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Top Stories:
Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit against insurer now a federal case
Libya says 96 die in plane crash, boy survives
Suspected Pedophile Trying To Bring Girl To U.S.
Fort Worth ISD Principal Arrested on Multiple Charges
Playboy centerfold expands to 3D
Gulf oil spill: Companies’ fingerpointing falls flat

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Sports scores, Bubba Blue Jay RIP

The show started off with audio of the Rays winning. Bubba went over
some sports scores, he said they’ll be going to the Rays game this
weekend, he thinks most of the Wonka winners will be in town by 8, he
thinks it’ll be a good ball game, he then said Neil Boortz will be on
the show today, as well as Brad Daugherty, and Bubba’s Man Music,
Spice said he can’t see Bubba playing a whole song. bubba said that
Donna killed Bubba Blue Jay, Dave said Donna snapped it’s neck, Bubba
said she force fed it with a straw, Manson said he told the guys it
would die, ned suggests they fry it up. Bubba plugged the latest stuff
on and; they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 2 – Birthdays and Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the search for the new
stunt idiot. Bubba said the music today was provided by Manson, he
then said that they got a bunch of emails from people wanting to be
Tom the Treeman, he said he got a hold of Rick Fox on Twitter, he said
he should be on the show today, Manson said he’s a good looking guy,
Bubba thinks he’s a black George Cluny, he said he also contacted
Jillian Barberie, Spice thinks she’s miserable in her marriage, Manson
said that people don’t want to see a show where people get along,
Spice said the arguments are real, Manson said he’s never seen a real
reality show. Bubba said Heather loves the “Bitch I Told You” Spice
does, he said he can’t do it as well as he does, Manson called Spice a
rube for believing the reality show, Bubba cracked up at that. Bubba
said he read two pages of a burial of himself, he thinks the finished
product will be him turning out to be a kid toucher, he then went over
some birthdays, the guys think George Carlin was a genius, he said he
saw him live in Texas in 1990, about 4500 people were there, he got a
chance to meet him. The first email of the day said they went to
Mike’s Pizza, they were offered man sauce, Bubba thinks they’ve got it
down. Another emailer said they’re kid is ready to go racing, the
emailer asked for a seat, Bubba suggested Randy Lajoy. Another emailer
said they’d like to be a stunt guy, Bubba said he misses Lummox.
Another emailer said they went to the Island Way Sunday Brunch, they
loved it, Bubba said they’ll be there this Friday night. Another
emailer asked about Twisted Tea, Spice said he loves it, he said you
can go to the gas station. Another emailer asked about a tire, Bubba
said he needed to replace his tires recently, Ned said Toyo. Another
emailer said their looking forward to the web based show. Another
emailer asked Bubba what he was doing having the preacher on, Bubba
said the emailer was stupid, he said it represented a guy who got his
first amendment rights trampled on. Spice said a lot of people have
emailed with theories that since the Preacher was black, it was to
show that they’re not racist. Another emailer asked if Bubba will be
giving away meet and greets, Bubba said as long as you have a ticket,
just get in line. Another emailer said they support bubba’s comments
on breast feeding, Bubba said he can’t wrap his head around a grone
kid drinking breast milk. Another emailer asked how many fire ants
they need to put in their underwear to be the next Tom the Treeman.
Another emailer said the Tea party concerts are selling a bunch of
tickets, Bubba said he’ll take selling out Calgary over the Tea Party.
Another emailer said she’s a Bone Babe; she’d like to participate in
the Bikini bike wash. Another emailer said they feed their Blue Jay
bird formula. The last email said they did Ned’s “Mr. Wrong Is Me” at
a karaoke event, he got a standing ovation. Bubba said that makes you
a pretty good listener, Ned said he doesn’t remember it. We then heard
the song from “Bubba show Classics Vol. 11”, track 19. They then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – matt and Jennifer, Neil Boortz calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza in
Canada, Bubba said that Manson is the husband of the Blue Jay killer,
he then thanked the Bubba Army for what they’ve done, he said Todd and
Shelly won the right to continue business, he said he’ll ask everyone
to get behind Charlie Crist and Alex Sink. Jennifer said she and her
boyfriend are listeners to the show, she asked for a birthday shout
out, she said they’re going through a rough patch, she’s not sure on
the specifics, Bubba wonders if he has another piece of ass on the
side, the guys think that’s the case. Bubba asked the guys what sex is
like for them, Manson said about once a week, Brent said he’s about
three times a week, Dave said one time a week if he’s lucky, Bubba
said he’s a two timer a week. Bubba thinks being a bail bondsman is a
great gig to get some side ass. Jennifer said that she just got done
with a divorce, her kids live with the Dad, she said she’s really
insecure, Spice said that’s not sexy, Bubba said she drives the guy
insane, he said he doesn’t need a woman checking in with him about ten
times a day, he said he gets about two or three texts about stuff, she
said she constantly compares herself to other people. Spice said she’s
taking her past failures out on this guy, ned said the guy needs to
run, Jennifer said that he texts her saying the waitress hits on him,
the guys suggested she stop the complaining, Ned thinks she should put
a sock in it.
Bubba proposes they hook her up with a hot dude, he thinks they should
do a conference call, he thinks he shouldn’t break, as he needs to be
right on time with Neil Boortz. Manson said Donna emailed him, saying
“Fuck you”. We then heard a news clip about Hogan’s lawsuit with his
insurance company, Manson said it’s the biggest do wrong in divorce
history. Matt came on, he said he hasn’t listened to the show yet,
Bubba brought him up to speed on what has gone down, matt thinks the
guys are on point, he said he has no time to get ass on the side, he
said it wouldn’t be a problem if she didn’t text him a bunch of times.
Jennifer said there’s a big difference between an old fart, and some
pervert in a restaurant. Spice asked the reason they broke up, Matt
said she needs to become her own person. Bubba proposes they do a
dating game, Matt said he doesn’t mind her texting periodically. Bubba
asked him what would happen if he went out with the guys, matt said
she texts so much, he’s surprised the keys aren’t worn off; the guys
think she’s middle of the road. Matt said she’s about a 8 or a 7.5,
Spice said the insecurity brings her down. Bubba proposed the Matt
dating game, Spice goofed on her, Bubba said Jennifer is really mad
over this, Matt said she’s a freak in the bed, he said all she wants
to do is have sex. Bubba said they’d like to keep them together,
Jennifer asked if Matt has been on other dates, Matt said just once,
he said it was about three weeks ago. Bubba said he’d like to revisit
this at another time, Ned told Matt to run. Bubba went to Neil Boortz,
Neil said he’s old, he thinks he’s down the beach from the guys, he
said he was at Sweet Water, he said he’s an official Florida resident,
he said the Oil Slick is a problem for the East Coast of Florida more
than the West coast, as there’s a loop current. Bubba asked if that’s
why most hurricanes go to other places, Neil said down in Naples, some
hotels are taking customers out. Bubba thinks they should clean up the
mess, regardless as to how much it costs, Neil asked what would happen
if you ran into one of the red light cameras, he said you might have
to pay a bunch of fees, Bubba sad this just proves that our Government
is just taxing and fining our way out of trouble. Neil said he’s
working on another book, it’s a comparison of various taxes, he said
if this doesn’t stir people, he doesn’t know what will. Bubba said
people have said that no President will offer up a fare tax, Neil said
it might be done, he said it takes power away from Political leaders.
Bubba asked the difference of money; Neil said the fare tax is revenue
neutral, he said it would bring Economic growth. Bubba asked what this
will do for spending, Neil said some will spend, some will save, he
proposed every paycheck is $2,000, he said a family of four would get
$560 a month, Bubba said the problem is, it makes too much sense, Neil
said he’s the only guy to go to high school in California, and didn’t
get laid. Bubba said the interview was exactly twelve minutes; they
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Various news clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BTLS newsletter.
Manson said he’d like to apologize to Donna for calling her the “Blue
Jay Killer”, he said Dave called her that, Bubba thinks Donna would
role with it, he then goofed on Donna’s possible comments on the
situation, he thinks Manson shouldn’t be a smartass. We then heard a
news lip about a cop who got arrested for sexually abusing a 13
year-old girl, Bubba said TV is bad, he said having a cop in your
neighborhood would make you feel safe, he asked if they’ll tell the
story, or include various sound bites from neighbors, he thinks they
should be able to accelerate the charges, he then cut the clip off,
Spice said you could insert any audio clip. Kevin said he disagrees
with Bubba’s comments about neck tattoos, Bubba told the guy not to be
guilty by association, he told the guy not to take everything so
literal, the guys cracked up when the guy said he works for a Fortune
5,000 company, the guy said he works for FedEx. We then heard a news
clip about Bubba offering up the street preacher airtime, Manson said
the Preacher was so happy after the show, the guys cracked up at
Anthony talking, he thinks the Organ music was great, he said Heather
was in the car and asked to hear Spice’s line, which he then
delivered. We then heard another news clip about the street preacher
on Bubba’s show, Bubba said he likes the branding, Spice thinks a lot
of people aren’t paying attention, Bubba thinks they should put the
clips on We then heard another news clip about Anthony on
Bubba’s show, Bubba didn’t’ like it when the anker said Anthony
reached thousands of people, Spice thanked Melanie Brookes for
referring to Bubba as a talk show host, Bubba likes how Melanie puts
them over, he pointed out Spice didn’t have his Rick Rude screen
Saver, Spice said he had his email up, he said Reggie texted him, Ned
thinks it was a picture of his junk, Bubba cracked up at what his
phone said, but he couldn’t say it on the show, he thanked Anthony for
coming in, Brent said Kevin is representing him. We then heard a news
clip about a judge who argued against taking the death penalty off of
Casey Anthony, Brent said the death penalty is applied to men more
than women, Bubba said someone needs to fire the first shot. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Brad Daugherty calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s Bikes for
Badges. Bubba said they’ve got Brad Daugherty on the phone; Ned
admonished Bubba for messing up his last name, Spice as a black guy
said he has to talk NASCAR with these dumby crackers. Brad came on,
Bubba welcomed him, he thinks Brad has heard of them, Brad said he’s
heard of it, but not from Nascar guys, he said that they were the show
that had Kevin Harvick on the show, who said that Carl Edwards is fake
(march 17, 2010), we then heard the clip. Brad said he gave Kevin his
first NASCAR ride, bubba thinks Brad was the only seven foot black guy
at a NASCAR event, Brad said he was the only black kid who watched it,
e said he went to a lot of races in North Carolina. Bubba said Waltrip
is one of the taller guys, he asked if Brad could fit in a car, Brad
said it’s a little bigger, he said if you get in a racecar, he gets a
little more room. Bubba asked about the money in Cleveland, Brad said
it was his second year, he said the dollars were big, he said in his
third year in the NBA, he redid his contract, it was the biggest one.
Bubba said Brad his been smart about his money, he said it’s
refreshing to see how humble Brad is. Brad said he’s not sure if
owning a race team is smart, he said he’s been very conservative, he
said it’s very cut and dry, he said Derik Colman was trying to
revitalize his community; he spent almost all his money doing that.
Spice asked how tough it was to break in to NASCAR, Brad said yes, he
said he owned a Bush team, he said he’s the first rooky owner with a
rooky driver to win his first race, he said he knows there are people
who don’t like him being at the track, he said his Dad taught him to
treat people as an equal. Bubba went over Brad’s broadcasting career,
he said Brad does a good job, Brad said he does a pre race show with
ESPN. Bubba said they had Denis Rodman on the show (April 28, 2010),
he said he’d love to play Denis’s comments on him, he said they’d love
to have him back on, Brad said he knows Denis, he saw him at a
Restaurant a few weeks ago, Manson said he seems like a real good guy.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Bubba Talks about Cox

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Power Pig Hello
shirt. Bubba said he’s often chided the local station for the music
selection, he said Cox management is a bunch of nerds, he said all
they want is to play the best testing Pink Floyd and Van Halen, he
said your gut works, he said if your talented with what you do, go
with it, Spice as Bubba said he trusts his gut, he thinks they should
throw away anything after thirty minute testing, he said they’ve
driven the Bone right into the ground, he said no one wants to say
what he’s saying, he said Kevin Vargas is a man’s man, he said that’s
a guy he can hang out with, he said the show represents something of
ratings, or he wouldn’t be able to have this format, Manson said
everything Bubba does is outside the box. Bubba and Spic then
reenacted a scene where Spice acted a s a program director, and Bubba
as an up and coming guy, ned asked who this guy was, the guys cracked
up at bubba saying Barry Butt licker, he said everyone is so corporate
spun down. Manson said he does the gamut when he parodies songs, he
said if he could only do Classic rock parodies, he wouldn’t have much.
Bubba said if they would let him program 102.5 The Bone, he said he
knows what men would want, he said just give him 30 days with the PPM
world, he asked to have the station for any month, he said Metallica
isn’t one of their core artists, he said none of his stuff is part of
Larson’s “standard Operating procedure”, he said he hasn’t done any
research, just the good stuff, dating back to almost the 70’s, Spice
said listener feedback is what he’s looking for, Bubba doesn’t get how
they take his listeners out, he said this station has about two tires
left, Spice said he got into radio for music, he said after awhile, it
has little to do with it. Bubba said this show has never been based on
positive feedback, the guys said everyone has chimed in, Ned didn’t
know what they were talking about, Bubba goofed on Ned snoring, waking
up and getting high, he then went over the stations he has respect
for, Manson said he can’t wait to hear it. Bubba said you couldn’t’
explain “bubba Man Rock”, Spice thinks Bubba is crazy, Bubba said
they’re the only ones who had the balls to do what they’ve done, he
said one of the first people they attacked was Mark Lunsford, he said
he has a big gut and he’s going with it. Shannon said there’s a bunch
of good bands that the bone doesn’t play, she said she’s tired of
hearing Pink Floyd, she said there’s not enough Foreigner. Larry said
he’s a first time caller, he hung up after that. Mike said if more
radio guys had control over what they did, they’d get more listeners.
Bubba said management is mad at him over this, he said he’s exposes
the problem. Chris said he has to turn Cowhead’s show off, as he’s
tired of the music. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – bubba’s man rock, Pt. 1

Coming out of commercials, we heard a bumper for Bubba’s Man Rock.

1. Korn – Freak On A leash
2. AC/DC – You Shook me All Night Long
3. Shine down – sound of Madness
4. Nine inch Nails – head Like a hole
5. Theory of Dead man – Bad Girlfriend
6. White Zombie – Thunder kiss 65
7. Van Morrison – Brown eyed Girl
8. Chavell – The Clincher
9. Rev Theory – Hell Yeah
10. Pearl Jam – Alive
11. Paper Tongues – Ride to California
12. The Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up

Bubba decided to get a midterm report card. Julie in Orlando said
everything they played was great, right at the end of Brown eyed Girl.
Mike said it was awesome, he said when the show ends, he switches to
Howard. Eddie said the music sucks; he said he came in late. Brian in
Jacksonville said Bubba is great, he said the songs are awesome, Bubba
told him to get high, Spice thinks the guy should be in school. Bubba
took a call from a guy on protection who said he’d like to listen to
it, Ned thinks the guy sounds fat, the guy said he’s rugged. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Bubba’s Man rock, Pt. 2

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s man rock.

1. Metallica – fuel
2. Slipknot – Before I Forget
3. AC/DC – girls Got Rhythm
4. Three Doors Down – let me Be myself
5. Nickelback – Rock star
6. Green day – Long View
7. Three Days Grace – I hate Everything About you
8. Motley Crue – Dr. Feel Good
9. Tom Petty – Running down A Dream
10. Saliva – Click Click boom
11. Breaking Benjamin – Sooner or later
12. AC/DC – Back In Black

Bubba said that concludes the segment, he said they were spitting
game. Brent said that there were only two or so songs he didn’t like.
Spice said radio is a blank canvas, every day you have to paint. Bubba
asked what you have to lose. Matt came on, Bubba asked him if he’s
mixing stuff, he said he’s a plumber, he said it was a good mix; he
said he can’t handle Pink Floyd. Tory said she would never change the
station. Justin in Ft. Meyers said the music was great, he said the
guys are talk radio, he said the guys should leave the station. Scot
in Bartow said bubba is dead on money. Mark in Tampa said that’s the
way it should be done. Rodney said he loved it, he said it makes him
want to work; he said he wishes Cowhead would talk more. Mike said the
music was great, he said he’d like to hear some Black Label Society.
Allick in Jacksonville said the first half was about a B minus, the
second part was an A plus. JR said this was money. Bubba said he knows
he’s money, he wonders why they’d pay him the money, but not ask for
his help after 10”00, he thinks Spice is the highest paid producer in
radio, he thinks Manson is the highest paid parody guy. Bubba thinks
they just do their jobs; Spice said now that it’s over, you can go
back to your Pink Floyd. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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  2. go flyers

    damn the first song they played on sirius the clincher i think. i hate how they chop your show up, woulda liked to hear those songs

  3. eric

    the music was ok it would of been much better had a real man been playing it to call yourself a real man or a mans man is really a stretch now isnt it when you get your ass kicked by a woman and then cry, whine,boo hoo fatass

  4. misty it's time to roll!

    Awesome, keep the bit.
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