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Top Stories:
Iraqi shoe thrower released; says he was tortured
Deputies: Naked Motorcyclist Arrested
Multi-Million Dollar Target Store Theft Ring Busted
Obama Calls Kanye West a ‘Jackass’

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

Segment 1 – Sports scores, various discussions

The show started off with some messages from the fans, then into “You
shook Me All Night Long” as bumper music. Bubba said Ned got there
early today, Ned said he passed out under his desk. Bubba recapped
some sports scores; the guys discuss Michael Jordan’s speech. Bubba
took a call from a guy who asked about Tasha’s Twitter, Bubba read it,
the guys clown Spice. The guys discuss getting up early; Bubba wishes
he could take a nap now. Bubba said back in the 98 Rock days, he had a
theory about something, he wrote it down for the guys, Brent said it’s
the good old boy network. Bubba thinks someone had a hook up
somewhere, which is why that person never does badly. Spice said this
is as inside as you can get. Bubba said his conspiracy theory is
right, as the guy he speaks of is in eighth place, Ned has no idea
what the guys are talking about. The guys think Michael Jordan
shouldn’t get married to the woman he’s with, Bubba read an article
about that. Bubba said he can’t wait to have his day in court; they
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Emails, various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for We then heard some messages from the fans,
then into “When the Levy Breaks” as bumper music. Bubba said a lot of
people with the show are on Twitter. Bubba said he saw a cat right in
the middle of the road, he was inches from hitting it, it got up and
ran off. Spice said it’s all about Bubba, Bubba called him a dick,
Spice said Manson was giving him the eye. Spice asked Bubba to
remember the bunny rabbit situation (Bubba once ran over a rabbit).
Spice said if he hit a cat, he would freak out. Bubba got mad, he was
looking for his Wiffle ball bats, Bubba said the gong is in his way.
The first email of the day asked about boob jobs, Bubba thinks Dan
doesn’t charge $3000, the guys think that’s if you want to get just
one. Another emailer said he was the guy who got fired. The guy asked
for legal representation. Bubba said he went to Hooters in Huntsville
has the strongest group of talent he’s ever experienced, he said the
women there are unbelievable. We then heard the call from September 9,
where Steve said he hates everyone equally, he considers niggers to be
bad people. Bubba said someone sent the transcript of his conversation
with Heather to Tyler’s private school, Brent thinks MJ did it. The
guys think he’s confused. The guys think MJ sent the tape to Ace
Hardware. Bubba said MJ and his lawyers are looking to take their
first amendment issues, Brent said Phil Campbell is anti first
amendment. Keith in Orlando said everyone is a nigger, he said the
people who want to go to jail are like that, the guys think he’s using
it in the wrong context, Bubba and Spice say it doesn’t work out in
society. Kyle said he works for Ace hardware, the guy turned out to be
a prank caller, Bubba feels the guy used a blocked number. Bubba wants
to find out who the guy was. Bubba wants to fight the guy in the
Bubbagon. Bubba said only pussies use the court system, they then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Michael Jordan audio clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard some messages from the fans, then
into Manson’s “Narcissinex” from “Bubba show classics Vol. 7”, track
1, and “The Clemulus Package” disc 1, track 14. The bit digs at Bubba
for talking about himself. We then heard “Mississippi Queen” as bumper
music. Bubba said even naughty Alysha knows to go to sting Ray Chevy
to look for a new car. Justin in Deerfield Beach was on, he asked
about the egg corn videos, Brent said it was the worst sting operation
he’s ever seen. We then heard some audio clips of Michael Jordan, the
guys liked the speech. Bubba said he thinks he should break now, so he
could run long with Lisa Lampanelli. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 4 – The Queen of mean, Lisa Lampanelli calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Saynow
page. Bubba wonders if Lisa is a fan of the Killers, the guys don’t
think so. Bubba went to Lisa, Bubba plugged Lisa’s book, she said it’s
her first book, she said she listens to Air Supply, Bubba thinks she
likes Aba. Lisa said she’s engaged to a guy with huge nuts, she said
he looks like a member of a crime family. Bubba got distracted with
something in the background, Lisa told Jimmy to turn off the alarm,
she said he’s going with her to some morning show in New York, Bubba
wonders what happens if she’s on a show that doesn’t like her, Lisa
said they cut her off. Lisa told Bubba he’s in her book; she said she
was afraid to come into the studio, for fear of getting called fat.
Lisa said she valued Bubba’s opinion, Bubba said Howard ccan call
someone fat, Lisa said it hurts when one of your own kind calls you
out. Bubba said he went through chapter 10, he couldn’t find it. Bubba
asked her if she had a ghost writer, Lisa said she wrote it herself,
she said she was a journalist, she went to New York as an under grad,
she went to Columbia. Lisa said she was in rehab for food. Lisa said
the pilot with Jim Carrey was a no go, she said Hbo had to pass on it
for now. Bubba said it was a great concept. Spice said hbo is known
for being cheap, Lisa said it’s better to have a hbo special than a
comedy Central one. Lisa said she’d like to do a musical of her book.
Bubba asked about Jimmy, Bubba thinks you’d have to be thin skinned to
be with Lisa; Lisa said Jimmy knows what he’s in for. Lisa said
everything is in the book, she said she had to go to rehab because of
a pothead. Lisa said one of her handlers was late, which is why she
was fired. Lisa said she and Jimmy have a driver. Spice wonders if
she’ll cheat, Lisa said she’s not into that. Lisa thinks they could
have a reality show called “dirty wop Love”. Spice asked if he’s on
her payroll, Lisa said no, she said she has eight Jewish agents
helping her out. Bubba asked how did they meet, Lisa said Jim Brewer
introduced them, Lisa said Jim does rock and roll clubs. Spice said
he’s surprised she likes Carlos Mencia, Bubba said she’s trying to
appeal to the Mexicans, Bubba thinks he’s a jackass, Lisa said she
should’ve gotten in contact with George Lopez, the guys agree. Lisa
said she doesn’t hate Carlos, the guys think he’s a rip-off artist.
Lisa said she uses a quote from Howard, she didn’t’ put him on the
front cover, as his agent is so protective of his name, Bubba said
it’s learning how to work. Bubba said Howard was the guy who got Lisa
going, Lisa said Howard is the most important person to her. Lisa
likes LL cool Jay; Bubba thinks she’s being disrespectful. Bubba asked
if she’ll ever disclose the Chicago Bare she had sex with; Lisa said
she’ll never say who it is. Lisa said she’s a hard cell in the
morning. Bubba asked her about Bob and tom, Lisa said she hated them,
the guys cracked up. Bubba asked her who she likes in regular radio,
Lisa said she likes Todd and Tyler, Lex and Terry, and Ron and Paul,
Lisa thinks Ron is balding. Lisa said no one is hotter than Heather,
Lisa said Bubba sent her to rehab for food, Bubba thinks she’s
pandering. Bubba said his massage therapist, his sister and his wife
are fans of hers. Lisa said she’ll be in Florida by June of next year.
Bubba asked her favorite venue, Lisa said the venues are nice places,
she doesn’t like when she has to do small places. Bubba asked her
about her book signing, Lisa said it was a big turnout, she said she
doesn’t want to write another book, Bubba said Artie sold a lot of
books, Lisa said you’ll see a new side of her. Lisa said her brother
is thin, she said she’ll never be skinny. Spice said money makes her
look much better, Bubba thinks he would’ve been gay if he didn’t have
his gig. Lisa said George Takei does an audio book, she said he’s a
funny internment camp victim, Spice said he likes audio books better,
the guys bag on her voice, Lisa joked that she hated them for doing
so, Lisa thanked them for having her on, Bubba called her a funny
bitch, Manson hasn’t been to a show yet, Spice said he was afraid to
go to the bathroom during the show, as he didn’t want to be picked
out. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Various discussions, Tucker Carlson calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the new Ned Hardly
shirt. We then heard some messages from the fans, then into “Mrs.
Robinson” as bumper music. Bubba read that the FCC is going to take
another look at the Janet Jackson case, Bubba thinks they should be
used as experts. Manson said he rewound it a few times, Brent said it
was the most watched thing ever. Bubba thinks it’s just based on
money. Bubba said Earny Tee just bought a restaurant, Bubba thinks he
should reconsider; Ned likes the name of the place. Bubba thinks the
name of the place could be in Alabama, Bubba remembers the time when
they used to go to the chida. Sue in Virginia thinks Ned is cool,
Bubba thinks she mows the hell out of the reds; she said this is from
calling her dog. The guys clown her for her voice. She asked about the
Twelve Boobs of Christmas, Bubba told her to keep listening to the
show. Scott said he eats at Earny’s BBQ place; he said it’s the best
pulled pork in Florida. Bubba read about the captain of the Pasco
Jail, he won the natural bench pressing contest. Bubba said they test
every part of you, so there’s no way you can use roids. We then heard
a clip of a guy talking to Obama, Obama thinks Kanye is a jackass,
Bubba likes Obama’s style, the guys cracked up when Obama called him
that. Bubba thinks they couldn’t have a beer with George W. Bush;
Bubba reset the part where obama called him a jackass. Bubba likes how
Obama says he has stuff on his plate. Brad was on; he said he has a
lot of respect for obama. The guys guess that they burnt some CDS from
Kanye; the guys are bummed out when it was revealed that the station
played Kanye West songs, interrupting them with Tailor Swift songs.
Bubba thinks Douglas Vanderlon got a hold of someone, Thrasher ended
up winning the election, Bubba thinks no one in Jacksonville listened
to him. Bubba said he’s got nothing for Jacksonville, Manson as a
southerner said he saw some signs for thrasher. Bubba read an article
saying we need more troops. Bubba went to icky about the woman with
her water situation; she said Sarah is getting her water turned back
on. Nicky said the judicial system was on Sarah’s side. Bubba wondered
about her house, Nicky said that’s a separate issue. Bubba wondered if
the judge got heat with the hoa, Nicky said that’s how the judge was.
Nicky said the judge is judge Stoter, Bubba gave him a timble. Bubba
said you sometimes have to go by the spirit of the law. Bubba asked
for her information, Nicky said she provides her clients with personal
service. Bubba asked her about Hogan’s situation, she said she didn’t
hear about it. Nicky’s number is 813-412-5605. Aaron in Jacksonville
said he’s been listening for a long time, he said Grady Jud used to be
his little league coach, he said he couldn’t find Dan Quiggle on the
ballot. Bubba said maybe he miss understood that democrats couldn’t
vote. Bill in Jacksonville said the ads painted Dan Quiggle as a money
spender. Bubba said the people of Jacksonville have a lot to learn
about John Thrasher. The guys really like rob elder, he bought a car
dealership. Bubba played Tucker’s bumper and went to him, Bubba thinks
he doesn’t’ sound so well, Tucker said it was a long night. Tucker
said he went out to dinner last night, a woman came by him, she was
the producer of the Better Sex videos, and she stood at the table for
over an hour, he said it was weird. Tucker thinks the two-fingered
move is called the keyser. Bubba said he learned it from a woman many
years ago, Tucker said it was fantastic. Bubba said he and Spice did
something like that on, Spice said it works well, Bubba
said the Bubba Army loves it, Tucker said his wife is probably
listening. Bubba asked tucker to listen to the Richmond affiliate.
Bubba said they’re show would be number one in Washington, Bubba
thinks Obama would listen to the show. Bubba replayed the clip of
obama calling Kanye West a jackass for Tucker, Tucker thinks he
shouldn’t catch any flack for that, he said that’s Obama at his best.
Bubba said nobody sitting in that job can please everyone. Tucker said
he met Ragon, but never interviewed him. Bubba asked who was a good
guy, but a bad president, Tucker thinks he was a good guy/good
president. Tucker said George H. W. Bush was a good guy, marginal
president, Brent thinks he was pretty good. Tucker said Bush was more
popular than Ragon. Tucker said he thinks Clinton is a bad person, but
a great guy to talk to. Bubba asked if you had a chance to have dinner
with a President, Bubba said Clinton or Obama, Brent said George H. W.
Bush, Spice said Clinton, Manson said Obama, Ned said Clinton. Bubba
joked Tucker would pick Jimmy Carter, Tucker said Carter is a bad man
and a bad president. Tucker said Obama; he would ask him what he’s
doing. Brent said he pays for his wife’s health care; Bubba said he
pays for Brent’s health care. Tucker thinks Americans say they’re
happy with health care, Tucker said he’d buy his health care other
than in Washington. Bubba thinks they could get rid of health care
lobbyists. Brent said it’s not fun dealing with paperwork after you’ve
had surgery. Tucker said he’d make it legal to buy health care across
state lines. Tucker said he would make it an even playing field.
Tucker said he’d get on tort reform, Tucker thinks Bush mentioned it
in every speech; the guys said he never did it. Bubba recapped Hogan’s
situation for Tucker, Tucker finds it disgusting, Bubba thinks the
court system needs a douching. Bubba said he’s $200,000 down from the
MJ lawsuit. Bubba thinks he’ll probably never get his day in court,
Tucker doesn’t understand why Bubba has to pay, Bubba said he has to
pay to retain a lawyer. Bubba said he might get less of his money back
when it’s all over, Tucker said it’s unbelievable, Bubba said the
system favors big business, Bubba said he’s scared on this situation,
Brent said it’s covered under the constitution. Tucker said even if
Bubba wins, he’ll lose energy, Bubba thinks it’s extortion. Bubba said
if clear channel wins, a lot of guys wouldn’t have jobs. Bubba thinks
MJ is the textbook version of a narcissist. Bubba said MJ has sued
other radio hosts for making fun of him. Bubba said he shouldn’t have
to spend money on calling someone a name. Tucker asked him when he’ll
find out, Bubba said as of February, it will be two years, they
haven’t taken a deposition, Bubba said it ruins his day to talk about
it. Brent said whatever a judge wants to do; you’re at the judge’s
mercy. Brent recapped a story about a radio host who bashed a Jet Ski
company; they ended up suing him, the court through it out. Tucker
said if you lose, you should have to pay the other guy’s legal bills.
Tucker said he hates lawyers, Tucker said he got an email from Jeff
Cats, Bubba said Jeff loves Tucker. Bubba said a lot of the miners
like his show, as they can’t get regular radio all that well. Bubba
thanked him for coming on, they then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 6 – Channel eight’s Gayle Guyardo comes in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a pormo for the Pink Bubba Army
shirt, then into some messages from the fans. We then heard some Blind
melon as bumper music, the guys clown Ned for his message to Bubba replayed it. Bubba said he wishes he had a channel
eight news bumper, Bubba went through some bumpers he has for various
news stations. Spice wonders why they have one for John willson, as
he’s never been on the show. The guys think you can’t call Gale foxy.
Gale said she writes for the Tampa Tribune. Gale said Bubba will be in
the tribune, Bubba said he thinks she’s hot, Spice as a redneck asked
where she got all her teeth. Gale said the racetrack was fun, Spice
said it’s not fun. Gale said she’s been doing Tampa TV for sixteen
years, she said she was born and raised in Florida. Bubba asked her if
guys were going nuts for her, Gale said she was a cheerleader. Spice
asked what the piece is about, the guys then impersonated Bubba saying
it’s about him. Gale said they’re hear for the new and improved Bubba,
how he came back. Bubba said he’s known Gale for many years, Gale said
all the ladies like him, Gale thinks heather is beautiful. Bubba said
at one time, they were number one with women 25-54. Spice wonders why
the girls like the show now, Gale said that the guys are tackling hot
topics, Bubba thinks it’s because they’ve gotten rid of the T&A. Brent
said he was interviewed by Jeff Patterson; Spice wants to talk to
Steve Andrews’s daughter. Gale said she’s good at what she does; Gale
said her good looks are what target her. Bubba thinks ESPN did it all
wrong. Gale said it’s nice that she has a good ass. Gale said she
didn’t watch it, Spice said he watched it. Gale said if she looked
like that, she’d be in front of the mirror all day. Gale said she’s
been listening since the day they came back, she said she had no idea
it was all one unit, Bubba thinks they’re one of the only self
contained shows in America. Spice said it’s better this way, Bubba
said it’s just guys doing radio. Bubba said he has a ton of stuff, he
said they leave their stuff the same way. Bubba said he built the
studio in July of 2005. Gale asked if the guys stuck together, Bubba
said it was tough those two years, Spice stayed with 98 Rock. Bubba
said he paid all the guys while they were gone. Bubba said clear
Channel tried to destroy his team, Bubba said its business. Bubba said
his guys sticking by him should be given credit. Gale said Bubba still
stays with his opinion, Bubba said people can’t handle the truth, we
heard the “you Can’t handle the truth” drop, Bubba thinks it’s the
pussyfication of America, Bubba said it’s about parenting, Bubba said
they’re not for everyone, if you don’t like them, you’re living in a
fog. Gale said the guys are on stuff a lot, Bubba thinks it’s
distasteful to make a song about a guy who through a baby out of a car
window, but it’s how it happened. Bubba said all they do is bust each
other, Gale wonders why Ned isn’t there, Bubba said it could be
anything with him. Bubba said Gale’s husband is a good looking guy,
Gale said she loves all the guys, she wants the whole thing. Gale said
her husband got a vasectomy, Bubba said he’s getting one. Spice asked
Gale if there’s someone she doesn’t like, Gale said no, she said she
hasn’t met everyone. Bubba said there show is like none other, Bubba
said Gale was at the quarter midget track. Gale said her daughter
cleaned up some bugs. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 7 – Kurt Angle Calls in

Bubba had Kurt angle on. Bubba said Kurt should be a part of the
equation, Kurt asked where Bubba heard that, Bubba said he doesn’t’
want to get Kurt in trouble with Dixie. Kurt said he won’t comment on
it, Spice said they didn’t believe him, Kurt said Dixie believed him.
Bubba said there’s some uncertainty with some of the guy’s in the
industry, Bubba said what Russo did to Hogan was unforgiveable, Bubba
thinks finding god is a cop out, Bubba wonders how believable is some
of the stuff Russo does. Bubba said Russo has flawed-thinking; Bubba
said there’s a reason why Vince got rid of him. Bubba said there was a
big power struggle; Hogan got caught in the middle. Bubba said he
doesn’t know why Dixie is being a mark for him. Brent said Kurt needs
to focus on himself, Kurt said he took that to heart, he said Hogan
and Brett hart have kept him going, Bubba thinks Kurt should turn
babyface. Kurt said he didn’t know why he was put in jail. Spice said
Kurt must have a bad taste about women, Kurt said he and Carron are
getting along, Bubba thinks they’ll get back together for the kids.
Kurt said Carron doesn’t want to fire people, Kurt said Dixie has
always had a big heart, Bubba said being nice all the time will more
than likely result in failure. Bubba said he loves the guys in the
industry, but they’re being governed by dildos. Bubba said if you want
results so that you’re not jobbing yourself out, you should bring in
the big guys. Bubba said they need a douching. Kurt said whatever
they’re doing must be going well for them. Bubba said the boys try to
get a pay day, he said the industry should have guys who are afraid of
the booker; he said it’s a carnival. Bubba said Dixie is being led by
the two biggest workers ever. Bubba thinks it’s time for TNA to move
on. Bubba said he has a problem with Jeff Jarrett sleeping with
Carron, Kurt asked him not to go there. Spice said he would’ve loved
to do that. Kurt thinks the guys are brutal. Kurt thanked the fans for
supporting him; Bubba said he was on the phone with him during all
that. Kurt said he’s taking to heart what Hogan said, Bubba said he’ll
call him later today. Bubba said it’s refreshing that Kurt came out on
top. Brent thinks Jesus hangs out in prisons, Bubba said people get to
know Jesus when they’re on death row, Manson thinks Jesus is a
slacker. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 –

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BTLS Foundation.
We then heard “one Week” as bumper music. Bubba said they’ve got
Melanie Brookes from Channel ten in; Bubba played a bumper for them.
Bubba then played Reggie Roundtree’s bumper. Melanie said their news
director is getting out of television. Spice asked every time people
are on scene, there’s the sound of the generator, Melanie laughed at
that, Bubba asked John about that, Melanie said it smells, John said
channel four is a small station, John said stuff gets taken care of in
under two minutes. Bubba wonders if it’s the news director’s job to
flip out if something is wrong, Bubba thinks there’s too many people
in charge. Bubba thinks he should be the boss of television. Bubba
thinks they should have a backdrop, John said he works morning. John
said charley Feltcher is good, Bubba likes Dave Worth, there sports
guy. Bubba asked Melanie her background; she said she worked for some
networks, one in Vegas. Melanie said she’d get out of the office from
midnight or one in the morning. Bubba wondered why Melanie is single;
she said they’ll be plugging Bubba next week. Melanie said she’s
around five nine, she was born in Texas. Melanie said she keeps the
fact that she’s dating someone a secret. Bubba remembers a girl named
Lisa Faronda. Bubba thinks Melanie is too yappy. Melanie said she
likes a lot of girls in the local TV industry, Bubba said this is
nothing like it. Bubba said TV doesn’t do Gale any justice. Brent said
HD is cruel to news casters, Bubba said there’s no way they can be on
TV. Melanie said Reggie looks great all the time, Spice said one of
his bolts on his license plate was hanging, Reggie told Spice to
tighten it up. Bubba thinks the Getting out Alive series with Reggie
was cruel. Bubba thinks Melanie should do the morning news. Brent said
Cat Williams has a bit about fingernails and toenails; he doesn’t want
to repeat it in front of her. Melanie said she has to buy her own
clothing, Bubba said girls are all about not wearing the same
clothing. Bubba played some news bumpers for her, the guys don’t like
Bay news 9, and Manson said it’s just one dude with a trumpet. Melanie
thinks he’s adjusting the levels, he played it again for her, Bubba
said it screams of pussyness. Bubba said he watches channel 13, he
gets feeds from other networks, the guys really like Mike Deeson,
Melanie said he’s a smart guy, she said he’s survived seventeen
different news directors. Bubba lists the people he likes with the
local news, Brent thinks Bay news 9 is jabrone, Melanie likes Jenn
Halaway, the guys don’t like Al Rochelle. Bubba said time delay bugs
him. Bubba played a clip from channel 13 talking about the terror
level, Bubba then played a clip from channel 6 in Orlando, Bubba
doesn’t like the processing, Bubba doesn’t like the sounder, Bubba
also doesn’t like how you can hear the background noise, money said
three seconds of silent’s in radio or TV is deadly, Bubba gave Melanie
a demonstration of the Wiffle ball bat, using Brent as the guy who
messed up. Brent said he hates it when the reporter is unprepared,
Manson doesn’t like the banter between the ankers. Bubba wants reality
news delivery. Melanie said she decided if anyone would notice she
wore the same pair of pants and the same turtle neck for a week, no
one noticed. Bubba took a call from a guy who works with some news
stations in Orlando, he thinks channel 6 is the worst, he said they
haven’t’ changed their studios since 1972. Bubba thanked them for
coming in, they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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