Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September 12th, 2012 by Staff

Recap by Blind Lawrence:


Bubba talked about the Woodsman’s Chili chicken.
Bubba said he was packing and shipping yesterday until 3:30, he thinks
Doug from Apparel World will be helping out today.
Emails: Guy asks who the divorce attorney is (Regina Hunter), listener
is honored to be in Seabring to see chicken dip in Publix, an early
enlister was excited to see chicken dip, listener praises the speed of, Fat Timmy from Bubba Idole wants to partake in “Bubba
Saw”, listener says Bubba is trying to be like a volunteer
firefighter, listener wants Bubba Army stickers, and a listener talked
about blending chicken with the chicken dip and some bread as almost
like a spread.
Bubba thinks Tara is becoming a radio whore on the side of
things, he then said that anyone in the building can talk to him about
Bubba said a long time ago, radio turned into his job.
Nona Jackson will be on, she claims to be Michael
Jackson’s secret wife.
Principal in Washington thinks peanut butter and jelly is racist.
Audio clip – kid signs his name with a gun signal.
Bubba has a big weekend at Bubba Raceway Park.
Ned has two computer screens.
Audio clip – Guy in a gilly suit gets ran over by car.
Audio clip – man was streeking at a high school football game.
Ned said the only way for him to quit bugging Tara about her husband’s
penis would be for her to take a picture of it with her phone.
One out of every five people have been involved in a “Devil’s threesome”.
Top Five Countdown – UK.
Manson’s 7:40 Segment – “I’m Bringing Fatass Back” (“Bubba Show
classics Vol. 2” track 5, and “bubba Show Classics Vol. 6”, track 2).
Mike in Charleston said his wife is from the UK, he wants to stick
pencils in his ears when he’s over there.
Audio clip – Chris Brown’s battered woman tattoo.
Manson’s “Chris Brown Song” (“Bubba’s New and isc its Vol. 9” track 7,
and “The Clemulus Package” disc 3, track 17).
Bubba played some Lynyrd Skynyrd for Ned, he then talked about Auto
Glass America, a company that gives the customer $100 for a new
windshield, you can call 813-96Glass (964-5277).
Audio clip of Schirrel Crow talking about a brain toomer.
Kate thinks she has the same thing.Audio clip – Obama on DJ laz’s show.
Wired up Brent described what happened to him, Bubba joked that Brent
got beat up by the opposing team’s fans, he described getting the jhaw
wired shut, surgery was about six hours.
Bubba thinks Brent sounds like Hannible Lector; he said that “Silents
of the Lambs” is one of his favorite movies.
Brent came in studio to talk about trying to get Obama on the air; he
thinks David Axelrod is a dick.
Bubba wonders why Obama hasn’t done white radio shows, this then led
into a rant about how politicians are bought and paid for.
Brent said we need a Constitutional amendment that says everyone gets
two terms and that’s it.
Bubba reinacted how his interview with Obama would go.
Laura said she doesn’t agree with a lot of what Bubba says, but she
does side with him on tis topic.
Brad said Bubba recently said he’s not getting into politics.
Bubba said he’s not endorsing a spacific candidate, he would have both
candidates on.Caller asked about Bubba’s pontoon idea; Bubba said
they’ll be doing that possibly in the spring.
Caller impressed with the merchandise.
Investigative reporter from WTMJ fired for public intoxication.
Audio clip of a newscaster slipping up and saying “Six tity” as
opposed to “six city tour”.
Kevin Hayslett on the phone to talk about one of his clients.
Caller thinks when Kevin says he’s the attorney to the stars; it means
the stars in the sky, as he feels Kevin was all over the place.
Audio clip – Kelsey Grammar claims to be celebit for 10 years.
Audio clip – Man with Tourette’s Syndrome punches girlfriend in the nose.
Audio clip – Simon Cowel on Ellen.
Ned’s Load – “Neditorial – Fantacy Football” (“Bubba Show classics
Volume 21”, track 7).
Bubba plugged what will be coming up on the show for the rest of the week.
Audio of Jose Cansecko saying if you weren’t on roids, you were a pussy.
Bubba admires Hank Aaron for always having class. Show

Bubba wants everyone to give him until 12:20 before interacting with him.
Ned has a dirty No Net just for the Uncensored show.
Tim Mcgraw’s “Felt Good On My Lips”.
Ned’s black altar ego, Tyrone Washington the 4th came on talking about
how fast he is.
Audio clip about Jerry the King Lawler passing out.
Ned’s newest No Net – “Felt Good on my dick”, where Ned taks about sex
with women.
Bubba thinks manson is shocked at how Ned is able to pull that stuff
off, Tara thinks it’s the best one Ned has ever done.
Bubba called Hogan to talk to him about Jerry the King, Hogan said his
beach shop isn’t open yet.
Bubba asked Hogan about jerry, Hogan said he knows Jerry has been
running hard, he was in Arooba with Nash.
Bubba asked where Arooba was, Hogan said he wasn’t al that sure, he
then talked about one of his matches with Jerry.
Bubba said that Linda started the ripped shirt gimmick; Hogan was
heard saying “K5”.
Bubba isn’t sure what will happen with Twenty-five, he said can’t have
anyone do what he did (on yesterday’s Debriefing, Bubba gave
Twenty-five gave him some advice, Twenty-five said “fuck you” and ran
Emails: Twenty-five has a big head, things on Bubba’s show will be
done his way, guy wants Twenty-five to apologize to the fans if he
wants to continue to be on air, listener was reminded of when Howard
had a meltdown on Ronnie the Limo Driver (Wired up Brent said Howard
takes disrespect seriously), guy thinks Bubba is spot on, Twenty-five
should deal with it or stay off the air, listener was out of town and
missed the announcement, was shocked to see the negative comments, and
a guy thinks Twenty-five has been thrown off the Debriefing.
Chris in Chicago said Bubba told Twenty-five to follow up on a
shipment that was two weeks late, he thinks Twenty-five can’t handle
doing two things at once.
Bubba said Twenty-five has been with him a long time, he should know
how things work.
Ring in Boston asked about a few weeks ago when Twenty-five had said
he was leaving (August 13, 2012).
Bubba said that if Twenty-five leaves, the grass might not be greener.
LJ said he’s had three decades with the company that is selling the chicken dip.
Bubba said that he can understand people leaving the studio in anger
over something he’s done, he sighted the Brent Jack Daniels episode
(October 02, 2009).
Audio from yesterday’s Debriefing where Twenty-five walks out, bubba
isn’t sure if he can work with someone who talks to him like that, he
thinks he’s guilty of some of this.
Harold thinks Twenty-five completely disrespected Bubba; he thinks
maybe Twenty-five isn’t tick-skinned enough to handle the on-air
Isreal came on to apologize for what happened, he heard the West coast
replay and sensed it coming, Bubba said that he and Spice had some
arguments over the years, but Spice never told Bubba “Fuck you”.
Nona Jackson on the phone, she claimed to have been married to Michael
Jackson and is the Mother of Blanket, and also claims that her Dad was
Bubba asked if Michael was a hung man, Nona said that Blanket was
conceived naturally, then said that Michael had a big penis; she also
said that she was part of a relationship with Jackie and Jermane
Jackson; she further stated that she was gangbanged by three of the
Bubba wonders why she’s just coming out, he thinks she’s a crazy bitch
who is trying to get her filthy mits on this story, two of her court
cases were thrown out in regards to this, the birth cirtificate for
Blanket states that Debbie row is the Mother, he thinks Nona just
handwrote her name on the document after downloading it off the
Nona said her Father lives on his own planet, she said her husband is
Michael jackson, Bubba said that he was dead; Nona said he was dead to
the rest of the world.
Nona said that ichael’s soul is somewhre else.
Bubba asked if Michael was gay, nona said she’s never heard that one,
she thinks Michael jackson fucking little boys in their assholes is
ridiculous, all she did was laugh the question off.
Bubba said he was done, he then ran her through the Evil soundboard,
he then said he has the Devil on speed dial, he then put Ned on the
setting to get him like the Devil, he then said he had Michael jackson
down there, raping his booty hole with a pitch fork, Nona said there
were many Devils out there.
Bubba wished her the best, saying she was crazy as a loon, he thinks
no one would give her the tme of day, he wished nothing but ill will
on her, Nona said she was already dead, he concluded by saying the
Queen was a whore, he then said that he worked nearly until Noon

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