Roseanne hopes Bill Cosby will ‘make it right’

January 30th, 2015 by Staff

Barr says she heard rumors for years about Cosby's alleged practices in regards to woman.

(Access Hollywood) HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – At every stop on Bill Cosby’s concert tour, protesters have made their voices heard regarding the allegations of rape leveled at the legendary comic.

The always outspoken Roseanne Barr, whose sitcom, “Roseanne,” not only dominated the ratings alongside Cosby’s “The Cosby Show” in the 1980s, but was also produced by the same company, spoke her mind when Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson visited the set of “Cristela,” where Barr is guest starring.

Cosby, through his reps, has denied the allegations and has not been charged with any crime.

When Robinson sat down with Barr she asked, “You’ve been pretty vocal on social media about the allegations against Bill Cosby. Did those allegations surprise you?”

“No, because like everybody else — now I’m really [going to get] in trouble – but, you know, like every woman in Hollywood — there’s hardly any hairdressers or waitresses or working women who don’t know somebody,” Barr said. “We’ve all heard it for a long time, and it surprises nobody.”

Robinson asked Barr why she thinks women are speaking up now with allegations against Cosby.

“Well, ’cause nobody gives a damn… until a man says it. But once Hannibal Buress said it,” Barr replied, referencing Buress’ bit on Cosby, which made headlines after being captured in a clip, posted on last year.

Barr said she holds out hope for her fellow comedian.

“Maybe it’s not the end of it. … I have hopes for this great comic. I do. I have hopes that he would just make it clean, and make it, you know, make it right, and I do think he could do that,” she said.

Asked how he could make it right, Barr said, “There’s so many ways. He’s got a billion bucks.”

“And, you know, I hope he gets a lot of suggestions from people who say they care about him, of how to do that, ’cause we all want a happy ending, and a just ending,” she added.

“It sounds like you’re saying that the redemption is give the women a monetary settlement?” Robinson asked.

“Whatever it is, I hope he finds it, and I really do. I hope he finds it because, I mean, he’s a great talent,” Barr answered. “It’s too bad, but, I mean, we’re all half nuts anyway. But, I mean, we go like this, ‘Hey, I made a mistake.’ How hard is this really? Seriously.”

And does Barr think Cosby’s legacy is permanently damaged?

“I think it’s damaged, but, I mean, there’s none of us alive who can’t go, ‘I made a mistake. I had a really bad problem and
I’m fessing up to it. And here’s a scholarship.’ … You know, there’s a million ways around it to go. But there’s nothing more powerful than, ‘I am sorry.’” – Access Hollywood Staff

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