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November 3rd, 2010 by Staff

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Recap provided by Blind Lawrence

Bumper music provided by Sluggo:
Beastie Boys – High Plains Drifter
Limp Bizkit – My Way
Staind – For You
Seether – Breakdown
Disturbed – 10,000 Fists
Three Days Grace – Pain
Mudvayne – Not Falling
Rolling Stones – Sympathy for the Devil
Coheed and Cambria – Welcome Home
The White Stripes – The Denial Twist

Segment 1 – Election 2010 Recap

Bubba said the music was provided by Sluggo, he then said he doesn’t
feel like much of a badass today, Manson thinks Bubba finally gets it,
Brent said we live in an Oligarchy, Bubba thinks the caller from
Monday was on, he said he’ll write his check out to Tucker, he said it
looks like Rick Scott could be Governor, he said that’s more
disturbing than Rubio’s victory, he said that in theory, having Rick
in would be better for content, he thinks either the Bubba Army went
out, or they’re not as a popular as they think they are, he thinks it
could be a combination of both. Mike in Dexter Maine said he was a
long shot, he then said he wasn’t expected to win. Bubba said our
state is being ran by a bunch of old people, he thinks he’ll be a
write in candidate for Governor; they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 2 – Various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard “My Way” by Limp Bizkit. Bubba
still thinks Rick Scott will win, he then took a call from a guy who
said that there’s a 1% difference between Scott and Sink. We then
heard a news clip about Florida not having a Governor as of yet, Brent
doesn’t get why people vote yes on the judges, Bubba said that’s
because the old people, he thinks we’ll look like a laughing stock if
Scott gets in, he then took a call from a guy who said the old
bastards came through. Dan in Orlando said the problem with the state
is the old people are running the fait. Tony in Tydusville said he was
a pole worker yesterday; they had about a 60% turnout. Carl in South
Dekoda had a question for 1800AskBrent. Bubba dialed it up for him,
Carl said he donates to Autism Speaks, Brent said he’ll check it out
for him. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – RJ in the Woods

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s appearance in
Dayton on November 6. Bubba said Tucker Carlson will be on to tell him
how much of a fool he is, he then thanked the people of the Homestead
Speedway, he then said Dayton will be cold on Saturday, the guys then
did some old voices talking about that. Bubba then read an article
about Randy Moss, he said that Buffalo has the first shot; he then
asked about the food incident, Spice said that’s an example of the
media spinning a story out of control. Wayne said he’s working 70
hours a week, six days a week, he said he’s pushing everything off as
far as insurance, he wonders if it’s time to say “fuck off”, Bubba
thinks the guy should put down the Zany bars, the guy said he’s lived
with this guy for 20 years, the guys think something is up, Spice told
him to move out, the guy ended up getting the Evil treatment. RJ in
the woods said he got his truck stolen last night, he said he let a
girl borrow his truck, he said he reported the truck stolen to the
cops, he described her as a good looking redhead, Spice thinks that’s
not the case. RJ said he had sex with her after the Tattoo; it lasted
about 15-20 minutes. Bill in Tampa said he’s quitting the Bubba Army,
he asked what else have we gotten done, he said he’s putting all his
Bubba Army gear in a trash bag, he’ll have Lasker burn it with the
Koran, Bubba thinks that’s what almost everyone at the show is
thinking. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Bubba’s gold, various callers, Ned’s new Bit gets shot down

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Twelve Boobs of
Christmas. Bubba told the people of Dayton that he’ll be in town on
November 6. The first email of the day said it was great to hear the
guys talking about the Homestead Speedway, Bubba likes how when you
order tickets, you can hit a button and see what your view will look
like. Another emailer said the only thing disgusting than would be her
attorney. Another emailer said that kids will only get worse as they
continue to play video games. Another emailer thinks America is more
about hate and division, the emailer thinks an Iran war is coming
soon. Another emailer thinks Bubba isn’t as powerful as he thinks he
is, the emailer thinks Bubba won’t read the email on the air. We then
heard a news lip about “Seniors Against Internet Porn”, Manson said
it’s funny that we invented the internet, yet we’re hooked on porn,
Brent said you can’t look at the Salvation Army’s information on their
money. Bubba took a call from a guy who said he works at the Salvation
Army, a lot of foreign people go in and buy the stuff that is dropped
off. Joe in Ft. Meyers asked Spice if he still has his porn
collection, Spice said he still has some stuff, Bubba thinks they
should sell it, Joe said he’d be willing to buy it. Bubba said that
Tyler still thinks girls have coodies, he thinks he should just throw
his porn out, he then took a call from a guy who said that he works
for the Salvation Army, he then went on to say that Charlie Sheen is
loaded, Spice sarcastically said he thought it would last. Bubba said
he’ll have Jeff Hess sell his gold, he then asked for Big Dick to get
it out of the safe, Spice thinks he’s seen it, Bubba said he’s not
proud of any of that stuff, Spice thinks 20 years ago would look cool,
bubba said he’s disgusted by having all this gold stuff, he then said
Ned has a stamp for his autograph, ned said his fingers are stiff
these days, Spice said Ned’s Halloween costume was cool, Ned said it
was a big costume with a hand in the middle, so it looks like he’s
holding his own head. Spice went through the stuff that’s in the bag,
the guys think Bubba should offer the gold to Mel Gibson, the guys
then quoted lines from his tapes. Bubba said that Ned has a new song –
“Rubio Killed the Radio Star”, he thinks Spice should’ve stuck a
pillow under his shirt and gone as him for Halloween. Bubba said that
the reason why he got a Green Bay packers ring was because he had
$6,000 to spend, he then explained his Tampa Bay Storm ring, saying
the guy who got it for him is really a shady character, he then said
that jack Stiefel asked him if he’s taking payments. Jason in Tampa
said he used to do some contracting where the Salvation Army was
building houses, he talked to a guy who made about $300,000, he ran
from the contracting job. We then heard a clip of Rubio talking about
the Senate, Spice said it sounds like Anthony Hopkins in “Silence of
the Lambs”. Bubba said there’s so much on Rubio, it wouldn’t be
surprising if he was indicted before his term ran out. We then heard a
clip of Charlie Crist congratulating Rubio, Brent thinks he would’ve
been re elected Governor. We then heard a clip of Kendrick Meek
talking, Bubba thinks maybe the third place guy gets the crappiest
audio. We then heard a clip from Monday’s show, where a guy had said
that if you vote for eek, you’re helping Rubio. Tracey asked Bubba if
he feels more successful now or back then, Bubba sad he can sleep a
hell of a lot better at night. Tracey said that she and bubba used to
hang out, she said that she was involved in a lot of wet T shirt
contests. Travis in Tampa said he owns a store in town, he suggested
Bubba not melt those down, he thinks someone will want them. We then
heard a bit of Ned’s new bit, “Rubio Killed the Radio Star”, Bubba
wonders if he even wants to play this, Ned said he’s kicking him while
he’s down, Bubba said it’s like getting kicked in the crotch with
steal toed boots. Darrel said Rubio was faggy in high school, he never
had a girlfriend. Brent said bubba’s comments on Rubio earlier was
spot on – Rubio is the Barrack Obama version of Palin, Bubba wondered
what that was about, he said no one can save them, he thinks Big Dick
is busy eating a tootsie Pop, he then read some information about the
gold, he’s at a total of 19.5 ounces, he thinks he shouldn’t even play
Ned’s song, Ned thinks bubba should play it, he thinks the Bubba Army
deserves it, he then said Jabberjaw and Chaz help him out. The song
played for about thirty seconds, Bubba cut it off, saying it sucked,
they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Election 2010 Audio clips, Roland the Vietnam guy

Bubba came on sarcastically saying that his conversation with Tucker
Carlson will be lovely, he then talked about Jim’s Harley Davidson’s
toy run, no stuffed animals, for health reasons. Ed in Tampa asked the
guys about prop 19, Bubba said it’s too much too soon, Brent wonders
why people would vote for Blumenthal, Spice wonders why people would
even vote for him, Bubba thinks the average guy he represents doesn’t
get out and vote, the old people do, he then said that Brownback is
now the Governor of Kansas, he said this guy is the biggest bible
banger ever, he then said that when he lost the election, he was on a
plane to Vegas, he called Brent to find out the results. We then heard
a clip of Linda McMahon, Manson thinks Vince should’ve hit her with a
chair. Brent said since being diss honest about being in the Military
seems to be the thing, Bubba might as well say he was a fighter pilot
in the Gulf War, Bubba joked that he was in Vietnam, even though he
was only four years old, he thinks Rick Scott will end up winning, Ned
yelled for Linda to wrap it up, Bubba said he’d like to go to Canada.
We then heard a clip of Christine O’Donnell talking, Bubba said she
got her ass kicked, he thinks he’s talking to a girl who is giving him
a lap dance. We then heard a news clip about Prop 19 getting shot
down, Spice said it would’ve been great had it won, Manson said the
candidates were the most unqualified, he sarcastically said he
couldn’t wait until 2012, Bubba thinks the woman in the clip is spot
on, he then asked what “Farm ville” is, Manson groaned a little with
that, he said you make your own farm, he said it’s a waste of time,
Bubba said he used to play “Sim City”, he then read an article about a
woman who shook her baby while she was playing “Farm Ville”. Roland
came on asking Bubba about getting invited to his house, Bubba said
he’s never met the guy, he said he went to the wing House yesterday,
Bubba said is the guy with the scrap book who was crying, he thinks he
shu8ffled him off to Brent, he then asked for Chaz to do an interview
with him, Roland said that he’s been having trouble with the VA cops,
three and a half years ago they hurt him, Bubba thinks Roland isn’t
playing with a full deck, Roland said he knows that. Roland passed the
phone to his wife, she came on saying she has to deal with him every
day, she had a stroke a year ago, the only medication she needs is her
blood pressure medication, she said that Roland has never left
Vietnam, she said four years ago, the cops took him out of the home,
as Roland wanted to be with his Vietnam vet brothers. Bubba asked her
to ask him if he thinks he’s in Vietnam, Roland was heard saying yes,
he then said their hiding in the trees. Bubba asked if they have sex,
flow said that because of his back surgery, she said they have sex
every so often, she said she lived through Vietnam, Ned said he didn’t
think the Wing House girls were Vietcong with fake breasts, he thinks
she wouldn’t handle him. Bubba said that Roland was crying yesterday,
low said they’re secured money wise, Bubba thinks it’s not an issue
then. Roland came back on, bubba was playing war sound effects while
Spice yelled some stuff, Bubba thinks Roland is giving the cops a
reason to be a dick, he thinks the guy can’t handle the truth, Roland
said he wasn’t sure what he should do. Bubba said they’re willing to
help him, Roland said he’d like for the cop to apologize to him and
his family, he said a few years ago, he was drunk and high on pot, Ned
told him to stop smoking. Bubba told Roland that the officer who
roughed him up was a guy named Jeremy Mcgillicutty, he came on saying
it was around four years ago, the guy came in drunk and high, he took
a swing at him and was forced to take action, Roland said he didn’t
punch him, he said he had to urinate, he thinks the guy didn’t do his
job properly. Jeremy asked for a thirty second apology, if it’s not
good enough, he’ll continue to do it. Flow came on, Bubba explained
the situation to her, Jeremy said he remembers her as well, he said
she’s a pain in the ass. Flow then wondered if Mcgillicutty is an
Irish name, Jeremy thinks he’s a giant baby, the line was disconnected
a few seconds later, Bubba said people are mad at him for making fun
of vets, he said he’s not going to give the guy any money. Spice said
it’s hard to pick out the real vets from the fake ones who are
homeless, Bubba wonders what we got out of Vietnam. Brian in Riverview
said the guys said what he was going to say, Bubba thinks that while
offending people, he’s shedding light on to how bad it was, Brent said
there’s going to be some guys in Iraq and Afghanistan, Bubba thinks he
did more damage than good. Fred on protection said he thought hire of
Bubba, he asked what if that was someone he knew, he doesn’t think
that would be done, Bubba said all they do is make fun of each other.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Various callers, Tucker Carlson, Ned’s new Bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Plugs for Pain”.
Bubba said he’s got a bunch of angry people racked up. Stacey thinks
that what the guys did was messed up, Bubba thanked her for the call,
he thinks you can’ get anymore messed up than that guy, Brent said you
should be mad at people who send your kids off to war. Keith said he
was listening to the show, he said he’s been well taken care of, Brent
said the VA is a nightmare, Ned said he loves going there. Amy in
Lakeland said she used to think Bubba was a horrible SOB, she’s going
to defend him on this one. Pat said she’s dealing with three vets, she
said all the VA does is dispense pills. Jen on protection thanked
Bubba for the segment, she thinks that he’s given awareness to how
messed up the situation is. We then heard Tucker Carlson’s bumper,
bubba thinks the opening part of the bumper shows how excited he is.
Tucker came on, Bubba came on saying he was his bitch, Tucker said
he’s been bragging, he called it the $5,000 race. Bubba said he’s sick
to his stomach, he then told Tucker about Ned’s song, he said he feels
disgusted. We then heard the song, Tucker said he feels a little bad,
he then told bubba it’s not too late to suck up to the new united
States Senator, bubba said he’s done trying, he said he’s going to
worry about what he can control, he could care less who is in charged,
he said it’s all fixed, Tucker thinks Scott will be the Governor,
Bubba sad that’s even more disturbing, he said it just shows you it’s
a dirty game, and nothing matters, he said it’s just a popularity
contest, Tucker said that California has the dumbest voters of all
time. Bubba wonders who is the bigger joke, he said Scott winning
would be like him running the FCC. Tucker said the reason why we’re
falling apart is because of spending, Manson as Bush said he spent
more money than any president combined, Brent explained why Sharron
Angle lost, he said she couldn’t beat Harry Read. Bubba said the
Presidential race starts today, Tucker asked about Chris Christy,
Brent said he likes the guy. Tucker said Rubio is a great talker, he
asked what Charlie is doing today, he said he thought of Brent when
Prop 19 was shot down, Bubba said he’s living the American dream, he
said he’ll have some stuff he’d like to do, he’s done giving people
his Political advice, Tucker thinks tomorrow, Bubba will be back on
the horse tomorrow. Bubba said what’s disturbing is that Rick Scott
could be the next Governor, he said that he’ll email Tucker where he
can send the check, Tucker said he’s impressed, Brent said they’re
still counting the votes, he then said we have a carpet bagger for a
Governor. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – A Ned Classic

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the twelve boobs of
Christmas, followed by Ned’s “Vietnam”. The song parodies “Miami” by
will Smith, and is about Ned’s experience in Vietnam. This bit is not
in the catalog as of this writing. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 8 – Various Callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page ( Bryan in Indiana asked where Bubba will
be at the ball game, Bubba said he won’t be hard to find. Matt in
Miami said he likes the show, he thinks Bubba pulled a bit this
morning about the Salvation Army, he said didn’t like Bubba calling
the person a dumb bitch, the guy said it was his Mom, this had Spice
cracking up in the background. Matt asked if it was on the other end,
Bubba said the guy has the right to be mad, Brent said he’s heard
bubba call Janie cakes much worse, Bubba said he has the right to call
her out, he apologized to the guy for his comments, he then read from
the Salvation Army’s mission statement about pornography, Spice said
he had no idea they did all this stuff, Brent thinks it’s a Marxist
statement. Kim in Mellborn said she’s sad about Bubba giving $5,000,
she said Bubba shouldn’t be disappointed in the Bubba Army, she said
someone didn’t have her registration in the right place. They then
ended the show a few seconds later.

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  1. Page

    I think that when Roland called in you were a complete jackass. What you said was very rude- and you treated the man like he was a worthless citizen of society. No one in this world is “sane” and you are as screwed in the head as he is! Officer Jeremy Jackass and you should travel over to Afghanistan together for a couple years and then come back and air your ridiculous show. Who are you to dictate if our “parents send us off to war” sometimes people have no choice and you certainly aren’t over there fighting for our country- you are on the radio showing your ignorance to everyone listening. I think you should shove a giant dildo up your judgmental immature butt with no lube. How could you sit there and play helicopter noises with this poor old man on the phone- go slaughter another boar and stick your head in the boar’s ass when you are done!

  2. joe ouellette

    “Tony in Tydusville said he was a pole worker yesterday; they had about a 60% turnout. Carl in South Dekoda had a question for 1800AskBrent. Bubba dialed it up for him,Carl said he donates to Autism Speaks, Brent said he’ll check it out for him. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.”

    South Dekoda–Soutn Dakota

    Tydusville=- titusville

    pole worker—poll worker

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