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Top Stories:
Family Of Three Electrocuted Installing Ham Radio Antenna
Grow house bust in Pasco
Police identify jumper from Skyway Bridge
Fla. boy set on fire by teens; 3 in custody
Ponzi king Bernie Madoff wins prison fight
Marge Simpson graces Playboy cover

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

Segment 1 – Stuff that Bubba hasn’t seen, barrel racing

The show started off with some messages from the fans. Spice said
Ned’s selection of bumper music is horrible, it’s going to be stuck in
his head, the guys were laughing at Bubba singing along with it. Bubba
said Ned wrote him a note saying he liked the show ending on time.
Bubba said he never saw an episode of Star Wars movies, Brent said
everyone liked iron Man for some reason. Bubba told Spice he should
see his fingernails, he’s had a tough time getting them clean. Bubba
plugged what they’ve got coming up on the show for the next couple of
days. Spice said if he was Grady Judd, he’d wear a cape, Ned thinks
capes are stupid. Bubba likes Grady’s quote when they shot a guy
sixty-eight times, he said that they ran out of bullets. Jeff thinks
barrel racing isn’t all that economical, he said it’s like Andre to
Hogan, he told Bubba to not do it. Bubba took a call from a guy who
said he has a horse that’s about twenty or so, Spice thinks it would
be really old; Bubba said he heard that horses that are older are the
best for that. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Emails, various phone calls

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the upcoming “Bubba
wonka” set, then into Ned’s “Blame It On the jack Daniels”. Bubba came
back and was laughing at Ned’s choice in bumper music. Bubba thinks
Ned will fight him for some McDonalds today; Spice wonders how they
make any money. Bubba said Mark Chase use to ask for coke and fries
from McDonalds. Bubba said it’s one of the Dixie Chicks’s birthday,
Manson said he was on board with her back then, Bubba thinks they
should listen to Manson more often. Bubba said you could be the most
racially motivated person ever, but as soon as an African American is
in the Olympics, it’s a different story. Bubba said it’s also Shaggy
from ICP’s birthday. Bubba read an email from someone who gave him the
formula for speed, Dave chimed in, Spice as a nerd said Bubba was
wrong. Another email thanked Bubba for getting him hooked on to
Aarons. Another email wants Bubba to partake in the Great American
Teach in, Spice said he’s doing that, he doesn’t know what to tell the
kindergarteners, Bubba thinks he could do it. Another emailer asked
about K and n filters, Bubba explained it to the guy, he described it
as your car breathing better. Another emailer told Bubba to not cheap
out with the horse. The last email of the day let a guy off on a
speeding ticket for showing his support for the Bubba Army; Bubba
thinks they should do sticker stops. Christian out of Tampa asked
about the cool air intake, he wonders if it adds mileage, Bubba said
yes. Holly came on to wish her Husband a happy birthday, she said he’s
21, the guys wonder why she got married so young, Spice thinks she’s
too happy. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Misty Cummings audio, cop gets shot in the neck

Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s “Crying in the Green
Room”. Bubba said the tightness is something he can’t control today,
as its Ned’s bumper music selections, Manson really likes the song.
Bubba thanked Ned for his selection. Mike in Miami said it would suck
if they moved him out, Bubba thinks he’ll be in Miami for another
year, the guy wants to put a Bubba Army sticker on his car, Bubba
thinks Ned bought Manson’s old car, Manson said Donna really loved the
car. Mike said you’ve got take responsibility for your actions, Bubba
said he thinks Brent isn’t trying to blame anyone. Linzy thinks Brent
should take it as a learning experience. Bubba asked Brent if he’s
allowed to talk about it, Brent gave him the green light. Bubba said
all they do is bust balls, she said as long as the guys are
supportive, Bubba said you can’t work amongst these walls and have
thin skin. Bubba asked Brent if he had a productive session with Joe,
Brent said yes, he said he has some stuff he has to do, Bubba said he
flunked out of College to not have homework, Brent said his problems
will take more than just venting. We then heard a news clip of Misty
Cummings on CBS’s early show, Bubba thinks the interviewer is a pussy,
Bubba mocked Misty, Spice thinks she sounds Eleven. Bubba wonders why
someone isn’t looking into that Ronald hooked up with her when she was
younger. Spice thinks it’s something about drugs, Bubba said it won’t
get her out, Bubba thinks she should pull the rape card. Bubba said
this is like the Casey Anthony situation, he thinks the parents should
flip the script, he said you want to get yourself out, Spice wonders
how nasty of a divorce it will be, he wondered how you can split a
trailer, Manson said with a chainsaw. Bubba said the rape card will
tap her out. Bubba thinks they were screwing before she was fifteen,
Bubba thinks she’s not being real when she said “I love them kids”, he
thinks it sounds like Kermit the Frog. Bubba thinks the Cummings can
pick up the show, Spice said her name sounds like something you’d hear
a porno, Bubba said it’s just white trash. We then heard Manson’s
“Ronald and Misty Cummings’s Wedding Vows” from “Bubba’s new and Misc
Hits Vol. 9”, track 4, and “the Clemulus Package” disc 3, track 11.
Originally aired March 16, 2009. Matt asked how to sign his wife up
for the 12 Boobs of Christmas®; Brent said it’ll start Monday at
six am. Ed in Clearwater said he has a job that requires him to call
into report vehicles; he said Bubba is in the right if someone so much
as even touched his vehicle. Bubba said in the chase he saw, the guy
tried to ride it out on rims. Bubba said if the guy was coming towards
him with nothing, he’d put him at gun point, but if he had something,
he’d blast him, he said the guy would be seeing the undercarriage of
his car real quick. Bubba said one of David G’s guys got shot, he
thinks he’ll be okay, Brent said one of the guys is in custody. We
then heard a news clip about that, Bubba said he needs to cover it,
regardless where it took place, Bubba didn’t like how the reporter
said “if you were sleeping last night”. Bubba said a lot of officers
lose their lives in domestic calls; he recapped a story about that.
Bubba thinks one of the reporters is breathy, he said it’s great cop
work. Bubba took a call from a guy who said he’s just getting off
work, he just got the news, he said it was a 911 hang up call. Bubba
wonders what happens when you get a 911 hang up, the guy said
sometimes it’s a kid who messes up, they’ll send someone out, the guy
said domestics are bad. Bubba and Spice recreate a situation where
Spice acts as the woman, and Bubba as the man, they think it’s like
something on Cops. The guy thanked Bubba for his work; he wishes he
could have an Evil button for the cops for stupid calls, Spice acted
like a guy who called 911 over a messed up order. Bubba said you
control your own situation when you get pulled over, he said you do
the following. Turn your four ways on, find a safe place to pull over,
roll all your windows down and turn your dome lights on, then have
your stuff ready, then be honest about why they pulled you’d over. We
then heard a news clip about the cop in the hospital, Bubba said a
blast to the neck will kill you. Bubba said it’s an epidemic of
policemen getting shot. Spice said if he was a cop, he’d have a tough
time heading back to work, Bubba thinks we have a bunch of dirt bags.
Bubba said he doesn’t know a lot of people who have survived a gunshot
to the neck. Bubba wants to send the guy some flowers; they then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Kid gets soap in the mouth for ten minutes

Bubba came back with a story about a kid who got soap in the mouth for
a long time; he thinks it’s the pussyfication of America. Spice said
soap in the mouth is as American as apple-pie. We then heard a clip
about that, the guys think the boyfriend is guilty, Bubba said he’ll
refer to that as a Manson theory. Bubba thinks the anker doesn’t look
so bad, Spice found her name. Bubba stopped the clip when he heard the
boyfriend’s name, he thinks he’s guilty, Spice said in this case,
profiling is cool. Bubba said when his Mom did it; Janie would use the
hand pump. Manson is sure his kids curse, just not around him; he said
he just heard Trace curse this past Friday. Spice said he’s not a fan
of kids getting slapped across the face; Bubba thinks one of the
people in the clip should put less food in her mouth. Bubba then said
he should take his comments back, after it came out the kid was in
pain, he said a lot of white trash commits crimes, the boyfriend is
usually guilty. Spice thinks white trash moves fast. Bubba said he got
a text from Dr. Joe, he said extreme discipline will cost you custody.
Bubba thinks ten minutes of soap in the mouth is excessive. We then
heard a news clip about a dead body in a car, Bubba thinks DJ Seasons
is guilty, he wants to be a judge who dishes out sentences. Bubba
thinks after fourteen hours, it would get pretty boring. Bubba wonders
who Jesse McCartney is; Spice said he’s pretty popular. Bubba said he
could condense the news much faster than the regular guys. We then
heard the clip of him singing the National Anthem, Bubba thinks he
sounds like a girl, Spice said the guy skipped over it, Bubba thinks
you can hear some rumbling in the background. Paul said he used to get
soap in his mouth, Paul said he had to keep it in his mouth for ten
minutes, Bubba Eviled him a few seconds later. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Top Five countdown – Alternative

Coming out of commercials, we heard some Van Morrison. Bubba thinks
he’s singing about pizza, Ned said he’s not. Bubba said he had the
best pizza he ever had, Spice asked him how the diet was, Bubba said
Sunday was his pizza cheat day. We then heard the top five countdown
bumper, this week it’s alternative. Bubba played the first song “A
Fire Inside”, Ned thinks the lead singer is a fag. Bubba thinks it
sounds like Andy dick, Spice thinks he looks like him, Bubba doesn’t
like the song, Manson thinks it isn’t so bad. The next song is
“Savior”, Bubba thinks the guy sounds fruity, he thinks he can deal
with it, he wonders why it has to be so fast, Manson as an old guy
asked for the song to have speed bumps. Spice asked him if he’d listen
to it in the car, Bubba said no, he prefers silent’s. Bubba said
Weezer had him, until he read the title, he doesn’t know what the song
is about. Bubba wants them to kick it in fast, Manson thinks it’s
crappy. The next song is from Alice In Chains, “Check My Brain”, Bubba
said he can relate to the song, Spice and Manson don’t like it, Bubba
thinks the guy will say “I am Iron Man”. Bubba thinks Ned will die of
heroin, he suggests Ned do that. Bubba thinks it sounds just like
Layne Staley, he thinks it’s processing, Spice said the guitar is
distracting him. The last song is “Up rising”, Bubba thinks it sounds
like “Call me” by Blondie, he thinks he’s getting old, he thinks the
guy sounds like “Beautiful People”. Bubba played some Blondie, Spice
said this was back in the good old days, Manson thinks the songs sound
similar, he said it’s bad when Blondie’s beat is faster than the song.
Bubba said he used to masturbate to the video for “heaven is A Place
on Earth”. Bubba asked Brent what he’d pick if someone had a gun in
his mouth, Brent said he’d take Blondie any day of the week, he said
the beat is the same from “Beautiful People”, Spice said they don’
have a clean version of it. Bubba thinks Maryland Manson listened to
the show. Spice had the guys guess how many albums Blondie sold,
Manson guessed forty million, he got it. We then heard some clips of
tongue less Brett, Bubba thinks Maryland Manson cut off a rib, Brent
said he’s heard a bunch of urban legends about him. Bubba thinks MJ
could get in on the lawsuit, he then did his MJ impersonation, he
thinks the alternative scene is gay, he thinks the alternative kids
are the Columbine kids, ned said Bubba is the kind of guy they’d
shoot, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – The guys comment on the news

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army Breast
Cancer awareness shirt. Bubba said Clear Channel is back in the news,
Spice thinks this is sweet revenge. We then heard a news clip about a
DJ in Lexington who got arrested for weapons and child porno charges.
Bubba wonders what defacing a firearm means, Brent said it’s when
someone files the numbers off of a gun. Bubba said if a guy lives at
home with his Mom at the age of 36, something is wrong. Bubba thinks
the cops should look at his work computer. Bubba called the request
line, he had Spice pick up and talk to them, it was busy, Bubba said
they must use the busy all feature, where all the phones are busy.
Bubba read an article about a boy who was doused with rubbing alcohol,
then set on fire, some teenagers did it, Bubba hopes they get the book
thrown at them. Bubba tried to remember a phone call he had, Bubba
thinks it was West Palm Beach, he said he got really mad, Brent said
it was West Palm, he recapped it. Bubba asked Spice to find it.
“Public enema #1” disc 2, track 8. Bubba said the kid will never be
normal, Ned thinks the kids should be set on fire. We then heard
Twenty-five’s theme music under the clip. Bubba kept rewinding the
news clip where the woman said it was the wrong place at the wrong
time, bubba wonders why they can’t have their own TV show. Bubba said
if something like this happens to one of his kids, he won’t be at work
the next day, Spice said he’d take a look at the family before taking
them out. Spice said sometimes violence is the answer, he said these
people are sick, Bubba said they did it to Tom the Treeman under his
consent. Bubba read an article about Tyra Banks being the richest
woman on TV, Brent thinks Oprah would’ve been a choice, he read that
some would’ve guessed that Nancy Cartwright would’ve gotten money like
that. Bubba took a call from a guy who said the parents are too
blaming for the situation. Bubba said he has a better chance of
winning Powerball than one of his kids doing something like that.
Bubba read that Fergie is going to own a piece of the Miami dolphins,
he thinks they’ll get a return on their investment. Bubba said Rush
has no idea how much people hate him, he thinks the people who like
Limbaugh are old people who hate blacks. We then heard a clip of Roger
Gadell talking about Limbaugh, Bubba thinks someone should set
Limbaugh straight. We then heard a clip of Limbaugh commenting on
Mcnab, Manson said you would think he’d be smarter than that, Brent
said that statement doesn’t make sense. They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Bubba’s neighborhood cutting down a tree

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BTLS foundation,
then into Manson’s bit about Ron and Paul’s producer, originally aired
on August 17, 2009. The bit focuses on Steve Branzick, the show’s
producer, who got arrested for child molestation. We then heard
“pretty woman” as bumper music. Bubba said Tucker won’t be on, as he
had a family situation. Bubba thinks Ned should move to Claremont, as
they want a red-light district, we then heard a clip about that. Bubba
thinks they should open up a Gentlemen’s club there, Spice wonders how
fat the girl in the clip is. Bubba said he’s tried of people saying
communities are bible belts. Bubba said he do half and half, a
gentlemen’s club on one side, and an adult book store on the other,
Spice said they should bring on the Asians. Bubba said there’s going
to be a south Park episode in his neighborhood, some trees are getting
cut down, he said the tree gets it. bubba said his new house will keep
the property values up, Manson thinks they should’ve had Tom The
Treeman do it, Spice as Treeman said he sucks at cutting trees. Spice
said we need to kill Mother Nature, Bubba told him to stop. Heather
was on; she said she took some pictures of it. Bubba wants the wood
from the tree, he wants to give it to someone for firewood, he thinks
the tree is fifty to sixty feet long, heather said she’s looking for
the video camera, Bubba told her where it was, Bubba told her he has
some tapes in his shoes. Skip asked about how big the base of the tree
was, Bubba thinks it’s four to five feet, Skip wonders why Bubba would
want to do something like that, he said he doesn’t understand what
kind of tree he’s dealing with. Spice wonders how much a quart of wood
can go for; Skip said he could cut the tree without topping it. Chuck
in Jacksonville wondered if it’s a live oak, he said it’s worthless
for firewood, as it takes too long to dry out.

Segment 8 – Tree talk and news

The guys discuss the news and the tree getting cut down in Bubba’s neighborhood.

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