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Top Stories:
Man who blackmailed Letterman jailed
Defense: Air passenger’s actions out of character
Platteville Police Officer Arrested on Federal Drug Charges
Homeless mom of 15 out of jail after apology to judge
Tasering of baseball fan sparks fresh debate over use of force

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Coming up on the show today

The show started off with audio of the Rays winning. Bubba came on
wishing the listeners a happy Cinco De Mayo, he said Ned is having a
corona in observation of the Holiday, he then said Teresa will be on
the show today, also the Super Mexican Olympics, and Aubry Huff will
be calling in, Spice said he dieted during the off season. Bubba said
that today was Brooke Hogan’s birthday; he doubts that he and Hogan
will ever speak again; he said he’s not going to go out like that, he
said it would’ve made sense had Dixie come to him and said that it’s
not working out; Spice said once you’ve been labeled a racist, you
can’t get that off you. Bubba asked Spice his thoughts on the new
club, Spice said he likes it so far, Ned said that he’d like his own
area; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Oil Spill discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s Lumber
Liquidators appearance this Saturday. Bubba thanked some people at
Venue; he said they’ll be going there during the Wonka weekend, Spice
told Ned not to wear his Velcro sneakers. Bubba said he’s oil spilled
out, he suggests they just throw kitty litter on it, Brent said this
will be worse than the Exxon Valdez oil spill, we then heard a news
clip about that, Bubba said he doesn’t even know how it happened.
Spice said it’s going to ruin everything, Bubba said when it lands, we
can address some problems. Spice said before this happened, he wasn’t
all that concerned with drilling, Manson said the cleanup is estimated
at $75,000,000, Bubba thinks John Willson had two Feins before doing
this, Spice said he’s not going to BP anymore, Bubba said that gas
prices will probably go up again. Rob said he loves the show, he said
this is the world’s opportunity to help us out, Bubba yelled Haiti
over the guy a few times. The guy said that people don’t realize how
much of a wreck this will be. Spice said the problem with the oil
spill is that you can’t see the damage; Manson asked when we’ll get
off this black goopy crap. Tom in Alaska said they get their oil off
the pipeline, Bubba said they’re penalized for being far from
civilization, he said the big oil companies are never hauled into
court, Spice said they’re not making a big enough deal over this. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails, Bubba rants against the HOA

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza in
Canada. Bubba thinks they might’ve joined the song in progress, Spice
was thankful for that. The first email of the day said the gun idea
was fantastic. Another emailer said TNA is full of shit, Manson said
Mr. Anderson is his favorite. Another emailer said they have two boys,
10 and 4, they’re taught gun safety, Spice thinks they should draw a
line somewhere, Bubba said Dr. Saturley texted him, saying that
Felicia has refused to return his calls, Manson said four year-olds
are basically retarded. Another emailer said they were shot in the
face at the age of 9, Bubba wonders why you’d let a kid have a gun and
a box of bullets at a young age. Another emailer said they haven’t
been able to leave their car while listening to the show, the emailer
said they loved the pagan Potheads stuff. Another emailer was an
attached reply from the home owner’s association, Bubba said he got a
floating dock, he said he doesn’t need their approval to put one in,
he said they can lick him, he said he’ll be meeting with Kevin
Hayslett to sue them, Manson said that if you don’t want a home owners
association, don’t sign a contract, Bubba wonders what makes them God,
he said the lot he lives out now is where Ms. Bakin’s Mom used to
live, he said this is selective enforcement, he said he’s going to run
the Home Owners Association through the ringer, he thinks he’ll
bankrupt himself, Spice as Bubba said some stuff, he couldn’t stop
laughing when bubba said her name. Bubba said if she doesn’t stop,
he’ll have a biker convention in that spot, he asked her to take up
Bridge or poker. Another emailer said Bubba is better off to not be
affiliated with TNA, the emailer suggested Bubba walk out when Awesome
Kong attacked Bubba, the emailer said Vince is probably laughing at
this, Spice as Vince said he’s not buying any of their footage.
Another emailer said they love the show in Miami. Another emailer said
post Earthquake in Haiti justifies Bubba’s Haiti comments.
Another emailer thanked Bubba for the $1,000 they won on 93 Rock.
Another email was addressed to Ned, saying they enjoyed the show.
Another emailer said they’re a truck tire changer, they love the show.
Another emailer said their daughter tried the same stuff Felicia did.
Another emailer said some baseball ankers have been saying “myellow”
frequently on the air. TJ in Tampa said they saw an article in the
Tribune with bubba’s picture, the guy said they painted him as a
racist. Bubba said it’s amazing that the media spins stuff, he said
they’re regular dudes, Manson said the guy who wrote the article is
about 70 year-old, Brent said it’s disgusting to play the race card.
Bubba wonders if they should organize something against the writer, he
said he’s in a fight for his life, he said Dixie carter started all
this. Spice wonders if Dixie should offer up a retraction, Bubba read
the article about him getting fired from TNA, he said that some of the
stuff in the article is inaccurate, he asked for a retraction, he said
everyone reads the same paper he does, but they don’t have the
resources to do anything. We then heard a news clip about the grandma
getting the charges dropped, Bubba said there wasn’t one mention of
them, he said he’s disgusted. Jeff said Bubba called him a racist,
Bubba said he didn’t say the Tea Party was racist, he said that they
have a problem with a black man in office, he said he’s ready to
explode, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Bubba Rants Against The media, various callers, Teresa the
Grandma calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s Bikes for
Badges on May 22. Bubba said that he just wants the recognition for
the nice things they’ve done. Neil said he’s never thought of Bubba as
racist, he said he remembers when Manson would parody Boys II Men
songs, Bubba said a racist would be someone who would own blacks, he
said he makes fun of people, he said he doesn’t see being good or bad
as color. Neil said he never gets offended when Bubba makes comments
on black people, he said he has five kids; he said he raises them to
the best of his abilities, he doesn’t depend on the system. Bubba said
it’s about being a responsible adult, he said people like Neil are
doing the right thing in life, Neil told bubba to keep doing what he’s
doing. Bubba said this is the one show that is so well received in the
African American community, he said he was at a drive-through, a black
woman saw his credit card, she said she loves the show, Spice said
they’re able to cross those lines, Bubba said no one will put him on
the Urban station, he thinks it will go South if the media continues
to paint him as a racist, he said you didn’t see blacks supporting Don
Imus during his controversy, Manson said they could have a rally for
them. Bubba said there hasn’t been a black reporter calling him
racist, he said it’s how can a white reporter call him racist, Brent
said it’s not fare how the black guys get shackled when in a court
room, bubba said this is ridiculous, he said what you hear is what you
get, he said no one wants to mention what he did, Manson said that had
someone else done it, they would’ve gotten a mention, Bubba asked
Spice to name any other radio host who has a foundation, and gives
back to the Community, Spice said these guys do nothing, Manson said
it’s a cake gig. Bubba thanked everyone for getting everything
together, he said the problem is no one has the tools they have, he
said if he’s going to do something good, don’t try to paint him as
something he’s not, he said black and white are just descriptive, he
said a black American isn’t a bad term, he said it has nothing to do
with Africa, he said Black can’t be a racist term, he said he’s pissed
off beyond measures. Brian in Dayton congratulated bubba for dealing
with the Teresa the way he did. Brad in Calgary said bubba is not a
racist; he said Brent told bubba to quit TNA early on. Teresa said it
was a very good morning for her, Bubba said Kevin worked his magic,
Teresa thanked him for getting that done, she said that had she not
talked to him yesterday, she wouldn’t know what she’d be doing, Bubba
said he’s glad it’s all over and done with, he said Felicia hasn’t
gotten back to Dr. Joe yet, Teresa said Kevin was wonderful. Spice
asked where the relationship will go from here, Teresa said she hopes
it will go better, Bubba said that taking responsibility will go a
long way, he said everyone read about it, but didn’t do anything about
it, Teresa thanked bubba again for what he did, Bubba told her to
thank her Husband for being a first responder, he said he was talking
to Kevin Hayslett, he said the Grand Dad started crying, Manson said
it had the legs to be a real white trash situation, Bubba said that
Dr. Joe Saturley will have a tough road ahead of him. Cory in Dayton
said the only reason why they’re trying to destroy him; he said it
will bounce off of him. Bubba said the Jacksonville Ratings were bad;
they went from 1st to 7th. Debbie in Brandon asked if they can contact
the Tribune, she said she’d like to cancel her subscription, she said
she never liked that Walt Belcher guy. Frank in Jacksonville said
Bubba does great things he said the wrestling community doesn’t think
Bubba is a racist. Jason in Orlando said the journalists are the same
people who say they have a black friend; Bubba said he hates being
painted as a racist. Markus said he heard the whole interview with
Awesome Kong, he said it proves we’re all accountable with our words,
he said it’s not racist, Spice wondered if this was a guy or a girl,
the guy said he’s 23, Spice goofed on the guy. Bubba said if it was
someone he didn’t know, then that would be a problem, but if it’s
someone he knows, it’s different, Spice was heard saying “fag’ in the
background as the guy talked, Bubba thinks the guy is more of a back
end kind of guy, the guy ended by saying good day to Ned, the guys
cracked up at that. Bubba said the God hates Fags people were going to
protest a black soldier’s funeral, he said it doesn’t’ matter the
color of the guy’s skin, he said color doesn’t matter when he deals
with good people, he said Michelle Williams really gets after it. Anne
said she listens to the show every morning. Jim said he’s a black man,
he said he has no problem with what bubba has said, he said he would
much rather be called Black, rather than African American. Derik said
he’s on bubba’s side, he said it’s mainstream media that has the
problem with race. We then heard the news clip about Teresa, they then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Ned’s new bit, Mexican Olympics – Fence jumping/strawberry picking

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Ned’s 12 Inch Meaty
Mandingo (with a side of man sauce)”. Bubba said it’s just him and Ned
in the studio, he said Ned has an Awesome Kong offering. We then heard
the original, “Sexy bitch” by Akon, Bubba said the kids are into the
song, Ned said it takes forever to get to the hook; bubba said it’s
like a three part series. Ned said his song is called “Big Black
Bitch”; the song features the clip of Bubba fighting with Awesome Kong
on the Cowhead show. The song bags on Awesome Kong, Bubba cracked up
at the triple chicken, he said he likes the Cartman references in the
song, he said it was brilliant. We then heard a promo for the Super
Mexican Olympics; bubba said they do it every year. Spice said all the
wirelesses are on, Bubba asked Brent to take over. Spice said they’ve
got Uno, Dose, Trace and Quattro, he thinks it’s a rib, he said
they’ve got fence jumping, strawberry picking, and citizenship trivia,
he thinks they’ll do national Anthem singing, he said Al-kida is the
INS guy. Bubba said hi to the guys, Spice cracked up when he said that
Trace was training, Bubba had some trouble reading
Spice described what they’ve got going on. George said he does
construction, he said he’ll take whatever he can get, Spice thinks
he’ll rob them. Dose said he was doing well, he said he made $250 last
year. Trace said he’s doing well, he said he’s been training; he
thought they’d do tomato picking. Quattro said he’s doing great, he
said he hasn’t lost any weight, Bubba thinks Quattro can’ get over the
fence, spice joked he looks eight months pregnant. Bubba sounded the
air horn, Spice chided him for doing that, he said they could’ve done
a virtual fence, Manson as Bush said he built that in eight years.
Bubba thinks dose should go first, dose said he’ll go last, he had
Trace go first, the guys cracked up at Trace slipping, he made it in
6.47 seconds, he thinks Trace will win, he thinks Dose will get
defeated this year. Uno was up next; Manson thinks he has no chance.
Bubba thinks Uno would cool-aid through it, he made it in 7.12
seconds, Manson said that was surprising. Quattro was up next, Bubba
told him not to break the fence, Quattro made it in 10.85 seconds,
bubba thinks he couldn’t get over the fence. Dose was next to do it,
he made it in 6.16, he said he got first place points, Manson thinks
Dose is cocky. Spice said they’ve got strawberries to pick, they’ll
have a time limit, Bubba proposes they do it for thirty seconds;
Quattro said Dose has no idea how to pick strawberries. Bubba sounded
the horn to start the contest, Manson thinks Quattro is money, Spice
said he’s like the as seen on TV, Manson as Billy Mays said it’s a
Mexican O’madic. Bubba thinks Dose got his ass kicked in this contest;
he thinks Uno got the most.

1. Dose – 35
2. Uno – 28
3. Quattro – 24
4. Trace – 31

1. The guys cracked up at something that was dumped, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Mexican Olympics – U.S. Trivia

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page. We then heard the bumper for the event, we then heard the
Mexican hat Dance, Bubba said that Al-kida had tacos on a plate for
the guys; he thinks Lummox was a better border patrol. Spice said
they’ll do it like they did it last year, where the contest yells out
a number. Uno asked for number 50, Quattro said he’s going to eat some
of the strawberries, Spice wasn’t sure how to ask the question. Bubba
asked who the head of the local government is, Uno said Charlie Crist,
he got a point. Dose selected 35, Bubba asked him the executive branch
of our Government, he got buzzed. Trace asked for 35, Bubba asked the
question again, Trace said it’s the President, vice president, and his
cabinet members. Quattro asked for 10, Bubba asked for the date of
Independence Day, Quattro said July 4. The guys think Uno is high;
Quattro said Uno asked what day it was when they were getting signed
in. Uno selected 15, bubba asked who the current VP is, he said he
didn’t know it. Dose said he’ll take it; he said Joe Biden and got a
point. Trace selected 1, Bubba asked the flag colors, Trace said Red,
white and blue. Spice asked him to say it in Spanish, Trace said some
stuff, the guys cracked up. Quattro asked for five, bubba asked the
number of stripes, he said 13, he asked for a tymbal. Uno asked for 3,
Bubba asked the color of the stars, Uno said white. Dose asked for 80,
bubba asked what year was the constitution was written, Dose said
1787, he got the point. Trace said 100, Bubba asked how many states
are in the US today, Trace said 50, he got a point. Quattro asked for
seven, Bubba asked him what the stripes mean, he said it’s about the
colonies, he got a point. Spice said Trace and Quattro were tied at
three, while Dose and no were tied at two. Uno asked for 69, Bubba
asked what the Emancipation proclamation did, Uno said freed slaves,
he got the point. Dose asked for 85, bubba asked what the introduction
for the constitution is called, Dose got buzzed. Trace took it and
said it’s the preamble. Quattro joked Trace is studying terrorism, he
then selected 4, Bubba asked him what the stars mean, Quattro said
each star is for the state. Spice thinks they have a tie. Trace asked
for 99, Bubba asked him what the two major Political parties are, he
said Republican and Democrat. Bubba asked how many times can a
congressman be re elected, Trace as many times as he can. Quattro was
asked when the new President is sworn in, he said January. Bubba asked
who was the first commander and chief of the Military, Quattro said
George Washington. Bubba asked some more questions between Trace and
Quattro, Manson told Quattro he should’ve gotten the first question
wrong, Trace ended up winning that contest, we then heard the tymbal.

1. Trace – 27 points
2. Dose – 26 points
3. Uno – 26
4. Quattro – 23

Bubba said the guys will be singing the Star Spangled Banner; they
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Mexican Olympics – Singing, Miller the comedian?

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for bubba’s Bikes for
Badges on May 22. We then heard some Mexican music as bumper music,
followed by the bumper for the contest. Bubba suggested the guys come
in one by one, Manson thinks it’s a little up tempo, he thinks they
should do it with no music, Bubba thinks the guy should have the
option. Uno decided to not have music behind him, he then did the
song, he stopped after a few seconds, he said he gets a beer when the
song comes on at a baseball event. Manson asked him if he could finish
it, he thinks the guy knows about one and a half lines. Bubba said
1.5; Spice and Manson gave him a 2. Dose came in, he said he wasn’t
sure how he felt, he selected to have a music behind him, he then did
it, the guys were cracking up, Manson said he was free styling. Bubba
thinks he should give Dose a 2, Spice said 3, Manson said 4. Bubba
thinks Trace will end up nailing it, Trace selected to have the music,
he then did the song. Manson told him big finish, Trace got caught off
guard briefly, he got a tymbal for his work. Bubba gave him a 7, Spice
and Manson both gave him an 8. Quattro came in, he asked what key it’s
in, Bubba told him he’ll have to make his own key, Quattro decided for
no music, he then did the song, the guys clapped when he got towards
the end, we then heard the tymbal. Bubba said he feels like giving him
the whole contest, Spice said he was about to cry. Quattro said he
sings some Country, Bubba asked him to sing some stuff sometime,
Quattro got three 10s. Twenty-five said Uno and Quattro were tied for
last, Bubba gave Uno fourth place, third place went to Quattro, Second
place went to Dose, and first place went to trace, we then heard the
tymbal. Trace thanked his parents; he said bubba was the only one who
could tell that Trace would win. Bubba told dose it was his mind that
slowed him down. Hammil said first place gets $250, he said he’s
offering $100 extra for Quattro’s performance. Bubba asked Miller
about doing open mic nights, he said he’ll be opening for tom Arnold
when he comes to town, he said he’s opening for a guy named Chad
Miller tomorrow night, we then heard a tymbal for Miller. Bubba thinks
Miller would’ve been really stupid had he went to Panama, Manson joked
Miller’s parents will move to Grease. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Aubry Huff calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Ned Dragons shirt,
then into Ned’s “big Black bitch”. Bubba said he’s not mad at Aubry
for sleeping in, we then heard “Letters from Home”, Aubry said he
looked at his phone and saw two missed calls. Bubba congratulated him
on his hit, Aubry thanked him for that, he said it was time to get it
done. Bubba asked if the ball reacts differently, Aubry said it does,
Bubba thinks the ball goes forever in Colorado, Aubry said he’s
looking great, Spice thinks it’s a stretch to say that, Aubry said he
doesn’t own shirts anymore, he said he was gassed, he said he’s always
wanted to do something like that. Bubba asked him if he did that
before, Aubry said he did that in little league. Bubba said it wasn’t
even a tag at the plate, Aubry said no, he said he almost blacked out.
Spice said it was cool when Aubry got signed, as he said they might be
in the playoffs, Aubry said they’re a great team. Bubba asked the
difference between American and national league, Aubry said it’s the
DH, bubba thinks the pitchers are more tired, Aubry said they don’t
really get hits. Bubba likes how Aubry is on the all-star voting,
Aubry had no idea where the All-star game was, Brent said it’ll be in
Los Angeles. Spice said even the south Florida listeners remember
Aubry, Aubry said you get a lot of people yelling Bubba Army. Bubba
asked about the Rays, he thinks Aubry got out at the wrong time, he
said he’d like Aubry to be the DH, he told Aubry to tell Dan Uggla
that they said hello, Aubry said they’ll be knocking down the orange
bowl. Bubba asked about giant stadium, Aubry said it was nice, he said
Baltimore was a beautiful stadium, he said he’s grone to love
Baltimore, the guys cracked up when Aubry didn’t say anything about
Detroit. Spice said he tried to get Aubry hooked on Twitter, Aubry
said he doesn’t know how to work the thing, Bubba said it’s not hard
to do, he said he couldn’t understand what Aubry was saying, Spice
goofed on Aubry, saying his Mom was running for something. Aubry said
he’s having another baby, Bubba thinks he should be snipped, Spice
he’ll be a doaner, Aubry said that his wife finds Spice good looking,
Bubba said that Spice is a Chris Angel wannabe. Spice asked him what
he’d be doing if baseball player didn’t work out, Aubry said topless
bar tender; Ned thinks Aubry would be topless. Bubba asked if Aubry
got any girls when he was on the Hurricanes, Aubry said no. bubba
asked him if the fans have welcomed him, Aubry said yes, Bubba said
it’s sad that the turnout is low. Aubry said the stadium isn’t great
for a player, but you work with what you have. Bubba asked him what
money could Carl get, Aubry said he’s a 20 million dollar player.
Spice asked about A-rod stepping over the mound, Aubry said if there
was a rule about it, he didn’t see it, he said he’s never done that,
he said they sound like a couple of women fighting over something
stupid. Bubba asked him what his average is, Spice said he’s 278, he
has 14 rbis. Bubba asked him the highest season ending average, Aubry
said 313 in 2002, Spice read some of his stats, bubba cracked up as
the numbers got lower. Bubba thinks Aubry should get a better sounding
phone; he then goofed on the quality of the phone, Spice joined in.
they then ended the show a few seconds later.

5 Responses

  1. Jackie Kutsin

    Hey guys,
    I am a Nurse who works in the Pinellas area and I listen to your show to give me a laugh when I need it. You had me laughing so hard with the Super-Mexican Olympics I almost had to pull over. I see a lot of sad and frustrating things during my day, I am a Home Health Nurse and when you do stuff like that, or the homeless drinking contest kind of things, you kill me. I called in and was on hold for about 20 minutes but I had to see my Next patient. I have called once before and the same thing happened. It’s not that I am impatient, I just can’t wait that long so I just want to say thanks for the laughs, they get me thru the day!!
    Soooooo funny….
    Jackie K.

  2. Matt from Sanibel

    Since when was the word “black” considered to be derogatory? James Brown is spinning in his grave at that. He said it best; “Say it loud! I’m black and I’m proud!” At worst, it’s a dated term. I hate the term “African-American” because no one uses the term “African-British” or “African-French” or “African-African.” African-American may even be inaccurate; a colored person may be from Australia…does that make him or her Aboriginal-American?

    Black or white, Awesome Kong is still a “bitch.” If Kia were white, Bubba would’ve called her a “White Trash Bitch” and Dixie wouldn’t say word one about it. This was just the flimsy excuse TNA is using to deflect their lousy treatment of Bubba and the Bubba Army back in January. Did Dixie ever really comment on that? Was Bubba’s job at TNA their way of making up for it? This whole thing should be known hereafter as the Bubba Screwjob (like the Montreal Screwjob). Bubba, you should’ve told Dixie that she can’t fire you, ’cause you quit.

    Manson, you could make a song about Awesome Kong to the tune of South Park’s “Kyle’s Mom is a Bitch.” Here, I’ll start it off: Weeeeeelllll, Kong is a bitch, she’s a big black bitch, she’s the biggest bitch in the whole wide world…
    (I do a pretty good Cartman voice, and I would gladly come up and record it with you.)

    One last thing; was it Spice that has the problem with the cat? Having grown up with cats, I can tell you that dealing with the litter box is nasty, but it’s one of those chores that comes with owning any pet. At the end of the day, the companionship is worth it. To put it another way, just remind yourself that cats are like Bubba; me, me, me, me, food, me, me, poop, me, me, and oh yeah, me. ;-)
    (You think you’re whipped? Go to YouTube and type in “Meor cat” in the search box. That cat has issues!)

    Thanks for letting me vent…GO BUBBA ARMY! EFF AWESOME KONG!

  3. thomas

    Hi, Bubba,
    I dont think what you said was racist, in fact she is a black ass bitch. If you want to see racism come on up to mississippi my friend. There are still whites and blacks here that are, Real Racist, im not, but see plenty of them. The problem is when a famous white person like yourself gets into it with a black person, anything you say can be turn into being racist. Why cant you say she is a rasist. Black people say racist things all the time and its usually a hell of alot worst than what was said. O.K. bottom line spice would you rather be called a white bitch or be hit in the face three times. Anyway TNA suxs you needed to abandon that sinking ship anyway. And what old white dude uses all that fo rizzle shit anyway, its stupid. Thomas

  4. joey

    i have not lsend to the show in a long time and i saw that laskr return that sucks

  5. Robby

    OK first of all Awesome Kong is a joke, TNA is a joke. I know you and wwe have had your differences in the past but I think you and your show should help them and FCW with Steve Keirn out and promote them. First Mr. Keirn is a great man and FCW could use the help getting some fans in their seats. If you ask me they put on a better show then TNA minus the hardcore stuff, because WWE has become soft to attract better sponsors . The Divas are hotter and they have a lot of up and comers. Guys like Johnny Prime, Kaval, Alex Riley, etc. Just look at the superstars in WWE from FCW Sheamus, Drew, Hart Dynasty, etc. Bubba lets support FCW and the local brand. Just my opinion but Bubba you are the man and although you don’t need it, because you blow MJ/Lex and Terry out of the water, you would be better off in WWE for your show/ratings. Thanks for listening

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