get his fat wannabe Staten Island trash boy

  70. Justin yost

    Bubba, Spiceboy is a cocksucker

  71. steve


  72. Jason

    I think you guys shouldn’t use his radio name “spice boy”, how about bitch boy! This dude would become a victim of friendly fire during combat! Their whole plan was horrible…Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid had a better plan!

  73. Mike

    Worst show of the year… Boring

  74. Mortichia

    Isn’t there anything the people of Hillsborough County can do to put pressure on Ober to prosecute this matter? Criminals cannot just get away with this crap! What is this? The wild, wild west?
    If this happened to me, I would be insane. Ober is a corrupt official who apparently thinks he is God. Not true! Spiceboy is going to go down sooner or later. Hope his wife suffers, too. I can’t wait to see this all happen. Bubba, be patient and you will win the war. You have people on your side. Justice may be slow, but it will come.

  75. Jill

    This is totally “Atlas Shrugged”. The people that work so hard are thrown to the bottom, careers are ruined and the government and its corrupt officials are greasing the palms and pathways for the parasites that live in our communities. I am so glad Bubba gets redemption! This should be a wake up call for Florida law enforcement- they need to get these unethical people out of the leading positions in the administration. I live in Ocala and my family and I personally enjoy the Bubba Race Track and as far as I am concerned he is a pillar in my community. I don’t see the Mark Ober Speedway or any of his community involvement. These government officials should be required to have community involvement and have reality checks every now and then, instead of just taking tax payer money and having no consequences. It should not matter who was the victim- this case should be prosecuted at every level. Thank you BRN for shedding light on this scandal- as Americans we need to be more proactive-even though scum like these government officials are keeping us down and continually victimizing us!

  76. Jordan Taylor

    totally in shock and saddened i always thought it was 25 cent who leaked it sorry epps my bad spice boy and his wife should be in prison so many felonies in this report now there kids will live with disgrace becuase of there actions mark ober should press charges its a slam dunk case smh hate that my tax paying dollars went to waste for 2 years bubba i feel sorry for u and your crew having someone you trusted for years to stab you in the back and try to take your work/money away from you guys is wack its like the old saying goes krama is a bitch cant wait for the civil suits against spiceboy

  77. Chip

    When is Ashton Kutcher (kutchner) going to jump out
    of the bucklebrush? This is the best episode of punked’ I swear. Better you than me cuh, I couldn’t handle it.
    And the haters need to scram. Just admit that your in a full mark lather.

    Stay strong cuh

  78. T.C.

    Cases like these are why nobody believes in the justice system. How in the world can you clear Spice of what he did? This is a clear cut case and it just shows the hatred people have of Bubba.

  79. Brent

    You gave this little piss ant everything he had including the skills to support himself and his family and this is how he shows his appreciation? He shows everyone exactly what kind of man he is and how far down the shady rabbit hole he is willing to go to screw over someone that has done so much for him. Take note current and future employers because its only a matter of time before the shoe is on your foot !

  80. Oleg

    I’m from Russia and even here with a report like that spice would go to jail with Mark Ober said to say that the justice system sucks in USA

  81. Tom

    Why don’t you turn this over to Morgan and Morgan. He surely has some influence within the good old boy network.
    Why didn’t you just destroy the DVD when you feared that it would be released?I know hindsight is 20-20

  82. Fred

    Has there been any word from the Hogan camp regarding all this? Are u gonna go after him civilly?

  83. Chad

    Wow! Glad I do not live in crooked ass Tampa!!! 100′s of people lose jobs of a DUI phone Tip and no one get’s in trouble or loses their job for extortion on a grand scale.

  84. JG

    If individuals do not like Bubba or his radio show, do not listen, it’s that simple. Do not come to a website that is pure Bubba Army and start bashing; I never will understand that. I like Bubba, there are times when he does drive me crazy but I just turn the channel. Again, it’s that simple. I think what Matt did is extremely unfortunate for him, his wife and his family. Makes him look really bad; low and desperate in fact. It is against the law to extort anybody – David Letterman had the same issue and his extortioner did community service and restitution. There should be some accountability. I hope it works out for you Bubba! Best of Luck!! Steve Reynolds, Mike – ????? Don’t listen, don’t comment :) Your life will be much better without the distraction!!

  85. John

    I’m thinking that the “victims” in this situation should join together and see to it that Matt Loyd never makes a cent that he gets to keep again. Hootie, Heather, Bubba and the whited out blacked out names in the document as one team to sue him for every penny that Matt ever makes in the future. Donate any money he ever makes to charity and make some good out of all of this..

  86. Chris G.

    I still can’t get how Florida residents aren’t up in arms about the total disregard to the taxpayer’s money that has gone for absolutely nothing. The money and resources that go into any investigation over a 18 month period is insane and for the Attorney General to just decide he is above the law and can circumvent the law and citizens of Florida is absurd. The Attorney General should be relieved of his office for blatant disregard to holding up the integrity and duties of his office.

  87. Chad

    I the Nikki should make a sex tape too..i mean its only fair we see her naked too

  88. Mike

    I liked spice on the show, knew he had some issues but wow! didn’t know he was such a vindictive lowlife.
    He’s a criminal and a sociopath. May not get jail time but i hope he gets what coming to him, one way or another.

  89. Tommy

    Spice was smart, he knew Bubba is a huge cuckold. Bubba had the hogan tape that spice stole, but he also stole another high profile tape;or 2. The tape that made the feds drop the case, is the tape keeping spice from doing time. Spice knew that the other high profiler that banged Bubba’s whorewife would keep him in the clear. The karma is that bubba is the ultimate victim. Bubba next time you tape your wife fucking people, keep the government officials off tape.

  90. mr.florida88

    Wow spiceboy should be locked up. I understand bubba. I should of never started sharing my wife. 3 days a week that bull makes me watch. I’m such a sissy.

  91. penguintruth

    I’ve always been more of a Stern fan than a Bubba guy, but I used to listen to Bubba on Sirius when he was on (too bad they didn’t pay him jack. Spice Boy’s shadiness was always on display in the show, but I didn’t realize he was such a traitor and a snake. What a total betrayal.

    Works, gimmicks, rattlers, dark match willies, marks, shoots, I miss all that lingo. Reunite with Howard in the future, Bubba.

  92. Theresa

    All I have to say is that your true fans believe you, follow you, and don’t listen to anyone else. Spice Boy bit the hand that fed him. Karma is a beaatch. Love the radio crew, Nikki, and even B-Fudd. You guys rock and I get withdrawls on the weekends. Love to have a night out with Nikki and Jabberjaw and not in the homo way!!! lol

  93. Joe Riley

    If your dumbass never secretly recorded your “friend” plowing your wife none of this would be going on right now Bubba

  94. Mike H

    The show is always at its best during controversy like this. Keep talking about it and keep pushing this issue.

  95. kahanamoku

    How do we put pressure on Ober? You have an army, use it.

  96. Anonymous

    Whining and bitching on the air will get you no where. I advise you to use alternative methods of persuasion. Many times, credit for discoveries and raids performed by online groups are the work of a few people, sometimes only one. It doesn’t take a genius to track down Matt’s activities online, although your detectives warrants helped out quite a bit.

    Now you need to find a way to make these government officials respond to you. Nothing illegal is needed; once they feel that people are catching on, they’ll start switching faces. You need to make a big bang, and if anyone can do that, its you.

    Otherwise, you’ll be whining for weeks while nothing gets done. As usual. This may just be personal for you, but as a Floridian, I see it as a way to bring down another corrupt government official. It’s not often we have someone so suited for the job on our side. Do us all a favor.

  97. D Hope

    If it helps Bubba you should read on the current Federal case that started this week in San Francisco (where i live) regarding extortion and corruption in our local goverment and state level.

    Google Shrimp Boy Mayor Lee San Francisco. In short the Federal government has proved and indicted 19 people mainly politicians and the case all goes back to our Mayor being involved and he has gotten off basically from political favors.

    Bubba please read and you could share it on the air. Maybe this will help through all this an not feel alone in the world of corruption.

    Love the show.

  98. Bubba Army

    Man, who would have thought Spice was such a vindictive scumbag?

  99. Leena

    Bubba I am a fan- BUT you should have never pushed the record button. I don’t think handing your wife over to your best friend shows respect for the women of your child. Nonetheless, she showed no respect for herself. Sadly,Tyler will know of ALL of this.

  100. Chris

    Wow, Bubba, you are an idiot for not hiding those dvd’s or putting them in a safe place. Makes me think you didn’t care too much about them getting out or Spice maybe beat you to the punch. Hopefully you aren’t that big of a scumbag. Spice obviously is… what a pathetic fucking weasel that guy is.

  101. Steve

    lets here it for spice boy “carmas a b—–” BuBBa i love your
    show “rock on”

  102. DidYourGal in STL

    It’s a work you idiots! Spice won’t go to jail and he will wind up back on the show.

  103. Drew


  104. Mikey

    Meanwhile…..ClearChannel is busy lawyer’ing up for the next wave of righteously served Bubba justice. I’m thinking recovery of lots, and lot, of losses initially. This story isn’t done yet.

  105. T Roy

    You brought him into this business and made him famous when he didn’t have a pot to piss in. And he was not nothing but a dick especially toward the end. Fuck that little prick, I hope you sue him for everything he has.

  106. Mac Davis

    And Calta is CRICKETS…. No tweets about Spice that I’ve seen. Please tie him into this as soon as possible Bubba.

    Spice is too much of a coward to come in and apologize. If his does… Make it on one condition… Get on the torture rack


  107. Kurt

    If this is the accurate truth, WOW. I could understand no prosecution at this time if Feds are using Spice and others involved to build a case against someone bigger.

  108. Chris

    What kind of fag let’s his friend bone his wife. You’re a real winner. All the crap that comes with that is on you and that bitch Bollea. I stopped listening to you when that stuff went down. Hey, I’m into some kinky stuff but that’s messed up. I’m kinda hoping you’re of the air completely soon

  109. Rick C.

    Ive got it all figured out. Tasha-matt and ober have eiffel towers together with matt in front on his knees-ober standing and tasha behind with a big ole dilzildo! Seriously-ober should be impeached or criminally charged himself , and matt should obviously be in prison already. This is a sham and tramples all of our civil rights and if i were u bubbba, id take this as far as i could til the day i died. Use ALL of ur connections please! I would be so fn MAD!! I AM MAD! Those evil sob’s!

  110. Loyal To A Fault

    Hopefully this brings about some justice for you and your show, Bubba. I don’t, AT ALL, agree with what you did; however, we are a country run by laws that must be followed. Once we get to the point that people are picking and choosing which laws to follow or prosecute, we head down a VERY slippery slope. These officials are no better than the people they work against on a daily basis.

    FIGHT THIS WITH EVERYTHING YOU’VE GOT! We’ve always got your back big man. #BA4LIFE

  111. Rick C.

    Ps. Go to this website and where it says “contact”-write that you’d never give them a penny as long as matt “extortionist” loyd works for them. His picture was on their website yesterday but i dont see it today. Lets bring this lying punk down-the pos! Heres the websit: http://13uglymen.com/the-men/

  112. Rich ball

    Time for you to move out of that state…you guys should come to California

  113. Sam

    What a fucking piece of shit spice boy is!Where do you think spiceboy would be without the show? Probably stealing from someone else because he’s just a fucking scumbag. R.I.P spice boys career! Actually his career was over when he left the show.

  114. mark

    A complete collapse of judgement for 8 grand dummy boo boo!!

  115. buddy

    bubba,you have a loyal and very large supporting cast around you that you should think about using.we’re called “BUBBA ARMY”…..let us help by getting the army to show up at rick scott’s house or office.pretty sure that would get his attention.only 14 days left but if anyone could organize this you could..

  116. Steve - Tsawwassen BC

    Holy crap this really reads like a movie of the week! Been BA since 2006 and can honestly say I always thought that Spice was a whiny little bitch who’s only talent was to counter program everything you and the crew would say. His jealousy was obvious to the listeners and it was only a matter of time until that green eyed monster took over and he would do something stupid.

    I also have to say it really upset me when I heard the story of your generosity by giving him a gift that should have been appreciated but was instead treated as something to joke about and hold open a door. Fucking asshole.

    And finally thank you for saying what I was thinking. Karma, it has a very strange way of equaling out things in our lives, and sadly a poor young girl was the recipient, when it should have been either Spice or Tasha.

    Bubba Army Strong!

  117. Mike

    I am completely dumbfounded to see how much overwhelming evidence, so much that it leaves nothing to the imagination.prosecutors who are in a position that requires them to be impartial and only look at the evidence at hand, and leave personal feelings to the side, and when they make it clear that they don’t and there is no repercussion makes me lose faith for a fair shake for justice in this state and it makes it quite obvious that the system has failed you and it is very sad

  118. Ryan

    Love the team you have now. Spice just assholed himself out of the business. I honestly cannot wait to see if a connection to Calta comes up. Mike Calta is an absolute joke who inherited an audience and he’s the epitome of a scrub. Please unleash on him. GL guys.

  119. MT

    Bubba, you can’t be serious when you sit there and ask “why does this happen to me and why does this person not like me.
    Every bit of drama that happens in your life is because you create it, you have to know that man! Of course you own your part of THIS drama, you have to, there is no way around it. Maybe I am liberal enough to see how you could let your down in the dumps buddy have sex with your wife (I wouldn’t)but my questions are, why tape it? why keep the tape? why transport the tape when you already know that it can bite you in the ass? It’s really kind of creepy on your part to think that you would want that tape to even exist. Quit feeling sorry for yourself and feeling like this great injustice has been done to you. You Bubba, created this whole mess.

  120. Jason

    I hope everyone realizes that we elect mark ober into his position. We the voters have the power to elect officials who can perform their duties honestly and without bias. Mark Ober should prosecute all illegal actions and if he won’t do his job we elected him to do then we need to elect someone who can!

  121. Lady

    Really!?! Theses Officers spent thousands of man hours, valuable time away from their family, tax dollars paid for SAO & Statewide Prosecutor to drop case!? Even if you hate Bubba, law enforcement did their job but SAO states NO CRIME was committed!? Officers wasted their time?!! I think someone needs to answer to the tax paying public. I think it should be SAO! This is why people have no faith in the justice system anymore, this is why they hate cops, not cops fault but they are front line and take brunt, but what does SAO care. Why should they? As long as you are a criminal with connections & money (don’t tell me Schnickerdoole doesn’t contribute to Oberass campaign! Surprised FBI wasn’t paid off)In Tampa, You can get away with destroying lives and criminal activity without you being prosecuted, ESPECIALLY if you say Bubba Sucks. Good job SAO for doing the right thing, hope your are all proud. This shows public it’s not about who you know as much as who the head of SAO is paid to hate. After all “Not Guilty does NOT mean Innocent in Tampa, FL” SO GLAD I don’t live in Tampa!

  122. Jay

    Congrats on the redemption. It speaks volumes how you had 25′s back and it proved to be the right call. I suppose now we also know who got Hootie canned from the WWE. I hope you guys can patch things up. Reach out to him Bubba, ya know it’ll be radio gold.

  123. Kenny

    Bubba you are a good shock jock and a good man. You have a awesome crew now. I can’t wait to see the day spice boy and cow ass go down and become your bitches. Bubba Army for life!!!

  124. Martin

    Interested to know who was in the other sex tapes ? blacked out! Heard Heather allegedly did a job clean in the middle with Tony Stewart/ Warren sapp/ Aubrey Huff . Should feel lucky that Hootie was the only one that got out could’ve been a real shit storm .

  125. Jac

    If Rick selector Scott dosent step in we truly the triple crown of a corrupt government

  126. Phoenix arkangel

    They will not prosecute because there’s nothing in it for them. It would cost $$$Hogan is the real victim!!!!

  127. FuelMan

    Mike Calta needs to step up and be the “big man” that he is and explain his involvement, or non-involvement, with this. He has had no problem shooting his mouth off in the past- now he has a chance to respond. Where are his comments?

    As for that “twink”, Spice Boy, what rock is that puke hiding under now? Amazing how everyone goes silent when you present the facts.

    Local media needs to step up and start reporting on this, just like they did a few weeks ago when it seemed like they wanted to bury you.

    Keep fighting the good fight and thanks for all that you have done.

  128. Nuts2butts

    Open and shut case. You need to petition that Mark ober is letting personal vendettas reflect the face of the court system. He should be impeached and stripped of his authority. Matt lyod needs to be tried I. Supreme court. And at minimum sentenced to 2 years imprisonment.

  129. Queen

    This really makes me sick, if anybody else did what Spiceboy did they would go to jail for a long time.

  130. Herb Farmer

    This is why people don’t trust our justice system, we the people need to expose this to anyone who will listen. Bubba I hope you will take this to the next level and expose the “good ol boy network”

    Bubba can you post the letters you have sent to SAO and Governors office?
    Best of luck and Fight for your right BIG man!

  131. Scotty B

    I love Bubba so let’s get that out of the way.

    Now, the bottom line (in this case) is that Bubba is probably a bigger scumbag than Spice Boy. I mean 1) the guy let a professional wrestler bang his wife…who does that? A total white trash, dirtball move in my opinion and 2) he recorded the act without the knowledge or consent of either person! I mean how much of a sleaze ball do you have to be to do that.

    I personally think these actions are worse than what Spice did. I know that Bubba takes responsibility for these actions, but having done those things and the current Nielson ratings manipulation scandal, I think it is very hard for Bubba to talk about “honesty” as he did this morning on his show when challenging Cowhead to “just be honest with him”.

    Love Bubba, been listening since 1992, will continue to listen, but have to call a spade a spade when necessary!

  132. GitrdunBrown

    Wow. How did he figure he’d get away with that? Use a rental car? Yeah… That’ll permanently throw em off the trail. What an ignoramus!!! Mostly it just makes me sad because it really signifies the end of the old bubba crew that I was lucky enough to briefly rub elbows with.
    All the best,

  133. Geneva

    Spice is a punk as has always been a jealous punk, i never liked his twisted whinny, cryboy self.

  134. Big White Guy

    Bubba ! This piece of shit needs to get what’s coming to him .. I have always been a big fan of yours … Yeah you might be a loud mouth crazy fuck but I love your candor and honesty .. Fuck the haters .. I will be a fan for life !!!!

  135. Keesha

    Wow…really…so b/c he needed Bubba as a crutch to get famous he thinks this is the way to do it? HAHAHAHA Fool. And you’re a super dork. Sounds like he’s jealous and bored…get a life IDIOT BOY, no one cares!

    LOVE YOU ALL AT BUBBA THE LOVE SPONGE SHOW!!!! I listen to yall every morning!

    Keesha from Charleston, SC :)

  136. Frank capobianco

    Unbelievable! ! I must say bubba only been listening since I got here in 13 but the letter u articulated was good but u need to attack more on the lines of not protecting the people& laws,he was sworn to uphold. Both these guys need to go but on bigger scale the corrupt official would b public enemy #1

  137. Nick Rowe

    Didn’t you tell Howard that the video was on a hard drive that you had never seen? Sounds like you lied to your radio god and everyone that was listening. Saying spice a liar is calling the kettle black cuzzy

  138. sdb

    Came across the urban dictionary meaning of spice boy pretty much described Matt Loyd to a tee lmao. Sorry Bubba this sucks for you. If I had done that I would be under the jail. Unbelievable

  139. frank

    Think about the time spice boy had the tape of lana the dj at 98rock it shows a pattern of behavior

  140. malachi bollman

    im glad i found this out. i always thought that your show hasnt been the same with out spice, but now i can do with out him. also i can say that your show has been pullin the nose up. youve got bfudd ,tuddle, and trace dialed in perfectly and the shows not as pushed along its been real natural lately and thats what we all love you guys for! fuck me though i don know shit, keep it up though assholes!

  141. Scott

    Spice is truly a Pisces of shit.

  142. Jake O

    Remember–(The Secret) the book that changed hooties life?! Read it!! It will help U. Love y’all no homo.

  143. Tony

    This whole thing is unreal. Does it not set a bad precedent? Matt Loyd committed EXTORTION among other things and is NOT charged??

    I will not vacation in Tampa because of Ober. Bubba Army should let Ober and his boss know how we feel.

  144. Bivman

    So disappointed..

  145. Robert P

    Learn proper pronunciation, it’s not Justice, it’s Just-Us.

  146. Patrick D

    People that have never had everything they ever wanted don’t understand that the more you get the more you need. The show is awesome and Bubba is a radio savant. I’ve been a fan of his since he did nights on XL in the early 90′s and he goes above and beyond in being accessible to his listeners when all he really owes us is a great morning show.
    If you don’t like Bubba or his show then chances are pretty good you’re a real nerd and a hater so why hang around btls.com, RadioIO, Bubba 98/7 or any of the affiliates? I’ve been harassed by all the clowns on Twitter because of my support for Bubba and it continues to this very day.
    Whatever Bubba does in his personal life is on him, I don’t care because it doesn’t affect me but I can fully understand that what it takes to get him where he needs to be seems strange to those that have vanilla lives.
    Continue to pursue whatever means of recourse you have against Spice.
    It was no doubt a carefully orchestrated plan by Loyd & Calta to ruin your career, a career they could only wish to achieve.
    The Bubba Army is with you. #IStandWithBubba

  147. My Balls Have More Hair Than Calta

    Spiceboy failed at hosting his own show, and sold himself out for 8K. Hahahahah. its so comical that it almost cancels out the actual making of the sex tape. You can’t write this shit. No Top I Pop here Bubba, give that affliction wearing douchebag the deep plizzunge with a full civil gimmick on the backside. If. You. Will.

  148. Jon

    Wow – I thought Spice was just a counter-programmer on your show, but he was doing it in real life. And a DA like Mark Ober who takes personal prejudices into account when deciding when to press criminal charges is just wrong! He needs to be removed from office – I didn’t think things like that still happened! At least Spice is no longer an on-air personality, which seems like all he ever wanted. Everyone involved got the short end of the stick on this deal..except maybe Heather.

  149. Rebecca

    Spice Boy, his wife, and Calta are candy asses. Haters gonna Hate!

  150. Nik

    We need to organize a protest at Mr. Ober’s office Bubba Strong!!

  151. Denile Riverafter

    How purely stupid do you have to be to MAKE a sex tape in the first place? As a famous person, you REALLY didn’t think anyone would ever see them? And, you DIDN’T erase them OR at LEAST lock them up in a SAFE, to which ONLY you have the combination?! You never had an employee backstab you before?!! REALLY?!! DUH!!!!

  152. Annoyed toFan

    Bubba, I apologize that years back I thought for sure you were in on this and jumped on the wagon of badgering you a bit. Like others noted that was your fortay to badger and make fun and thought during this and the trial it was kind of coming back to roost.
    Some things u did bugged me, but you also make me laugh. What you did in your private life didn’t bug me, it was that I thought you had a hand on turning your back on hootie.
    Spice is a POS, I never stopped listening, and I get it. Keep up the fight man and sue his ass. Your personal life is your business and not once did you ever share it ( the sex stuff).
    Hang in there and I’m standing by for these guys to pay.

  153. mike

    WTF is wrong with Florida? They don’t follow the rule of law? Don’t bother posting the email of Rick Scott and Mark Ober, I google. Love you, pro homo.

  154. wujekcity

    can someone with a legal background that isnt a bubba mark, plz explain the other side of this??? Is there something that we are missing? it seems like someone should be in trouble here?? Ive been a critic of Bubbas in the past and the whole situation is nuts, but stealing is stealing and extortion is extortion!

  155. Joe

    Keep in mind this is all the result of a hidden recording that Todd clem made. So who’s at fault again?

  156. ex-Bubba fan

    I was a Bubba Army Superfan and was never even offered to have sex with Heather. I will never listen to Bubba or Spiceboy or Cowhead.

  157. Jim

    I used to enjoy listening to bubba, but I can’t listen to that rhetoric anymore. He seems to be going really out of the way to clear his name and divert. MJ, Hogan, Diaco, Calta, this guy is always involved in some BS drama but is NEVER to blame in any of it?
    I smell a rat.

  158. why no Fed charges?

    State case aside, does anyone understand why there were no Federal charges? It would seem that there was sufficient evidence for a Federal action. Extortion is a very serious crime.

  159. Sleazy Randy

    Bubba gets the shaft. Mark Ober just puts himself over and denied Bubba justice. Bubba “Todd” Clem for Atty Gen!

  160. Greg Galvin

    Regarding Robert (Rob) Garguilo … go to the Lakewood, Ohio and Cuyahoga County Civil Courts websites and search his name. There you will find cases where he sued Sarah over a Visa credit card bill. The Lakewood (small suburb) judge issued a judgment making each responsible for half (the total was $2K+). When none of that got paid, there was a suit in county court and the judgment went against Rob. What a sleeze bag. You sue the mother of your children, who you’re still sleeping with over a credit card bill. Women of Pinellas & Hillsborough be forewarned. He’ll stick his dick in you and stick his hand in your purse.

  161. Matt Dalonzo

    Thanks for all that info Bubba. Since you have participated in my secret video case here is something for you. On 10/01/2015 the Oregon shooter (Mercer) called a syndicated Radio station that was connected to 98.7 at 1:15am EST and you, Manson, 50 cent, maybe Spiceboy and others told him that “he needs to do something to his English teacher because he sounds retarded.” You all said that 3-4 times. Mercer said he was going to do something big and “you would see.” Manson then says sounds like the guy “who jerks off.” My HIV status is going to change. I’m waiting for that. Bubba you and Kimberly got Branson Welsh to stick me with a needle and syringe and Johnny from Bayfront Medical to put something in my IV. I caught him and he panicked. The Police Dept is on your side and this is to my advantage. I’m waiting for the right time. You will be made an example of.

  162. rich wpb

    Bubba, true bubba army has known all along u and other parties had nothing to do with this. Listening to io right now read the report day was posted. Couldn’t believe the back stabbing mofos at the time and still to this day. Hopefully once trail is done hogan gets his money and a major news source reports that altho at the time u were wrong for doing what u did and until the day u die will regret it. What happened in your own personal life not meant what so ever for the public it will absolutely destroy calta and spiceboy. Fuck Burton and hope he loses his job and has to go be a cashier in a small town living in a trailer on a piece of property that belongs to someone else

  163. John

    Aren’t there some pages missing??

  164. Mike

    So Hogan just got a jury award of $115 million vs Gawker. Think they will sue Spice for the damages? This may even be enough for them to put pressure on Ober to revisit whether or not to pursue criminal charges against Spice. Would be kind of poetic that Hogan turns this into a win and I am honest to goodness happy for him. Met Hogan in the keys years ago and I have to tell you he was a gentleman. He asked to be allowed to enjoy a meal with his family in peace. Then he took the time to talk to fans, sign autographs, and behave like a human being. All this really wasn’t fair to him or Bubba. Hopefully, they both can put this behind them and be better for the experience. Wishing both Bubba and Hogan good fortune in their futures. Hogan was my hero when I was a child and Bubba is my favorite radio personality by far.

  165. tallystaxi

    Bubba Army Rules!!!! lock this spicepunk up, he’s an idiot and a thief!! while they are at it, lock up this fat slob Mike Calta aka COWTURD

  166. Brian

    F spice boy I hope they ruin his ass in the business .. Bubba took care of that bum and he gave him the start in the buiz, then he pulled that shit and for what a few bucks. No loyalty what a trashy mofo. Bubba Army

  167. LeeVing

    Who is Rob Garguilo, I don’t get it?

  168. Gary Dell'Abate

    Thanks for calling in today Bubba. It’s great to clear so much of this up.

    -Baba Booey

  169. Tony

    Howard the coward up to his old tricks again I see. Playing stupid when he knows exactly what went down. Acting powerless to get you back on at Sirius. He’s such a lying little punk. Fortunately we get hints of his true self through Bubba and Artie.

  170. JB

    I think Calta and Spice Boy are both liars. It’s on paper. What I don’t understand is You where 100 percent right and it took you a year half before you could release this information. Are we gonna get a some idea of what happens with the Nielson Lawsuit. Because the trolls and your main one is Jimmy J, he prob worst but there’s other’s. Anyway. Can you explain what PPM meter does. You say you cannot talk about how radio works on the radio, now I am not sure I can by that so much. Why would radio not let you talk about how it works. I am for you, but trolls said same shit bout Matt Loyd 2 years ago same loser’s say that they had nothing to do with it. Then just throw facts at me. I think you owe it to use to explain what PPM Meters are. I heard it mentioned on your show Calta brought up how those things work. I hope I won’t look stupid after this is over. I feel like it was prob Calta planting them on your channel and then fake call in turn in PPM meters. WHATS UP WITH THIS. OH MATT LOYD I COULD TELL WASN’T INTO RADIO HE WAS INTO MONEY. HE WOULD HAVE BEEN GOOD AND BE MAKING 150,000 A YEAR. INSTEAD OF A COMEDY SHOW OR CLUB PROMOTER. I WONDER IF HE TALKS ABOUT U THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE SHOW. COULDN’T TELL YOU but it be great sneak trace or me in his show record few jokes if they good call in if they suck which they will. Would be good radio. U r always in a problem because of so much controversy you used to do as far as stunts now you did a howard not so much that you changed but rules of radio and words being bleeped like Retard. The have had to retard the radio industry doing this. Matt top 10 comics standing coming soon. Howard I saw Artie on Opie + anothony show and he says Howard changed. Opie has too. And when I look back on youtube on Howard stuff he seemed to be a lot more involved with the Bubba show. But I think he liked Brent better then Bubba just sounds that way when those two talk. After I heard Howard put bubba on while he was live on his show. Howard wouldn’t answer emails. Has the dumbest agent on earth and so does black lady is it gail.Liked her long time ago but Howard used to be a shock jock. What has he done real shocking this year. Im sure something small shocked a testicales. He would make me look dumb on air but in 90s you would expect naked chick everyday I was like 12 love see how good he was getting girls do what he wanted. Does it sometimes not as often, nothing shocking really. I have to say Bubba’s a bigger shock then him. As far as shocking especially in tabloids real stuff.

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