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September 26th, 2012 by Staff

Recap by Blind Lawrence:


Bubba always thinks of “48 Hours” with Eddie Murphy when he hears
“Roxann” by The Police.
The final out to last night’s Rays game.
Tory Lin of Brandon, FL is the Facebook friend of the day.
Bubba talked about his Daywu.
The guys talk about McDonalds.
Emails: One of the replacement refs coached JV football, listener
bought two tubs of chicken dip, one went missing, Roger Gadell makes
almost $20,000,000 a year, and someone blew up a screen shot of ESPN’s
NFL coverage.
Bubba said his friend Steve’s daughter is a very talented Country
music artist, he wants the guys to check it out, Steve doesn’t want
Saturday, October 20 the Cream machine will be on the street.
Bubba said that Publix has a shortage of ice cream.
Audio clip – Arnold questioned about a love child.
Michael in New York said he’s a huge fan of the show, he said the
whole prostitution thing is about human trafficing.
Tara told Ned Mcdonald’s just arrived, Bubba told her not to announce
it, as it will distract him.
America is the number one Country that uses Cocaine.
Top Five Countdown – Digital Downloads.
Cory in Charleston attempted to explain dance music, he got the Evil treatment.
Manson’s 7:40 Segment – “Xanoxymethavicamex” (Available in the Bits and parodies section).
Audio clip – Lill’ Wayne being deposed.
Bubba played a bit of the clip; he decided to go to words.
Manson’s “Talking Tara Clem Doll”.
Bubba said that Ned was on fire, he then talked about Mcdonald’s
coffee, he just got some copy concerning it, he then tried to read it
in a similar fashion to Don LaFontaine, he then decided to talk
Resume of the Lill’ Wayne deposition.
Bubba wants to put some video he took at notre Dame.
Woman gets her teeth knocked out at Notre Dame Game.
Audio clip – Simon Cowel and Carman Electra dating?
Audio clip of Jim Rome talking with a player about the NFL call.
Audio clip – Aaron Rogers talks about the FL play in question.
Dale in NV said he misses the guys on Sirius, but will follow them
anywhere; he then talked about the players in the NFL.
Brian said he couldn’t agree with Bubba more on the NFL, he thinks the
NFL is to blame for hiring the temp refs.
Bubba thinks the NHL isn’t as established as Football is.
Justin thinks Roger Gadell is nothing but bad news.
Ben said what upsets him is that everyone is focussed on this topic,
yet no one talks about our men and women dieing overseas.
Manson talked about a soldier named C.W. Young who wrote a letter of
concern about the war, he was killed days later.
Bubba said that at the end of the week, they close the show out with a
tribute to the soldiers who have died over the week.
Caller thinks people will be watching the NFL in huge numbers.
Audio clip – Mike Horner busted for prostitution.
Bubba asked for The Woodsman to come in to the studio, he doesn’t know
what the guy is thinking, he thinks he’s good to provide insight on
Religion, he has a new parody, it’s called “Through Energineering
glass”, and it describes what Chaz sees.
Woodsman said it’s all over the place; “Looking Through the Glass” is
the original.
Bubba thinks Woodsman is reaching, he thinks not a lot of people know
who Chaz is.
We then heard a bit of the song, Bubba thinks he’s an idiot for
producing this element, as it calls Bubba a fatass.
Hurricane came in and said he had no idea what this song was about,
Manson thinks the guy doesn’t know the line.
Bubba told Woodsman to get out of the studio; he asked to have this
peserved so he could actually listen to it.
Ned’s Load – “Apocalypse Ned – The White Light” (“raw & Uncensored”
disc 1 track 4, and “Apocalypse Ned classics”, track 7).
Woman shoots husband over cats. Show

Bubba thinks Ned has something for Tara.
Aaron in Kentucky said the show is apart of his life, Buba thinks this
is NHRA guy.
Bubba said that they now have a black Bubba Army shirt, only this one
is long sleved, he thinks he has some double exes that he’ll fedex
Aaron asked about being in the Bubba Army special forces, Bubba isn’t
sure what to rate him as, but he likes the guy, he offered him the
christmas party, Aaron said he wouldn’t be able to make it.
Bubba said hi to some people at
Tara said that Carl made a piss break intro; Bubba told her it’s a
positioning statement.
We then heard the positioning statement, Bubba thinks it’s a little
too inside with the “Mid bit” part.
Erick in jacksonville said it’s hilarious the way Bubba reacted to The
Woodsman; he said that Ned told him he’d like to hit the Clem clam.
Chaz in studio, he said Woodsman asked if he could barrie him, he told
him whatever he wanted to do to become a superstar, he said barrying
him is fine, but he doesn’ want to be used in that way.
Bubba said they’re going to torture the Woodsman, whatever punishment
he dishes out, Tara will do it, but if it’s not done right, Bubba will
do whatever it is to Tara.
Woodsman in studio, we then heard a portion of his bit.
Bubba said he likes him, but he doesn’t get why he thinks he can do
this, he said that Ned and Manson do bits, as he only wants those guys
to do bits, he thinks maybe everyone should do a bit.
Woodsman said he really doesn’t have an explaination.
Bubba said outside of everyone on air, the idea needs to go to
Hurricane to be filtered.
We then heard the Woodsman’s bit, Bubba thinks they should put Chaz in
on the penalty phase, he thinks the bit isn’t even funny, he thinks
Woodsman is trying to make Chaz look stupid.
Bubba then called a jury consisting of Carl, Pantera, Chaz, Manson,
Hurricane and Ned.
Woodsman offered up his defense in the form of a song, Bubba cut in
saying it was horrible; he then laid out the charges.
Pantera – guilty.
Manson – guilty.
Chaz – guilty.
Ned – guilty.
Hurricane – guilty.
Carl – guilty.

Bubba said they’re going to bring in Cim, a professional boxer for, then Tara and Chaz will beat him silly, he’s not sure if
he wants to beat him, he told Hurricane he could beat on the Woodsman
Woodsman said it’s easier than Christianity, he’ll take it.
Emails: Early enlister loves the shows, and a Seattle fan thinks the
Packers got screwed.
Audio clip – shortage of bacon in 2013.
Audio clip – Soldier shoots his friend while watching football.
Bubba yelled that he had to piss, Ned told him “Hold your water boy”.

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