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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Recap for today provided by Blind Lawrence

Bumper music for today provided by Pantera:
1.5 Minutes Alone Pantera
2.My Michele Guns N Roses
3.Mircophone Fiend Eric B & Rakim
4.Bustin’ At ‘Em Waka Flacka Flame
5.Thuggish Ruggish Bone Bone Thugs N Harmony
6.Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic Police
7.Piece Of Your Action Motley Crue
8.Rebel Without a Pause Public Enemy
9.The Party Has Just Begun Freestyle
10.Mary Jane Rick James

Segment 1 – Bubba getting sued by Paul and Young Ron?

Bubba started the show by saying the music was provided by Pantera,
Ned wondered how anyone can smoke so much weed and be so angry. Bubba
said that he needs to break, he then corrected himself, he thought
today was Thursday, he said that it seems that in radio, they’ll sue
you, he said someone needs to defeat one of these, Manson said they
probably shouldn’t do the bit he’s working on, he thinks the working
title could be a problem, Bubba said he wants to do it, he said no one
contacted him on the P30 van, he said he visited the Shuman truck
place, he said they’re some great people. Joe in Chicago said there’s
nothing on the radio where he lives. Brent said they made some huge
progress yesterday, Bubba thinks the show will soon be for tech
people, he thinks that it’ll get to the point where he won’t know
where they are.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 –

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Twelve Boobs of
Christmas. Bubba said that Shoot Straight is wrapping up there
anniversary sale, he asked Spice for a clarification of which ones are
participating, Spice said he’s very close to getting a gun, Manson
said he’s looking for one for home protection. Bubba thinks Spice
needs a 9 or a 45, Brent said a 45 will knock you down if you get hit
with one, Manson said he doesn’t have his permit yet, Brent said
neither does he, Bubba said the last thing he needs is the guys
showing guns, he then showed Manson his 380, Manson dry fired it. Dave
said he packs a Glock 19, Manson said he has a shot gun and an AK,
Spice said that’s hilarious for Manson saying he has an AK. Bubba said
that suing him will only make him more popular in Miami; Manson said
it bums him out that they didn’t do this stuff sooner. Spice said they
took the whole anal beads thing down, he wonders why you’d want to do
that. James asked when Bubba will serve liquor at Bubbaween, bubba
said around 8:00. The guy asked if he’ll be able to download the show,
Bubba said yes, he said it should start around January. The guy asked
if Bubba still talks to Anita, Bubba said he talked to her on FaceBook
recently the guy said he was listening to “bubba Wanna Corndog?” (Disc
1, track 19), it brought back some memories for him. Bubba then
plugged Bubbaween, he said the show starts at six, there’s plenty of
parking down town St. Petersburg. Steve suggested Manson try a 357,
Bubba said he loves those. Joe in Tampa said there’s a gun maker
called Torres; Bubba said he’s heard of them, he thinks they should
just talk about guns. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 3 – Emails

Bubba said at this point, Tampa is the only station that has committed
to his Political show; Brent said you can listen to it on to hear the show. Bubba asked if people are sick and
tired of the Political ads that are so negative, Spice said he got a
big thing in the mail about Kathy Caster, Brent said they’re
supporting her opponent. Bubba thinks you don’t need to spend
$90,000,000 to lose, Spice thinks you can take the money and do well
with it. Bubba said that he’s officially without a cell phone; he said
he’s not going to the Genius bar, he thinks Twenty-five will tell them
off, he said he’s over all this. Robert in Jacksonville said there was
an article in Car and Driver about Bubba, Bubba said he saw that. Ron
in Daytona said he works for a direct mailer, they’ve been busy for
the past two months, he said that it gives them business. Bubba said
that Tony Stewart will be at City Walk in Orlando tomorrow night from
6:00-8:00. The first email of the day asked who they should vote for;
Brent suggested voting for Jerry Brown and Carley Farerena. Another
emailer said Ron changed his bio page. Another emailer sad they saw a
picture of Tyler in Car and Driver. Another emailer said Anthony’s
Coal fire Pizza is also in Tampa. Another emailer said they used to
work for Paul, they’ll go on the air with major protection, Bubba
thinks this all sounds familiar, he thinks he doesn’t need to worry
with how he messes a name up. Another emailer said Bubba lost about
ten listeners in the office for his showering with kids comment, the
emailer said that he’d knock Bubba out if he saw him; Bubba thinks you
shouldn’t kid about stuff like that on the air. Another emailer said
they called the Paul and Ron show, the phone screener said Bubba will
be gone in three weeks. Another emailer said that their truck company
has you install some device to prevent it from being stolen. Another
emailer thinks Manson is a genius. The last email was an exchange
between Paul and a listener. We then heard a clip of Mad Dog taking a
call from a guy who said Gene Lasker was Aubry Huff’s hitting coach.
Bubba then went over some articles he has, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Various callers, MJ helping a murderer?

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbaween. Bubba came
on saying he’s got some elements to play:

1. Manson – “Chris Brown Song” (“Bubba’s New and Misc Hits Vol. 9”
track 7, and “the Clemulus package” disc 3, track 17)
2. Manson – “Pit bulls Are Crazed” (“bubba Show Classics Volume 14”, track 13)

Bubba came back on plugging Bubbaween on Friday, he said they’ll do
the whole show live, he then recapped the events they’ve got coming
up, Spice said they’ve got more girls with the porn star kissing
booth, Brent said that Jackson Andrews is a monster, he’ll be with WWE
shortly, Bubba realized it was the guy Spice has talked about for
years, Spice said the guy has a build like Test,
Brent said he’s still not over that. Walter in Ft. Lauderdale said he
tried calling Paul and Ron, they’re not commenting. Bubba called them
up; he said he hates morning shows that give away concert tickets all
morning. This time the phone rang, Spice picked up and talked to the
guy, he ended up getting hung up on. Bubba called back, Spice picked
up after it rang; he then got hung up on again. Bubba thinks they’ve
got a slow show today, he then called his own show’s number, he got a
busy signal, he then read a story about a guy who robbed a hair place,
one of the customers was a police officer, the guys think she was a
good shot, Spice said he would’ve shot in the head point blank, Brent
thinks she would’ve gotten a metal if she had killed him. Bubba said
it’s scary when the females from Miami call in, he said this is just
radio wars, he said they’d like to play bal with Clear Channel, he
thinks they’ve got all the ball parks occupied. Hidey in Miami said
she’s not a listener of Paul and Ron, she talked to a phone screener,
she said that she was going to put her friend on, Bubba said you don’t
tell the phone screener that stuff, he likes how a school district has
banned students and teachers from being FaceBook friends, he then read
about a guy who has the world’s widest mouth, he thinks Ned would love
that stuff. Brian in Coral Springs said that they have an actor on
from the hang Over, they wanted to talk about Mel Gibson, but they
couldn’t talk about it. We then heard the clip about the guy with the
wide mouth; Bubba thinks they should make this the video day at, Spice wonders if your kid if that was the case. Bubba said
they’re getting the Hiccup girl lives in their backyard, he said some
kid named Shannon Griffin was doing well here in St. Petersburg, he
was working at Wall Mart with almost a vacation, he ended up getting
murdered by The Hiccup girl. We then heard a news clip about that,
Bubba asked for everyone to participate, he said supposedly MJ brought
her to the front, Brent said he has an article for him, Bubba then
said it goes along with the competition not liking them and getting
them through a lawsuit, he said every successful radio show has had
feuds with other radio shows, he said this madness has to stop, he
said that MJ uncovered the hiccup girl, he thinks Mj is stealing
Bubba’s template of helping people, Manson said Mj has no idea on the
sympathy for the hiccup girl. Bubba said the last person they helped
out legally was the Grandma who slapped her Grand Daughter (May 4,
2010). Brent said Bubba has helped out other people Jason Bruce
(November 12, 2009), the street preacher (may 11, 2010), and Batman
(October 17, 2008). Bubba then read an article about Schnitt helping
out the hiccup girl; Brent said if you read MJ’s comments, it shows he
has no sense of reality. Bubba then read some of MJ’s comments; he
thinks MJ will only have Shannon Griffin’s parents on, as he advised
him to do it. Rob said the lawyer they’re hiring got his degree by
suing his own brother, Spice was cracking up, Bubba said he can’t
report that as truth, he said he needs to look into it. Frank said
those punks aren’t answering their phones anymore, Bubba said the
FaceBook page is blowing up with bubba Army, he thinks they’ll be
sued. Clayton said that he called in, but got hung up on when he
mentioned Bubba; the phone screener was heard saying he’s getting
tired of this crap. Brent wondered what would hurt more, getting
called names, or dealing with Arson. We then heard Ned’s “Young Fag
Ron”. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Gene Lasker, Bubba talks about Miami

Bubba said that Ned is out smoking; he said that the Manson is working
on a bit; we then heard the Manson and Berlin collaboration “Loved The
Way You Died”. We then heard some Thug Bones n’ harmony, Bubba said
that’s a group he can listen to. Mike in Miami said that one of his
friends just played a game on Ron and Paul’s show, he said they’re on
a thirty-forty second delay, Bubba thinks they’re acting to them,
Spice thinks the change in the bio is reaction. Bubba said he’s
excited about November 30, as it will be when Bubba Saw 2 takes place,
he said they’ll be doing it in a shed, around 10 by 15, he thinks
Tuddle, Gene Lasker and another participant, he thinks Gene will kill
someone, he then called up Gene, Gene picked up a few seconds later.
Bubba told Gene he was live, he thinks Lasker would be on his third
run of ovens, Gene said he’s doing mailboxes, Bubba told him to get
his ass out of bed, the guys goofed on him saying “shop” in his
redneck accent. Gene said he put tint on the windows of his house,
Bubba told him about the prank call to mad Dog’s show, which we then
heard. Gene said he doesn’t know anything about baseball, Bubba told
him that was part of the prank, he then told him about Bubba Saw, Gene
thinks he couldn’t last two days, bubba thinks melting down is the
point of the bit. Gene said he’s a basket case as it is, he then said
he has about 80 Korans at this point, he said if he has 300, he could
do a show. Bubba then told him about Tyler’s victory, Gene said that
he saw that on CNN, the guys goofed on him for saying that, Bubba
thinks they don’t have anything to hold over Gene’s head to motivate
him to stay in the shed. Helmet said that someone is listening, as
they mentioned a line from the Manson song, Bubba said the right thing
to do would be to address the situation, he said radio is a business,
and the listeners are like the customers, he said America is all about
giving people another chance, he thinks it would be better if they
addressed it, he said he would have a big show the next day if someone
on staff had touched a kid, he said he’ll have Paul and Ron’s approach
bite them in the ass, that will cause them to lose their strangle hold
on Miami, Helmet thinks they sound gay, he said they have a lot of
dead air. Bubba said he’s going to send the Miami listeners bumper
stickers, Spice thinks they’ve got a good crew, he asked who would
probably be a kid toucher, Bubba said no, as he won’t put them in that
light, he said that’s a reflection on him, he said just to talk about
it in a hypothetical situation is creepy, he thinks by the middle of
November, they’ll have great ratings in Miami, he said that Big 106
and Paul and Ron are talentless, he said they’re shows are like Howard
Stern, he said people in Miami don’t know about them, he said that if
they went against Howard, they’d say that it would be bad for them, he
said they’re taking this chance to better themselves in Miami, as
they’re almost canceled, as no one knows about them, he said they make
fun of each other and other people, he said they’ll jump on you, he
said they’ve stunk up the joint in Miami, he wonders if people are
that hooked on Paul and Ron, he thinks that’s not the case, as Howard
was number one there, he said that Paul and Ron have made them their
bitches for two years, he thinks they’ve dissected some nerves, he
said they’re freaked out, he said they’re the Great White Sharks of
radio, he said they refuse to back down, he said Manson is working on
a new Paul and Ron bit as he talks, he said ball busting is great to
listen to, he said the average guy thinks a kid toucher killing
himself is a good thing, he thinks the lawsuits will be coming in, as
that seems to be the way radio guys fight back, he then asked Manson
about his new bit, Manson said it’s a game show that is taking Miami
by storm. JP in Miami said he likes the show, he said it’s just a
matter of time, he asked Bubba to stop talking about Paul and Ron so
much, Bubba said the guy is right in saying their desperate, he said
they need to go back to screwing with people. Jessica in Miami said
the guys are awesome, she doesn’t listen to Paul and Ron, when she
listens to it, it’s the worst show ever. David in Miami said he’s been
listening to them for a couple of years, he said they’ve got some
funny stuff, Bubba thinks they’re pussies, the guy said they’ve talked
about Steve, but have told listeners that it didn’t work out with him.
Bubba said that managers can’t stop you from talking about an issue
that will help out the show, he said they’re attacking douchebags who
haven’t said anything about child molestation, the guy got the Evil
treatment, he thinks people in Miami want you to sugar coat stuff,
Manson said that they’re dicks, and they’re proud of it, bubba thinks
you can’t have it both ways, he said they’re ball busting pricks, he
said they gave them a reprieve as they thought they weren’t relevant.
Jodrick in Miami came on; Manson said his new bit is called “name That
Gay DJ”. Jodrick said he has a bunch of bubba Army stickers, he’s been
handing them out to people. Bubba said he should send him some
stickers, Spice said the guy could be like the street soldier. Jodrick
said that it’s cool that Bubba works with Howard; he likes how Bubba
grabs the bull by the horns. Andy in Ft. Lauderdale said there’s not
enough controversy; Bubba said that Paul and Ron won’t put people with
adverse opinions on their shows. Alex in Deerfield Beach wasn’t there,
but his comments said that a lawsuit would work out for them, bubba
said it would. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – the Guys comment on the news, Charlie Crist alls in

Bubba came on wondering how Pantera can like The Police; we then heard
the pander warning sounder. We then heard a news clip about Charlie
Sheen being found naked in a trashed hotel, Brent wonders how Mel
Gibson can get blackballed, yet Charlie can get away with what he
does, Spice said he heard that Charlie was with a hooker, he freaked
out when his wallet was missing, Manson thinks he’s a bad drunk. We
then heard a news clip about a four day old getting attacked by a Pit
bull, the guys think it’s bad parenting, Bubba said that Melanie
Brooks got married, he likes how she has long legs, Spice said there’s
something in a Pit Bull’s brain, we then heard a clip about a Pit bull
that attacked a five year-old, the cops ended up shooting it, Manson
thinks the dogs are on meth, Spice wonders why anyone would want to
get a Pit Bull. We then heard a news clip of the wife of the Military
guy who was killed at the Skate park, Manson thinks the guy is a
psycho, Brent said man Slawder and murder are different, bubba thinks
this is a Mark Ober production. We then heard a news clip about a diss
membered body, bubba doesn’t get kids these days; he thinks his kids
don’t have the mindset to kill them in this manner, he said that if a
kid was molested, and killed the parent, it would be justifiable, he
then asked what’s it’s like if a body is in the freezer, Ned said that
just means it’s hard to get the frozen corn out. Spice said the
pictures of “is Ron Gay?” are off the website. George in Miami said
90% are kid touchers are straight, he thinks there’s some gay bashing,
Bubba said that’s not the case, he said being gay has nothing to do
with it, he said he’s always been an advocate for gay rights. George
said that South Florida is very homophobic. Bubba said you’ll never
hear him talk about beating up a gay man for being gay. Charlie Crist
came on, Bubba said he has a lot riding on him, Charlie blessed him
for that, Bubba said he’s dabbled in both parties, he said he’s never
been asked for who he’s voting for, Charlie said maybe the numbers are
right, he said six points are nothing, he said McCollum was up seven
points in the last election. Spice asked about Kendrick meek, he
thinks he should just drop out of the race, Charlie said everyone
needs to make decisions for themselves. Bubba said he found Charlie
getting railroaded to be a problem, he said everyone has this sandbox
they’ve drawn themselves into, he said no one has taken in the Bubba
Army factor, Charlie said no matter where he is, people are listening,
he said he’s grateful, he said he sees the patches everywhere he goes,
bubba said Alex Sink has said the Bubba Army is strong, Charlie said
god bless bubba’s Army. Spice asked him if he feels liberated, Charlie
said it’s a wonderful thing, he said he was talking to Joe Lieberman
the day before, who told him going Independent would be great. Bubba
likes how Charlie will buy you a beer, he said that’s a guy he can
appreciate, he thinks that the Bubba Army getting Charlie in will be a
big coup, he asked for people to vote on Tuesday, it’s a chance to do
something right. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “Remember the
Heroes” shirt. Bubba thinks Pantera doesn’t listen to Motley Crue, he
said that he’s not giving him a violation, as he doesn’t have the
money, he then said that Orlando is a great turnout, he then plugged
the Twelve Boobs of Christmas. Mike in Jacksonville said Meek’s guys
will have to jump ship, Bubba thinks that will be the case. Tom on
protection said that MJ has contacted the victim of the hiccup girl,
he’s offering to get the body back to Mississippi, Bubba said he just
busted his ass for being a hack, he thinks he’s covering his ass, he
said he’s been in this town since 1992, he thinks he should just get
out of morning radio all together, he said he’s heard it was $1,000,
he said it’s just sad. We then heard “name that Gay DJ”, Bubba thinks
they should put this up on, Manson gave Bubba the green light
to do that. The bit is a game show, where all the answers are Young
Ron; the second participant keeps saying the same thing. Bubba decided
to reset the bit; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Manson’s New Bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Twelve Boobs of
Christmas. Audrey said she saw a Bubba Army sticker in Miami. Alex in
Deerfield thinks Bubba has a good strangle hold; he thinks a lawsuit
will ruin Paul and Ron’s show. Bubba took a call from a guy who said
that he went to dock his boat next to Paul’s boat, he kept pushing it
away, the guy ended up pushing his bumpers out, Paul and Ron never
interacted with the fans there. Joel in south Florida said that
picture was the cover of their last D they had, Spice said it’s called
“Foreplay”, Bubba thinks hiring Steve Branzick is just another thing.
We then heard the bit, where the second player says Young Ron to every
question. The bit ends with the guy losing the lightning round, the
correct answer was Bubba The over Sponge. They then ended the show a
few seconds later.

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