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September 30th, 2010 by Staff

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Recap provided by Blind Lawrence.

Segment 1 – Coming up on the show

The show started off with audio of the Rays clenching a playoff spot.
Bubba started the show by saying it’s almost October, he said that he
hates to sound like an old timer, but the year has flown by, he said
it’s better than the year they did two shows a day (2008). The guys
went over some sports scores, Bubba then plugged what they’ve got
coming up on the show for today, he then plugged the Rock The Block
show Spice will be at on Saturday, he then said Spice had an excellent
email in regards to the application, he told him and Brent to not be
afraid of Tom Bean, Russ or anyone, he then suggested that if you’re a
woman looking for the Papa Roach tickets, at least be hot, Spice said
sending nudes would be nice, he said not to send nudes if you’re fat.
Bubba said that they’ll be starting the Miner Challenge; they then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Twelve Boobs of
Christmas. Bubba said he’s got a bunch of stuff to do, he then said
that the Absentee ballot is the easiest thing to do, the guys then
discuss Pat Tillman’s death. Darwin asked who the speeding ticket was
issued by, Bubba said they’re getting reports that they turn the
cameras on during race week, he said that Ronnie Caps will be calling
into the Satellite show to comment on this, as he had heard the replay
from yesterday. Rocky in Jacksonville asked where they’ll be with the
Twelve Boobs of Christmas, the delay was hit for the guy saying
“Tits”. Bubba said November 13, from 10:30-12:30, he then described
how the process will go. We then heard B-Fudd’s bumper, Bubba told him
they need to be quick, B-Fudd came on saying that yesterday he was
driving to Safe Way, he got a green light, he was doing the speed
limit, someone tried to cut him off, the individual in question was
talking on his cell phone, Ned sarcastically said it was a great
story, Bubba told him it was okay that he had a small case of road
rage. The timer was heard in the background, he then got the Evil
treatment. Mandy came on looking for tickets, Bubba asked for a
description. Mandy said she’s five foot seven, 120 pounds, blonde hair
blue eyes, she’s 22, Spice asked when she did Cocaine, Mandy said
about three or four years ago. Spice asked her if she ever went on a
tour bus, Mandy said she was with Hank the Third and Ass Jack, the
guys cracked up at the name, Mandy said she’s more conservative than
her other girlfriends. Bubba asked if she’s ever had sex with any band
at all, Mandy said she was with a Christian band called “Under Oath”,
Bubba thinks she’s a chick after his own heart, Mandy said that she
only had sex with one man, Bubba said they love girls who have had sex
with rock stars, he then said that she’s a finalist. Alison in Tampa
came on, Spice asked if she’s ever slept with a band, she said she
doesn’t sleep with men, she said that she’s a lipstick Lesbian. Bubba
wonders if she smokes, Alison said no, she then she’s five foot 140,
Ned yelled for them to sign her up, Spice suggested she send clothed
pictures. Brian in West Palm asked if it’s illegal to carry a gun in a
park, Spice said they got the guy for three charges, Brent said the
Home owner’s association runs it. Ben in Jacksonville thinks it’s not
appropriate for Bubba to talk about Meredith on the MJ morning show,
Ben said he’ll make a pork sandwich out of him, Bubba told him he’d
love to see him, Spice sarcastically said that he sounds intimidating.
Bubba said he feels for her, they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba
said the music was provided by Brent, he then talked about Gary from
1800AskGary, he then said he needs to do emails. The first email of
the day asked if Bubba will go over the ballots on air, Brent said a
sample ballot will be up on Another emailer said that he
heard Sirius edited out his commentary on Radio IO, Bubba said he’s
concerned, he wonders if they’ll edit this out. Another emailer asked
Bubba what he was doing going 69 in a 45. Another emailer said they
see the flash from the cameras every day. Another emailer said they’re
in Miami and loves the show. Another emailer asked if the Twelve Boobs
of Christmas is a stripper only contest, Bubba said no. Another
emailer said that the reason why we’ve lost money in the idle East is
because it gets taken. Another emailer said that Summer Mole started
her first day of school. Another emailer said that they’re from the
other side of the world, and love Manson. Another emailer said how
entertaining the show is. Another emailer asked why Bubba would rent a
KIA, Bubba said he only needs a car from the airport, to the hotel to
the track, he’s not trying to impress anyone. The last email of the
day said the Bluff County Police Department doesn’t even have a
website. The guys went over the Miner challenge, if you’re a member of you can see the live stream, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Auggie and Tuddle in Studio

The guys came on talking about a Down’s Syndrome kid getting hit in a
football game. Bubba said every Mexican should bring two blocks, then
work for free for a month, Manson thinks they wouldn’t need a month,
he thinks they’d need three days. Bubba said that Surgey has a crew
working on the new BRN, he said the guy to their right is a great
neighbor. We then heard a Carl Harris produced bumper for the Chilean
Miner Challenge. Bubba said that Ned and Manson each have new
elements, Ned’s is about Twenty-five Cent, Manson has one about Katy
Parry. Miller said they have a list of activities planned, he said
they’ll be sent into the green room, the door will be locked. Bubba
went over what they have coming up for the contest, he had no idea
what the Candy Panties were, Miller said they did that before (January
16, 2009). Bubba asked that Twenty-five Cent let the Mexicans in.
Auggie and Tuddle came in, Auggie said he’s doing well, he said he’s
not on a diet. Bubba asked him how many cigarettes he smokes, Auggie
said he smokes about two packs a day, he said he has zero self
control, Spice said nothing is worse than Cigarettes and Black Coffee,
Manson wonders if Cigarette smokers smell that bad. Tuddle said he’s
going to have to pace himself, the guys then goofed on him a little,
he then said he’s doing man business, Auggie said Tuddle never shuts
up, he said he hates Tuddle, Tuddle said he gets right in your
cabbage, he said he’s mind screwing him, he said he’s not going to
quit, Auggie said he’s gay for the stay. Tuddle said he’s eating the
mic, he’s a manageable vegetable, he said he’s on medication, he then
went over what he’s on, Manson thinks combining Adderall and Zoloft
cancels each other out, ned wondered what was on the crotch of Augie’s
shorts, Auggie had no idea what it was. Tuddle said he through all of
his pills in one bottle, he takes one Adderall in the morning, and one
an a half after lunch, Bubba said if Tuddle takes anything rectally,
they can’ do it, ned thinks it’s a party, Spice thinks Augie’s dislike
for him is coming through. Tuddle said his wife never listens to him
on the radio, he said that she thinks that he just pushes buttons.
Bubba said he only hates radio personalities for obvious reasons, he
told Tuddle to have some love in his heart, Spice said a month before
Tuddle was fired, Russ from The Monsters told him that he probably
wouldn’t get any hire, Bubba thanked Tuddle for returning the hard
drive, he suggested Tuddle go to Bubba Rehab. Auggie asked for ten
breakfast Burritos, Tuddle said he’d just like a big breakfast, he
asked for some hot cakes and sausage. Bubba suggests they have a five
dollar fine for every word that can’t be aired on radio. Cj in Tampa
said he was reading a magazine that featured a picture of Cheech
wearing a Bubba Army shirt. Tuddle said he’ll dedicate his victory to
the Bubba Army, he said he likes Jack Stiefel and BubbaWrapup. Auggie
asked if there’s a bonus if Tuddle kills himself, Bubba said no,
Manson thinks there’s no way to kill yourself. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Various callers, Ned’s new Bit, Chilean Miner Challenge

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubbaween”. Bubba
said you can watch the Chilean Miner Challenge on, he
then said that Bubbaween will be streamed there as well, he asked ned
why he’s into Hot Wings, Ned said he just loves them, Spice then
goofed on Bubba asking for a top shelf drink. Bubba said that ned and
Manson have new bits, which they’ll get to a little later on. We then
heard a news clip about the skate park shooting, the man responsible
has been arrested, Bubba said for a trillion dollars, you wouldn’t be
able to predict this, he said that it’s refreshing that a Father and
Daughter activity is nice, he then asked Spice about his relationship
with Tasha, Spice said that he was the worst to his Mom’s boyfriends,
he said the kid is now into baseball, Bubba said he can’t say how
sorry he is over this situation, he said he has his gun his car, he
doesn’t’ carry with him everywhere, he said the guy is over the top.
John in Baltimore asked if Bubba watched Oprah, as jenny McCarthy was
on, Ned said Bubba is a man, Bubba said he heard about it, Spice said
it was steamy to hear her talk about combing her pubic hair. We then
heard the clip about that, Bubba said the audience cackling is what
gets him, Spice doesn’t get how if that topic was on the show, they’d
be fired. Bubba said his TV deal is done, it won’t be this corny, Ned
asked that the clip stop, Spice said he can understand why Jim Carry
broke up with her. Eddie in Clearwater said he was calling about the
navy guy who got shot, he said he has an eight year-old, he doesn’t
think any eight year-old wants to see the kid die, he asked if the
victim reached for the gun, Bubba said he never said that. Scott said
he’s with Spice on the jenny McCarthy issue, he said he could send a
picture in, the guy said that David G had the cops on the situation
really quick, Bubba said that David has his act together. We then
heard a clip of Kurt Bush freaking out on his crew chief, Bubba
stopped and started to explain it, he said he can’t wait to play it
Friday unedited, he then said he saw Ian Beckles, Spice said he’s a
great guy. Bubba wondered why IU always falls apart every year, Brent
said it’s because the Big Ten. Bubba then talked about a magazine he
was checking out, he thinks Ned would love the black woman on the
cover, he then went over the people he misses at Clear Channel, ed
likes how she’s board, Spice thinks it’s not becoming of a woman, he
thinks she was the visionary for tearing up a picture of the Pope
(October 3, 1992). Bubba thinks they should put the guys in Bubba Army
shirts and booty shorts. Ned said that Bubba hated Twenty-five’s
foreword, he tried to help him out. Linda said the guy is Air force,
she knows the family really well, she said if anyone could help the
family, now would be the time to do it, Spice doesn’t get the candle
light situation, Linda said she can’t go against what she wants, Bubba
thinks when Spice goes, they could stand around and smoke hookah, he
thinks they could sprinkle some of Spice’s ashes into the hookah.
Spice asked about the skaters causing issues, Linda said the guy
didn’t like the noise, which is a situation, she suggested the guy
just move to a Senior center. Eric in Jacksonville said the Bubba Army
sticker paid off for him, he got stopped by an undercover cop, the cop
saw the sticker and said “Are you kidding me” a few times, Spice said
he’s waiting for the sticker to work for him, Bubba said they’re
working on getting the stickers out, he then went over some places
where the stickers will be distributed. We then heard Ned’s bit, where
Twenty-five asks Ned for advice on writing a foreword, Ned thinks
Twenty-five just wants to vent, he told him to tell him what he wants
to hear, he then told him to trash talk Bubba, as long as he says the
n word a few times, he then gave a demo. Twenty-five Cent raked Bubba
over the coals, with Ned yelling out some plugs, he then decides to
flip the switch, where Twenty-five says good stuff, while Ned trashes
him. Twenty-five thinks he doesn’t get the concept, Ned explains it to
him, he then tried it, he then gave some more examples. Bubba
interjected saying Ned is a dick, Spice said it’s uncomfortable. The
bit ends with Twenty-five getting mad at Ned for saying the N word,
Ned said it was fantastic. We then heard a promo for the Chilean Miner
Challenge. Bubba wondered if they should just throw the guys in, he
said they need to get the money, Miller said they have the money, he
then described how each guy looked. Tuddle was heard talking to
Auggie, the guys cracked up at him talking, Bubba thinks they’re going
to go insane, he suggests that everything they write is property of
the show. Auggie was heard saying he’s ignoring him, Tuddle said that
it was still early, they need to work together, he said that he was
going to make it rain on him, the guys cracked up when Tuddle pointed
out Auggie scratching his crotch, Bubba said they would’ve already
smacked him, Manson thinks Auggie will drive him crazy, Bubba suggests
they have a new challenge, the Tuddle torture chamber. Miller said
that the bonus is that if you drive the other guy out of the chamber,
they’ll get $200 extra, Bubba suggests they send him overseas, the
guys cracked up at what was going on. The feed for the show was piped
into the green room, Tuddle said Bubba scared the crap out of him,
Bubba said if the guys crumple something up, it’s a $25 penalty, Ned
said the guys both disgust him. Spice said that he talked to Tuddle’s
wife, Bubba gave him a chance to talk to her. Tuddle then said he’s
sorry he won’t be home for the next few days, Bubba thinks he’ll be
out by Friday, Tuddle then explained Marty Paws, he then said they
went to the hounds of the Roundtable, Manson said he hates people like
that, Auggie apologized for cursing a few times. Bubba likes Augie’s
drawing of Twenty-five Cent going to see Tuddle’s wife, Manson
suggested Auggie draw the on air guys naked. Auggie asked if when
Spice talked to Tuddle’s wife, did she have something in her mouth,
Bubba told him he shouldn’t be saying that, he likes how Tuddle goes
back into it, Auggie admonished him for talking so much, he told him
Bubba would never hire him, the guys were cracking up at that, Tuddle
and Auggie were heard going back and forth, Tuddle said Ron and Fez
weren’t paying him, Bubba likes how he’s going over his resume, Auggie
said he knows he’s not a radio guy, Bubba thinks Auggie will be driven
mad, he said they have no idea the guys are listening, the guys
cracked up when Tuddle was talking about Dr. Who. Spice said the party
needs some Liquid Ass, Miller said they were talking about that,
Manson thinks they should wait until tomorrow, Miller said they’ll
bring in a homeless guy in with them tomorrow. Bubba suggested they
record Twenty-five and Tuddle’s wife and pipe it in, Spice said if he
worked at a regular job, he would stream it all day, Bubba thinks this
could be the funniest things they’ve ever done. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Jesse James Dupree Calls in

Bubba said that they can’t play “Wolf mother” when he has Jesse James
Dupree on the phone, Jesse came on welcoming the guys, he then said
he’s in Los Angeles, he did some pick up shots for a video, he said
they’re crutching to get some stuff done for the TV show, he said in
the first episode, he pulls a dude’s tooth out with a pair of pliers,
he said they’ll take over Orlando, he said it’s been too long, he said
he can count the number of times he’s been at the Rainbow. Bubba said
that DMC from Run DMC will be at the show, Jesse said that he hasn’t
missed a tour date since, Spice thinks it’s such an odd paring. Jesse
said that they always have hip-hop night at the end of the rally, he
said ice Tea was performing, upon seeing DMC, he went gangster. Bubba
asked when he can get a copy of the hip-hop covers, Jesse said they
haven’t recorded anything. Bubba asked Jesse if he could record some
stuff from his show, Jesse said he’s never said no to Bubba, he said
he sees Bubba Army shirts throughout the crowd. Bubba said the show is
only $20, Spice said its downtown Root 46, he then asked Jesse about
being on the Tom Green show. We then heard the clip of Tom introducing
Jesse, Jesse came out with a chainsaw, he ended up carving tom’s name
in the desk, the crowd went nuts over that. In the clip, Tom
admonished Jesse for sawing his desk up, Jesse said Tom is a hard
fella to read, bubba thinks Tom is a dick, Jesse said that you can’t
see a Police officer and a cop on set, he said after the show, he was
escorted off the property. Bubba told the Tom Green pussies to stay
home and not go to the show this Saturday. Jesse said his Twitter page
is Bubba thanked him for coming on, he then
said that they put on a show when they were in Jacksonville (December
6, 2008). The audio for the Green Room was potted up, Bubba said
Tuddle was using a trash bag for some reason, he said that they
would’ve had some quiet time, but that’s not the case. They then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Chilean Miner Challenge

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba
said hi to the guys at the new BRN, he said the guys are laying block,
he then plugged the Chilean Mine Challenge. Ray said he saw a movie
about Bubba’s high school, Bubba said he heard about that, he said
they tried to get a hold of the producer, but they didn’t want to go
on the show, he said stuff is so bad in Warsaw, they would go to other
parts of Indiana. Bare came on talking about a race track, he said
it’s going to be wet this weekend. Bubba then potted up audio of the
green room, Tuddle was heard telling Auggie he reminds him of some
wrestling guys, Auggie had no idea what he was talking about, Spice
thinks Bubba needs to pipe in as God and issue a command. Bubba came
on saying Auggie owes him $5 for cursing, Tuddle celebrated that
happening, Bubba told Tuddle he’d give him $5 if he gets down to his
underwear while raving, Tuddle said he doesn’t have underwear, bubba
told him $10 if he gets nude, Manson said this is great. Bubba asked
that the music get pumped up, he then asked for the light to go off,
Tuddle was heard yelling in the background, the guys cracked up at
what was going on, Ned asked if they could squeeze one more miner in
the shaft, Tuddle said he feels like he’s blowing up, he was then
heard yelling about doing the worm. Bubba thinks this would drive
Spice insane, Spice said he would’ve punched someone and walked out,
Manson suggests they do They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – The Green Room gets Liquid Assed

Bubba said that the Miner challenge will go until about Noon on
Friday, Spice said its 48 hours of entertainment, Bubba said that
Tuddle is insane. The audio of the Green Room was potted up, Tuddle
was heard yelling for a horn and banging on something, he was still
yelling as the music stopped. Bubba came on, Auggie told Bubba he
sucked, he said he could make things better or worse, Ned thinks
Tuddle has a juicy booty. Bubba said that they’ll be putting in an air
freshener, if they touch it they’re out, Auggie groaned when bubba
said Liquid Ass air freshener, Bubba said Auggie couldn’t tell him he
sucks, the guys cracked up at Auggie sounding not all that interested,
Tuddle said the air smelled nice, he then said it was over powering.
Auggie said the room smells like Twenty-five’s junk, Bubba came on
asking how bad the smell was, Tuddle said it’s bad, but he’s making
the best out of a horrible situation. Auggie said it’s better, he said
the music doesn’t drive him insane, Tuddle said he can do a rave show.
Spice told Tuddle his wife is listening, Tuddle said he loves his
wife, he apologized for Auggie drawing stuff, he said Twenty-five is a
nice guy, Ned thinks it’s Bizzar, he asked for Auggie to draw a
picture of Twenty-five having sex with Tom Bean in a polo shirt,
Auggie thinks Tuddle isn’t allowed to draw, he said he’s the boss in
this situation, he said Tuddle will be getting the gay porn. Bubba cut
the feed, he then suggested they play some Carpenters, Spice said they
got a lot of people entering the Papa Roach VIP contest. We then heard
Manson’s bit about Mark Ober reducing charges from murder to man
Slawder. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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