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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Recap provided by Blind Lawrence.

Bumper music provided by Big Dick:
Metallica – Cyanide
Motley Crue – Helter Skelter
REO Speedwagon – Roll With the Changes
Jefferson Starship – Stranger
Saga – On the Loose
Rage Against the Machine – Snakecharmer
Journey – Any Way You Want It
Mudvayne – Forget to Remember
Phish – Free
The Ramones – The KKK Took My Baby Away

Segment 1 – Hogan from the Hospital

The show started off with audio of the Rays winning (14-5). We then
heard one of Hogan’s many bumpers; Bubba said he was reading Hogan’s
Twitter about how he couldn’t sleep. Hogan came on singing some parts
of “Voodoo Child”, changing the words to reflect his situation, Ned is
convinced Hogan is zipped up, Hogan said he needs a bed, he’ll be
buying one today, Bubba said Hogan said a needs the kind of bed that
old people use. Hogan said he needs a firm bed, Bubba said that Hogan
asked him for a pre-nup, we then heard Hogan’s morphine button, Hogan
said that the nurses cut everything in half; he said they screwed him
over. Bubba recapped some of Hogan on Twitter, Hogan said there was
one of him and Bubba in the hospital, he thinks the soft bed crippled
him, Spice said Tasha’s Mom is involved in the Select Comfort bed,
Bubba said he has a bed like that, he likes how everything in Hogan’s
life is violent, he then told Hogan they’ve got the Cottonmouth Kings
coming in, Hogan referred to them as the Cottonmouth Kitties. Bubba
asked Hogan if he lit joints with $100 bills, Hogan said yes, he said
the first guy he saw that was from Dr. Joe Gram do it, Spice said he
was watching a clip of Hogan cutting a promo on the Ultament Warrior,
he said it was insane. Bubba said that Macho man was once a great
promo cutter, Hogan then did his macho impression; he said that he’ll
listen to the show and see how good it is without him. Bubba went over
some sports scores; he said that Tom Bean will be meeting Howard Stern
and Don Buchwald. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Crazy Caller

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “Bitch, I Told
You”. Bubba said that Dave Rice found a great deal, Dave said Jet Blue
from New York to New Orleans is $99. Bubba said nobody gets into
characters anymore, Spice said he loved that stuff. Bubba wanted to
check his 1800AskBrent line, he then dialed the number, he called to
make sure Brent was at work today, Spice called him Brent “The Brain”
Hatley. Cindy said she wanted to talk about the land lord where she
lived, Ned sad this was the woman with the dogs, he said he went over
there, Cindy asked if Ned has the blue pill, she said he was there for
a good six hours, she can’t tell them everything, Ned said she’s a
white trash tiger, he said the carpet matched the drapes. Bubba asked
how many times they had sex, Cindy said they were tossing around for a
good four hours, she said that she tried the fuzzy hand cuffs, but it
wasn’t working out, Ned said that there’s no telling what can happen
once the hand cuffs are on. Cindy said that Ned had a gun out, Bubba
thinks Ned is the only guy to roll up on a blind date with a gun,
Cindy said that Ned showed up between 12:00-12:30, she said she passed
around four hours into it. We then heard Fog Hat’s “Slow Ride” as the
call went on, Ned yelled for her to shut up, Cindy’s phone then hit
some buttons, Bubba then hit some buttons as Cindy explained what Ned
did, ned said this story was bringing him down, he said that he
brought a ball gag with him, he called her a “Magic jack ginger
whore”. Cindy asked if the guys would like for her to put the ball gag
on, she did that a short time later, her phone was still hitting
buttons, Ned yelled for her to shut up a few times. During all this,
“Slow ride” by Fog Hat, the coocoo sound effect, and her phone were
all going. ned said he was getting sensory overload, we then heard the
Evil sounder a few times, followed by the old school hang up. Bubba
said he’s worn out from doing all that, Ned said she’s a loud mouth
bitch. Manson thinks what people would say if they tuned in for the
first time. Bubba asked Ned how he got the number, Ned said that he
just looked at Pantera cross eyed; Bubba thinks Hogan was smashing the
morphine button during that segment, they then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 3 – emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page ( Bubba said the music was provided by Big
dick, he’s not sure if he listens to REO Speed Wagon, he then hit the
pander warning sounder a few times, Spice and Brent shot him down,
Dave said he can’t stand the song. Bubba then went over what they’ve
got coming up on the sow, he then asked Brent to explain the 12 Boobs
of Christmas, they’ll be in Miami, Jacksonville, Scene night club and
Dayton, he said that he needs to know by Friday with regards to Ft.
Meyers and Orlando, he said the Orlando appearance was a fun time,
Brent said he messed up his favorite car that night (December 4,
2009). The first email of the day said that Krock has been cutting off
some of the show, Bubba thinks they’re talking about the internet
stream; Bubba said that it’s a legal issue. Another emailer asked for
the name of the ceramic baring company Bubba uses, Bubba said it’s
World Wide Baring. Another emailer called Bubba a fat, draft dodger
for disrespecting a soldier. Another emailer said that he and his
friends went to the Wing House for their football fantasy team, they
loved it. Another emailer said they saw the Bubba Army sticker on the
Justin Humphries car they talked about yesterday. Another emailer said
over the years, he heard some bad stuff on Bubba’s show, he loves the
show. Another emailer said they were at Sting Ray Chevy, they had a
great experience. Another emailer said that one of the Sirius replays
was of Hanna Hilton (December 20, 2006), she’s now in porn. Matt in
Lakeland said he enjoyed the segment with the caller, Ned thinks it
won’t be a good day at home. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 4 – Classic Hogan promos, Hogan from the Hospital

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza New
Orleans. Bubba came back talking about the Twelve Boobs of Christmas,
he said that you can enter on, or you can enter in person,
your pictures won’t be on the internet, if you sign up in person,
there’s going to be a winner guaranteed, Brent said that they’ll be in
Dayton on October 23, he then sad that date might change, Spice said
that it gets strangely professional every year, Bubba said they take
the picture in whatever you’d like. Spice said for 48 hours, they’re
going to lock some guys in a room, they’ll be provided with minimal
stuff, Manson proposes the guys be in total darkness, Spice said they
were proposing the guys drink Red Bull, Bubba wonders if that’s
healthy. Dave said he has 108 racket balls in his trunk that he needs
to get; Bubba thinks all they do is put protective eyewear on Tuddle.
We then heard a clip of Hogan cutting a promo on the Ultament Warrior,
Spice likes how he’s tan, Bubba said no one does this anymore, Spice
as Hogan said he goes down to the beach, pees himself and freaks out.
We then heard one of Hogan’s many bumpers; Hogan was heard telling the
doctor to leave. Bubba asked if Hogan could cut a promo from the bed,
Spice said he misses the promos. Hogan said he decided to make
wrestling what it should be, he has some stuff he needs to say,, he’s
not sure how they’re going to take it, he said it’s the personal edge,
he said he’ll be telling the truth about wrestling. Bubba asked Hogan
if he heard the Cindy call, Hogan said it was brutal, he then asked
for the best thing to buy for his back, Ned suggested Hogan sleep like
a bat. We then heard Hogan hitting the morphine pump a few times; they
then went to commercials shortly after that.

Segment 5 – Ned’s New Bit, Crazy Cindy, B-Fudd calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba
said that Tyler is all excited about school, there’s been a kid in
Julia’s class that has been messing with one of her friends, he said
that he and Tyler talked about it, Ned thinks tyler should cut a Hogan
like promo, Bubba said that Tyler should say that he’ll gladly take a
detention for it, he said the kid is going to flip out, Spice thinks
Tyler is like Dana White, Bubba thinks he’ll get a bunch of bad Dad
emails, Spice thinks a lot of Moms will email them complaining, Spice
said all you have to do is hit one kid in school, you’ll be legendary,
Manson said he’d like to see that on We then heard Ned’s
“Hulk’s Shells”, the song parodies “Hells Bells” by AC/DC, and recaps
Hogan collecting shells, Ned thinks it’s the pinnacle of his career.
We then heard the tymbal, Bubba said he hates to go to the well, but
Cindy is back on, Cindy didn’t like when Bubba asked her how old she
was, she called Hulk a poor baby, Bubba thinks she heeds a chop to the
throat, we then heard the clip of Diamond Dave about ninjinining
people. Bubba told Cindy to put the ball gag in, he said she was
irritating. Bubba told her that one would be for yes; two beeps would
be for a no. Ned asked if he could cut off one of her fingers the next
time he was to visit, she said no to that, Bubba told Ned to back down
a little, he then told her how quick she should dial the phone, he
then had her practice it, Ned said it’s hard to get in the mood, he
then asked if she’d play Russian Roulette, she said yes to that. Ned
asked if she’d like if he could dress up like a clown, she said yes,
Ned said he wasn’t finished, she said no to the John Wayne Gasey
situation, Bubba suggested they just break up. Cindy asked if she
could take the ball gag out, Bubba told her she can only talk in
spurts, he said that she needs to ask permition to speak. Cindy said
she’d like eight or nine bullets, Bubba buzzed her, he then dumped her
for cursing, he then suggested she cal him aster Ned. Ned asked if
she’d be willing to stand behind a Richard Dawson cutout with a mouth
hole, she said yes to that. Bubba said that if Ned walks in and sees a
dog turd, he’s out. Cindy said she had weed last time, Ned told her to
buy some good stuff, he told her to use her EBT card. Bubba had to
dump her for cursing, he told her that she’s jeopardizing Ned’s job,
he then yelled for her to put the ball gag in, he then told her to
have Fog hat on the stereo, Ned said he might come by and pleasure
himself with a shake weight, he then said they gotta go, he told her
not to connect the dots on her freckles, Bubba thinks they should
regulate her on down to just one day a week. Slim asked if Bubba will
make a fte sweatshirt, Bubba said he’s thinking about it, Ned said
he’d like it. Bubba wonders what Spice would sound like on the CB,
Spice said he’s not into it, he then asked for a fte snuggy, Ned asked
for the fat guy to stop breathing so heavily. Spice asked if they can
get pitched up. Bubba called up 1800askBrent on high pitch,
he then asked Brent about some football stuff. Bubba thinks they sound
like girls, he thinks the show should be five guys in an inner tube.
The guys then lowered the pitch, Bubba said he’s a six foot ten inch
black guy, he then called 1800AskBrent, Spice thinks Brent sounds like
an undercover guy, Bubba thinks this is what they need for Miami.
Brandy in Orlando said Bubba sounds normal, she said the guys have a
great show, she thinks Bubba is on point with what he said to Tyler;
Ned thinks the caller is a transsexual, he thinks Tyler might chicken
out. Spice said he’s digging the vibe right now, Bubba then set the
guys in an echo setting, he thinks he has a lot to deal with, he
thinks that if the guys were to kill him, the guys would have
something to eat, Ned suggested they kill the guy. Spice wonders if
this is their Miami audience. We then heard B-Fudd came on, Spice said
it’s hard to understand him normally, B-Fudd asked bubba how he is, he
said he cracked up when Hogan said he peed himself, Bubba then went
back to the regular setting. B-Fudd said the girlfriend Ned has is
crazy, Bubba said that B-Fudd won’t be able to make it to
Bubbapalooza; B-Fudd said hammil told him why he wouldn’t be able to
go, Bubba told him to say, he said it was something about Bubba, he
said that hammil called Bubba cheap, he then hung up. We then heard
Ned’s “Hulk’s Shells”. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 6 – Various News

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Sassy Cassie
dating game. Bubba said they need to talk about the Sassy Cassie
dating game, he thinks they should put a rotator up on where you can
get the chicken dip, Spice said he hasn’t gotten anything yet, he then
explained who Sassy Cassie is, he said she’s a very small woman, only
two foot nine, Manson said that’s disturbing. Bubba thinks the new
stage at the BRN will be two foot eleven. Scott said he’s had back
surgery years ago, the best bed he likes is the memory phome, Bubba
said they’ll look into that, he said he’s trying to be a little bit
nicer, he said he broke bread with Sluggo, he thinks he’s got him all
wrong, Brent said he’s noticed. Spice said he’s not being a dick, he
said that Bubba was at the Dentist office, Bubba said this made him
look like a premadonnas, he said there’s a guy who cleans pools in the
neighborhood, he said the guy is a great guy, he said sometimes this
guy gets a little over excited, he said that he had signed in, the guy
walked in, Bubba told the guy he’s getting ready to get work done, he
asked him to catch him on the way out, Spice said they use to bust
Warren Sapp’s balls for not signing stuff, he said he agrees with Sapp
on not signing something trivial, Manson said he now asks himself what
a Canadian would do? Bubba said he’ll sign anything, he said this is a
friend who has done some stuff for him; he said it would be more
fitting for the guy to come around. We then heard a news clip about a
Thanks giving day murder, the jailhouse tapes were released, Bubba
thinks the audio is horrible, Spice wonders how you can spy on the
conversation. Bubba said as much as they cut on charities, the United
Way of Dayton Ohio, 75% of the money goes back to the community, Spice
said by charity standards that’s really good. Bubba said that Brent
told him that if you put in the memo section that you’d like for it to
go somewhere, he then called up 1800askBrent, Brent confirmed that
it’ll go where you’d like for the money to go, he said that came about
because of the 9/11 victims. Bubba said that the 45th telethon
donations were down, he remembered when growing up, it used to be an
event, they only made $58.9, 000,000, Brent said he’ll pull up some
information on that, Spice said the cure sure is expensive. James in
St. Cloud if bubba wasn’t who he was it’d be different. Amy in
Brooksville said there’s a chair called the Zero Gravity chair, Bubba
said he’d like something like that, she then described it, saying how
there’s no pressure. Doug said he was listening to Howard; it was
something about win Fred’s money, Bubba thinks that Brent has already
lost in that. Brent said he’d decline that offer, he said Fred Norris
is smarter than him. Bubba said that there’s a trust that’s going to
take back Reggie Bush’s trophy, Brent said he deserves to get his
trophy taken away, Bubba said Reggie would be the first player to get
it stripped from him, Brent said O.J. Simpson had the trophy, but Fred
Goldman physically took it away from him, he said that Vince Young
doesn’t want the spot, as he didn’t win it the normal way. Bubba then
read an article about mushrooms helping out cancer patients, he
doesn’t get why it’s illegal, he then read an article about John
Travolta cheating on his wife, he thinks Ned should do some day spa
action with John, Spice said the guy who wrote this is about to get
his ass sued, Brent thinks the story sounds like a farce, he thinks
John will sick the Scientologists on them. Bubba then said some stuff
in op, the guys cracked up at that, they then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Various news, Hulk Hogan calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza new
Orleans featuring Blind Lawrence, followed by “Any Way You Want it” by
Bubba said the mystery guest they were going to have on isn’t
answering his phone. Spice said the Tiger Woods thing was surprising,
with Travolta it’s not so shocking. We then heard a promo made by the
Ultament Warrior, Bubba said it explains why the guy is an idiot, Ned
thinks he sounds like a bear, Bubba wonders why he spent some of the
video talking to the wall, he doesn’t think the guy understands
English, he then wondered what he was saying, Manson said this is the
Mike Alstott of wrestling, Bubba thinks Manson gave himself his own
idea, Manson thinks Mel Gibson should’ve been a professional wrestler,
as his promos are ten times better, Spice said he’d rather listen to
audio of Travolta in a men’s spa, Manson asked that he shut up. We ten
heard a clip of Macho Man saying he’ll take on the Ultament Warrior,
Bubba asked that they make it stop, he thinks we’re retarded, he then
said that everyone has done what he’d like for everyone to do, Spice
said this guy is apparently the only American that will stand up and
question what happens, Brent said it could get worse, we then heard a
news clip about that. Bubba said the more we make stories about it,
Spice said they’re willing to kill people over a burning book, Manson
said it shouldn’t have been covered, Spice said this guy is a bad
messenger, he said since September 11, we’ve lived in fear. Bubba said
burning a book has nothing to do with torturing people, he said he
likes the guy for having the stones, he mentioned Comedy Central. We
then heard one of Hogan’s many bumpers, Bubba said this is the third
call from him, Hogan wondered if this is about Obama wanting to build
the Mosk, he thought it was the city of new York, Brent said it’s
private property. Hogan said he’s still waiting for the mri to come
back, he said he’s heard all the stuff on the show, bubba thinks the
only thing he should hear is how crappy the Ultament Warrior’s promo,
he thinks he promoted himself out of the business, Hogan said he was
an idiot, he said he’d always run in a different direction. Bubba
asked how good it was to work with Randy, Hogan said he knew
everything, he said no one was better than Andre, he said he wasn’t
limited, he could put everything on you, he then said that he wrote
down how Wrestlemania III would go down, he said that was the first
time he ever did that, he said when they weighed Andre, he was about
697, he then described his match with Andre, Spice said it’s a weird
thing being told that you should pick a guy that size up, Bubba liked
how Andre made more money than Hogan, he said he knows what the fans
want, Hogan thinks Bubba didn’t like his wrestling show, Ned said he
woke up when Hogan said polishing a knob. Bubba asked Hogan if he
heard about Ned’s new girlfriend, Hogan said that she sounds messed
up, he suggested Bubba appeal to Middle America.
We then heard “Operator Hogan” from “The Kabuki project” track 15, and
“Bubba show Classics Vol. 7”, track 2. The song parodies “Operator” by
Jim Croce, and focuses on Hogan’s constant calling, where he requested
the Bubba Army vote for Brooke. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 8 – Wrapping up the show

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba
said that Keith asked if anyone would like Jonas Brothers tickets,
Spice said yes, but not for him, he said that it’s for Tasha and her
son, he likes how they serve alcohol, Bubba thinks the more alcohol,
the more you’ll be able to tolerate the show, Spice said that he
doesn’t feel so great drinking beer at Chuck E Cheese. Bubba read the
stats on the Muscular Dystrophy charity, they took $182,000,000, but
only gave back $61,000,000, about 33%, he said the Btls Foundation
doesn’t have a salary, Brent said jerry wasn’t listed in having a
salary, he said he’ll look it up. Bubba said the mda foundation gives
out $80,000,000 in salaries, he thinks they shouldn’t have the money
for salaries, he said it’s not finding a cure; he thinks they should
have $0.33 for every dollar on the tote board. James the pool guy came
on, Bubba said he’s not trying to be a dick, he said it’s not cool to
follow him in the Dentist office, James said he didn’t follow him in,
he apologized for that, he said he won’ do that again, Spice thinks
he’ll kill him by the end of the day. Bubba asked Tuddle to stop
trying so hard, he said when they want him, they’ll let him know, he
said now it’s getting creepy, he told him that by driving over there,
he’s wasting gas, he told him to buy a cheese burger or ten, Manson
thinks he’s either a really good go getter, or he’s pathetic, Bubba
told him he’s being creepy. They then ended the show a few seconds

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