Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September 22nd, 2010 by Staff

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Today’s recap provided by Blind Lawrence.

Bumper music today provided by Tom the Treeman:
Stayin’ Alive – Bee Gees
Knockin’ Boots – Candyman
Surrender – Cheap Trick
Chicks Dig It – Chris Cagle
I’ll Do 4 U – Father MC
Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’ – Journey
Brass Monkey – Old School Players
Posse on Broadway – Old School Players
Come and Get Your Love – Redbone
All Summer Long – Kid Rock

Segment 1 – Sports

The show started off with “staying Alive” by the BGS. Bubba came on
saying that nobody can do it like Richard Marx, the guys then goofed
on Tom the Treeman a little, Bubba said that Tom has told him
privately he regrets getting the surgery on his butthole, he then went
on to say that he didn’t play the final out of the Rays game, as they
looked tired. Charlie asked if Bubba will be going to any Packer games
this year, we then heard the Packers sounder, Bubba told Ned he can’t
do his “Blow Pack Blow” chant, as they’re dominating. Bubba said he
won’t be able to go, as he’ll be slammed the rest of the year, he then
went over what he’s got coming up, he then plugged what they’ve got
coming up on the show for today, he said they should do the forewords
today. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Emails

Bubba said that the bumper music was provided by Tom The Treeman, he
then said that Tom had his own shirt, he said that the Ned Dragons
shirt just refuses to go away, he said that Al from Skin never calls
in, Spice said Al is a great guy. Manson said his kids have skin
stuff; they hide it for some reason. The first email of the day asked
if the show is up in Indiana, Bubba said no, Bob and Tom is up there,
he called them pathetic, Spice said they were never really heard in
this area, Bubba said he used to like Bob and Tom, but then he got
into radio, he said they have a crutch of putting on Comedians, Manson
said you can tell it’s all set up. Bubba said that Logan Sport’s
mascot was a berry; he said that he loved playing them; he apologized
to the guy for what he has to deal with. Another emailer said their
son just turned 13, they had a great experience at Metro PCS in
Orlando, Bubba likes how you don’t have to cut off your right arm for
it. Another emailer asked how many times will the guys let Bubba
substitute the word “Provence” with “Providence”; he said that he’s
not a smart man. Another emailer asked about the pouter the guys use
in beverages, Bubba said it’s Fein; you can get some at
Another emailer said that it’s not fare with people being able to
modify their forewords; the emailer likes how Bubba and Spice have a
Father/son relationship. Bubba said that a lot of people commented on
Spice’s foreword, all of it positive. Another emailer asked about
Brian Knobs, Bubba said he’ll be on today. Another emailer asked about
the Twelve Boobs of Christmas, Spice said the personal appearances are
parties. Another emailer said they tried to call in, but they barely
had a bar of signal, they loved the Soulja Boy parody the guys did
yesterday. Another emailer was an attack on Bubba in a rap form. The
last email of the day was about some illegal events going on in
Hudson; Bubba told the guy that he’s not surprised, Brent said that
John Gallagher has never been elected, he thinks only the County
commissioners can get him fired, Bubba asked that it get done, he told
Brent to get him out of office, or he’s fired, Brent said he should
pack his stuff up, Bubba told Brent that a Fifth of Jack couldn’t get
him fired, he then said they’ll have an audio version of the book, he
thinks everyone else will be reading it. They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Fallen Officer Mark Longway discussed

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Al in
Tampa asked Bubba who is higher on the hit list – Ober, Gallagher or
Rhonda Storms, Bubba said they’re all equally bad, he suggested that
they do a Tampa only show about that. Joe on protection said Gallagher
told a bunch of employees the mistakes he’s made, he then told them
that they’d be laying off 42 people, they were then given their jobs
back, but for less pay. We then heard a news clip about the cop who
died yesterday morning in a car crash, Bubba said that they’ll be
organizing something soon. Manson said he has a new offering “Chubby
Boy Swag”, we then heard the original, Bubba stopped and started to
comment, Spice said he doesn’t get the lyrics. We then heard a portion
of the parody, Bubba told Dave to be ready with his foreword, they
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Manson’s New Bit, various callers

Eric in Jacksonville said it’s almost like we have trap music, the guy
ended up getting buzzed. Bubba wonders if the caller could hear it or
not, Manson said the callers are morons to begin with. Tom said he
loves the show; he ended up getting buzzed, Bubba sad he likes it as
people know its coming. We then heard Manson’s “Chubby Boy Swag”,
Bubba said the reason why he has no sleeves is because it makes him
hot, Spice thinks it’s all circular, Bubba thinks this is how Manson
truly thinks of him, Spice couldn’t stop laughing at the “Fat boy
countdown to bankruptcy”, Bubba thinks Manson is better than that,
Manson said he’s just doing the song, Bubba said he didn’t like the
Spice thinks man boobies sounds like a third grade insult, Bubba
thinks Manson doesn’t have a lot of money saved, Manson said it’s
horrible, he then asked about a DJ dying of a heart attack, he said he
got his blood pressure taken three times, it was normal, Spice said
Bubba is as healthy as a horse. We then heard a news clip about that,
Bubba thinks he’s the healthiest chubby radio guy, Manson thinks
they’d have to smash Bubba’s chest open with a hammer, Bubba thinks
running him over with a Semi wouldn’t do anything to him, he then said
that he has no sympathy for Virginia, as they got kicked out April
221, 2010), Brent thinks it’s genetics. Spice as a black guy said some
stuff, Bubba said the art of radio is gone, he thinks that’s why they
can’t get any traction. Jim in largo told Ned he needs to do
something; Bubba doesn’t know the last thing Ned did. Michael said
they need to talk about Bubba’s weight; he then got the Evil
treatment. Brent said he got his blood pressure, it’s 165/110. Bubba
took a call from a guy said the song will be a hit in South Florida.
Bubba told Ned he needs to do some more stuff, Ned said he listens to
his iPod, he thinks him not doing enough blow has affected his work.
Bubba thinks he can build a little shed for him, Ned suggested Bubba
put a microphone in the shed, he said it’d be like Brent’s set up.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Dave Rice’s Foreword, Brian Knobs calls in, Twenty-five’s Foreword

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Twelve Boobs of
Christmas. Mike in Minnesota came on; Bubba played the Packers sounder
for him. Gary said he was the next door neighbor to the coe who died,
he asked how he can donate, Bubba said they except credit cards. Dave
Rice was in studio, Bubba said the book will be out next fall, Brent
said he’s been talking to people, he thinks Bubba would be out of his
mind if he handled it. Dave said he started around 2001, he then
thinks the book has more pandering, he said he painted a picture for
the reader, he described his first day, he has no D player, he hates
talk radio, he said that morning radio sucks, it landed on 97.9, he
thinks Bubba is a Stern rip off, he wonders if a girl could pee in a
can, he’s socked that Bubba is still talking, he wonders why Ned is
saying Yes, he wonders if the show is legal, he then recaps some
homeless guys, he thinks the show is unlike anything he’s ever heard.
We then heard the tymbal; Spice wonders if Bean will write one, Manson
thinks he’ll do it by 2014. John in Ohio said it was great seeing
Bubba at the races this past weekend. Bubba then read about a murder
in Ohio, he wonders if it’s more of a charge if something is stolen,
Spice said that purse snatching always happen to old people, Bubba
said to not give girls a bad name, he thinks she’s a whore for going
to a hotel room, Spice once you’ve stripped, it’s on, Bubba thinks
they should call it the Dead bodies strip club, he said if you’re a
stripper, and you’re going to a guy’s house late at night, you’re a
whore, he said if you’re a woman, and you’ve been dispatched to a
guy’s house, you won’t be playing, he said if the story checks out, he
said there’s only one way for the guy to get run over, Spice thinks
she’s not going to place the guy under the car, Manson wonders how you
can charge someone with murder, Ned thinks the guy got full friction,
Manson wonders what the body looked like after a mile, Spice thinks
that’s a long trip, Bubba said getting stuck under the car will get
you squished, he wonders if you could charge her. Greg in Ohio said
the woman was called to the guy’s house, Bubba wonders what the guy
looks like. The guy said she claimed the guy tried to rape her, he
followed her out, she ran him down to get away from him, the most
recent one was that she had robbed the guy, he thinks the cops knew
something was up, he said he’s in Cincinnati, bubba said he’ll be in
Dayton on November 6, he said you’d probably need a Peter built to
drag him, S[ice said if you have a woman coming over at 4:20 am, you
deserve to get robbed, Bubba said there’s nothing good happening at
that time, Spice said his friends tell him they stayed up all night,
he wonders why. Jenny in Ohio said the irony is that the gas station
is right near the hustler store, Bubba said he’s been there, Spice
said Bubba has been to some random locations. Bubba said sue kids
invaded a home in the middle of the night, they ended up getting shot,
he likes Grady Judd’s mindset, we then heard a news clip about that.
Bubba said regardless of age, if you get shot, that’s on you, we then
heard Grady Judd’s custom tymbal, Bubba thinks daylight just makes it
worse, he said that anyone who breaks into your house with a mask, you
should get shot, we then heard a tymbal for the guy shooting him right
in the head, Bubba said they’d need an AR15 to get him in the gut, he
doesn’t like that the home owner got arrested, cops did find some
drugs, Spice said that kind of sucks. Brent said that shouldn’t be
cause for the cops to search the house, Bubba said if at 10 you start
breaking into people’s houses, you deserve to die, he said that he has
zero tolerance for cocaine, he suggested flushing the weed down the
toilet, he then said that Terry Jones isn’t paying a $200,000 bill, he
said he wishes he could be with Lasker when he burns the Koran. We
then heard a news clip about the pastor saying “Sue me”, Bubba thinks
maybe the guy should’ve said nothing, he said the guy did this to get
more people, he apologized to the guy for it back firing, he told the
guy if he goes to Tampa, he’ll be in his sites. Brian Knobs came on,
Bubba said he likes a sleepy Knobs, Brian said that he’s getting his
batteries recharged, he said he’d love to stress his guys, he said you
can email him at:, or you can call him at
1877-Nasty-01, he said he’s got a great thing going with Steve Cern.
Bubba said this is like a precursor to the wwe; he likes how Knobs and
Cern help each other out. Brian said that if you want to be a pro
wrestler, go to WWE, he said they pick you up and put you in a camp,
he said Cern just had a night camp for interested parties, he said he
doesn’t take everyone, he said he’ll help you out any way he can.
Bubba asked if they’ve got open try outs, Brian said they’ll have
something this Saturday at 1:00, he said there’s a MA school going on,
he said it’s at the Sports Center in Tampa, he said that Jimmy Hart
and Hogan will be stopping by, Bubba said that Brian will also teach
you how to cut a promo without taking a breath, he said that Brian
never stops, he said the place is behind the Wendi’s, Brian said it’s
in East Bay, it’s right near the Publix. Bubba asked about Scott Haul,
Brian said he hopes everything is going okay with him, he then went
over some wrestlers he lived with, he said last night Stone Cold call
him, asking about Hogan’s back. Spice asked who would be the better
friend, Bubba thinks Knobs knows Hogan better, Brian said he doesn’t
keep score, he said Bubba has been through some stuff, Bubba said
Spice is just getting heat, he said that he, Hogan, Brian and Bruty
used to train every day, Brian said they had a great trip up to
Gainesville, Bubba said that there was a cow in the middle of the
road, they had to wait two hours, Brian said his wife wouldn’t believe
that, Bubba said Linda got heat with Hogan, he said that they put the
fhp guy on the phone with Linda so he could explain it to her, he said
that Brian isn’t in it to shake people down, he said Chris Hogan’s
situation really bummed him out, he thinks he’s so stiff, he real
heated himself out of the business, Brian said that at least they told
him. Bubba remembers the time when Brian called him saying he was
fired; he read that off the internet. Bubba said Dixie needs to stop
reading the internet, he suggests TNA take it off of universal, he
said at least WCW when to different places, he said there’s no
excitement in all these new places, Brian thinks Bubba has a great
mind in the business, he said Hogan is who he is. Bubba said you’ve
got some guys with a lot of knowledge, he said you can’t let some fan
mess with you, he said if it’s real or fake, if anyone is in the
hospital, Vince would film it, he thinks Dixie doesn’t have any
footage of Hogan, Brian said no one is keeping tabs on how he’s doing,
he said people are asking him about Hogan. Bubba said he really likes
Vince’s wellness program, if you’ve even spent one day on the roster
and you have a problem with drugs, Vince will pay for treatment. Brian
said he got one of those letters the other day, he said a lot of
people don’t know that Vince is a class act. Bubba asked him if he’s
got good gimmick control, Brian said yes, he said having no feeling is
just part of the game. Bubba thanked him for coming on, Brian said
they’ll even throw the guys in the mma cage, he then said that Spice,
Bubba and Brent are his friends, Spice thinks Brian could be Santa
next year, Bubba said Brian is always in a good mood, he then thinks
E*TRADE are a bunch of pussies for caving into Linzy Lohan, he said he
loved the ad campaign with the talking baby, he said the name Linzy is
common.. We then heard a news clip about that, Spice thinks either
E*TRADE’s lawyers are that horrible, or Linzy’s lawyers are that good.
We then heard the commercial, Bubba said it’s cute, Spice said bubba
likes talking dog commercials, Manson doesn’t know how you can
associate Linzy with Linzy Lohan, ned thinks they settled for $100 for
a line of cocaine. Bubba said they had a guy call in on the Satellite
show, Spice said he talked about a horse video, the guy had Googled it
and had it on the computer, Manson thinks the guy viewing it four
times was a problem, he thinks once you’ve seen it you don’t want to
see it again. We then heard a news clip about Paris Hilton getting
denied entrance to Japan, Bubba said he likes Countries that run you
through the ringer. Roger said Linzy Lohan had just done a got milk
ad, Manson said “so what?” Bubba said that he can’t get anything fare
with the circuit court, he then called up 1800AskBrent, he asked him
about other slander cases that have been thrown out of Hillsborough
County. Brent said there was a jail inmate that got dumped on to the
floor, one of the jailers sued channel 10 for putting him in a bad
light, it got thrown out. Brian Blare sued his opponent for saying
stuff that wasn’t true about him, it got thrown out, he said that
Bubba’s case has dragged on since April 2008. Bubba can’t believe that
his case is still going, yet those cases are thrown out, he thinks
they want to bankrupt him from within, he thinks they do more good
than they do bad, Ned thinks they’ve changed, Bubba told ed that he
panders to the Satellite crowd, ned said he just wants to crap in the
sandbox. Spice wondered if ned is over radio, ned wondered if the guys
are ambushing him, he said he likes being here, he said there’s a
different chemistry, he said he doesn’t have his foreword ready, he
said he doesn’t know how Bubba roles. Twenty-five Cents came in; bubba
thinks he’s not that excited, he said he’s nervous. We then heard a
bumper for the Stoning of Tuddle, Bubba goofed on him a little, the
guys cracked up at Tuddle in the ground. Twenty-five Cent then read
his forward, we then heard the Pander warning sounder, Twenty-five
wonders why he got the sounder, Ned said it’s profiling. Twenty-five
said he doesn’t want to get a violation, he then re-read his foreword,
Spice cracked up at his opening sentence, Brent said this needs to be
addressed in a serious manner, Bubba told Twenty-five to just read it,
he thinks he’s a beaten man at this point, Manson said they didn’t
mess with anyone else. Twenty-five then read his foreword; Spice
thinks he’s giving a speech. Twenty-five said that what he writes will
be made fun of, “the Boopity song” from “bubba Show Classics Vol. 11”
track 23 was heard as he talked, Bubba hit him with some pander
sounders. Twenty-five then continued reading his foreword, Bubba got
on the bullhorn to direct him, Spice then goofed on him saying
“Boopity” a few times, Bubba told him to read it, he told him that as
the boss, he’s supposed to read it, he said the show pays bills, he
told him to stop being uppity, Ned told him to read it, Bubba said
he’d reposes the car if he doesn’t read it, he told him they have time
constraints. Twenty-five then read his foreword, he got hit with some
Pander sounders as he read, Spice said he was done, Ned wonders if
Bubba is wearing headphones, Bubba told him it’s not over until he
says it’s over, he then said it was over, ed told Twenty-five to read
it, come hell or high water. Twenty-five said that he was replaceable,
Bubba told him he could find someone who can pack and ship, he then
told him to read it. Twenty-five then continued his foreword, Ned told
him to fight through Bubba’s comments. Bubba thinks Twenty-five is
making it all about himself, Twenty-five said in April of 2003, he was
listening to The Worst of Bubba, Bubba thinks his Mom should just
write the foreword, he wonders why Twenty-five had to mention Bubba
with some eighteen year-old girls, he thinks Twenty-five is the mark
who believed that, he then cut him off, he thinks he’ll be able to
pull up the nose, the guys cracked up at Bubba talking into the
megaphone, ned told him to just read it. Twenty-five then continued
reading, he then said he can’t read it, the guys cracked up when Bubba
called “the Middle East Challenge” the “The East coast Challenge”/
Manson described Twenty-five walking out of the studio, Bubba thinks
Twenty-five will drive it on the rims. Chris in Indiana suggested
Janie Cakes write the foreword, they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 6 – Stoning of Tuddle

Bubba came on saying the guys are outside ready to stone Tuddle, we
then heard the bumper for that. Spice said they’ve got him in the dunk
tank, he wonders when they used it last, he said Blind Lawrence was in
it at Bikes for Badges (ay 22, 2010). Tuddle said he can’t move from
the waist down, he said he hasn’t tanned in a while, he said he’s not
expecting anything. Spice said he feels weird about this, he said he
doesn’t want to hit his ears; Bubba said this isn’t too far with how
the Middle East does it, he then proposes they all do it together, he
said it’ll then be a popery of throwing, Tuddle said he won’t sue
anyone related with the show, he thinks the guys should sue him if
they don’t hit him enough. The guys then tossed, Tuddle got hit,
Manson suggested they do it again, Bubba thinks he got it good. The
guys then tossed again, Spice said someone got a shot right in the
mouth. The guys then tossed again, Tuddle was heard moaning in pain,
Spice said everyone seems to dislike him. The guys then tossed again,
Spice likes how Big dick got him on the head, Tuddle was heard
groaning while the balls were hitting him, Spice said that Tuddle was
practically ducking, he said he’s never seen so many head shots, he
said this is from inches away, Manson likes how Bubba walks from
Tuddle likes he’s disgusted, they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 7 – Teen dies on Beau flex

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page ( The guys clowned Tom the Treeman’s
selection of “Brass Monkey”, bubba thinks only Tom would do anything
like that, he suggested the guys keep the sand, he then said hi to
some people who listen to both shows he said it costed $600 to detail
the plane, Mike said it gets dirty after flying it around, Spice
thinks it’s more of a pain than owning a boat. Mike said he hasn’t
been to Dean’s Gold, Bubba told him it’s a great club; Ned said he
loves riding the Gray Hound. Bubba said that some high school kid died
from a Beau flex machine, he said that a guy died while throwing a
football, Brent said the guy died right on the side lines, we then
heard the news clip about that, Bubba thinks that’s the way to go, he
thinks that it would be horrible for someone to see that, he suggested
they get Pantera checked out, he said that he’s had two ceasure while
at the show. We then heard a news clip about the student who died from
the Beau flex Machine, Bubba thinks dying while lifting weights would
be a cool way to go, he then said he doesn’t like the quality of the
clip, he wonders what happened, ed thinks it was Autoerotic Asphyxia,
Spice wondered if Benoit hung himself via a beau flex, Brent said no,
Bubba said if he was Beau flex’s competition, he’d have all sorts of
ammunition. Spice said his fear is to die of something incredibly
silly, Manson thinks the P90X will take Spice, Bubba doesn’t like how
the news isn’t saying how the kid died, Spice said that Elvis’s legacy
is ruined that he died while near the toilet. We then heard “David
Carradine Was Strangulating” from “bubba Show Classics Vol. 10”, track
2; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Bubba Chats with Tuddle

The guys came back cracking up at Tom’s bumper music selection; Manson
said this is yet another B side. Dawn in Safety harbor came on, she
got dumped for cursing, she didn’t like how Twenty-five wasn’t given a
chance to finish his foreword. Bubba asked for Tuddle to come in,
Tuddle said he’s sore, bubba said Tuddle is like their answer to
Gilbert Gottfried, the guys ended up goofing on him a little, Tuddle
said the ones on his head hurt the most, Spice thinks Tuddle stole a
belt, Bubba thinks Tuddle should show up at the show with his shirt
off, he thinks there’s problems between Tuddle and his wife, Tuddle
said they have a certain time right before NASCAR, he said he’s
looking for a job, he’s got 11 years in radio, he said he never worked
with Shannon Burke, he said he can’t work for clear Channel, he said
he has copies of every show they’ve ever done, which is the only copy
they have. Bubba suggested he get Russ and Tuddle together, Tuddle
said that Russ is an asshole, he said Russ use to talk crap behind
people’s back, Spice said being jealous of someone’s success is
normal, bubba said he does the same thing, Tuddle said he bought his
hard drive, he said he cut the shows up, Bubba demanded that he get it
back, Tuddle said he’ll give it for free, Bubba suggested $500, Tuddle
suggested smashing it live on the air, Bubba told him that he screwed
himself over. Tuddle asked if he could come in tomorrow,
Bubba said Clear Channel did him wrong but he’s dancing with them,
Tuddle said he’s loyal to Bubba, he said he has nothing else, he said
he’s a certified welder, bubba thinks they could send him to Lasker
Pouter Coating, he then said that he’ll fire Tuddle, he said Nilla
will be Tuddle’s boss, he said that if Tuddle messed with Dave Rice’s
archives, he’d be dead. Spice said he was the web guy, Tuddle said the
site was in shambles to begin with, Bubba asked for Miller to comment,
Miller said he’s great content, but he’s not sure what else he can do.
Tuddle said he’s done a lot of stuff in radio, Bubba said they have
guys do that, Tuddle said he’s willing to help out. bubba said Tuddle
is already the most hated man here, Tuddle said the work is suffering,
Tuddle said he’s not saying who is slacking off, he said when he
started, the website hasn’t gotten better, Bubba said he likes Sluggo
now, Tuddle said he won’t say anything, Bubba thinks Tuddle was
nothing before, he then said that Tuddle is good in spurts, he said he
got rid of Auggie and Gordo. Tuddle said his personal life is
horrible, he said he doesn’t have a home anymore, Bubba wondered why
he’s just finding out about this, Tuddle said he got foreclosed on, he
said he now lives with his in laws, he said he feels like a failure,
bubba said they’ve all had this happen to them, he said Tuddle is so
negative, he said they throw Tom The Treeman a bone, he said Tuddle
does have skills, he said radio just doesn’t’ happen overnight. Tuddle
said this in this business; it’s out of sight out of mind. Bubba asked
him to name a stunt that they didn’t include him on, he thinks
Tuddle’s job could be a stunt guy, he said Tuddle will book guests for
free until some space has freed up, he said that when he got fired, he
had to work at jobs he didn’t like, he asked Spice to give him some
insight, Spice said he doesn’t have any sympathy for new people,
Tuddle said he’s been doing radio since 1998, he said he’s loyal when
people are loyal to him. Bubba told him to stop blowing his own horn,
he said that Tuddle sounds good when they do stunts, he said he’s not
going to put someone off the streets and put them on the microphone,
he told him to go out and dig a ditch, Tuddle said he’ll be in
homestead while the guys are there, bubba told him they’ll call him if
they need him, Tuddle said that Bubba has no idea what scumbags people
are, Bubba said he’s talked smack on some people, he said there’s some
code with . A code with broadcasters, Tuddle said he’ll bring it in,
Bubba said he’ll pay him for it. Tuddle said Bubba doesn’t know the
kind of treatment he’s gotten, bubba said he’s coocoo for cocoa puffs,
he wonders why he’s even dealing with him, he said that Spice worked
for free for four years, he said stealing someone’s property is a
problem, Tuddle said no one has asked for it back, Bubba told him to
be more positive, he then asked for his bat, Spice wondered if Tuddle
will kill them. Tuddle said he didn’t steal the hard drive, he then
got buzzed; Bubba said he’ll deal with him in a minute. Mike in Tampa
came on saying it was a great show, he said he was planning on getting
the bumpers pouter coated, Bubba then goofed on Lasker a little, Spice
joined in. Bubba said he had something for Tuddle, but after learning
that the guy was harboring his material, it’s a problem, he thinks
Tuddle is an idiot, Manson thinks he’s working himself out of a job.
We then heard “Ober Commercial – Dante Morris” from “bubba Show
Classics Vol. 16”, track 18, they then ended the show a few seconds

4 Responses

  1. warf

    hey dick!!!!!!!!! do you realize your station is NOT #1 in the afternoons? your listeners change when you’re of so stop acting like you knoe everything! spiceboy is the funniest douche ever cause he laugh’s at you just like the younger listeners do. im poor just like everyone else so show some respect and give us mansons new song for free. im gonna easily come to your yard and spell pubert in the front with roundup. just kiding bubba. c’mon though bro. i attended the wake for the fallen officers cause i had no money. did you?

  2. Tracy

    Spice boy- Loved-loved loved your forward. It was honest,funny and probably somewhat cathartic for you. Great job for calling a spade a spade. Respect level for you just jumped for you ten-fold. You are truly tour own Man!!

    A new fan of yours in Indiana

  3. mario

    is the chubby boy swag going to be on itunes? i hear it a start laughing. i think it is an awesome song

  4. Savannah

    where can i hear/download chubby boy swag? =D

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