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Top Stories:
Biggest Loser?
Polk deputy dies after fight with inmate
8 In Mobile Home Beaten To Death
Michael Vick to Philly students: Resist following the crowd
Obama’s speech to students: Work hard in school for a good career

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

Segment 1 – Sports scores, Prelude to the Dream, Bubba mad at Tyler’s school

The show started off with some messages from the fans, then into
Manson’s “Dueling Der Ders”. We then heard “Roadhouse Blues” as bumper
music. Bubba hopes they don’t have some program director listening to
the sow, Bubba wonders why you’d even have that. Bubba said the Rays
are pathetic, he thinks they lead in blowing ninth inning games. Bubba
said he really admires Nick Swisher, he remembers the time he knocked
one out, Spice said he’s a class act, Bubba said you don’t see that
much in baseball. Bubba recapped some sports scores, Bubba then asked
for people to order the “Prelude to the Dream”. Bubba went over the
past winners; Bubba said Ned would love to be in Eldora. Bubba said
he’ll be firing up the theater for this event, Brent said it’s on the
Pay-per-view channel, not HBO. Bubba suggested you watch it at seven,
as you’ll be able to catch some behind the scenes stuff. Bubba went
over the people who will be there. Ryan in Richmond thanked Bubba for
the Two-Finger Culdesac, Spice said he’s tried it, Tasha isn’t into
it. Jim in south Decoda asked about Danica Patrick possibly going to
NASCAR, Bubba said it’s not true, he said that it might happen, just
not now. Bubba said Tyler’s school didn’t offer the Obama speech,
Manson said his kid’s school didn’t either, Bubba said he’s a little
flipped out about that, Bubba thinks it’s a right-wing thing. Bubba
thinks it’s hypocritical for Tyler’s school to tell them not to judge
people, but not to play the speech. Bubba said he has the speech, but
he won’t play the whole thing, he could if he wanted to, but he
decided not to, Bubba thinks we’re becoming a country of pussies.
Spice said a lot of the rumors drive this Country, Bubba said it
doesn’t matter what school you go to, it should’ve been shown. Bubba
said last year, Tyler’s school had a mock election, Obama won the mock
election, Bubba wants to call the Principal and call him out on not
playing the speech. Bubba said he’s disgusted that they always beg for
money. Bubba thinks it’s a sign of disrespect to not play the speech,
there’s a certain amount of respect you show to the president. Bubba
thinks it’s a black issue, Bubba said they should’ve made it optional
to attend; he said if he was Principal, he would’ve made attendance
mandatory. Spice wonders where the brain washing part of it comes in.
Bubba said he’s going to hire a private investigator to look into the
Principal of Tyler’s school. Bubba thinks they should stop making the
musical recital mandatory, no one would go otherwise; they then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – emails, Obama Speech audio, various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for We then heard some messages from the fans,
then into “Rocky mountain Way” as bumper music. Bubba thinks the
caller was incredibly stupid, Bubba then plugged the show’s Twitter
page; Bubba said he’s caught some flak for people not having their
individual pages. Bubba said Ned wrote that he held an unloaded gun on
Garnet for some oral sex; Manson said his house is a circus. Bubba
said he’s trying to get to bed by 9:20, Brent said he’s in there by
8:45. Bubba read some emails, the first email of the day said they
didn’t vote for Obama, but they’ll defend him for this. Another email
thinks the signal in Orlando is crappy, the emailer wondered why they
have Brent concerts. Bubba said he’s listened to the Orlando station,
it comes through great. Another email wondered what is so wrong with
Obama’s speech. Brent said a lot of emailer from Canada is disgusted
over the situation. Another emailer said they love the new signal in
Richmond, the emailer asked about the Twelve Boobs of Christmas, Bubba
said they’re finalizing the information. Another emailer said that he
gets an error message when he types the show’s name in iTunes. Another
email thinks it makes the US look bad that schools aren’t showing
Obama’s speech. Another emailer said the guys are the only ones who
don’t act like idiots, the emailer said his Mom is a racist; he now
has to serve three days of detention, Brent thinks this is like the
movie “Birth Of The nation”. Another email asked about Lumber
Liquidators, Bubba said you’ll save roughly 50% on what you’d normally
pay for. Steve in Alabama said people are going to have to wise up, he
admitted to be a racist, he didn’t vote for Obama. Steve said he’s
racist against people who are idiots, he said nigger is not black; he
thinks nigger is a slang term for down trash. Bubba took a call from a
woman who said she doesn’t have a problem with Obama’s speech; she
wishes more parents were like the guys. Bubba expressed his disgust
with the hypocrisy of Tyler’s school. We then heard some clips of
Obama’s speech; the guys think he’s dead-on. Bubba called Heather, he
asked her to set up an appointment between them and the principal,
Bubba said he’s very close to pulling Tyler out of private school.
Bubba took a call from a guy who said he was reminded of MJ in school;
we then heard Manson’s bit about that, where MJ is a hall monitor. The
bit ends with Bubba and the guys giving him a swirly. From “Bubba’s
new and Misc Hits Vol. 4”, track 2. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Tyler’s school update, Fabrizi calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Seasons In the Sun” by Terry
Jacks as bumper music, Bubba challenged Manson to name the tune, he
got the title, he wasn’t sure on the artist, Bubba told him he’d never
guess, Bubba told him, Manson wondered where he dug it up from, Manson
thinks he’s a one hit wonder. Spice thinks you can’t Google the
statistics on this, Brent said he’s never heard this song, Manson said
it was a number one, Bubba sang along to it for a little, Bubba had
flashbacks as to where he was when the song was popular. Bubba called
Heather; she said she went into the office. Bubba asked her if she
through a fit, heather said she didn’t, someone in the family should
be level-headed. Heather said the office lady told her something, she
said they’d like to schedule a meeting, he wasn’t in at the time, the
Principal is working car lines. The woman said it’s not going to
happen on the air. Bubba thinks they’ve been banned from the school,
he thinks they’ve been blackballed, mirly for exposing the school as
hypocrites. We then heard a clip about Obama’s speech, Manson said his
kids didn’t see the speech, Manson said he just doesn’t care. Bubba
said Al-kida does a great job with screening phone calls, Bubba said
he can call Fabrizi about his son’s school, Spice asked Bubba to call
him. Spice said he’s an acception to the rule of dropping out of
school, and going into a big job. Bubba said this is just common
sense. Spice said he just found out that Tasha’s son’s school didn’t
air the speech; Spice thinks the kids don’t care. Bubba said people
are making a big deal out of it, when it’s not a big deal at all.
Spice thinks the media made this to be a big issue. Bubba tried to
call Fabrizi, only to get no answer, Bubba played the god Father
Music, Bubba hung up and said he’s done with him, Bubba thinks Fabrizi
is all teeth. Bubba thinks it’s disrespectful for Fabrizi to do that
with him. Bubba said Fabrizi was on the warm line, Bubba said re-dos
don’t sound as good as live content, Bubba thinks he’ll have some
ridiculous excuse. Bubba went to him, Richard said he left his ringer
off, we heard The God Father music under the conversation. Bubba
recapped the situation for him; Richard said that school makes up the
rules every day, Richard said that’s why he pulled his son out of
there. Bubba thinks Richard spent ten grand on his jet ski, Bubba said
the motor blew out right after the warrantee expired. Bubba said Jimmy
Kleavis wants to kick Richard’s ass, Ned thinks the conversation is
bad ass, Spice thinks this is some extreme stuff. Bubba said he went
to Caddies on Saturday, he said it is an awesome place. Bubba let
Richard go a short time later. Bubba thinks the C-dos are horrible
jetskies. Bubba said Honda does a great job with their products, Ned
thinks Bubba is a Honda mark. Skid from St. Pete said he’d never
purchase a product from C-do, Bubba found it was Portor, Portor is mad
because Bubba has a bad phone mix. The guys think Portor is a cop,
Bubba sarcastically said Portor got him, Bubba joked that he and Jim
coats are gay, he said he broke up with David G, Bubba Eviled him a
few seconds later, Ned thinks Grady Jud is a pitcher, they then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – A Manson Classic
Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s “Paul and young Ron” bit.
This was all we heard for this segment.

Segment 5 – Lex and terry photo, Bubba calls Kenny Kenny, Bob Barker
on WWE audio

Bubba told the people of Jacksonville to vote for Dan Quiggle, Bubba
said there’s reports about how lousy John Thrasher. Bubba thinks Terry
from Lex and Terry has gotten incredibly fat, Bubba thinks Lex has
maintained, Bubba thinks they could hang out with Lex, Bubba thinks
Terry is a fag, Bubba finds Terry to be pathetic. Ned thinks Terry is
gross. Mike thinks a man’s man shouldn’t go on twitter, Bubba said
it’s a marketing thing, mike said he’s an electrician, Bubba thinks
Mike is not in the business for social networking, he got Eviled a few
seconds later. Brent thinks Bubba will be racing this weekend, Bubba
wants to call Kenny Kenny, Spice hit the gong, Manson rang the bell,
we then heard an anti-racing bumper as the line connected, Bubba had
to leave a message, the guys continued the sound effects as he left
the message. Bubba wonders why Kenny isn’t picking up his phone, Bubba
called him back, he got sent to voicemail for a second time, Bubba
thinks it’s pathetic. We then heard a clip of Bob Barker on WWE, the
guys clown him for his voice, we then heard the Price is right theme,
Spice sang some words to the song, Spice thinks Bob Barker is like Ned
on television. Bubba said since Drew has hosted the show, the lawsuits
with the models have stopped. Bubba thinks he should be a gm for the
night, Ned thinks he can cut a promo better than Bob can, Bubba thinks
Bob isn’t alive. Brent thinks bob Barker has nothing on Richard
Dawson, Ned thinks Richard didn’t have pockets in his pants, Bubba
said bob can act, he finds him smooth. Spice thinks Chovo should just
leave after getting his ass kicked by Bob Barker, as bob roughs him up
a little, the guys cracked up at this, Bubba thinks they should’ve
kicked the guy in the nuts. Spice thinks Bob Barker could kick Ned’s
ass. Manson wonders if they’re going to bring Stephen Hawking on, they
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Tucker Carlson on the Phone

Coming out of commercials, we heard some O.A.R as bumper music. Bubba
played tucker Carlson’s bumper and brought him on. Bubba said he got a
ton of response from people who liked his text book documentary;
tucker thinks he should slow down when he talks. Bubba said Contessa
is wearing some green today, Tucker said he doesn’t watch MSNBC that
much. Bubba said he’s not buying what they’re selling; he’s just
looking at Contessa. Tucker said a lot of women on TV look different
than they do off camera, Bubba got caught off guard with a guy who
looks like a fatter version of tucker. Bubba said they’re experts on
women as porn stars. Bubba wonders if he’d have to chew his arm off if
he woke up next to her, Tucker said no. Bubba asked if Tucker could,
would he go for Tucker, Tucker said maybe. Bubba thinks Contessa and
her husband won’t last, Tucker said Contessa is beautiful enough to
cry on his shoulder. Tucker said he’s not focused on boobs, he said it
doesn’t mean anything to him, Ned thinks he’s a weirdo. Bubba said
he’s crushed some boobs. Bubba wondered who the most beautiful woman
in Television, tucker thinks someone on Fox. Bubba said Paul moony was
Richard Pryor’s best friend, Paul said that Barbra dated Pryor. Brent
said he’s mad that she got a job in broadcasting; Brent said she was a
miserable person at Howard’s wedding. Bubba went over the really cool
people at the wedding; Brent thinks Jone Rivers was miserable. Tucker
said he can’t get over the guys’s comments on Walters, tucker said he
doesn’t like her now. Bubba finds the view to be disgusting, Bubba
said he had Rosie O’donald all wrong, he never liked he work, Tucker
asked how could Rosie be one of the meanest person ever, Tucker said
he doesn’t like her gun control policies, Brent said he doesn’t like
her stants on that, Bubba said he likes her honesty, Manson said he
likes her, Bubba said she just doesn’t care. Bubba thinks after you’ve
been checked out; you should be able to have a gun. Bubba thinks
Tucker should agree with him on this, Tucker said he’s okay with
restrictions on caring guns to certain places. Tucker said every
police department he’s heard of doesn’t’ want people to have guns.
Tucker thinks his fingerprints aren’t anyone’s business, Bubba said
you need to go through the hoops to get it done. Tucker thinks words
can hurt people. We then heard a clip from Tucker’s Textbook special;
Bubba thinks Tucker sounded good, he thinks he’s on a zany bar. Tucker
said they did really well on it, Bubba thinks the Bubba Army helped
him out. Bubba asked tucker if he knew what Hulking up was, Tucker
said he thinks it’s when someone injects you with roids. Bubba wonders
if Jeff Cats contacted tucker, Tucker said he’d love to do that. Bubba
thinks people from L.A are plastic, Brent said he loved living in
Orange County, Tucker thinks it’s an interesting town. Tucker asked
how Hogan is; bubba said Hogan is doing well, Bubba thinks he’s glad
it’s over. Tucker thinks it’s embarrassing Linda is dating Charlie
hill, bubba said Charlie has no self-respect, Bubba said he heard that
Charlie runs the show, Tucker finds the situation embarrassing. Bubba
compared Charlie and tucker. We then heard another clip from Tucker’s
textbook special; Bubba mocks one of the people in the clip. Bubba
said people have no idea how shady the world is. Tucker said the point
of school is too learning stuff, not a social agenda. Bubba remembers
the days when they didn’t have vending machines in schools. Tucker
thinks the LGBT should be taught in school. Bubba asked Tucker about
Obama’s speech, bubba recapped the situation at Tyler’s school, Tucker
thinks the speech was boring, Tucker said he’s against the idea, bubba
wonders why you shouldn’t run it. Bubba wants to fight tucker, Spice
told him to stop being a political pundent, Tucker called his
teacher’s boring. Tucker thinks people are mad about Obama’s agenda,
Bubba said he’d like to use Tucker’s bowtie to strangle him, Tucker
thinks it’s just propaganda. Tucker wonders why schools showed the
O.J. verdict, Tucker said he’s for the civil rights movement. Bubba
said a lot of people, who can’t deal with Obama as President, Tucker
said his skin color has nothing to do with him. Bubba said the problem
is that everyone is in for a profit. Bubba wondered what happened to
people who were proud of someone in the Whitehouse. Bubba said you
have the right to complain about the president, Tucker said it’s not
his job to defend Glen Beck or Rush Limbaugh, Tucker thinks Limbaugh
sucked up to bush a little too much. Bubba said that they point out
people they like, Tucker thinks it’s stupid; Tucker thinks Obama’s
health care plan is horrible. Bubba said he doesn’t have a problem
with Republicans; the last thing they need to make a deal over is the
speech for kids. Bubba said obama has the it factor and the pop
culture grasp. Bubba said Tucker over thinks everything, bubba said
the average guy wants to know about Hollywood stars. Brent asked what
changed our Country than the Patriot act, Tucker said he’s not clear
what it did, he thinks the War on Terror has evaded our rights, Bubba
said you can’t figure out what it does, Brent said it violates the
constitution. Bubba said he has a big problem with Tyler’s principal,
Tucker thinks he should read the speech to his kids, bubba said it
would take him forever to do it. We then heard a clip from Obama’s
speech. Tucker said Obama has talked about himself for the past three
years, he wonders who cares, Bubba said there are some kids who are
probably like Obama. Ned thinks Tucker hates blacks, he wondered if
it’s hard to breathe with a big white hood over his head. Tucker
thinks it’s disheartening Obama said kids won’t be a Reality TV star,
Tucker said he agrees with Obama’s speech, bubba thinks Tucker hates
blacks, tucker cracked up at this. Brent wishes someone told him he
wouldn’t make it as a football player, bubba thinks the marines saved
Brent, the guys think Brent would be in jail. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – dirty songs on the radio, bubba’s future plans

Coming out of commercials, we heard “hope It Gives You Hell” as bumper
music. Bubba said he was listening to Sirius Hits 1, he said the songs
are filthy, he uses the song “My Weena” as an example, Manson said the
title means something else. Bubba said he gets so mad that had they
done something like that, they wouldn’t have lasted. Bubba wonders
what they did differently than what’s happening now. Manson said
there’s a lot of seamen references in songs, Spice said they’re afraid
to say stuff like that. Bubba said it’s a slippery slope if they can
expand their syndication markets, bubba said the radio industry
disgusts him. Brent said in this day and age, a physical newspaper are
gone. Bubba said when their contract is over, he’s thinking about just
leaving regular radio all together. Bubba said the rules have changed
every day, the rules no longer apply, Bubba said there are some people
who had a hand in them getting fired, that are no longer working in
the Political field. Bubba said he’s over it Brent said they might
have Rodney King on tomorrow, they then ended the show a few seconds

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  1. Tim

    I never realized how stupid you are until I here you talk to Tucker Carlson, WOW!! Its not so much what you say its how you say it. And all the constant repeating of what you call a point, we all get it the first time. Stick to what you know whatever that is. Love Ned and Manson, they make the show.

  2. tim conant

    fellas plz get with 25 and figure out my fn order. i ordered and paid for a breaking the chains shirt back n tyhe day and never recieved it

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