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Top Stories:
Shannon Burke, on the air again, says he’s an alcoholic
Tanguay signs with Lightning
Woman allegedly beat step-daughter, shaved her head
St. Petersburg Mayoral Primary

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

Segment 1 – Sports scores, Tyler’s new teacher, Bubba knows more about Radio

The show started off with some messages from the fans, Bubba really
liked one guy’s Billy Mays impersonation. Bubba recapped some sports
scores, Bubba thinks the Rays are done, Brent and Spice agree. Bubba
said tonight was his last bowling night, he said the Allie called him
yesterday about Gay night, Bubba said it was a rib. Bubba plugged the
latest stuff on and Bubba thinks he knows he’s
getting old, he found one of his favorite pens. Bubba said one of
Tyler’s teachers is really good looking, Bubba joked he hoped Tyler
flunks the first grade so he can have her again, Spice said he had to
do that last week. Spice wonders if she has a tight ass, Bubba thinks
that isn’t a good idea to say that, Manson said she’s Christian. Bubba
reminded the Richmond audience that they’re on 100.9. Bubba thinks
they’re not going to get any calls from Richmond. Bubba thinks he
knows more about radio and racing than the guys. Bubba said Cox’s
general manager’s tactics won’t work on him. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard some messages from the fans, then
into “Mississippi Queen” as bumper music. Bubba plugged what they’ve
got coming up, Bubba and Spice discuss the various genre names, Bubba
thinks being black is cool. Bubba said they’ve had some problems at
CBS, a woman he knows got let go for some reason, Bubba thinks an
angry fat woman who was behind it. Bubba thinks the show would be
boring if they had to dress corporate. The first email of the day
asked if it was okay to say hello to Bubba at Huntsville, Bubba said
yes. Another emailer thinks after someone is convicted, the state
should put information on line, the emailer could then get a license
and kill them, Bubba told the guy to chill out. Another emailer thinks
Bubba is a horrible parent. Bubba asked the guys if they got spanked
growing up, the guys say yes, Bubba said he’s documented all the times
he’s spanked Tyler. Dave said his daughter is a good kid, Brent said
it’s different with boys. Bubba read some emails about the twelve
boobs of Christmas. Another email told about a pastor in Arizona who
has wished Obama brain cancer. Another emailer thinks they should have
Bubba on WCC in Hartford, Bubba wants to send a package up there,
Bubba thinks they’ll give you some nut hut guy. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Farting discussions, the new intern, the new album,
various news clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for We then heard some messages from the fans,
then into Ned’s “Introduction for New Listeners” from “Bubba’s new And
Misc Hits Vol. 8”, track 11. We then heard “You Shook Me All Night
Long” as bumper music. Josh asked about the fart bucket, Spice said he
hasn’t been gassy lately, Bubba hit the bumper; Bubba explained it for
the new listeners. Manson said he never farts at work, Bubba thinks
Manson queefs. Bubba asked for a professional farter to email them.
Spice thinks he needs broccoli to have some farts going, Bubba said he
loves to fart in bed; he said it drives Heather crazy. Brent said he
wants to make Amanda puke, Jim Florentine has accomplished that. Bubba
brought in the new intern, a guy named Jarrid. The guys think he looks
like a terrorist, the guys re name him Al-kida. Craig in Jacksonville
called in with a problem with a girl, Bubba hung up on him, Bubba
suggested the guy go call Love Line with his problems, Bubba said he
could care less. Bubba said it takes about Five-six weeks for
something to hit iTunes. Bubba goes over the track listing for the new
album on iTunes, “Bubba show Classics Vol. 10”.

  1. Billy Mays for Oxy Conton
  2. David Caridean was Strangulating
  3. Brian Blare Monday night Raw
  5. Caylee’s Not in The Cradle
  6. Clem’s Creek – Daddy Daughter Day
  7. Telephone Tough guys
  8. Good-bye Cruel World
  9. I Shot A dog with A Hand Gun
  10. It’s a Racing Deal
  11. Mike Tyson Prays
  12. MJ In Fourth Place
  13. Shannon Burke Song
  14. Snake Snake Snake
  15. Stocky
  16. Dark Brown
  17. Dead Bay-bay
  18. Gomer Hatley
  19. Hogan So what
  20. Hypno Spice
  21. Juicey Bubba
  22. King of Pop Is In A Box
  23. Ladies Love Dark Skinned boys
  24. Michael Jackson Eulogy
  25. Sitting On My Penis
  26. Tattoo Barbie Call
  27. White Bangled Tiger
  28. insane In The clem Brain

Bubba thinks you can save $0.10 on We then heard a clip
about the race in st. Petersburg, bill Foster came out on top, Bubba
thanked people for voting for Foster. Bubba wants to host an hour show
for both candidates. Bubba doesn’t like Ford for having a big head,
also that she doesn’t want to talk with the Rays. Bubba read an
article about DJ AM with some Oxy Conton in his system; Spice thinks
it looks like a suicide. Manson wonders how many Rush Limbaugh was
taking, Brent said about twenty a day, Brent said your body builds up
a tolerance for it. Bubba wonders if smoking crack is like smoking
pot, Brent and Spice say it’s not even close, Ned thinks the guy knew
how to party. KC asked about a baby who got her toes chewed off by a
pit-bull, the mom was on medication, Manson thinks it’s a white trash
story. BJ in Phoenix asked if Bubba tweeted Beth’s ass, Bubba
explained it was heather’s ass he posted, BJ wonders what Beth’s ass
looks like, Bubba said Howard sent him the picture, he didn’t know who
it was. Bubba asked BJ to call Howard and set the record straight, BJ
wants them to do a live on live, Bubba said he doesn’t like to bug
Howard. Bubba asked Twenty-five to get him a Redbowl/Fein, he thinks
he’s not listening to the show, Spice thinks he’s listening to rap
music. We then heard a clip about the Georgia murder; the guys don’t
like how channel four reports the story. Brad in Georgia said there
were other murders that went down; Bubba thinks they should hire Brad
to report news. We then heard a clip about Shannon Burke, saying his
marriage is stronger, the guys don’t believe him. We then heard
Manson’s “Shannon Burke song” from “Bubba Show classics Vol. 10”,
track 13. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Jim Phillips audio, clear Channel, Return of Fart Validation

Coming out of commercials, we heard some messages from the fans, then
into some LL Cool jay as bumper music. Bubba said they don’t condone
the racial comments from various people who call the phone line. Bubba
asked who twitted yesterday, Brent and Spice said yes, Manson said he
didn’t, he thinks he should be punished. Bubba said his friend Dane
Miller owns Ford Travel trailers, Bubba said a lot of people have told
him about the showroom. Bubba asked ned his favorite Supreme court
justice is, ned said Clarence Thomas, Bubba said he and his wife go
RVing; Brent thinks he should do that more. Matt in St. Lewis said he
heard of Bubba from Howard Stern, he wondered what happened with
Jabberjaw, Bubba thinks he should call her, Bubba said he was a little
concerned with her leaving so suddenly, Bubba thinks they should call
her. Bubba thinks she didn’t like Big Dick, Bubba said she was good at
what she did, he was sad to see her go, Brent said MJ treats people
poorly. Bubba played a clip of Jim Phillips interviewing Shannon
Burke, Bubba wondered why Linda Byrd would allow it, Bubba said he’s
got respect for Jim. Bubba doesn’t get why clear Channel gets rid of
hosts; Bubba thinks Clear Channel made a mistake by taking Bubba
Wupass willson from The monsters. Bubba wonders if someone’s feet will
be held to the fire for hiring Lex and terry. Bubba said jobs in radio
are premium, Bubba told Spice he has no idea how bad Clear channel is
bankrupting him, Bubba said he’s public enemy #1 with them. Bubba said
when it all shakes down; the end result will be the same. Clear
channel will have to pay their legal fees, Bubba will have to pay his
end of the deal, he’ll be able to tell the story. Bubba thinks they
spent seven figures on legal fees going after him. Bubba said people
have their time frames in radio. Bubba said if someone comes in to
fight him, he’ll either come back or let them flame out. Bubba said
he’s not going anywhere, Bubba said Cox has offered them an extension,
the guys crack up when he said thick and wide. Spice said the power is
totally out; Bubba wants Al-kida to take the fart, which he did. Bubba
told him not to talk during the farting; they then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Power outage at the BRN

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “Hypno Spice” from “Bubba
show classics vol. 10”, track 20. Ned came on and said that they were
on vacation. We then heard a clip from July 28, 2009, where Jeff Clark
called in about Gabe Meyers. Jeff thinks Bubba should have done
something about it, as Gabe committed suicide. Jeff’s daughter called
in and complained for talking to her Dad like that, Bubba thinks she
listens to MJ.

Segment 6 – power back on, Joe the Supermark VS Al-kida

Bubba said they had a power outage, Bubba thinks it’s amazing it
happened the day they got the new intern. Bubba told the listeners
they’ll be hearing a fan, as the generator can’t power the air
conditioner. Bubba thinks this will be a good time for people to tweet
them. Bubba is afraid to ask what the past tense of twitting is, Spice
said Steve Colbert said it. Bubba read that the Lightning got some new
guy; we then heard a clip about that. Bubba wonders when Saw six will
come out, Spice said he loves those movies, Bubba said he’s never seen
one of them, he thinks they’re too scary, Spice clowns him for saying
that, Bubba said he doesn’t like that stuff, Spice suggested Bubba see
“The Notebook”, Bubba said he’s tired of people to tell him to see
“the Hang Over”. Bubba chided Ned for ordering stuff from a sponsor,
Bubba said he’s supposed to ask him before doing so, ned thinks he
asked him. Bubba thinks Ned’s car was bondoed by Blind Lawrence. Joe
the Supermark called in, Joe thinks the new intern is lying about him.
Joe said he doesn’t know how to make a CD, he said he’s never asked
wrestlers for an autograph. Joe said he doesn’t have a problem with
the guy, but he blew a run-in. Joe wonders why the guy went on his
favorite radio show. Bubba said Al-kida is a good worker, Joe said
he’d like to work with the guys, Joe said Al-kida has taken both of
his dreams, he thinks he’ll be a mark if he gets a picture with Hogan.
Joe said Hogan has asked for a picture with him, Spice wondered how it
feels that Al-kida has taken Joe’s dreams, Bubba thinks Al-kida is a
hell of a hand, Joe said they’ll find out who he is in time. Bubba
asked for Al-kida to come into the studio. Bubba thanked Al-kida for
his effort with the fart bucket. Spice said Joe doesn’t like him,
Spice recapped it for him, Bubba asked Joe to say hi to Al-kida, Joe
just said “yeah”. Joe said he’s never had a problem with him until
now. Al said five or six others guy can prove his story about Al snow,
Al said he saw Al snow changing up, he saw Joe with a mix tape of Al’s
music, he asked him to use it, Al said he’ll use his ECW theme. Al
said Joe handed him a tape of Al’s old matches, Bubba asked Joe what
happened, Bubba said they love him. Joe said Al is lying to everyone,
he said he walked up to Al snow and asked him what music he was using,
Joe said they don’t need him to bring in a CD, as it’s all digital,
Joe said he only has one VCR. Al said he was shooting, Al said he’s
met worse losers than Joe. Al said the word on Joe is that he’s a
Supermark who lives in his Mom’s basement, Joe said he’s a Supermark
when it comes to the Bubba show; Bubba reminded Joe he marks out to
Hogan. Joe said if he was on a show with Hogan, he wouldn’t ask him
for anything, he said when he was on a show with rick Flare, he didn’t
ask for anything. Al said Joe gets work for small town stuff, Al
wonders if fifty people for free is work, Joe said he’s worked for
thousands of people, Joe said they don’t pay refs as much as they do
the wrestlers. Bubba wonders what other wrestlers think of them, Al
said the show is pretty positively received. Bubba thinks Joe should
put Al over, Bubba said the show will teach Al some stuff, Joe said
he’s never hated him, he doesn’t understand where the problem is
coming from, Bubba wonders if Al knows the show, Al said he reads
about it on line from wrestling sites, Spice thinks Joe knows too much
about the show. Bubba said Al helped out Dave with the generator,
Bubba said he’s sorry Joe and Al can’t get along. Bubba wanted the
guys to start over with a clean slate; Joe wants to make sure Al
understands he didn’t do anything he said. Bubba through it over to
them, Al thinks Joe will give him a DVD of his matches. Al said he was
sorry for burying Joe, Joe said he’s being the bigger man, Bubba
thinks Joe got a little wordy, Joe said he was sorry for what he said.
Spice said Al offered up an autograph picture, Joe declined, Joe said
he’s glad they could work stuff out, the guys think the Nazi angle
doesn’t fly in wrestling. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 7 – tucker Carlson Calls In

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Ned Hardly shirt,
then into some messages from the fans. We then heard Manson’s “Burning
In hell” from “Bubba show classics Vol. 1”, track 25. We then heard
“American Girl” as bumper music, Bubba asked spice to get Tucker
Carlson on. Bubba played tucker’s bumper and brought him on. Tucker
said he’s coming from fox, he’s chewing a lot of gum, tucker said his
Twitter account was down this weekend, tucker said he was on to talk
about text books in schools, Brent said he’s heard of the documentary,
Tucker said he’s disgusted by the errors in the books, he hates how
the books leave out that the September 11 hijackers are Muslims. Brent
said there’s a book called “Lies my Teacher taught Me”, Tucker said
they interviewed the author for the documentary, Tucker said a lot of
evil deeds have been committed by America, Tucker said the feminist
influence in the text books is out of control, Brent thinks it’s
amazing we teach our kids these lies, Bubba thinks it’s the reason why
they grow up stupid. Bubba wonders what the advantage is of teaching
September 11 the way the text books do it, Tucker said we’re a forward
looking culture. Bubba thinks the companies that make the text books
are in a for profit organization. Bubba described a situation that
happened last year; a guy resigned as super intendent, and ended up
taking a job for a major book company. Brent said the head of the
board of Education in Texas wants to teach stuff in schools that
shouldn’t be taught. Bubba said heather was on the phone with Jeff,
she was complaining over some math equations, Bubba thinks Algebra is
stupid, Tucker said if he was President of schools, he’d take letters
out of math. Brent told Bubba he uses Algebra with merchandising,
Tucker said you can’t add a letter in math, Bubba said he wasn’t able
to help Julia with her work. Tucker said it’s a mistake to tell your
kids the truth about math, Bubba said he already does that with Tyler.
Tucker thinks kids should be sweating over a text book, Bubba thinks
we should focus on better things. Bubba asked Tucker is stants on
spanking, Tucker said he’s for it, he said it’s like the war in Iraq,
Tucker said it’s symbolic, he said it’s worked. Bubba thinks he should
be in charge of the world. Bubba wonders if north Korea is bluffing,
Brent thinks it is, tucker said they’re an incredibly poor country.
Bubba asked Tucker about Glenn Beck, Tucker said he really likes
Glenn, Bubba said they know him, Bubba thinks Glenn could do any show
he wants, Bubba asked Brent to get Glenn on. Tucker said Glenn’s
ratings are incredible, Tucker said he’s never seen numbers like that
for Glenn’s timeslot. Brent read some ratings on Beck’s ratings; Bubba
thinks they pay Chris Matthews way too much. Bubba said Glenn has
taken his radio shtick to television, Tucker thinks Glenn is a natural
at handling the camera. Brent said the only problem with Beck’s show
is when he writes on the chalkboard, he feels like he’s at school.
Brent said a boycott is the latest things ever. Bubba recapped their
situation with Douglas Vanderlon. Brent said they were the first to
uncover that Sami Al Arian supports terrorism. Tucker wondered if they
had to pay the fine, Bubba said clear Channel paid it, Bubba said it’s
not fair. Tucker thinks it’s shocking that the FCC would do that, but
it’s not that shocking. Brent said Al Arian is being deported back to
Egypt. Tucker thinks if you do the right thing, you’ll be rewarded in
the end, Bubba said they didn’t do anything wrong. Bubba said no one
should lose their livelihoods over stuff. Tucker wonders if the guys
can trust the Government, Bubba said they don’t, Bubba said it was all
based on God. Tucker asked who Vanderlon is, Bubba said he is a
scientist for glasses, Bubba explained how it got going. Tucker said
he hates how the system impowers people who crush other people. Bubba
asked Tucker if he’s heard “Becky”, Bubba explained it to him, we
heard a bit of it. Bubba stopped and started it to translate some
lines in the song, Tucker wonders why they call it Becky, he thinks he
lives in the wrong neighborhood. Bubba thinks you’d have to be an
idiot to not figure out what the song means. Bubba thinks young people
are cooler than they are when it comes to this song; Tucker said he’s
had extensive fisting conversations with the guys. Bubba said he can’t
have a guy hanging a barbell from his penis, Tucker said he gives a
pass to people who are funny. Tucker said when people take you off the
air, it’s scary. Brent mocks heather Willson for crying. Bubba said he
hopes Tucker isn’t friends with Fred Upton, Bubba wants Tucker to tell
Upton he’s good friends with Bubba, tucker thinks Brownback is a
really nice guy. Bubba said he gets so mad when he thinks about how
they got screwed over, they then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 8 – Various clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard some messages from the fans, then
into some Queen as bumper music. Bubba thinks some of the people on are fools. Bubba said he doesn’t know who is on line one,
as the software is still down. Jimmy said it’s like Christmas morning
waiting for the guys to come on; Bubba said the Canadians are more
appreciative than the American listeners. We then heard a clip about a
woman who shaved her adopted daughter’s head, after she beat her up.
We then heard a clip about a guy who held himself up in his house,
only to end up killing himself. We then heard a clip of Shannon Burke
on the Phillips files, Bubba thinks he’s trying to get some tears
going, Bubba thinks he’s a jackass. Spice doesn’t know who to hate
more, Bubba said he hates them both, Spice thinks she’s setting a bad
example for women, Spice said that he’ll have no sympathy if she
whines about getting hurt. Spice said he’s not an alcoholic, Ned said
he’s not one anymore. Manson wonders how did Shannon Burke have a
radio show, Bubba said he puked when he spoke, Bubba said he likes how
this worked out. Bubba said he’ll do the rest of the Shannon Burke
stuff tomorrow, Bubba thinks he should stop holding up the 10:00 hour.
Bubba thanked slator for holding them together during the power
outage, Bubba thinks they’ll lose Dave Rice to Clear Channel. They
then ended the show a few seconds later.

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