SNL catches heat over skit on teacher-student sex

April 14th, 2015 by Staff

The setting for the skit was 'Hillsborough County.'

( NEW YORK – I’m surprised it took them this long, but SNL finally decided to make a sketch about one of the country’s constantly hot news topics: female teachers having sex with underage students.

In the sketch, Pete Davidson plays a student who had an affair with his sexy teacher, represented by Cecily Strong. As you can see in the video, Davidson is on the witness stand giving his account of the affair.

And his account just so happens to be GLARINGLY POSITIVE. All the other men in the courtroom seem to also think that Davidson is ‘THE MAN’ for fucking his teacher. A real “Fred Pimpstone.”

Obviously this is comedy and an embellished point of view — especially the reaction from the adults in the courtroom — but when I was 16-years-old, I probably would have sex with a hot teacher if I were given the opportunity. I wouldn’t have expected my father to love me more or a judge to fist bump me — both would probably be appropriately appalled by it — but I probably would have done it.

That was the point that SNL was trying to make, but as our friends at UPROXX pointed out, some people were very offended by it.

Kimberly Stolarick
That HLN student-teacher sketch on SNL was gross and unnecessary. #DoBetter
1:32 AM – 12 Apr 2015

Just what we need, a sketch about a student having an affair with a teacher and everyone congratulating him as if he should be lauded.. #SNL
11:53 PM – 11 Apr 2015

Tammi LaTela
Can’t believe no one in the room said, maybe this ain’t funny, because you know, it’s rape… #SNL
11:54 PM – 11 Apr 2015

John Lusk
Really #SNL? Male student raped by female teacher is lucky he got laid? Who wrote this? Every dumbass from every news story comment section?
11:50 PM – 11 Apr 2015

Jim Sabataso
From a comedy standpoint, I thought we had moved past glorifying the female teacher/male student trope. Such lazy humor. #SNL
11:50 PM – 11 Apr 2015

There are more tweets, but you get the point. And that point is: people are unhappy.

What do you think? Is this sketch out of bounds?

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