Wednesday, September 05, 2012

September 5th, 2012 by Staff


The guys talk about the Rays.
Tyler starts Fall ball today.
Emails: Bubba has a great show, Ft. Meyers listener loves the show,
Breaking the Chains shirt, and a man asks how to get in contact with
Art Hammer.
Bubba said that no one is getting charged for anything at the
Christmas party, he asked the haters to just get a life.
“Fire Flies” was played, Ned thinks he should be locked up on obsenity
for that offering (“Bubba Show Classics Vol. 13” track 4).
Bubba talked about some of the stuff they’ve got going on at Bubba
Raceway Park, the guys then talked about Demolition durbies.
Bubba wants to have a Bubba Army pool table; he says that Ned is a
hell of a player.
Pet names for the candidates during the convention:

Barack Obama – Rennigade.
Michelle Obama – Rennisaunce.
The Obama kids – Rosebud and Radience.
Joe Biden – Celtic.
Jill Biden – Kapree.
Mitt Romney – Javalin.
Ann Romney – not named yet.
Paul Ryan – Beau Hunter.
Yana Ryan – Buttercup.

Bubba got a tattoo yesterday; he got some numbers that are very special to him.
Ned’s “Neditorial – Mitt romeny”.
Puddle of Mudd frontman arrested for publick intoxication on a flight.
Malissa Harris Pary has a meltdown over business people.
The guys talk about poor people and social security.
Mayor of a town in Texas killed by a donkey.
Tara said Ned went to the Aquarium yesterday, Ned said it was research purposes.
Bubba wished Tyler the best of luck in baseball tryouts today.
Caller said he saw a donkey kill another animal.
Top 5 countdown – Country.
During the countdown, a song called “Angel Eyes” came up, this led to
Bubba talking about the song by Jeff Heeli of the same name, the guys
like Jeff’s version better.
Manson’s 7:40 Segment – “Blue Blood Nigga In parris”.
Bubba played some AC/DC, he wants to get Brian Johnson on the show.
Twnety-five said he saw “Private Parts” last night, Bubba then talked
about how radio has changed from when he first started out.
Tara talked about an article that mentioned morning zoos.
Sean in Port Richy said he likes the programing on The bone, if he
wants music he’ll just plug in his iPod.
Caller asked about the Billy Madison show, Bubba said they’re probably
one of the younger ones.
Danny the ew said the reallity is people don’t need the radio anymore,
he did overnights for two years, he could only talk for 00:30,
personallities are done.
Caller said he used to listen to bubba in Cincinatti, he mentioned a
guy named Eddie fingers; Bubba said he likes that guy.
Nick in Charleston talked about losing some station, Bubba thanked Lyn
martin for believing in them.
Mark in Chicago said that talk radio comes and goes in cycles; he
thinks it’s going through a bad period.
Audio clip of Courtney Stodden talks about the contracts she has gotten.
The guys talked about “Bottle girl”, this led to Bubba began to goof
on Denzil, Tara joined in, this had the guys cracking up.
Audio clip – New Jersey teacher in a sex scandle.
Bubba thinks they didn’t have a lot of hot teachers when we he went to
high school.
Ring in Boston asked if Tyler had sex with a teacher, what would
Bubba’s reaction be, Bubba thinks that he would make sure the teacher
got fired, but didn’t want to see her go to jail.
Twenty-five was going to chime in, but locked up, the guys clowned him for this.
Audio clip – igh school coach resigns after writing a racey book.
Audio clip – Courtney Brantly’s trial.
Audio clip – Twelve year-old has a $50,000 grant for bulleying; he has
autism and Tourette’s.
Audio clip – the national Enquirer taks with doug, the man who talked
about John Travolta.
Manson’s “John Travolta Song”.
Audio clip – Cocaine Grandma killed.
Audio of Seal talking about how he doesn’t want his ex to have sex
with “the help”.
Billy on protection said 85-90% of the drugs in tis country went through her.
Ned’s Load – “Tabbaco Plant Call” (“Ned’s Misc Hits Vol. 1” track 11).
Audio clip – Gay couple sues TSA over sextoy beng taped to their bags.
Audio clip – Coach punches soccer player.
Audio clip – Hank Williams JR on Obama.Manson’s “Barry H. Obama”
closes the show. Show

Bubba still isn’t into “Breaking Bad”; he likes “Dexter” better.
Emails: Early enlister understands why the show has to change, Dan
thinks Bubba was on fire yesterday, Canadian listener found the show,
listener talks about cheating in school, listener ordered chicken dip
in the UK, and a listener’s wife has cancer, Bubba remembers meeting
the man.
Bubba thinks cutting back on the hour gives him more energy to do other things.
Twenty-five then went over the schedule for’s specialty shows.
Bubba said that Dr. oe Saturley has resigned frm radio.
Bubba attempted to call the listener from the UK, but got voicemail,
he redialed the number, he got a fast busy signal when he tried to
redial, Manson then did a British accent praising the show.
Audio clip – Scientology.
Audio clip – Telemarketer gets thretend, Bubba then talked about the
time he messed with a telemarketer.
Audio clip –
Cory suggests Bubba use the Do not Call number.
Audio clip – Chad Johnson’s ex speaks out.
Bubba is shocked Manson hasn’t done a bit about Brent curbing himself.
Audio clip – Boat accident with a fountain, Bubba cracked up at the footage.
Audio clip – Nicki Six hypes up a crowd by trashing John Mayor.

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