Wednesday, October 20, 2010

October 20th, 2010 by Staff

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Today’s recap provided by Blind Lawrence

Bumper music for today courtesy of Spice

Segment 1 – Sports

The show started off with some Sublime, Bubba said the music was
provided by Spice, he then said he hasn’t gone to yet to
check on the Twelve Boobs of Christmas, he got distracted with Clinton
on TV, he thinks he does’ look so good, he then went over some sports
scores, he said he’s not talking to Fabrizi over his “Car Blonch
Tuesday” idea. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Emails, Tom Bosley‘s Death, Bubba’s TV show shot down?

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for The Twelve Boobs of
Christmas. Bubba came on promoting where you can get the “Remember the
Heroes” shirt, he said that the Twelve Boobs of Christmas entry is up
on, he then told Ned he’d like to join his party, he thinks
it’s going to be a rough day. The first email of the day said the guy
who called about sexting needs to get a lawyer, as a similar case had
happened. Another emailer sad they can’t believe their workers being
asked to wear pink, Spice said he doesn’t like when a newspaper throws
their support behind a Political candidate. Another emailer thinks
Bubba is on with his red light camera, Bubba said Bluff Tennessee is a
shakedown. Another emailer said they just found out that the show is
on in South Carolina, the emailer said they have something to listen
to. Bubba said that he received an email with information on the
people who tested positive for aids, Spice said he saw it on a prep
sheet, Brent said its news, but he wants to make sure they have
integrity. Noah said he’d like to talk about John Gallagher, Bubba
said he’s some jackass who has been able to fool the people for 27
years, Noah said John is all about free zoning processes, Brent said
we’re voting no on Amendment Four. Bubba said Tom Bosley, the Dad in
“Happy Days” died, Ned thinks he was gay, Bubba thinks he was kind of
a nerd, Spice said he’s amazed that the kid on “Two And A Half Men”
gets paid $300,000 an episode. Bubba said his TV show was just a
dream, he said he can’t get into it; he thinks he should stick to
radio. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 –

Bubba came on talking about the Twelve Boobs of Christmas. We then
heard a news clip about Tom Bosely dying. Bubba asked if the guys have
tried the double Down at KFC, he said the Canadian Government is
thinking about investigating it, he said that he’s into the McDonalds
Snack wrap, he said he likes to take the chicken and cheese out of one
and put it in the other, Manson said Trace practically lives on the
Value meal. Bubba read that a couple had gotten lottery money, he
wonders what’s better in the world that is better than it was before
9/11, Brent said things have gotten worse, Bubba thinks maybe this
where we’re supposed to be, he said the housing boom was like the pet
rock or Rubik’s Cube, Brent said the credit default swap was more than
double dipping. Bubba asked for the people to send a gift basket,
Spice didn’t like how a child molester won the lottery, Bubba thinks
that money shouldn’t go to them. We then heard a news clip about a guy
who beat up a robber, Bubba said the guy didn’t have time for an
interview, Spice said he may be a bad employee, he’d just let the guy
rob the store. Bubba thinks you have to be a pussy if a store manager
takes your gun from you. Bubba took a call from a guy who said that he
saw the Tim Richmond story on ESPN, Ned thinks Tim was getting after
it. Bubba then read an article about Charleston, Brent said the
listeners knew about it before they did. Bubba said that Christine
O’Donnell doesn’t know the difference between church and state, Brent
said she’s dumber than Palin. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 4 – Various Callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbaween. The guys
came on clowning Spice’s bumper music pick. Dave said he heard a clip
of Christine O’Donnell challenging her opponent on it. Tom said he
disagrees with Bubba’s stance on the lottery, he said he is a felony,
he said it was one of those things; the guys wonder what he ment by
that. Tom eventually said it was statutory rape, he said he was 22,
she was 16, ned thinks that’s not the case. Tom said he pled no
contest to the charges. Eric said that he’s a convicted felon; Bubba
thinks they’re number one with them. Tim thinks Bubba is bashing
felons, but he’s not one. Spice said the one they were talking about
was child molesters. RJ in the Woods came on, Bubba isn’t sure if they
have a statement for him. RJ said he was a felon back in 1973, he got
a full Governor’s pardon in 1988, with all of his rights restored, he
said he’s sold nine of his acres for $30,000, Bubba told him to cal in
on some stuff, not stoned cold sober like today, Manson thinks the guy
is a Country song. Bubba went over the guy’s story; Spice was heard
singing some parts about the guy’s life. Bob in new York said he has a
17 year-old daughter who went missing, he said it’s looking like a
runaway, Bubba thinks the guy sounds drunk, Bob said that he’s just
hyped up, he said that she has some secret email accounts, where a 42
year-old man was writing to her, saying how he loves her, Brent
suggested the guy call the FBI, Bubba said he’s not surprised by the
story, Spice thinks she could be working for the balloon dart stand,
Bubba said he’d be on the phone with the cops, rather than his
favorite radio guy, Brent thinks the guy has talked to everyone except
the FBI. We then heard a clip of Christine O’Donnell talking about the
separation of Church and State, Brent said it’s in the first
Amendment, Bubba thinks she’s just trying to throw the election, he
thinks the Republicans are horny, he then asked Dave about a candidate
for head engineer, Dave thinks they’ll have to weed through a lot of
people. Bubba said that Chris Crays has been driving Dave crazy; he
said that for the new project, radio experience would be a must. Bubba
said he’s looking for someone who is licensed; he thinks his guy is
screwing him on some stuff. Spice said they’d like some people for
boxing, he asked for people to email them with their information,
Bubba said he can’ legally say what the prize is. We then heard a news
clip about 22 men getting arrested for sex with underage girls, Bubba
thinks it’s a Jeff Dousy production, he said he has someone lined up
to talk about this, Spice said he gives her credit for leaving when
the time was right. Lindsey came on, bubba thanked her for giving them
the information, she said that she saw the guy getting arrested on the
news, she said his employer, a large electronics store, told him to
come back. Bubba thinks they can give the guy’s name out, as it’s
public information, Lindsey said the guy’s name is David Witticker,
Bubba pointed the guy out, he thinks the guy has his collar popped,
Lindsey said the guy is wearing a blue shirt, Bubba asked Brent to get
his booking photo. Lindsey said she doesn’t have any new information,
Bubba said he’d love to call him up, the line dropped off, he wonders
what happened, Lindsey said that she lost service, bubba thinks she
saved a lot of pain and suffering, he said he’d like to call him,
Lindsey said that the cops took his phone, she said that she’d love
for Bubba to call him. Lindsey said that David is 30, they didn’t have
a date set for marriage, Bubba thinks avid is familiar with handcuffs,
he thinks maybe the number has been disconnected, Spice said the
number has been changed or disconnected, Bubba said that at least they
have a popular show, Brent said the booking photos aren’t up on the
Sitress County website. Lindsey said that she posted something on the
show’s FaceBook page, she put a link that shows him getting arrested,
she said that they would often watch reruns of “to Catch A predator”;
he’d think it was really sick. Steve said he’s heard of Lindsey
getting mentioned, Bubba asked for some information to verify, he
asked what kind of car he had, Steve thinks he had a white car,
Lindsey verified the guy’s call. Steve said he saw the report last
night and was stunned; he had no knowledge of it when he worked with
him. Lindsey said she likes porn, Bubba thinks they’ve got a live one.
Lindsey said she was married, her first husband was doing cocaine, she
left him after that, Bubba thinks she’s had horrible luck with men
over the years, he thinks she should focus on girls. Lindsey said
she’s five foot four, red hair, Spice said he’s out if she’s a fat
ginger. Lindsey said that she met David’s mom, who thought she wasn’t
good enough. We then heard a news clip about the nude reality show,
Bubba thinks it’s past Ned’s demographic. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Steve Branzick’s suicide discussed

Bubba said he’s got a lot of stuff to get to. Tom in Valrico said that
Chelsea Handler had the Tiger Woods look alike on the show. Bubba said
that Ned has a new bit, he then said that Steve Branzick, the Paul and
Young Ron’s producer killed himself, he said the white, rugged man of
Miami just doesn’t exist, he then said that he doesn’t’ know these
guys, he said he hasn’t heard them comment on the issue, he said that
if they had a guy who worked for them who did that, he’d be all over
them, he said the firing would be on the show, Spice said the industry
have mixed feelings over it, he said you have to be even across the
board, Bubba said he can’t be any different, Manson said they’d like
for all kid touchers to kill themselves. Spice said if he found out
one of his friends was a kid toucher, he’d cut him off, Bubba said not
a lot of innocent people kill themselves before going to trial, he
said he’d like to work for Clear Channel again, he said this is all
him, he thinks this has to be the opinion of the average man out
there, Spice thinks maybe Paul and Ron might not be allowed to
comment. Bubba said the only thing Steve Branzick did was killing
himself, he said at least kids don’ have to go on trial and have to go
through all the problems again, he said we have one less guy touching
kids, Spice doesn’t get how people can have sympathy for a guy like
this, Bubba asked for whoever feels bad about his opinion, dump the
audio, Brent said that kid touchers are never fixed. We then heard
Manson’s “Paul and Young Ron Radio Theatre” from “Bubba show classics
Vol. 11”, track 6. In the bit, Steve is talking with the guys; a voice
in his head is heard talking about young boys. When the guys look at
Steve’s Facebook page, his favorite music artists are Michael Jackson,
Gary Glitter and Pete Townshend. The bit ends with him singing a
parody of “Sweet Home Alabama”, and is about how he’s in NAMBLA (North
America Man Boy Love Association). Bubba came on saying that if anyone
on the show did that, they would get that type of burial. Charles in
Lakeland thinks it would’ve been better had Steve gone to prison and
had been killed there. Ricky in Miami said he’s a listener, he said
Elvis Dooran was a little too main stream for him. Bubba said he would
bring out the creative control claws if someone told him they couldn’t
tell him something, he said he can’t pick and choose when it comes to
attacking child touchers, he then took a call from a woman who said
she loves hearing Bubba speak his mind on issues like this, he thinks
he should call the show and comment. Nick James, Devon’s husband came
on, Bubba told him not to act like their friends, he said he’s
disgusted by this whole situation, he thinks Nick is sad over
something, he thinks the truth is closing in on them, Nick said
they’re willing to settle, Spice called the guy and his wife a bunch
of douchebags, Bubba told him it’ll catch up to him before he knows
it, Manson thinks it’s just more lies. Bubba wondered if Nick is
taking some of the Zany bars, Nick said he doesn’t do drugs, Bubba
brought up her failing a drug test, Nick said it was high blood
pressure, Bubba said that this guy thinks it’s everyone elses problem,
he asked about the man in question, Nick said he can’t respond to
that, he said it’s not the man on the tape, he said you’d have to go
on line to see it, Spice said the guy is a giant fat loser, bubba
feels as if he’s talking to Austin Powers when Nick said his site had
400,000,000 hits, Brent thinks people are out of touch with reality.
Chris in Dayton said his girlfriend placed an order for some
muddflaps, they haven’t gotten them yet, he wondered what was up, Ned
wondered if they’re customer service. Joe on protection said the way
he’s seeing it from someone who has had two suicides he thinks it’s
cowardly, Spice said he’s heard reports that a family member was
involved. Bubba doesn’t know what’s worse – having a family member go
through a trial and go to prison for sex with kids, or the person
offing themselves, he thinks the producer did everyone a favor. Bubba
explained who Mark Ober is for the new listeners, he said this is
topical for how they end the show, he recapped his hog situation, he
said that he, Brent and two guys were facing five years in prison for
animal cruelty, he then explained MJ’s turkey fryer situation, he then
explained that at one time, Dante Morris was incarcerated after
shooting a man, he wasn’t processed on it, he said none of the mark
Ober stuff they do is believable, he wonders why someone doesn’t step
in and investigate him. Robert suggested Bubba call up Paul and Young
Ron, Bubba said he’ll do it, he told the guy to stick around, he then
read an article about an abuse case that was dropped, as it was un
clear who did it, he then went over the injuries the kid suffered, he
thinks the prosecutors are basically giving the parents an out, Manson
said he doesn’t get it. Adam in Tampa came on saying Hammil will be on
“Real Sex” on HBO2. Tommy said the show was awesome, she said she
stopped listening to Paul and Young Ron because of this. David in
Bartto said he works in a prison, he said you can almost hand pick
which one is a child molester, he said it doesn’t happen as much as
people think. Bubba thinks Paul and Ron not saying anything just
validates what happened, they then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 6 – Various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Twelve Boobs of
Christmas, followed by “alley road” by Bruce Hornsby. Bubba tried to
call the Paul and Young Ron show, but couldn’t get through, he thinks
it was all busy, he then took a call from H on protection who said he
works at Clear Channel said they just want to show some respect, he
said Steve was a great guy, he said they miss him. Bubba asked about
the family who can’t let the pain go, the guy accused Bubba of being
heartless, bubba told the guy to show some realness, he asked him if
it was his kid, the guy told them to separate the work from the
personal, Bubba said that’s like Adam Cooke, he said he got a source
that says Paul and Ron went right to music. Greg on Plant city said
Mark Ober picks up the stupid charges, he then recapped a story about
an encounter with a drunk, “Dueling Der Ders” from “Bubba show
Classics Vol. 11”, track 14 was heard in the background as the guy
talked. Carlos in Miami asked to go on protection, he said that
fifteen minutes after Ron and Paul went off the air, they heard what
Bubba was saying, people have been calling, but they won’t put them
on, he said they played music for about ten or fifteen minutes. Bubba
said they’ve never held the guy’s feet to the fire, the guy said that
the entire station had a meeting, it wasn’t allowed to talk about it,
he said Ron is a great guy, he said Paul is an ass, Bubba said that
the screen said that he works for them, he doesn’t get how they’re
kicking his ass, he then tried the show again, only to get a busy
signal, Spice thinks they’re pansies, he thinks pansy is worse than a
pussy, bubba said that Ron and Paul are hypocritical, contrived,
frosted flakes crap. Frank said the guy who asked for respect should
be molested, bubba thinks the only thing Steve did right was kill
himself, Spice sarcastically said that was a show he wanted to listen
to. Chris said that Nick Cannon called Eminem, Howard Stern, and
Chelsea handler white trash. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 7 – Chelsea handler Calls in, Bubba destroys Ron and Paul from within

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for bubba’s appearance at
Sting Ray heavy on Saturday, October 23. Bubba came on plugging his
appearance; he said he’ll be there from Noon to 2:00, he thinks the
car would be great for Berlin. Dave said he hasn’t had a car that nice
in a while, he said maybe if Bubba gets him a ford F250, then maybe
he’d stay, he then asked they not talk about it on air, Manson thinks
it’s a binding verbal contract. Janet said if the guy was so strong
about Steve, why would he protect his voice, Bubba said that no one
wants to talk about it over there, he asked her to spread the word on
the show. Spice wondered if either one of the guys had interaction
with Steve after he was fired. Rebecca hopes she can brighten Bubba’s
day, she thanked him for never wavering with his stance on child
molestation, she thinks maybe this will shake up things, she thinks
Ron and Paul are condoning what happened, Spice thinks Steve hung
himself. Bubba thanked her for calling, he said he has Chelsea handler
on hold,
Spice said she’s funny. Chelsea came on, Bubba said she’s a breath of
fresh air, Chelsea said she’s like a guy with two big melons, she said
she’s still in her 30’s. Bubba said she’s been getting some great
press, he asked about 50 Cent, Chelsea said it was nothing big, bubba
likes how when he’s interviewing someone and they throw it back at
you. Spice asked about the celebs she’s tried to get on the show,
Chelsea said that it’s gotten better over the years, she said she just
does what she does, she said she’ll be in Florida in the weekend, she
said she’ll be doing some shows in Tampa over the weekend. Spice
wondered what her writer is like; Chelsea said there’s about six of
them. Bubba said when Hogan was coming back, Chelsea said that Hogan’s
friend was being obnoxious, she said they were annoying through the
whole flight, she said they were going from Australia to Los Angeles.
Bubba sad you can get tickets for Chelsea’s show at The Tampa Bay
Improv, he then asked about announcing a sex tape,
Chelsea said that’s not the case. Bubba said he doesn’t like Nick
Cannon, he thinks Nick just screwed his way into the industry, Chelsea
asked for a reminder, she said that she tweeted one thing, he got into
a war with himself, she said she’s not responding to someone who is
stupid, she said she’s not worried about it, she said she’s supposed
to have high thoughts, Spice said he likes that. Bubba said that he
gets into fights with people on Twitter; Spice said it’s over people
that he likes. Bubba asked what it was like working with Lindsey
Lohan, Spice said he doesn’t think she’s hot; he referred to her as “A
freckled-up Ginger”. Chelsea said she likes to make fun of herself,
Spice said some people are really sensitive, she said that people who
take themselves too seriously, that’s their problem. Bubba asked if
she’s ever interviewed anyone she doesn’t like, Chelsea said Tila
Tequila is an idiot, Bubba wondered who made her a celebrity, Chelsea
said that Ryan Sea crest is little, she said she’s not having any
kids, Bubba said he’s a great kisser, Chelsea said that it would work
for the man Bubba is dating, this had Spice laughing his ass off.
Chelsea thinks bubba sounds over weight; she said she can tell Bubba
is the size he is, as he’s in radio, she thinks he needs to line his
bed and break it. Bubba thinks Chelsea would like heather, he said
heather can’t be in it for the money, Spice thinks the pre-nup goes up
every year, Bubba said it doesn’t, he likes how Chelsea is slippery,
he then thanked her for coming on, he thinks he brought her down. Ned
said he was out smoking and missed the interview. Jenny said thinks
Bubba is being disrespectful, she asked about when Spice got accused
of rape, Bubba said Paul and Ron should be talking about it, Spice
said they should at least say something, Bubba said he doesn’t care if
she likes his opinion or not. Jenny said she was close to Steve, he
was never convicted, the charges were going to be dropped, Spice
thinks he did it, Bubba said Clear Channel would’ve stuck up for him
if he was innocent, Brent asked for some facts on this case. Bubba
said if someone on his show was charged with that, he’d fire them on
the air, he said he’d work with the family, he said if they killed
themselves, he’d be partying, Spice asked how she knew the charges
were going to get dropped. Bubba said he’s not in the business to be
devil’s advocate with child molestation, Jenny thinks Bubba is
condoning suicide, Bubba thinks suicide kick ass for Steve, Brent said
it’s too good for him, he then went over what he was charged with.
Bubba thinks Steve being in hell is better than him being around,
Spice told her to open up her mind. Jenny thinks it’s unfair for bubba
to talk about it, Bubba said he’s not in the fare business, he’s in
the business of saying it like it is, he said they’re better as a
society, we then heard the “you can’t handle the truth” sounder, bubba
said that he’s the only guy in Miami to take this stance, he thinks
she’s ridiculous, he said he wants Miami only callers, Spice said he’s
about to blow his top over this. Bubba said he’s the pulse of the
community, he said this is the pussyfication of radio, he said the day
Miami lost Neil Rogers and Howard Stern, they lost their checks and
balances, he said they’re not the only paycheck. Fast Freddie came
back on, saying that everyone in the station was listening to Bubba,
he said the woman’s name is Jennifer Wolf, bubba told him they’ll
destroy Ron and Paul from within. Freddie said he listens to the show
on his iPhone. Bubba wondered why they’re afraid of him, he asked the
guy if he’ll give him his data to talk with him, he said he can only
take the high road so much; he can’t do it when a show promotes a
child molester. Eric said that the recent caller must be their
producer; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Miami Callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page ( Bubba said he’ll take one call from
Charleston, the guy who runs the Bubba Army Charleston FaceBook page.
Brandon in Charleston said you can go to the front page of,
there’s a direct link to it, he said they have 28 people, Bubba thinks
it sucks, Spice sarcastically said they’re lightning the town on fire.
Bubba took a call from a woman who said she’s never listened to the
show; she likes how Bubba speaks his mind. Patrick in Miami said
everyone in Miami listens to them, he said he’s never been polled, he
said he listens all morning, he said that show hasn’t changed since
they were on 94.9. Carl in West Palm said he’s been listening since
bubba came on, he said they’ve ran into Ron and Paul, he said they’re
not real. Geno the White Jamaican said he respects the guys for what
they do, bubba said it’s sad that they’re in this situation, Geno said
he and his coe workers all listen to the show. Bubba hopes they pack
Dean’s Gold on November 19. Zach said they can’t lose Bubba, Bubba
thinks maybe this will expose Miami radio. They then ended the show a
few seconds later.

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