Wednesday, October 13, 2010

October 13th, 2010 by Staff

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Today’s recap provided by Blind Lawrence

Bumper music for the today provided by Sluggo:
Led Zepplin – Kashmir
Incubus – The Warmth
Ozzy Osbourne – I Just Want You
Disturbed – Stricken
Godsmack – Forgive Me
Rage Against the Machine – No Shelter
Lenny Kravitz – Fly Away
Beastie Boys – High Plains Drifter
The White Stripes – The Denial Twist

Segment 1 – Rays game discussed

The show started off with audio of the Rays losing (5-1), followed by
audio of Joe madden talking about the game. Bubba said that the music
was provided by Sluggo, he then said that he tapped out during the
game, Manson thinks he should’ve gone to bed early, as he stayed up
until the 8th inning. The guys then talked about the game, saying it
was basic baseball that made them lose. Bubba went over what they’ve
got coming up on the show for the day, he said Auggie will be
delivering breakfast, we then heard Madison, the transsexual’s bumper,
Bubba said that she’s asking about the Twelve Boobs of Christmas,
Brent said the rules state you need to be a biological female. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Sabrina the show Witch, Madison the Transsexual

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s appearance at
Lumber Liquidators on October 16. Bubba came on saying that Russ is
working with Florida Shed, Brent thinks Bubba has more projects than
Donald Trump. Bubba said that he’s got two VIPs standing by, Sabrina
the show witch and Madison, he decided to go to Sabrina first, Sabrina
came on saying she heard the promo yesterday and couldn’t stop
giggling, she said it’s tough to get through in Miami, Brent said
witches are eligible to enter, Sabrina said that Bubba and Spice
signed a shirt for her, she’d like Brent to sign it. We then heard
Madison’s bumper, but no one was there, Spice said “it” gets mad at
him and emails the show. Bubba said that Madison was back on, Madison
came on he said he needed a reason to call in. Spice asked if he was
in the hospital, Madison said he almost died, as his gall bladder was
messed up, Ned thinks its God’s way of punishing him. Madison said
that both of his parents are nurses, so they’re supportive of the
decision. Ned thinks Madison has him mind screwed, Bubba thinks that
having an Adam’s apple is determining your weight, he said he can
barely see his. The guys then talked about male and female
differences, Spice said he’d like to meet a hermaphrodite, Madison
said the term is innersex, he said that some can grow a scrodum and
have a vagina, Ned thinks you don’t need to leave the house if that’s
the case. Bubba wondered if Madison will like men or women, Madison
said he had someone in mind, he said that he’s proud to be
transgender. Spice wondered if Madison will be the kind of person who
fools guys, Ned thinks he’s not fooling anyone, Madison thanked Bubba
for the bumper, Manson thinks Madison must really hates his penis,
Bubba said he gets mad at it sometimes, Spice wonders what that’s like
to have it cut off. Bubba said he likes Mika Kelly, he said he’s kind
of over Megan Fox, he then asked the guys if they saw the girl from
UFC getting in Playboy, Spice said all the ring girls do is kiss.
Bubba said that Janessa Brazil will be coming in this Friday on the
Satellite show, as she’ll be in Penthouse; they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – RJ the Snake Hunter

Bubba came on recapping what they’ve got on the show for today, he
then cut off the bumper music, saying he’s had enough of Ozzie, Manson
said he’s one of the worst voices in rock and roll. RJ in Georgia said
he got bit by a snake, he said he got bit three times, Spice asked him
why he stuck around, RJ said he was drunk when he caught him. Spice
asked him why he catches snakes, RJ said he likes to take pictures;
Spice suggested the guy invest in a zoom lens. RJ said that his
beverage of choice is Vodka, Bubba said he would be mad at the snake,
Spice asked the guy if he had health insurance, RJ said he was told to
send $20 a month and they’d leave him alone, he said that the snake
got him on the right index finger, he said he was puking within 15
minutes, Spice wondered if he’d do it again. Bubba asked him if he’ll
go snake hunting again, RJ said he’ll stop catching those kinds of
snakes, he said Rattle snakes aren’t as deadly, he said Manson is the
snake expert, he said it took six hours to get all the venom out, he
said the doctors told him he would’ve died twice. Bubba wondered when
the guy got laid last, J said it was three days ago, he said it was
with two women, he said one of them was decent, one was a Buffalo, he
said he’s known them for seven years, they were bar tenders, he said
he’s been with both of them for seven years, he said he wore
protection with one of them, Spice wondered if he took it off and put
a new one on, the guy then said he was the Anal Assassin. Bubba said
he’d love to talk to him more, he said he’d like to talk to him half
drunk, RJ asked if they’re in the clear, he then said he loves Tony
Stewart, he sighted him as his favorite driver, he told ed to kiss his
ass. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Bubba coming to Charleston South Carolina? Various news clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “Remember the
Heroes” shirt. Bubba said that Auggie has a regular job, he thinks the
last people to impress them with food was Jeff from Daily Eats, he
then plugged Bubbaween, which will be on October 29 at Scene Night
Club, he then went on to talk about a new car that Steve Hurly is
dropping off for them to try out. Jerry said he thought he had a
flashback when he heard Ned on his local station, he said that there’s
a radio show 98 X in Charleston South Carolina have been playing clips
of the show, Bubba wonders if they’ve been plugging a new show, the
guy said yes, he then said that Charleston has no idea what they’re
getting into, he wonders if they’re truly going to be on there. John
said that he’d like to talk about Grady Jud busting people, Bubba said
this was about bating people with gangs. We then heard a news clip
about that, Brent likes how the cops are using FaceBook to bust these
people, Manson likes how it’s proactive. Bubba likes how Grady invites
the media to do ride-along, he then took a call from a guy on
protection who was talking about the case, he thinks the Latin kings
gift wrapped themselves, he then went on to talk about Steve from
Steps Toeing. We then heard a news clip about someone super gluing her
eyes shut, Bubba said he’d do it if they wouldn’t end up with someone
in the hospital, Spice thinks you can’t do that, Ned thinks she’s
guilty based on voice, Bubba thinks it sounds like Arnold, he likes
how Arnold endorsed Charlie. Bubba thinks the woman should be sent
back to Germany. We then heard a news clip about a woman who killed a
woman, then cut her Fetus out, Bubba thinks they should get the woman
pregnant, kill her and cut the Fetus out, Ned thinks Bubba is right
on, Spice said he saw a movie where that was the plot, he still has
nightmares about that. We then heard a news clip about a woman who put
her baby in a duffle bag and put in the back of her car, Bubba thinks
you could just drop the kid off at the fire station, he thinks you
have to be incredibly stupid to do something like that, he wonders how
stupid people are, he thinks the cops would’ve had to have got to the
kid fairly quickly, he then pointed out the generator in the clip.
Brandon said he was appalled at Bubba saying they should be arrested
for someone advertising their gang on the internet, he thinks it’s
against our rights, Bubba said it’s the activity, Brent said you can’t
advertising being on the mob, Manson said that free speech doesn’t
cover illegal activities. Bubba asked him what he does, Brandon said
Bar tender, the guys told him to stick to that, Spice and Bubba then
sang a commercial for Bar Tend (this was an advertisement on regular
radio for a bar tending school). Larry on protection said he used to
do that, he then buzzed himself and hung up, Bubba wondered if their
kids or adults, Spice said if he was doing anything bad, he’d just
move out of Pulk county, Bubba wonders what statute they were arrested
under, we then heard a clip of Grady saying you should stay out of
Pulk County if you’re going to commit a crime, Spice said he’s nervous
about driving through there on a trip, Ned said he just goes around.
The first email of the day said that Devon James is in a fight with
one of Tiger Woods’s mistresses, Spice said Devon will end up in jail
over something, he said she’s too out of control. Larry on protection
came on asking why the guys are scared over some music; Brent said he
has the charges. Larry said if fs3.3s category felony, he said the
videos probably wouldn’t have been shot this way, he doesn’t’ think
its right to lock up guys for videos that were shot two years ago.
Larry suggested the guys check out R7tdler, he said the guy has a red
bandana, he then suggested Tana AKA Krazy G, Bubba told him to slow it
down a little, Larry said that one has dog fighting, he said he’s a
9-5er, Bubba said he’ll look at it. Spice said he’s watched two
minutes into the video, he hasn’t seen anything bad, he said it looks
like a poor man’s NWA, Bubba thinks they need a wind sock, he said all
he sees is an ice cream truck, he then thinks they can’t air some of
that stuff, Spice thinks they’ve only got a day left to make a splash
in Miami. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Grady Judd calls in, Various stuff

Bubba said Andrew from Sting Ray Chevy told him they’re bringing the
car down today, Manson said he’d like to be first, he said Berlin will
be getting her license in December, he said Westin is still on his
permit, Bubba thinks Westin will be kicking himself in the ass when
he’s older. Another emailer said they went to Honey Baked Ham in
Brandon, they were told they don’t have the chicken dip, Bubba thinks
only a select few places have it. Another emailer said they’ve been
listening for about a month. Another emailer told Bubba to look at
himself for being white trash, Manson said that Bubba is responsible,
the emailer admonished Bubba for watching NASCAR, Spice joked the
email was sent in by Heather Clem. Another emailer said he and his
wife found the chicken dip and ate it on the way home, Bubba said
that’s the Bayway country store. Another emailer said that they loved
the commentary on the Haitian Pit bull attack. We then heard Grady’s
warning to people about Pulk county, he thinks they were booked under
874=-5. We then heard Grady Judd’s custom tymbal, Bubba likes how
Grady tells people he’s ready, he then asked about the gang thing, he
then recapped some of the phone calls he’s received about that, Grady
said the statute says if you do anything electronically to announce
the presents of a Criminal gang, you’ve committed a third degree
felony. Bubba said Grady doesn’t write the laws, he interrupts them,
Grady said that there was a gang banger that killed a sixteen
year-old, it took them six months to find the body. Spice asked about
dog fighting, Grady said that’s under the animal cruelty laws, it’s a
felony to bate the dogs as well as to fight them, he said that all the
dogs had their ears clipped back, big heavy chains on them, he said
that’s the way dogs are trained to carry additional weight. Spice
asked about Snoop Dogg being a former gang member, Grady said that if
he comes to Pulk County ad does gang related stuff, he could be
arrested. Bubba said that anything to stamp out gangs is what he’s
about, he asked if anyone can challenge the First Amendment, Grady
said that will be the challenge issued, Bubba thinks they’re stuff is
action. Grady said they’re education people, he asked people to stop
promoting their gang, or just get out of Pulk County. Bubba asked if
some of them had outstanding warrants, Grady said one guy was on House
Arrest until 2017, one of the people involved provided music for a
party that caused someone to die. Bubba wondered if ignorance of the
law works, Grady said no, he said that some people don’t know, but
they understand once he’s done with them. Bubba then read the statute
about gangs, Ned said he likes the video he’s watching, Bubba thinks
Ned is the only one who will program his gps to not go through Pulk
County. Brandon the bar tender came on quoting a line from Eminem
about the President dying, Bubba said that was him stating his
opinion, Brent said it’s a felony to knowingly or willingly to
overthrow the Government. Bubba said that Manson likes pot, but he
won’t post pictures like that on his FaceBook page, he then said you
should look at some of the successful gangs, he said you’ll never see
the Hell’s Angels shooting a rap video on the steps of the Whitehouse,
Brent said that Bubba told him this years ago, it’s not hard to keep
yourself out of jail, Bubba thinks you have to be an idiot to go to
jail, Brent said they don’t look like model citizens. Buckshot said
the guys have a great show, he said that he was told by his higher ups
that if they were caught talking about gangs, they’ll get 10 years in
jail, bubba said that everyone wants to talk about this. Jamie said
that any half witted lawyer would get the case dropped, any good
lawyer would sue the county, he then mentioned The Sopranos, Bubba
said it’s not real. The timer was heard in the background, followed by
The Evil sounder, Bubba said he doesn’t make the laws, he just reads
them, he said the week after they were cleared with the Hog trial,
they didn’t do a BBQ the following week. Joe said he’s seen this stuff
before, he wonders if the film director would get in trouble for this,
Bubba isn’t sure, Manson thinks a director wasn’t involved. Brandon
came back on, he congratulated Grady Judd, he said Pulk is a great
county to find shrooms. John wondered where all these people come
from. Lilly said she agrees with what the guys were saying on this,
she thinks society has come to except this kind of behavior. Bubba
said that Carry fisher admitted to doing
Cocaine during filming the Star Wars movies, he said he’s never seen
them, Spice said he can understand why, he said all the movies tend to
confuse him. Manson said he’s seen them, he said it was in his
timeframe, Brent said he saw them when he was growing up, Manson
doesn’t get why people would wait in front of the theater for two
days, Spice said he doesn’t’ like the people who dress up like the
characters. Ed in Tampa said he likes what Grady Judd is doing. Bubba
said that David Arquette was on Howard’s show talking about his
divorce, he said that David wanted to see the bubba Raw DVDS, he
thinks Courtney was really uptight, Spice thinks he can’t be himself,
Bubba asked to get a hold of him on Friday. Jason thinks David needs
to grow a pair, he then asked what a model citizen is; he thinks
they’re related in criminal activity. Alonzo in Pulk said his rap name
is Definition, he doesn’t like how the guys are out there, he thinks
you don’t need gangs to make good music, Spice is impressed the guy
spelled it right. Bubba said he’s disgusted with someone at the
moment, he thinks Octomom is number one in the scumbag category, he
said he’s tired of Snooky from Jersey Shore, Spice wonders what she
did, Manson said being an annoying bitch, Spice thinks society will
line up by the thousands to get her autograph, Manson said if you get
Snookie’s autograph, you should be euthanized. Bubba said he watched
it, it’s a bunch of Guido’s who are acting stupid, Spice said it’s not
special, he’s been roped in by some of the episodes, Bubba thinks
Dixie Carter has a lot to learn about wrestling. We then heard a news
clip about a family suing SeaWorld over the trainer dying, Bubba said
as much as he doesn’t agree with what SeaWorld does with the whales,
he thinks that we need common sense court, he said it’s not hard to
explain to your kids, he said you need to shoot straight with your
kids, Manson thinks it has to be upsetting for the kid to see that.
Bubba said he’s taken aback by how much of a bunch of pussies we’ve
become, Ned thinks the Dad is a crying little bitch, Bubba then
recapped how he’d explain it to the kid, he thinks this would all go
away if the loser had to pay, Brent said he loves that, Bubba said MJ
will end up paying his legal fees, Brent said they’ll be in year four
before the Mj trial gets going. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 6 – The guys Comment On the News

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Baddest Dude and
Baddest Bitch contest at Bubbaween. Bubba thanked Auggie for
breakfast, he then said they’ll have some Bubba Army Hockey jerseys on, he then plugged the “Remember the Heroes” shirt, he
then plugged his Lumber Liquidators appearance on Saturday from Noon
to 1:30, he wonders if Scott Stap will sue one of the guys in God
smack, Spice wonders if Scott replied. Bubba then read the article
about that, Manson cracked up when some Creed fans flipped off God
smack, after the crowd didn’t join the mosh pit fast enough, Spice
said it’s problem if Scott fires back, Bubba hopes he can hear the
show, he said he’ll kick his ass, Spice thinks Scott would arm bar
him. Bubba then read an article about two guys who got shot on a Jet
Ski, an inspector’s head was sent back. We then heard a news clip
about that, Spice thinks she sped off like Kenny Powers. Chris said
back in the Roman days, people paid to see it, now they want to be
paid because they saw it. Jimmy in Miami said there’s a lake called
Lake Cacoonya; he was warned about pirates back in 2002. Tom in Miami
said he loves the show, he said when he was around 10, he was at the
Orange Bowl, a guy did a stunt with a bike, the guy fell 200 feet and
died, he said as a kid he thought it was cool, Bubba thinks we’ve
allowed the courts to be used for what it’s not supposed to do, Spice
said he watched “Faces of Death” as a kid. Ray said he loves everyone
there, he said tonight on South Park, they’ll be making fun of jersey
Shore, Bubba said he’ll have to VR it. John in Tampa said people die
on TV, Brent said he was watching an air show, people ran away puking.
We then heard a news clip about a guy who stabbed his Mom, then killed
a cat, Bubba thinks the guy should’ve gone by the Diamond Dave
template, he thinks someone in the clip sounds like the midget on
“East Bound and Down”, we then heard “The Mexican Song” in the
background. Manson wishes the Mom got stabbed one more time, Bubba
then did his 19 routine; he then read an article about a dying woman
who hung out with Dwight Howard. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 7 – Charlie Crist audio

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “Dark Brown (Dwight Howard
song)” from “bubba show classics Vol. 10”, track 16. We then heard
some Rage Against The machine, bubba said you can get the “Remember
The Heroes” shirt in two places; Mile’s Automotive and Sting Ray
Chevy, he then asked Spice about the 42 page thesis about having sex
with guys we then heard a news clip about that, Manson thinks she was
somewhat decent, Bubba wishes he was part of that survey, he wonders
why it’s a scandal, Spice said she’s like every guy, but they don’t
like writing stuff down. William said he’s been a fan since 1997, he
asked why Charlie is so behind in the poles, Bubba said Charlie will
be a day of election decision for most people. William thinks Scott
and Rubio are one in the same, he thinks the name Carl Rove should
scare anyone, Manson said he knows how to win, the guys think Rubio
doesn’t know what he’s doing, he thinks the bubba Army factor will get
Charlie in. We then heard a clip of Charlie commenting about Rubio’s
social security policy. Bubba asked Manson who he likes, Manson said
he wouldn’t vote for a Democrat, he thinks he’d go for Charlie, Bubba
said he doesn’t like Charlie’s immigrant stance. We then heard a clip
of Charlie talking about why he’s an Independent, Bubba said every
teacher will vote for Charlie, Spice said none of it is 100% correct.
We then heard a clip about gay adoption; Bubba said that if you’re
against gay adoption, you’re wrong, he said the extreme right turned
him off to the party, he thinks the Republicans were looking for a guy
with Satellite dish like ears, he thinks Charlie will win because of
the Bubba Army. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – The guys debate gay adoption

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for bubba’s appearance at
Sting Ray Chevy on October 23, followed by Ned’s “Wasting Our Time in
Afghanistan”. Bubba plugged Spice’s appearance at the Penthouse
tonight; Spice said he loves the food there, bubba then plugged his
Lumber Liquidators appearance this Saturday. Stacey said he heard the
guys saying they’re for gay adoption, Spice said he’s on the fence
about it, Bubba said he and Manson aren’t on the fence, Stacey thinks
the influence has something to do with it, Bubba thinks being adopted
has got to be better than living with a problematic family, Manson
thinks all the people willing to jump through some hoops to adopt a
kid are some good people, Spice thinks one parent being gay has got to
be something, Ned thinks the guy hates fags. Bubba thinks he’ll have
to change his stance on homosexuality; Ned called him a flip-flopper,
Manson said intelligent people change their mind after hearing both
sides of something. We then heard “Ober Radio Theater” from “Bubba
Show Classics Vol. 16”, track 16. They then ended the sow a few
seconds later.

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