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Top Stories:
Roman Polanski Will Remain in Swiss Prison
Survey: Miamians Beautiful, Yet Not Intelligent
Haleigh Cummings’ father filing for divorce
Obama Examines Afghanistan On Somber Date
Man upset at closed Miami Taco Bell shoots worker
NASA To Spend $79M To Bomb The Moon

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

Segment 1 – Sports scores, coming up on the show

Bubba started off with some Anne Berlin as bumper music, Bubba thinks
Manson has it on his iPod. Bubba told Spice he must be happy, as Aubry
Huff will go bowling with him. Bubba recapped some sports scores; he
then went on to say that Lorry the Dream translator will be on to
explain his Obama dream he had. . Bubba said today is Bree Olson’s
birthday, the guys wonder what she does for it, Bubba said he’ll be
resetting the Bree Olson meltdown (march 23, 2009), also a run-down of
Moonshine Miller vs. Angry Jack Daniels Brent. Bubba plugged what will
be on the show for the next few days; he also plugged and They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Lorry called in on September 10, 2008 to explain a dream MJ had, as
she did that earlier in the day, under the advice of her husband.

Segment 2 – emails, Brent raps while drunk replay

Coming out of commercials, we heard some messages from the fans, then
into Ned’s “Introduction to the New Listeners” from “Bubba’s new and
Misc Hits Vol. 8”, track 11. We then heard “Ain’t No Sunshine When
She’s Gone” as bumper music; Bubba thinks the bumper music will be a
good idea. Bubba said he now has a flasher system for Dave, he likes
it, Brent also had one, Bubba laughed at it, Dave came on and said he
shares his iTunes with his daughter. Bubba asked Brent what music
Amanda likes, Brent said stupid music, the only band they like is
O.A.R. Bubba read some emails, the first email asked about Bubba in
Texas. Another emailer said Bubba did a good job with Friday’s show.
Another emailer suggested Brent get help. Another emailer asked if
Gene Lasker will be coming back, Bubba said no. Another emailer told a
story about a soccer player who had to have a leg amputated; Bubba
read an article about that. Bubba recapped the wheelchair couple he’s
helping out; he said the couple will be moving into an extended stay
hotel this Friday. Bubba said no other show in the market did anything
like this. Another emailer said Bubba’s show has infiltrated Howard’s
show, the emailer called Bubba show “suck”. Another emailer asked Dave
Moore’s number, 727-323-0206. Another emailer thinks Bubba treated
Brent like crap. The last email of the day said his girlfriend of
three years has a four year-old son, the dcf gave custody to the Dad,
the Dad was arrested for growing marijuana plants. Tom in Ft. Meyers
said he saw on the news a woman who gave birth in a Wall mart parking
lot. Glen asked about a double standard of how they treat the doctor
of Michael Jackson, as opposed to the have nots. Dian in Ft. Meyers
said she loves the show, she said she met up with Linzy, the guys
didn’t know who it was, she reminded them who it was, the affiliations
girl from K Rock. Dian asked if she could send a picture of her dog,
as she named the dog after Bubba. Bubba asked her if they’ve ever
thought about having a mix in with Linzy, she thinks it could happen.
Chris in California said it stinks he has to wait until the afternoon
to get the show; Bubba said for some reason, they’re still
blackballed. Bubba had audio of Brent doing “Straight out Of Compton”
by NWA, Bubba thinks he did a good job, he then retracts it. Brent
said the problem was when he did it sober, he did it with no music.
The guys have a hard time understanding what Brent is saying, Bubba
asked why Brent cups the microphone, Brent said it’s a nervous habit.
The guys crack up at Brent messing up the words, they really enjoyed
the part where Brent said he “Knows what song it is, fat boy.” Spice
said Dave wants to do Drunken Christmas carols, Bubba said they can do
it on December 17. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Girls acting like lesbians, top twenty TV shows, various news clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard some Bob Marley as bumper music.
Bubba took a call from a woman who said she’d like to enter; she asked
her principal if she could enter. The woman said she’s high school
level, she said she had a baby; she thinks they’re ugly and saggy.
Bubba asked Brent if it’ll be a pdf file, Brent said yes. Spice liked
how she got tanked at the game. Bubba asked her if the guys throw it
out there, she said you have to watch out for girls, she said that gay
is the new black, Spice goofed on Bubba for eating jerky while talking
to a caller, bubba is shocked she said that. She said she’s had more
girls hit on her than guys. Bubba asked what the group is, the woman
said the freshman more than anything. Bubba asked if a cute one has
come up to her and asked her, she said they don’t have the nerve to
come up to her, Bubba asked her what it’s like. The woman said she had
a tough time thinking of an example, some have said she looks hot in
front of the whole class, she said she had a guy air hump her, he got
suspended for ten days, she said she wouldn’t press charges. The guys
act like their in prison, Bubba said he’s in there for air humping.
Bubba wondered if it’s the new click, Manson said it’s a new thing.
Bubba wondered if their just saying it, or if there for real, the
woman said she thinks that it’s happening. Spice thinks some of them
are going to be different. Bubba thinks it’s because of pop culture,
Manson thinks it is. Bubba asked Manson what it would be like if
Berlin did that stuff, Manson said if she was being a pretend lesbian
he’d talk her out of it, if she was a real lesbian, he’d be happy that
she couldn’t get pregnant. Bubba read some television stats; Jay Leno
has been in last place every night for the past two weeks. Bubba read
that the most watched sports event in cable history was last Monday
night’s football game between the Packers and Vikings. Bubba wonders
if people like him think Ted Thompson is a dick. Bubba said this is an
ego thing, he thinks Aaron Rogers is a little different than Favre.
Bubba thinks it wouldn’t have hurt for Favre to finish out his career
in Green Bay. Bubba asked what the deal was; Brent said the Jets got a
third rounder. Bubba went over the things the Packers have for Favre.
Bubba thinks Favre couldn’t have scripted it any better, he thinks it
couldn’t be handled any worse by Green Bay. Bubba thinks Favre
would’ve gone better than 6 and 10. Bubba went over some TV stats, the
top twenty most watch TV shows. Bubba thinks he’s either behind the
times, or he’s a man’s man, Spice thinks it’s a combination of both.
Bubba has never seen “private Practice”, Manson has never heard of it.
Spice said Extreme makeover will make you cry. Bubba said he’s never
spent more than two seconds watching “Dancing with The Stars”. Bubba
is confused by the various forms of “CSI”. Bubba wonders what is going
on with our country. Bubba said he didn’t like “Two and a half men”,
Manson thinks it’s cheesy. Bubba wonders what NCIS is, neither did
Manson, Brent thinks it’s something about the navy. Manson said he can
watch comedy Central. Bubba wonders who is running CBS, Bubba said NBC
only had one shows in the list, Spice said The Simpsons made Fox what
it is. Bubba said CBS is closing up shop, Brent said NBC made a big
mistake with not having Seinfeld. Spice asked what Bubba watches,
Bubba said he watches football and racing, he said he’s not the
average American. Bubba read an article about Lamar Odum is making
Cardashian sign a pre-nup. We then heard a news clip about the guy who
tapped the ESPn reporter, Bubba said he’s never heard of a guy who got
arrested for an up the skirt video. Bubba wonders what kind of life
you have when you make up the skirt videos, when you’ve got online
porno. Bubba said Al-kida is the biggest jackass ever, Bubba has a
hard time reading the comments section on his screen. Bubba thinks
this is horribly produced; Bubba wants to be in charge. They then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Guns n’ Roses audio, Michael Moore audio clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “I Kissed a Boy” from
“Bubbas New and Misc Hits Vol. 8”, track 10. Bubba read an article
about Guns n’ Roses getting sued over using some music. Bubba played
both songs; Spice thinks it sounds the same. Bubba is disgusted by the
new Guns n’ roses track, he thinks it’s like white noise. Spice said
the guy’s case is hinging on only five seconds, Bubba said it’s not
even close, he said it’s crap. We then heard a clip of Michael Moore
on hannity, Brent thinks Michael owned Hannity. Bubba stopped and
started to bag on the way hannity said bastards; Brent said hannity is
making the same argument. Brent said he’s trying like hell to get
Michael Moore on the air, he said he’ll try to contact Gary to put in
a good word. Spice said all he sees terrorists do is monkey bars;
Brent said they need Jews for labs and chemicals. Manson said they’re
turning us to a nation of pussies for being afraid of guys on monkey
bars. Brent said the Muslims will never highjack another plane. Bubba
likes how Michael Moore calls hannity out; Manson thinks Hannity is a
fake. Bubba said he’s tired of the labels for people. Bubba wonders if
hannity believes everything he says, Spice said they can’t do that.
The guys cracked up at Michael owning hannity. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Lorry from calls in

Bubba said the music for today’s show is provided by Dave rice. Spice
said Lorry from is on hold. Bubba went to her, Bubba
thinks there’s nothing behind it, she said there’s always something
behind your dreams. Lorry said you can save 50% off her books if you
enter the code Bubba. Bubba recapped the dream for her, where Bubba is
in the White House, he ends up meeting Obama, Obama asked Bubba if
he’d like something, Bubba asked for a diet coke. Bubba said he was in
the chair looking at sports scores, he saw Howard Stern jumping in a
pool with some hot girls. Bubba thinks he was being disrespectful; the
last thing he remembers was Obama asking what the Cubs score was.
Lorry asked Bubba if he’s having any power issues, Bubba said no.
lorry asked Bubba if he’s ever had an issue like that, Bubba said no.
Lorry asked Bubba if he’s ever gone past something that is fun to do
his power, Bubba said no, Spice said Bubba does whatever he wants.
Lorry thinks the power struggle is between Bubba and heather, Bubba
said it’s his dream, Manson and Spice think she’s on, Manson thinks
Howard is like Heather. Bubba said Howard is the only guy who can call
him an idiot. Lorry said dreams are a conversation with the self; it’s
really you telling yourself something. Spice wonders if heather’s
number one complaint that bubba doesn’t hang out, Bubba said he’s had
fun with the girls and pool parties, Manson thinks the pool party
represents the relationship, Lorry said some people look at dreams too
literally, Spice as Bubba said he couldn’t go in a pool, as he didn’t
have a bathing suit. Spice thinks Obama represents something else.
Bubba said if given the choice between Hawaii and a race track, he’d
pick a race track, he finds it to be more fun. Bubba said he can’t
even decide what’s fun vs. what isn’t fun. Lorry asked how many times
has Bubba not done something with the kids; Spice said it was a very
good question. Bubba said his racing involves his son, Bubba said he’s
done some stuff with the family. Manson thinks no one can figure out
Bubba’s dreams except for him. Spice said he’s had instances where his
girlfriend will wake up mad at him for a bad dream they had involving
him, Lorry thinks Spice is cheating in the dream. She said what’s
really causing it is a third wheel in the relationship; bubba thinks
the wives hate him. Lorry said she’s been doing this kind of work
since 1996, she said dreaming is a thinking process. Bubba asked her
what the strangest dream is, she said she’s never had one that has
freaked her out, she had a playboy bunny tell her one about going to
the bathroom, and a deal lizard and a roll of toilet paper, Bubba
thinks it refers to an abortion, Lorry said she was shocked. Ned said
he has a reoccurring dream involving a rodeo clown following him. He
goes to a rodeo, only to get thrown off, the clown isn’t there to save
him. Lorry thinks it has something to do with Ned’s ability to laugh
things off, until something really big happens, Ned thinks he’s
uncomfortable. Manson said he has a reoccurring one where he’s on the
air, and the song is about to run out, only to not be able to get to
the consul in time. Lorry said it happens when you’re under a lot of
pressure. Brent said he has a dream of missing the bus home from
overseas, the enemy overruns his base and he can’t find his M16. Lorry
thinks its Posttraumatic stress disorder related, she said a part of
you is still there, Ned thinks Brent just missed the bus in life.
Spice said no one really goes through the night without dreaming,
Lorry said we dream about 90 minutes a night, the last one is
generally the longest, Spice said she’s a hot red head. Bubba thanked
her for coming on; Ned said he was just messing with her. Tony said
Spice wants to go out with some gingers. He asked what race in Daytona
would Bubba like to go to, Bubba said he’d go for the whole thing.
Bubba said he’s got seven cuts of Moonshine Miller VS Brent. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Bree Olson meltdown reset

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the upcoming Bubba
wonka project, then into “Insane in the Clem Brain” from “Bubba Show
classics Vol. 10”, track 28. Bubba decided to pull tomorrow’s bumper
music, he had a little trouble getting the ball out, he told everyone
to shut up, it landed on Spice. Bubba plugged the show’s Twitter page;
he thanked Spice for posting on it. Bubba said after Monday, he’s done
with meetings, Spice thinks they shouldn’t last long than 2o minutes.
Bubba said today is Bree Olson’s birthday; he said that she doesn’t
look that hot in real life. Bubba said Jessica Drake and Janessa
Brazil are hot looking in real life, he said Bree realizes on makeup,
Bubba thinks she’s pancake. Bubba thinks the porn industry jobbed her
out with the clip, Bubba played it, Bubba thinks it was around six
months ago. In the clip, Spice is on the phone describing what is
going on, she was running down the road, Bubba told Spice to catch up
with her. Spice said she’d like to apologize, Bree is heard yelling in
the background to get the tape, Spice told Bree to let go of the
camera. Bubba stopped and started the clip, he likes how Miller just
gave her a blank tape, he said Miller is one hell of a worker. Bubba
wonders how she became this person; Bubba thinks she’s white trash,
Bubba thinks Spice was on to something when Spice called her a lost
cause. Bubba said they make fun of white trash, yet that’s what they
are. Bubba asked Ned if he’d like to help out Adam’s used Car parts,
Ned said he would be honored. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 7 – Moonshine Miller vs. Angry jack Brent revisited

Coming out of commercials, we heard some messages from the fans. Bubba
said they had a meltdown last Friday, Bubba recapped how it all went
down, he said he never thought it would turn out the way it did. Bubba
said the first cut is “Friendly Fire”, he thinks Brent throughout the
first insult, Manson thinks Miller was pushing Brent’s buttons like a
speed bag. In the clip, Miller and Brent go back and forth a little,
Spice thinks Miller owned him. Bubba asked Brent if it’s funny, Brent
said it’s not that fun, but it’s funny for everyone else. Bubba played
another clip, where Miller and Brent traded more insults, Bubba was
laughing his ass off, he thinks Moonshine Miller is one of the
greatest characters they’ve ever had, Bubba thinks it’s funnier the
second time, Bubba couldn’t stop laughing when Miller said “that’s a
hat trick bitch.” Brent said he’s not laughing at the audio, Bubba
thinks Miller was on fire, he asked for callers to comment on it,
Manson thinks the statements are really bringing it home. In the next
clip, Brent and Miller had to be separated; Brent ended up throwing a
trash can, Bubba then asked him to leave the studio. In the next clip,
Brent is on the phone yelling at Bubba. Bubba said he has to get the
regular audience up to speed, he asked Brent if it makes him mad,
Brent said it’s painful for him to listen to. Jim in Richmond said
Miller was pushing Brent all over the road; he thinks Brent shouldn’t
go into the kitchen. Drew in Miami thinks Brent is a bitch, Bubba hung
up on him. Tim thinks Brent can’t take it. Ryan in Orlando thinks they
should play that instead of bumper music. Paul in Orlando said it was
incredible radio, he thinks Brent got owned. Bobby said Miller was
amazing, but he has to see Brent’s side of things. Brent said he feels
worse than anything. Josh said that was the funniest thing he’s ever
heard. Justin thinks Bubba came down on Brent a little too hard. Bubba
said if he doesn’t get to it today, he’ll revisit it at 7:10, Bubba
played a little bit of it, where Brent was back in the studio, we then
heard a sample of Bubba telling Brent to stop crying. They then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Tucker Carlson on the phone

Bubba played tucker Carlson’s bumper and brought him on. Bubba thinks
Tucker is shot out of a cannon, he said he’s on gum and Perrier, his
two favorite substances. Tucker said he goes to bed around 1, Bubba
asks him how does he have sex, Tucker said his oldest daughter is in
bording school, Bubba thinks she’s a bad kid. Brent said he was
threatened with military bording school, it wasn’t anything good.
Bubba thinks Tucker is a dick, Tucker thinks it’s excellent, Spice
thinks it’s lazy parenting. Bubba said he could never do that, he
thinks Tucker doesn’t have any love in his heart. Tucker said you
could kill a man with your hands if you went to Bording School. Bubba
asked Tucker if he’ll send his kids to Bording School, Spice thinks it
has to be expensive, Tucker thinks its $5,000. Tucker said he went to
Bording School, the food was so bad, their pizza night was mostly
toppings from other food. Nancy came on and said Tucker is an idiot,
Bubba hung up on her to not drive Tucker away. Brent thinks they’re in
the wrong business. Tucker said when he got home from Bording School,
his parents had him take a train, Bubba said in today’s world they
couldn’t do that. Tucker said when he thinks of his life, he said he
hears Harry Chapin’s “cats In the Cradle” as a soundtrack. Bubba asked
Tucker about Afghanistan, Tucker says the President is week. Bubba
wonders what would happen if we were to just leave, Tucker said it
sounds like an appealing option; he said they are some risks, Bubba
thinks it sounds like we’re worried about everyone else. Tucker said
for many years, Rome kept people in check, and after it fell, we went
into the dark ages; he said it was a nasty time period. Bubba thinks
it’s a problem that we’re the world police, bubba thinks we’re pussy
policemen, he thinks we’re like Indiana Jones, he thinks we’re
Keystone Kops. Tucker said once Ragon got into office, we got the
Iranian hostages home. Bubba said when you spank a kid, they have
something to be afraid of, he thinks we’re putting Countries in
timeout, Tucker said we did that back in the day, he said the problem
is, we got sucked into creating a new life for them. Bubba said he’s
not sure if anyone can fix the problems at hand, Tucker said Hilary is
strong, Brent said she’s a real ball buster. Tucker thinks you can’t
have a general calling army guys dumbies, Brent said you’re not
allowed to do that. Bubba asked if he was president and he dropped a
bomb on a country, would he be in trouble, Brent said no. Tucker
thinks obama is sending out a message that basically says “Fool with
me and I’ll do nothing.” Brent thinks Obama is just opening him up to
more problems; tucker thinks bubba rules like Genghis Khan, he thinks
it’s like Benito Mussolini without a sense of humor. Bubba said if he
was in charge, he’d kill some people. Tucker thinks Bubba should right
a management book. Bubba said he doesn’t have a problem with the guys
smoking weed, just as long as you tell him before, Tucker said it’s
very Dalai Lama-ish. Tucker suggested Bubba call Random house ASAP.
Tucker thinks you wouldn’t want to put mousetrap on the testicals on a
form, he said he’s just given Bubba tips for a trial. Tucker said
he’ll have a legal answer for bubba next week, Bubba thinks they
should leave out Hitler; he said he wants to be Harry Truman. Bubba
wonders if he’s weird, Manson thinks so, Ned thinks Bubba is an
asshole. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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    OMG! This person cannot spell! I realize dude is blind but I m going blind reading this. How about following Howards lead with a more clear consistent synopsis!

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    I think Lawrence does a great job. And I have no problem following along with the recaps. As far as spelling errors go learn to sound the words out bitch they aren’t that far off.

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