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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Recap provided by Blind Lawrence.

Today’s Bumper Music provided by Chaz:
Goo Goo Dolls – Broadway
Snow Patrol – Shut Your Eyes
Weezer – Beverly Hills
Editors – Munich
Beck – E-Pro
Bad Religion – Evangeline
Atreyu – Becoming the Bull
Chevelle – Saturdays
Rise Against – Injection
Fall Out Boy – Dance Dance

Segment 1 – Coming up on the show

Bubba started by saying the music was provided by Chaz, he thinks his
name came up before, he then plugged what they’ve got coming up, TJ
Lavin will be on, he remembers what he did for them last (October 16,
2007), he thinks they should recut the group photo shoot, he thinks
Manson’s hair looks horrible, he thinks Brent looks like he killed his
whole family before arriving at the photo shoot, he then went on to
say the Devon James lawsuit has been filed, he then went on to say
that Bob White was shot down, he said that the next time something bad
happens, Bob will be able to say that he knew this would happen. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Various callers, Randy Michaels discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for bubba’s appearance at
Lumber Liquidators on October 16. Bubba asked Twenty-five if he’ll be
going to the Bubba Army gathering, Spice isn’t sure about that, he
then recaps a video where a guy gets kneed in the testicals, we then
heard the clip about that, Bubba wonders what it would be like if
Obama was to do that, Spice likes how you can see the stands, Manson
said that was violent. Charlie asked Bubba his thoughts about Randy
Moss going to the Vikings; Bubba thinks it’ll just give Farve another
weapon. Charlie said he loved the “Bubba Saw” stuff, he said he would
love it if Bubba would get into the Saw voice, he asked about someone
on pills, the timer was heard in the background, Bubba then stopped it
after Charlie said he’s dropped about $150,000 on pills over a year,
he said that his wife was spending his paycheck on that kind of stuff,
Manson thinks the guy is oblivious. Mike in Dexter Maine said his
Grandpa was a minister; he died with his KK card in his wallet, he’s a
little torn on Heaven, Bubba thinks that when you die you’re sleeping
forever. Marlin in Miami came on talking about Randy Michaels, Bubba
said if they want someone who knows what they’re doing, Randy is the
guy, he said Randy’s style is different. Brent then read an article
with a headline that said Randy held a poker game at his office. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Beverly Hills” by Weezer. Bubba
said that throughout the month of October, Steve Hurley will be
donating to the BTLS Foundation, he then went on to say that the guy
that is trashing Randy Michaels, he said that anyone could be a
blogger, he said even Tyler could do it, he thinks everyone has had a
connection with Randy Michaels. The first email of the day said they
can’t wait for someone to get really hurt in Pasco County. Another
emailer said the Fox News piece about Heaven disturbs him. Another
emailer said they could provide clear cut evidence about a ghost being
at Scene. Another emailer asked if they could play the Ned Sex Chamber
bit, Bubba wonders if it’s regular radio friendly. Another emailer
said that Bubba Ray Dudley is divorced. Another emailer contained a
copy of an article about a judge who was arrested for pills. Another
emailer said they like learning new things every day from the show,
they didn’t like hearing Bubba eating his own boogers. Another emailer
said they went to, they found positive reviews for the
Susan G Komen foundation, Brent said you’re looking for the 990 form.
Another emailer said she’d like to get new boobs, Bubba wonders how
many times he has to tell the audience, October 20will be when you can
do it on line, or you can register in person, dates are available on Another emailer said he screwed himself by not listening to
“bubba Saw” live. Another emailer said its sad Sirius dropped the ball
on playing the Friday FM show. Another emailer asked if Bubba will
sell the chicken dip in Ft. Meyers, Bubba thinks Dave is talking to
Publix about that. Another emailer asked Bubba about his application,
Spice said he can’t go into much detail about it. Johnny said he loves
the show, he asked what it’s like when Bubba gets off work, Bubba said
he had meetings until around Noon, worked out with Tyler, took a nap,
then worked in the garage. Ned said he went to the bar, went bowling,
returned to the bar, then passed out. Jeff in Columbus Ohio said he
found out a lot of information about charities he donates to, he’s
since cut off donating to these charities, he then said that he gave a
woman with Breast Cancer $1,000. Rick in St. Petersburg said he works
at Scene, he was working at night with some guys, they heard a noise
from upstairs, he said there was a noise by the elevator shaft. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Various news

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s appearance at
Sting Ray Chevy on October 23. We then heard one of Hulk Hogan’s
bumpers. Bubba thinks this is the end with his back surgery, Hogan
said he has a battery that goes for 24 hours, he then thanked the guys
for helping him out with the Cocoa Pebbles issue, bubba said they
should wait for him to get better before they play the audio for him,
Hogan was heard asking for a shot of the juice. We then heard the clip
from August 19, 2009, where the guys inform Hogan about the
commercial. We then heard a news clip about some bees on a porch,
Bubba thinks all of the boopity stories come from Tennessee or
Alabama, the guys cracked up at the two guys in the clip, Spice
wonders if the reporter drove away questioning what he did, Manson
said he loves when a news person locks up, Bubba cracked up at the
anker cracking up at the story, Ned thinks she has something in her
throat. Daniel in Texas asked Spice where he can get the top five rock
songs, he thinks Bubba ruined it for him, Bubba said he’s not supposed
to play the song in its entirety, he said the segment is ment for him
to give you his opinion on the track, he said most people don’t agree
with him on that, he said he just pulls it off.
Sean in Ohio said Sirius had better re sign the guys. We then heard a
news clip about the Gainesville shooter, Bubba said the guy should
have never seen the light of day, Spice said if he had a gun, he’d be
able to mow down some people in just 13 minutes. Bubba said that Bill
McCollum was blasted by Barry Cohen, he said he sides with Cohen on
this, he said good stuff happens when you have people who are in the
know, he thinks McCollum is sour grapes for getting beat in the
election, we then heard a news clip about that, Bubba thinks McCollum
is done if you have Cohen on you, he thinks Cohen is on the right
track, he then asked Spice to Lisa Rema is, he thinks he needs to get
out, he then said she was hot after seeing her pictures. We then heard
a clip about her clothing store being robbed, the guys goofed on the
people in the clip, Bubba said everyone in Hollywood is plastic, Spice
said she’s hot, but he doesn’t like people with that attitude, Bubba
wonders how yappy Robin Mede is, he thinks this could be a setup to
talk about the Reality TV show, he thinks that’s why they’ll never
work in LA, he thinks they’d never sell Sprint Car T-shirts in south
Beach, he then talked about a Federally appointed judge, Jack camp,
who got arrested for pills, Marijuana, cocaine and strippers, Bubba
thinks the guy should be more selective, ed said the guy likes to
party, Brent said this is the guy who put the doctor that gave Benoit
his pills, Bubba thinks you can’t have that in any capacity, he thinks
if he was arrested for something like that, it’d be over, he thinks
the stripper got busted, the feds asked if any big names come in, he
thinks they propped her up to like the guy, he thinks the judge is
trying to be cool guy, Manson said that whores love cocaine. Bubba
thinks as a judge, you don’t tell anyone that he has a gun, he said
that if a woman offers you cocaine, don’ do it, Ned said cocaine is
for sex with women you wouldn’t normally have sex with. Bubba thinks
Ned has never paid for sex, Ned said you could get it cheaper with
Blow, he thinks Bubba is a dork for not doing blow, Spice cracked up
at this. Bubba thinks the guy is done, he wonders what Camp’s wife has
left, Spice thinks she’ll just stick around during the press
conference. Jenn said that Bubba needs to read the Affidavit, she said
the judge was recorded before she even went to the cops, Ned thinks
she’s a snitch, Jenn said the woman had a federal charge pending, the
judge told her not to worry about it, she said that she had misled the
authorities. Bubba wondered how she first made contact with the judge,
he thinks if he was a customer of the place, that’s on him, he thinks
if someone has a federal case, you wouldn’t want to deal with that, he
said he’d like to be a part of a fund that just sets people up, they
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Paul the Cowboy, female callers

Bubba said they heard from Hogan earlier, saying he’s going in for his
final back surgery, Spice hopes it gets better. The guys wonder if
sperm is addictive, Spice said that women don’t want condoms as much
as guys don’t. We then heard Ned’s “Hulk Shells”. Bubba plugged the
Harley Davidson Sand Soldiers event, you can go to,
he then said that women who are into unprotected sex are happier,
Spice thinks women or men don’t like condoms, Manson thinks the study
is retarded. Bubba said that Jared Allen that his post sack cap roping
is considered a fowl, Spice likes how the NFL has so many thugs, yet
they’ll cover it up, Manson thinks they draw the line at play acting.
Bubba remembers the guy who did the knee thing; he said that was
considered outrageous back in the day, Spice thinks they’d take away
the icky shuffle. Mike on protection asked about Roberto Alamar, Spice
said the rumor is that he has HIV. The guy said he knows the family,
he said Roberto filed for divorce recently, he purposefully lied to
her to have unprotected sex, Spice said he can’t blame her at all if
that’s the case, he said the guy’s lawyer won’t say that he’s hiv
positive, Bubba said he could care less. Kurt asked Spice if he’d
chase after a baby calf, Spice said he would leave it be, Bubba thinks
they could do Human roping, Brent suggested tom the Treeman and
Tuddle, Manson said you have to yoke it up with a lasso, he suggested
they get a professional calf roper, Bubba said he’d like to rope
Auggie, he thinks they can’ do it fast enough, Manson said it’s not
cruel to a calf, Spice wonders if that’s the worst thing that happens,
Bubba thinks this would be a service for the calves, he thinks the
calves would be appreciative. Tom said his wife fell outside while she
was drunk; the guy got dumped for cursing. Bubba told him to back up
the story, he said they were all playing Dominos, Tom’s wife went
outside while drunk, she fell and required an ice pack, the next door
neighbor’s husband gave it to her, the wife came in and thought they
were having sex, he said it’s because she’s a Puerto Rican. Paul, a
cattle roper came on, he said he’s missed a few times, he said if he
misses, he just goes to the hotdog stand, he then explained tieing up
a calf’s legs. Bubba asked about humans, Paul said in about eight
seconds flat, he said there’s a difference between Rednecks and
Cowboys, Ned thinks he’s a combination of both, Bubba thinks saying
you’re a cowboy at The Dallas Bull is like saying you’re a Rays player
at Scene, he wonders if they could have a dating game for the guy,
Bubba said he’s been on a horse, Paul thinks Bubba could be a bull
doger, Spice thinks Peta will come knocking, Bubba explained Ned’s
version of bull dogging. Bubba asked the guy where the guy rates, Paul
said the audience doesn’t watch the rodeo for bulls, Spice said it
seems like a sneak attack on the bull, he thinks it’s kind of a dick
move, Paul said the Steers are trained to do that. Paul said he’s seen
some horns go through some guy’s teeth, Bubba thinks it’s all the same
show after awhile, he said the bulls are mad because the testicals are
tied up, Paul said that’s a myth. The guys wonder what the deal is
with the clowns, Manson thinks the bulls want to eat the clowns, Paul
said the clowns fight the cowboy off the bull, he then explained
pinning a cow, he said they have to drive them up to get sold, he said
he’s about six foot two, he said the girls have got to look good.
Bubba said Ned is kind of a cowboy, Ned said he’s done bull dogging
with big women, he thinks he would kill himself. Bubba told the phone
screener to take some information, he said he’d like to clear the
lines for people who are interested in dating a cowboy, Spice thinks
all the hot girls are at the Dallas Bull, Ned wondered if Bubba has an
obsession with cowboys, Bubba told him not to fag him out, he thinks
there has to be an influx of girls who like cowboys, he said he wants
hot chicks, Spice said hot chicks don’t need to come to the show,
Bubba admonished Spice for never wanting to dance with him, he said at
the Dallas Bull, you could get some guy who just got a costume, Manson
wondered why a woman would want to be with a cowboy, Bubba thinks
Spice is putting cowboy repellent. Heather said she’d love to date a
cowboy, she said she doesn’t want a Rhinestone Cowboy, she said she’s
about five foot six, 1140 pounds, Bubba thinks that’s probably all
they can get. Adrian said she’s interested in the topic, she said
cowboys are cute, he said they look good in tight jeans, she said
she’s 26, blonde, five foot three, 115-118 pounds, she thinks a lot of
girls would be interested in that. Tammy in Tampa said she’s 36, five
foot five, 127 pounds, she said she’s not into the younger guy, she
said all her girlfriend will date are cowboys. Bubba said that in
order for this to work, he’ll require a picture. Brett in Miami said
she’s originally from Dallas Texas, her job brought her to Miami, she
said she’s five foot seven, 140, blonde hair blue eyes, she’s not sure
who is listening to the show, she said she’s 23. Linzy said she’d like
to date a cowboy, as she’s a smoking hot girl that no other man could
handle her, she said she’s four foot eight, brown hair brown eyes,
Bubba told her to hold on, he said he can barely keep up with the
callers. Nicole in Orlando said she was calling about the sperm, she
said something is addictive, she suggested the guys do some research,
Spice said he’s had plenty of practice on that. Bubba said that the
Government to make commercials at a certain level, Spice said he can’t
believe they made it a bill. Bubba then talked about a cancer patient
waking up with a penis in her face, Spice then goofed on the Miami
News guy, Ned said he needs to know more. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Various news, Manson’s New Bit

Bubba said he needs about three minutes or so to talk about his next
topic, Manson said he has a new bit about Calvin Cline, bubba decided
to play the news story about the cancer patient, we then heard the
news clip about that, the guys point out how the voice guy is no
longer around, bubba then recapped how the story should’ve been
reported, he likes how the woman explained what happened, he thinks
it’s all for a payday, he thinks it would be better than that, Ned
thinks it’s a letdown. Bubba then read an article about a guy who
killed his family, except for his biological kids, he thinks it’s a
Doug Clem kind of thing, ed said Doug is the man, he thinks the show
got the voice guy out of a job. Bobby in Miami said the locals refer
to channel 7 as Cardiac 7, as it’s always a big story, regardless of
what it’s about, Spice then goofed on the announcer. We then heard the
news clip about that, Bubba said that the way the news guys say “Night
Team” is too fast, he thinks people on TV are stupid, Manson said for
some reason, every TV station does that, he thinks the guy is cold
blooded, Bubba wishes the guy had made it so we could torture the hell
out of him. Jodrick in Miami asked when Bubba is coming to Homestead,
Bubba said they’ll be there on Friday November 19, on Saturday
November 20; they’ll be doing a meet and greet. Jodrick asked if he
could get something for them, he said he was the guy who called a
while back and was upset they didn’t have a song goofing on Mexicans.
We then heard the song, that spoofs “the Mexican hat Dance”, Bubba
wonders if it’s the same words over and over again; he then decided to
put it on his button bar. Manson said that his latest bit is about
Eddie Long. We then heard the bit, “Eddie Long’s Transgression”, an ad
for a fragrance that smells like among other things, a preacher
sucking your dick. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – TJ Lavin calls in, various news

Bubba came back asking Spice if he got an answer with a phone call,
Spice said he was going to call. Joe on protection said Calvin Kline’s
son is in town, he thinks the guy is listening to the show, he said
that the cops love his show; Bubba said he has a new item on, he told the guy to be safe. Spice said TJ Lavin was
standing by, Bubba thinks he has to do the media circuit. T said the
show starts tonight, he said the Bubba show is his people, he said
it’s on MTV at 10:00, he thinks none of the stations he’ll do will
touch the Bubba show. Bubba asked how the show got going, TJ said MTV
came to him, he said he took the show half serious, he ended up
keeping it, he said now it’s gotten better. Bubba asked what we’ll be
seeing tonight, TJ said the opening challenge will hook you, Spice
thinks bubba hasn’t seen some of their shows, he said some of these
guys will come back every season, TJ said they do that for the money,
he said the Jersey Shore kids are killing it, Spice said the situation
is making $5,000,000, TJ wonders why you wouldn’t want to do it. Bubba
asked if he has any stories about women in Prog, TJ said they’re
beautiful, he said Prog is the Los Vegas of Europe. Bubba said that
Road rules is in its 21st season, TJ has hosted ten of them, he
wonders where he’s been, TJ said that the last time he was there, he
broke his leg the day after, Spice joked they ended his career, TJ
said he lost a little focus. Bubba wondered if there’s any money in
BMX, TJ said they up the ante, he said he can’t say anything negative
about the sport he loves, he then said that he signed a deal with
Monster shortly after he broke his leg, Bubba told him to call in
whenever he has stuff going on, he then recapped Tyler’s current race
record, he then asked if TJ has made good pay from MTV, TJ said he’s
not complaining, he said it’s nice to have people with him at all
times, he said he’s still making music, he then said his website is, Bubba told him to say hello to Al from Skin Industries,
TJ thanked the guys for having him on. Bubba said that when Spice
first told him about TJ, he was a little skeptical about it. Steve in
Jacksonville said Moss just got traded; Bubba thanked him for that, he
thinks it’s a steal for a third rounder. LB said he was watching the
news, he saw the God Hates Fags people on TV, Bubba said he doesn’t
want them to win, Brent said they might win, as much as he hates what
they stand for. LB suggested getting some FTEs set up from the God
Hates Fags people, he suggests just blocking them, he’s not sure if
it’s a good idea, Bubba thanked him for that. We then heard a news
clip about a woman who duct taped her kid to the wall while high on
pot, Spice was cracking up at the clip, Bubba said it’s not that big
of a deal, he said they didn’t say how long the kid was duct taped, he
said if it’s only for a minute, it wouldn’t be a problem, Manson was
cracking up at the photo, Spice thinks it’s all on the kid’s reaction,
Manson said if his kid told him to duct tape him or her to the wall,
he’d do it, Spice thinks he’s all for Marijuana being legalized, he
doesn’t think you should be high around your kid, Bubba doesn’t like
how they blurred about the photo, Spice said the kid was crying, Bubba
said he takes his comments back, he said the triggering more tears is
the issue, Manson said now it’s disturbing. Tammy in Ohio said that
she originally sided with Bubba with his comments on the story; Bubba
said it’s easy to see how something could be taken out of context, he
thinks the kid will resent the parents, Manson said it’s the boyfriend
situation, Bubba thinks the loins are talking in this case. Charles
said a couple won $10,000 on “America’s Funniest home videos” for a
video like that; Bubba said he could do that with his kids for fun, he
then said he needs to end the show early, he said he needs to
decompress, he said he has a new Mark Ober bit about Mark raping a
pony, he thinks it’s out of control, he asked Brent about the
offering, Brent then said the more outlandish the claims are, the more
protected it is. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Ned’s Salary, new Mark Ober bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbaween. Bubba
thinks everyone has left except for him, he told everyone to leave,
Ned said he was there, he said he’d like to stay with Bubba, Bubba
thinks he should cut a deal with Ned so he can stay with him, he said
he’d fire Spice and Manson, he told Brent he’s keeping him, Brent
thanked him for that. Bubba told Ned to picture his salary doubled if
Spice ad Manson were gone, he said that Manson makes double what Ned
does, Brent said it’s not the best management technique. We then heard
the new Mark Ober bit, where on June 14, 2005, a 911 call was made
saying that mark Ober raped a pony. Manson claims that Mark Ober and
Rhonda Storms were hanging out smoking meth. They went looking for a
motel, but found a horse stall, their lookout Marco Rubio cleared
them, he then went on to say that mark Ober and Rhonda Storms did
things with DB Cooper’s remains, then killed a panda, ripped it’s
babies out, killed them and ate them. They then ended the show a few
seconds later.

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