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This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

Segment 1 – Sports scores, coming up on the show

Bubba started off by commenting on “Jet Air Liner”, he doesn’t like
the breathing in it. Bubba recapped some sports scores, then what
they’ve got coming up on the show. Bubba said he owes Tom the Treeman
$100, he said Tom will go on a date with Sunset Thomas. Bubba said
he’ll be dropping his car off at Sting Ray Chevy today. Manson said he
has some new stuff ready for Bubbapalooza. Brent and Spice said they
haven’t heard back from Vince Russo, Bubba thinks he’s all talk, they
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Emails and phone calls

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for We then heard “it’s A Racing Deal” from
“Bubba Show Classics Vol. 10”, track 10. The bit features Spice and
Manson expressing they’re apathy for the sport, with Miller doing a
southern accent drilling them with questions. We then heard “155” by
pop Evil as bumper music. Spice said they’ve crossed over to Chr.
Bubba thinks they should make a section of Bubba Raw just for the acts
that have came in. The first email of the day asked Bubba to stop
stereotyping Mexicans. Another emailer asked what happened when Spice
walked away from his mortgages. Spice said what helped him make the
decision was the horrible market, he thinks he’s getting foreclosed on
his current property, he said a short sell isn’t as bad as
foreclosure. Bubba asked what happens when you reach foreclosure;
Spice said he’s getting sued over the deal. Bubba said he saw on
Spice’s Twitter that he got into a lawsuit. Spice said he had a bmw,
but it was still in his name. A woman claimed injuries; Spice said he
got a call from Kenny about it, as he sold his car to Kenny. Spice
thinks the woman is an ambulance chasing bitch, Bubba thinks MJ is
like that. Bubba thinks we need a summer’s eve of the court system.
Another emailer said that he saw on EBay some Bubba Army stuff. Bubba
said he saw the ratings up in Richmond, Bubba said he’d like to
apologize to Richmond; Bubba said they’re still the lowest rated date
part. Bubba said with persons 18-34, they got a 0.0. Bubba said people
could care less about theories. Bubba said he just doesn’t get it, he
thinks people like the cheesy stuff; Brent said it’s the reason why
American Idol works out. Bubba said this isn’t what he was looking
for; he said he thought Richmond was used to guys like Howard Stern.
Bubba said the phones are packed, but no one from Richmond. Bubba went
to Becky; he thinks she’s under water. She said it’s better to get a
bankruptcy than a foreclosure, Bubba thinks they’re just splitting
hairs at this point, Ned advises Spice to pay his bill. Tom in Dayton
asked if they’ll do any advertisements for the show, Bubba said no.
Bubba said he can’t get the big guys to return Brent’s emails. Bubba
wonders what Larson is doing all day, Bubba doesn’t get it, Manson
thinks they don’t like the idea, Brent said they could just email him
back with “no”. Jason in Richmond said he loves the show, he said
there’s no advertisement. Bubba asked about the guy with the
billboards, Spice said the guy is working on it. Steven thinks he
can’t be the only guy who listens to the show in Richmond. Kevin said
he doesn’t know where the ratings are coming from. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Richmond discussions, Black Man for President

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba
thinks they could use the bumper music as their theme song. Bubba said
Cat Fish could get on the air and call us his bitches. Bubba said he
sometimes can’t figure out the website. Sue in Richmond said they do
have advertisement in Richmond, they saw a Bubba Army painted over
I95. Bubba said they’re one in most of their markets, Bubba said he
doesn’t know what to do. Bubba thinks they should have Twenty-five
Cent read some bible verses. Bubba said if you’re in the sevens, you
must have some big money. Bubba thinks no white people with jobs had
any say so in August. Bubba listed the people who are doing better
than them in Richmond. Catfish went from 3.8-7.7; Steve Harvey went
from 9.6-16.4. Bubba read that Elliot went down a few points. Bubba
said if you have an eight share, you’re money. Bubba said Tom Joiner
has had as high as 14.2. Bubba said they went from a 5.1 to a 0.0, in
the demographic of 18-34. Bubba went over the last six months; Bubba
thinks they pick you up, only to knock you back down. Bubba doesn’t
understand how that could happen. Bubba wonders how you can lose
20,000 listeners in a month, Brent said it’s impossible. Bubba said
the white man with a job and all his teeth weren’t asked. Bubba said
Spice sent him a link with Tom Joiner’s information, Bubba said its
media span. Bubba likes how on the page, it says “Black radio needs
your help”. The guys aren’t sure what to save black radio from; Spice
said it’s doing better than other formats. Bubba wondered if they did
“Save white Radio”. Bubba thinks they should just do a save radio
campaign, Brent said that shipped has sailed. Bubba said the blacks
are kicking their asses. Spice said Steve Harvey has suits. Bubba said
he loves Richmond, he thinks the ship has sailed. Bubba said he’s a
realist. Harold said this is Steve Harvey to give him a blessing on
his show. Harold then went into some prayer. Sean in Richmond said he
enjoys the show, he thinks the issue is the show is Florida based.
Bubba said he’s got some national news to talk about. Bubba said most
of the stupid white trash they talk about is from Florida. Mark in
Richmond said he moved from Orlando, he said he was surprised to find
them up there, he doesn’t know how they do the ratings, he said
Richmond city is mostly black, he thinks something is going on. Bubba
said they’re going to make some changes. Bubba asked Spice to look at
Steve Harvey’s ratings, Spice said he does well everywhere. Bubba said
as much as it pains Brent, he’s going to make him write it, the guys
don’t like the chase factor. Bubba thinks the more you cheese stuff
up, the higher your ratings are. Spice as Butt-head said this is
stupid. Bubba thinks people who listen to Steve Harvey are stupid.
Manson cracked up at the line “cracker look”, the studio then fell
silent, Bubba said this makes him want to quit. Spice thinks Steve has
62 affiliates. Bubba said this is the “chesyfication of America”.
Bubba said he would be embarrassed to do that, Manson said you’d feel
good when he opens up his paycheck, he wonders where it’s going; Brent
thinks he knows where it’s going, he thinks it bags on the way people
act. Bubba said he’d get tired after doing this. Spice thinks they
said something about putting a gun to a white man’s head, bubba thinks
the show hates White people. Bubba likes how they made fun of white
people who go to a restaurant; Manson thinks it was an inspirational
prayer. Bubba wants to do the opposite of what the guy did. Bubba said
he made do it in parody, he said that if he ment what he said, he’d be
in trouble. Spice said he couldn’t find any Organ music, he did find
the music for Sanford and Sun. Mack in Jacksonville said Steve Harvey
does stuff like that, he does a serious prayer. Mack said it’s all
about political correctness, Mack said he loves the show. Ned said
black people love him. Mack said Richmond can’t relate to Florida.
Bubba thinks you have white trash in Richmond. Carron in Richmond said
she’s the one black female listener. She said she doesn’t like Steve
Harvey’s show, she thinks some of the racial stuff is truly what they
mean. She said when the guys say racial stuff, she knows it’s ment in
fun, Bubba thinks Richmond will end up canning them. Jeff in Richmond
said he used to work in Tampa, he thinks they should put on some Black
Man bits, Manson thinks you wouldn’t be able to play it. Bubba thinks
a Black man bit would run off listeners in Richmond. We then heard
“Blackman for President” from “The Adventures of Blackman”, track 3.
Bubba said he wants to get his buttons ready. Bubba explained Black
Man to the new listeners. Bubba said black man was a super hero they
had, Manson said he’s a super hero who fights crime his own way. Bubba
said black man has speakers. Bubba told the guys to listen closely.
Bubba stopped and started the bit to explain the bit. In the bit,
Black man asks his mirror who the baddest mother fucker is, the mirror
picks other people other than him, he ends up shooting it, Manson said
he had no idea a black man would in fact be president. Black man says
is campaign slogan is “eat me in 2000”. He wants to have a debate
between him and Jesse Ventura, he asks for Robin to sit under his
chair and punch him in the crotch every time he says something stupid,
Robin thinks it could be a long night, Bubba cracked up at this. At
the debate, Black man makes his opening statement, but not before
getting punched in the balls by Robin for messing up. Jesse cuts black
Man down, saying he’s niggardly. Black man takes offense to this,
provoking him to shoot Jesse, which is met with audience approval.
Bubba thinks black Man would be a good leader. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – various callers

Bubba said Ned has a new offering; they’ll get to that soon. Phillip
in Richmond wonders where Bubba’s show is originally from. Bubba said
he can’t lose anything he doesn’t have, Phillip said he’s got some
magazines, bubba Eviled him a few seconds later. Bubba thinks they’re
over in Richmond, Brent said the magazine industry is a dead industry,
Spice said he liked Madd magazine. Lucia in Miami said she’s listened
to a show called The Ricky smiley show, she said some relationship
expert was saying something similar to that of what the Nazis said.
Bubba thinks the show is cheesy. Bubba said he would never have a
relationship expert on. Bubba thinks telling it like it is doesn’t
work in today’s environment. Brent said pandering to the Christians is
the big thing. Jim thinks Bubba should be on in Connecticut, Bubba
said it will never work, as of Regional differences. Scott in Richmond
said he’s a black guy, he loves the show, he thinks people aren’t used
to Bubba’s style of radio. Bubba said he’s the first to make fun of
anyone when they mess up, Scott said to hell with the ratings. Bubba
thinks they’ll be the best show that didn’t work. Bubba said you have
to pick a side when in Richmond. Jason said they tried to get an
affiliate in Connecticut. Bubba proposed the next five minutes, try to
sound as lazy as humanly possible. Bubba thinks it’ll sound horrible,
as he doesn’t play a good black guy. Bubba doesn’t like how they say
restaurant, leaving off the Ts. Bubba tried it a little; he thinks he
could do it, he thinks it takes a lot of energy to sound like that.
Bubba thinks the more unthought of, the better you’ll do. Bubba, Spice
and Manson spent the next couple minutes talking about restaurants and
various things, sounding like the guys in the clip. Bubba said he was
out of material and gas. Stacey in Richmond said some people there are
not illiterate. Bubba said at one point, he had an 8.1; he thinks the
system is messed up. Bubba thinks his style doesn’t work in Richmond.
Stacey said it’s horrible to live there. Bubba thinks he pissed off
the entire Richmond listening audience. Brent said in a racially
charged environment, you’re going to stick to what you think. Bubba
said Cox is betting on him to do great in his markets. Stacey thinks
there’s hope for them. Bubba asked Ned why he’d want to go back to a
song from 1988, Ned said it’s because the songs today are crappy.
Bubba thinks AC/DC was the only band ever able to pull off bag pipes.
Ned said he’s appealing to the people of Richmond. Bubba said he’s
bringing some Apple-pie moonshine to Pittsburg. Bubba thinks the song
is about a guy who gets shot, Ned said that’s what happens to people
who try and rob your stash of moonshine. Mike said he sent Bubba a
password for, Bubba said he hasn’t used it yet. Mike wants
to get some of his girls on the show, Bubba said no. Mike asked Bubba
to not leave the south Florida area. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 5 – The guys clown Bubba for liking rob Thomas, Hulk Hogan calls in

Bubba said Dave and Kevin got him the bumper music, he said he could
care less about the song, Spice said he likes the Fu Fighters, Bubba
thinks they’re not real rock. Bubba wants them to kick it in, bubba
then switched over to some Matchbox 20, bubba said he’ll do Bubba199
someday. Bubba went back and forth between the songs; Spice suggests
Bubba and Manson make out during the song. Bubba thinks rob Thomas
gets a lot of ass, he thinks rob breaths it up. Bubba said if he could
kiss one guy in the studio, it would be Manson, Brent said they
already did that. Bubba went back to the Fu Fighters’s song, Bubba
thinks it’s ridiculous. Bubba played Hogan’s bumper and brought him
on. Hogan came on and sang a little, he said he just turned on TV, he
saw Brian Knobs on TV. Bubba potted up the audio, where Knobs teaches
a reporter how to do a move; Bubba said Knobs is really stiff. Bubba
thinks Knobs will have a heart attack one of these days; he thinks
Knobs is the Billy Mays of professional wrestling. Spice thinks it
sounds like gay porn. Bubba really likes the wring, Hogan said he
doesn’t know where he gets it from, Hogan thinks it’s better than the
Clem Gym. Bubba said Hogan is moving back into the big house, Hogan
said he needs Steve from Purple People Movers, he said he needs to
make sure the boat is clean, Bubba thinks he should de thatch the
place for DNA. Bubba said Steve used to bring the gym equipment to
them. Hogan said Linda took everything. Bubba went through a
checklist, Hogan said gone to almost everything, the guys cracked up.
Hogan said the fridge is still full of alcohol. Bubba said Hogan is
going to be a squatter. Hogan said Linda wasn’t supposed to move
anything, he thinks it’s good she was moving things ahead of time.
Bubba thinks they could get some money out of the empty spaces, Hogan
said he’s thinking about living near Bubba, Bubba said he’s selling
his house, he suggests Hogan live with him. Bubba had Hogan rub the
phone on J-bird’s crotch, Bubba thinks it’s fake. Bubba said they got
no press from what they did yesterday. Hogan wondered if Howard K.
Stern had murder charges. Bubba thinks they should do a Hogan garage
sale, Hogan said he’s selling everything. Bubba said he got a new
motorcycle, he said Ned ruined his new car. Bubba doesn’t get how TNA
made Vince Russo the sacred cow. Hogan said he heard that Dixie was in
a hotel room waiting for their call; she ended up going somewhere with
her family. Bubba thinks Russo is a fool and is bad for the business.
Bubba said you can only do what you’ve been doing for so long, Hogan
said they don’t really have a feel for it. Bubba said if Dixie would
allow Hogan to come in, things would change, Hogan said timing is
everything. Hogan said he’d wake up in the middle of the night with a
crazy idea, he’d cal Vince to tell him. Bubba thinks one of Hogan’s
dogs is a dick, Hogan said the dog is a good boy. Bubba said Rayfool
would try anything to get Hogan put in prison. Bubba said he’d like to
know what Hogan has motorcycle wise, Hogan listed off the stuff he
has. Hogan went over the cars he has, he’d like to sell his 57 Chevy,
Bubba said they’ll put it on display at Sting Ray Chevy. Bubba said
Sting Ray has the largest service department in the world. Bubba told
Hogan he needs to let him handle things. Bubba said he’s one of
Hogan’s friends who wouldn’t take advantage of his memory; Bubba
thinks Hogan’s gold is too good for 25. Bubba thinks he’ll get heat
with Ned; Bubba wants to save it for tomorrow. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – emails, Cops playing video games

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for We then
heard some Nickelback as bumper music. The first email thanked bubba
for the Pittsburg tickets; bubba thinks she’s the girl in the wheel
chair. Another emailer asked about the Der Der song and Twenty-five’s
opening music. Bubba played a little of both songs, Brent said Sluggo
told him they’re up. Another emailer said he thinks he needs a new
keyboard, as he laughed at Brent not being able to smile. Another
emailer thinks bubba has a seeing problem, Spice explained it to him,
he said bubba has a ton of monitors in the studio, bubba thinks he
couldn’t broadcast in full light, he said he couldn’t get into his
grove. Bubba thinks they’re the only guys who broadcast in the dark.
Bubba thanked a Garmin company for listening to the show, Bubba
remembers back in the day when you didn’t have a gps. Josh said he was
at the Lakeland center; TNA drew less than ten thousand people. Bubba
thinks Dixie should douche the company. George in Maryland said he was
sorry, he said he thinks it was great radio to have Hogan on. George
said he bracket races. He asked if he could get a ticket, Bubba said
you’d have to have a ticket to get in. Justin thinks cops playing Wii
bowling is hilarious; Brent said Grady Judd had a problem with it. We
then heard a news clip about it, Bubba thinks people take things too
seriously. Bubba played Grady’s custom timble; Bubba thinks the
reporter is doing story time. Manson thinks the footage of the video
game won’t cause a problem with the judge. Bubba replayed the Steve
Harvey bit, bubba thinks it’s pathetic. They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – tucker Carlson calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard “I Love Rock and roll” as bumper
music. We then heard Tucker Carlson’s bumper, Bubba wonders where he’s
at today, Tucker said he’s home in Washington. Tucker said he can’t
get the station, the guys told him he has the wrong station. Tucker
said he’s distracted with what’s going on in DC. Tucker told bubba
about Stephen Shue, tucker isn’t sure on his upbringing. Tucker said
Stephen thinks Americans are stupid. Brent said we don’t know why the
climate is changing. Tucker thinks the Government treating us like
teenagers is scary. Manson said it doesn’t’ matter, in thirty years,
things will change; tucker thinks nothing is simple; he thinks people
will be poor. Brent said when you pass laws like that; you don’t know
what will happen. Tucker said all Presidents are arrogant. Tucker
wonders if Washington has a plan for today’s kids, Manson doesn’t
think so. Tucker wonders why they’re trying to fight overseas. Tucker
wonders what the point is for us to be in Afghanistan, he thinks we
could be trying to make it a stable company. Brent said we haven’t
accomplished anything while over there. Tucker said if you can’t
explain your mission, just leave. Tucker thinks we shouldn’t fight
stupid wars, he said it’s sad that Republicans are supporting it.
Tucker thinks Obama won’t touch overseas because of political reasons.
Tucker thinks obama is being foolish for not explaining his goal,
bubba wonders what the downside is of us pulling out of Afghanistan.
Tucker said it’ll never be a civilized country; he thinks the
President should inform Americans about it. Bubba said they did that
with Ronald Ragon, Tucker said it was a better time back then. Tucker
thinks Bush Sr lost because he didn’t tell the truth, Brent agreed
with him, he said Bush SR did the first war right. Bubba played a clip
that said Kadafi is looking into looking at Donald Trump’s apartment
building, Tucker cracked up at this. Tucker said this was a guy we
tried to kill; Brent said Ragon didn’t occupy Libya. Tucker said Iraq
scared Kadafi. Bubba asked him about G20, Tucker said he loves
Pittsburg; he thinks it’s weird that they’ll be there. Brent said he
doesn’t know Alex Jones, Spice thinks he gives 9/11 truthers a bad
name. tucker said he can’t tell if Alex believes his own stuff. Brent
said Glenn Beck is a zoo keeper, tucker thinks McCaine would’ve been a
marginal President. Spice asked him if he wasn’t the air to the
Swanson company, would he take a stand on something to get paid for
it, tucker said no, Bubba thinks he’s lying. Bubba thinks Tucker has
changed a little, Brent thinks differently. Bubba attempted to play a
clip of Glenn Beck doing a morning zoo style show, he finally got it
to play, Brent cracked up at the clip. Tucker asked if the guys ever
did that, the guys said no. Bubba said he found a clip of Andrew dice
clay getting kicked off of CNN, Brent said it was a funny clip. In the
clip, a guy asked dice about owning a gym; Dice said the guy doesn’t
know what he’s talking about, the guys cracked up at it. Bubba wants
the same rules as cable; Brent said it’s because of the FCC. Bubba
hopes nothing got over the air, Dave sounded disinterested. Tucker
thinks Dave isn’t happy with Bubba. Bubba went through a clip of Andy
dick touching a woman; he got kicked off of Jimmy Kimmel live. Tucker
said he thought Andy dick is gay, the guys think he’s bisexual. The
guys find Donald trump’s daughter to be hot. Bubba likes how the
security came and got him off the show, bubba thinks it was fake.
Tucker thinks Dave pretends to dislike him, Bubba thinks Dave hates
him, Tucker said it’s like watching your parents fight. Bubba wondered
what hurts more; you’re your Dad beats you up, or when they’re
disgusted, Brent said he’d like the beating, Tucker said he gets the
reverse look. Spice wants to hear Dave’s side of things, bubba isn’t
interested. Tucker asked how long has Dave worked with Bubba, Bubba
said a lot of years, bubba said it’s tough to do twenty-five hours of
radio a week. Bubba asked Dave for his thoughts, Dave thinks Tucker
could be a psychic, the guys cracked up at this, Dave said he doesn’t
know when his microphone is on. Tucker thinks they should doc Dave’s
pay, he thinks Dave is like the wife he’s ignored for thirty years.
Bubba said Dave ice is a genius. Tucker thinks Dave is loose cannon.
Bubba wonders if he’s lost control with his workers, Spice said Dave
has Bubba by the balls, Tucker thinks Dave disrespected Bubba. Spice
said he would be surprised to find out if Dave was still in the
building. Tucker said he was caught in the middle of the crossfire,
Bubba thinks Dave’s car has pulled away. Bubba asked about Contessa
Brewer, Tucker said he’s got nothing. Bubba thinks Contessa can’t have
a bad day. Bubba thinks he has HR issues; they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Bubba rants about music during commercials

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for, then
into Manson’s “MJ Taylor Swift Interview”. Bubba said he just got the
ratings in Orlando, he’ in a bad mood. Regina asked if bubba will
bring a Bubba Army shirt, as her and her husband have a show, the guys
think the show is “The MILF Hunter”, Spice thinks it’s not a good
idea. Manson said he’d like to see some drugged up people hunting,
Bubba thinks her husband looks like Cowhead. Brent said they did good
in Jacksonville, he read that Lex and Terry are number 6 there. Bubba
wondered why they’re playing music during the commercials. Bubba said
a lot of people don’t want to hear it, Manson said Ron and Ron would
do that, Brent said he felt the same way in California with mark and
Brian. Bubba said they haven’t things go their way, Bubba thinks they
won’t have to worry about regular radio; they then ended the show a
few seconds later.

Congratulations to B-Fudd for being selected for Jury Duty.

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