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Top Stories:
NFL changes overtime for playoff games
Texas teacher fired for telling kids to punch student
12-year-old boy accused of attempted sexual battery (50-year-old woman)
How big a deal? Ask Joe Biden
Virginia man tied to Polk steroid bust
Devon James PICTURES: Photos Of Tiger Woods’ LATEST Alleged Mistress
New Woman Claims She Slept With Tiger Woods

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Sports scores, various

Bubba started off by saying that the music was provided by Big Dick,
Ned thinks Bubba is watering down the product. Bubba recapped some
sports scores, he then asked Spice how he was, Spice said he was
tired. Bubba thanked the Bubba Army for the sixth quarter hour rating
of TNA was the highest rated, he said he has his first ring
appearance, he said he’s the most hated guy there, he said some guy
had his face painted like Sting, the guy didn’t know who Bubba was, he
said the fans don’t need to say “Fire Bubba” over and over again he
said he’s the new spokes person of Kevin Nash, Xpock, and Scott Hall,
he then said RVD is the kind of guy for Brent, Manson and Ned, Brent
said he knows, as he’s met him before. Bubba told Spice he could go
with him, Spice said he would. George in Ohio said Howard is really
putting him over, Bubba said he got spudded on Monday, Spice thinks
Bubba is in a gang. Bubba told the guy to call in; George said you
can’t get on Howard’s show. Bubba described the punch, he said Mick
felt bad about doing that, he then went on to say that 47% of smart
phones are owned by women, he then said they’ve got the new Pink Bubba
Army iPhone skin, he said Jabberjaw is modeling it on
Ed in Ft. Lauderdale said he got a Camero the other day, he said Sting
Ray Chevy was great to him, Bubba is shocked the guy drove all the way
from Miami to Tampa, he then said it took about eleven hours to read
the Xenadreen commercial, he said it curbed his appetite, Spice said
he’d like to try it, as he has to get blood today. Brent said he
finished his about 10 minutes ago, he said he feels great, he said
he’ll skip eating, he said he’s freaked out at weighing 210 pounds,
Ned thinks Brent is a fat vegetarian, Brent said he’s had some
chocolate. Manson and Spice think it taste like Cool-aide, Spice said
his phone was going nuts, Bubba said they didn’t get any credit for
the Tiger Woods stuff, they then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 2 – Captain Janks Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Pagan Potheads
tour. Bubba said now he’s scrambling, he doesn’t think he has a
Captain Janks set up; Dave said they don’t have one. Bubba told Janks
he’d like to take the high road with him, he said he’d like to move on
with him and not having the Langford feud anymore, he told him he gets
paid to dig into the world of Howard. Janks said
Tim Sabean called him, telling him to back off. Brent said Joe Biden
said the F word over the mics, we then heard a clip about that, Manson
thinks obama said “F yeah” when the health care bill was passed, Bubba
likes how this has taken the media’s eyes off of the big problems, the
guys were cracking up during the clip, Manson said he likes Biden now.
We then heard the clip by itself, the guys cracked up at it, he
wonders where Captain Janks play in, Janks said if it’s the President
it’s not an issue, Brent said it’s changed to where you can’t have a
fleeting expletive, Bubba thinks it would be funny if Biden got fined
for saying that. Janks asked that you file a complaint with the FCC,
Bubba said he’s off their radar, Spice said he doesn’t want to stir up
the hornets nest, Janks said he put Steve Langford’s name on the
letter. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – B-Fudd, Ned’s new Bit, Bubba vs. Spice

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the NC Double D’s.
Bubba asked for Tom Bean and Russ to meet with him after, the guys
think meetings shouldn’t be any longer than 45 minutes, he said he’s
having nightmares over the “Fire Bubba” thing, he said the last thing
he wants to do is talk when he gets home, he thinks it’s not easy
being their significant others, Manson said having teens is a constant
battle. Mike in Cocoa Beach said he was listening to the radio last
night, a show mentioned Bubba, Spice said SBK is a good dude; he
wonders what it would hurt to give some credit. Bubba went through
various news sources that gave them props, he thinks the new York Post
is lazy by not mentioning them, he then read the article about that,
he finds a part of it to be disturbing, he said this is internship
101, he said they’re charging the cell phone, he then said he needs
some more Bubba Army bakinies, Spice thinks they should do the Tiger
Woods Reenactment, he then asked the guys if they could hear a ticking
sound, Bubba thinks something is vibrating against something, he
thinks his CD machine is skipping, the guys cracked up at that. We
then heard B-Fudd’s bumper, B-Fudd came on talking, Bubba told him to
shut up for a second. B-Fudd asked what Mick’s problem was, Bubba said
it was a loser leaves TNA match, B-Fudd suggested Bubba fight him next
time he sees him, Bubba said what he tried to do got away from him.
B-Fudd said he’s against abortion, Spice thinks he would’ve been a
victim of that, B-Fudd said you can see the hand of the baby, he then
did a vacuum cleaner sound effect, Bubba had no idea what he was
doing, he then asked B-Fudd where he heard that, Spice is amazed he
got a driver’s license, Bubba wondered how he got it, Spice said he
would profile him, B-Fudd was cracking up, Bubba then goofed on him,
B-Fudd said he hated the hand and over thing, Spice said that was the
thing back in the day. Bubba asked him how he did in regards to
parallel parking, B-Fudd said he didn’t know, he said he hasn’t taken
his test yet, he said he can drive, Spice cracked up while saying that
B-Fudd can’t go out after 7 at night, Bubba told him to say “I’ve got
a bitch permit”, B-Fudd said he’s got gas, Bubba let him go a short
time later. Bubba said that Ned has a new offering, he got caught off
guard with Spice sending an IM to him, saying “drugs”, Ned wondered
what it’s about. Spice said he doesn’t want to say on air, Manson said
Spice wants a Twist bar, Brent said he’s in the dark on this. Bubba
got a note from Spice, Manson said he was in the dark, Bubba said he
couldn’t say what it was, Brent thinks Spice is in the selling
business, he said he buys. Bubba said he’s tired of the “Fire Bubba”
chant, Manson said it’s just a chant, they can’t get very elaborate,
he said people don’t like change, ed thinks they don’t like him. We
then heard Ned’s offering “Punch Me”, parody of “Touch Me” by The
Doors. In the song, Ned wishes Bubba would bleed from both eyes. Bubba
didn’t really like the song, Ned then shamed the bit, saying he feels
like a fake, Bubba said sometimes he has to tell Ned to do something,
the Price is right horn was heard a few times, Manson said he didn’t
do anything. Ned thinks they should have Spice do a song, Spice was
cracking up at it, he said he won’t give assignments anymore, Ned
thinks it’s a great idea, he thinks the subject matter sucks. Bubba
thinks Manson will be able to knock it out of the park, Manson sad he
can make chicken salad out of chicken shit. Bubba said he only needs
four people, him, Brent, Dave, and Manson, he said if he was to trim
the fat, Spice and ned would be the first to go, Spice goofed on Bubba
saying that the guys are the best, Bubba said all Spice is doing is
making his point, Ned thinks they should do a listener vote, he said
the song was Big Dick’s idea. Bubba wonders how Spice got looped into
it, Dave said Spice was just cracking up with the guys,
Spice said it’s great to know that he’s second in line to get fired,
ned joked he was going to do a song about Bubba stubbing his toe.
Spice thinks they should give it another listen, Ned wondered how deep
is he supposed to get with someone getting punched in the nose. Bubba
thinks that by Spice putting heat on him was a dick move, Ned said
Bubba just gave him the idea, he said he was trolling for ideas. Bubba
thinks Spice is just trying to hang him out to dry. Ned said if the
coach of the Saints tells Drue Breeze to run a play on fourth and one,
and it doesn’t work, whose fault is it, Bubba said it would be the
coach’s fault. He then asked Brent the situation; Ned yelled that the
coach is crazy. Brent said if that was to happen, the offensive guy
would be fired. Spice wonders what they were talking about; Bubba said
it was about him being a counter programmer. Brent as Bubba said some
stuff, Bubba acted as Spice, Spice as Bubba said some stuff, Manson
thinks Bubba would never say protagonist, Bubba thinks he should fire
Manson. Bubba took a call from a guy who chanted “Fire Bubba”, the guy
asked a question, Bubba told him to master our language before
calling. Dave said Spice jumped off a seven story building, Bubba said
Spice quit him, he then Eviled the guy a short time later, Spice
wonders how he got looped into it, Ned asked that someone hide the
Xenadreen. Joe said if the coach calls the play, and the players don’t
pull it off, it’s not the coach’s fault. Alex said Ned is awesome, the
guy got Eviled after that. Bob thinks Ned is great, he loved the song.
Manson said the song wasn’t one of Ned’s best, Ned said even A-Rod
grounds one out every now and again. Bubba thinks it sucks, he said
he’ll listen to it again, Ned yelled for Bubba to smash it. We then
heard the bit; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Birthdays, emails, Muslim discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the
dollar preview. Bubba said Spice got him some information on Devin
James, Spice said they’ve put the interview on the website, he said
there’s also a Bikini shoot featuring her, he can’ tell if it’s good
or bad, he said there’s a new pole on, that asks if you like
Ned’s song that bubba hates, Bubba voted no. Bubba said he’s gotten
emails from women about the NC double D’s, he said it’s a “rung what
you brung” contest, he thinks it’s sheen free, Spice said the
interview is huge. Bubba said in order to get the tickets for
Bubbapalooza, you have to be part of their world, he then went over
some birthdays, Ned thinks Steve McQueen was the man. We then heard
the German version of “99 Red Balloons”, Bubba said we were pathetic
for liking the song, he said some stations played the German version,
Spice thinks she has T-red teeth. Bubba wonders how much someone makes
off of one song. Spice said she had a lot of hits, but they weren’t
over here. Pat said he hates him, but he respects him, he said Bubba
came out with the Wolf pack, he blacked out, Bubba said that’s what he
has to deal with when he goes out to TNA, Spice and Brent think the
guy is a tool. Bubba said he’d like to talk to him as a man, he thinks
TNA has gotten it, Pat said he agrees. Bubba said he’s got more heat
than anyone, Pat said Bubba has more heat, he said he respects Bubba
for doing that, he said he felt dumb and impressed at what he could
do, he said he likes that he hates Bubba. Bubba said he tells it like
it is, he said he doesn’t go by the code, he said he’s not one of the
wrestlers, he said it makes them mad that he’s not a wrestler, Pat
said this is like group therapy. Bubba said the radio world is
different than the tna audience. Brandy in Tampa said she’s surprised
at how much money ned gets over Spice, she wonders if ed has been
there longer, Spice said it doesn’t really stress him out, Ned said he
was the man, he thinks the caller doesn’t know her ass from a hole in
the ground, Bubba said Ned makes twice as much as Spice does, he
thinks the guys feel as if they’re fairly paid, he said it makes the
people better, he said he and Spice respect each other, he said it’s
like Hogan and Macho Man. Spice said he likes Bubba, Bubba thinks he
couldn’t trust Spice about as far as he could throw him. Joe said
Devin James is lying about being on CraigsList, Spice said they asked
her about that, he hopes she’s still on CraigsList, Joe said he loved
the interview. Bubba said he has the cell phone, he’s powering it now,
he said if it’s not for real, he’ll say the woman got her, Spice said
he’s trying to talk with the other woman in the threesome, he said
they have Devin’s mug shot. Joe said his CB handle is “Booby
Smoocher”, ned thinks it’s stupid, Bubba said no one should listen to
Pantera, he said they didn’t throw her any softballs. Allen in Tampa
said he sent the picture of Devin and tiger at the Bucs game, Spice
said he got the one of him on the side lines. The first email of the
day said hats off to how the parents get along. Another emailer said
the guys on WAAF cut morning show promos in Spanish, Bubba thinks
they’ve had various situations about that. Grover emailed the show
saying his computer shit the bed, he loves the guys. Another emailer
said they were born in America, but embraces Islam, Brent said she’s
already crossing the line; she didn’t like Ned’s comments on Islam.
Bubba said we weren’t taught to hate Muslims, he thinks there are some
good Muslims out there, he then admonished the emailer for saying
she’s a 911 operator, he asked her to save someone’s life after her
job, he asked Spice to rack up Ned’s bit about the Muslim basketball
player, he asked her not to remind him what she does, he wonders where
the candidate who plugs natural selection, Brent thinks Bubba would
lose in a land slide. Bubba said the Muslim religion is a sandbox,
Brent said if the scarf falls off, you’d get rounded up. Bubba thinks
if you love Jesus, you’d be far more respected, he said the show paid
the biggest price because of Muslims, he said the show was targeted
based on complaints filed by Douglas Vanderlon, he said since they’re
on now, there’s nothing they can do about it, he then recapped how it
went down, he said hates them, Brent said it’s a far left
wing site, Bubba said they were in the site’s crosshairs because of
their report on Sami Al Arian, he said he’s incarcerated, Brent said
he’ll be deported. Spice said what they said may have been a little
harsh, but that’s how they do it, Bubba said harsh is there middle
name. Bubba thinks he should have Brent take over the story, Brent
said Eric Bowler wrote an article called “The primetime Smearing of
Sami Al Arian”, with Bubba’s face on it. Bubba said Alease Brown wrote
them, saying she was pissed that Bubba wasn’t mentioned. Bubba took a
call from a guy who said the Muslims try to be like Americans. Leana
said she’s a Muslim woman, she said she enjoyed Ned’s parody; she said
the guys make fun of everyone, she said there very moderate. Manson
thinks she’ll fit right in, as she only believes half of what the
bible says. Spice asked her how big her breasts were, Manson in a
Muslim voice said he was sharpening the saw. Bubba thinks if we made
Religion more of a private matter, he thinks you should just be good
person, Leana thinks the Governments are adding more fuel to the fire.
Bubba thinks a person should be judged by their actions, he said
Religion is based on just money and power, Manson thinks this is a
commercial for the Pagan Potheads Tour, Bubba said this is a
commercial for common sense, Manson thinks they could say their
ratings are in heaven. Bubba thinks had he said his commentary, he
would’ve been killed for that commentary; he said he’d like to start a
religion of common sense. Spice asked her about how big her boobs
were, she said no, she said she’s about five foot four; Spice thinks
the Vale gets hot in the summer time. Kyle in Richmond said he’s a
hardcore Catholic, he agrees with what Bubba said, Bubba said he’s a
tangible guy. Ken said he’s been listening for a long time, he said if
he could frame today’s show, he’d put it on a billboard. Ned thinks
it’s a lot of buildup for his Muslim basketball call, which we then
heard. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – A Manson Classic

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the live
chat with Manson, then into “Bubba Personalized GPS” from “Bubba Show
classics vol. 13”, track 5. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 6 – Political discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Tom the Treeman doing
an appearance, we then heard “mama Told Me Not To come” as bumper
music. Bubba replayed the promo, where Tom said he’ll be at south
Venis Seafood in Venis; he said people don’t really do four hour gigs.
Emron in Orlando said he’s listened to Bubba since he was on in
Chicago, he thinks Bubba hit the nail on the head with the Muslim
commentary, he said he’s a Muslim American, he said half the stuff
they do isn’t part of Religion. Bubba wonders where the G Hod comes
from; the guy said it means to struggle in the way of God. Bubba asked
where does it say to blow themselves up, the guy said it’s not in
there; Brent said they see it as being a Marder. The guy said you can
go to, Spice thinks he’s got some cool shirts, he
read some of them. Dave in Sarasota said he’s tried reading
“Dianetics”, he ends up falling asleep. Darrel said he respects Brent
for his service, the guy wondered where it says the Muslim girl can
partake in Basketball. We then heard a news clip about the various
states suing over health Care, Bubba thinks it’s the old farts who
hate black people, he thinks it’s ridiculous, he thinks Bill McCollum
is an old cracker, he thinks Politics is follow the leader, and cover
my ass, he decided to only vote for people they know. We then heard
“Obama Is Too Black” from “bubba’s new and Misc Hits Vol. 6”, track 5,
and “the Clemulus Package” disc 4, track 13. The song parodies “Paint
it Black” by The Rolling Stones, and explains reasons why Ned won’t
vote for obama. Bubba cut in, asking Spice to stop it, saying it’s not
their opinion, it makes fun of the people who don’t like Obama. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Marine killed overseas, various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page. Bubba said he has a whole new appreciation for Richard Marx, he
said that Devin James has Satellite trucks parked outside her house.
Spice said you can see the picture of her at, where you can
also hear the interview. Bubba said a marine died on Monday, he said
the article isn’t all that big, Spice said when the war first started,
it was a big thing, now it’s gotten smaller and smaller. Nick said he
loves the show, he said if Howard retires, Bubba should fill in; Bubba
said they wouldn’t be where they were without Howard. The guy said he
saw Richard Marx in concert, he yelled from the crowd to do the BGs
song, Bubba thanked him for supporting. We then heard a news clip
about the marine dying, Bubba thinks a one inch article about the
marines dying is disrespectful, he thinks we’re taking it dry, he
wonders what he’s getting out of it. Bubba read an email said they
tried the chicken dip; it’s addictive, Bubba thinks Dave is opening up
a restaurant. Another emailer said they’re tired of the rules, Bubba
said someone needs to put a stop to the rules on the truckers; Brent
said it’s a way for the Government to screw with people. Nick, Devin’s
husband came on, he said Bubba is the man, he said people would like
to know why he did that, he said they’re not doing anything without
Bubba, he said Devin is a great woman. Spice said he’s got a bunch of
media outlets reaching out to him, he said they’re having a tough time
figuring out what she was arrested for, Nick told Bubba to do what
he’s doing. Bubba thinks Nick will stay strong, he said people should
listen to his show for other reasons; they then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Wrapping up the show

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Ned’s 12 Inch Meaty
Mandingo (with a side of man sauce)”. Bubba asked Brent to get a hold
of Gary about Robin reading an article, but didn’t mention him, he
hopes it all works out in the end, he said they’ve got two cell
phones, both screens are messed up, he wondered if there’s a phone
expert out there, he said the Army really helps them out. Ned said his
bit was one of the worst offerings ever, Manson said he’ll try to come
up with something. Bubba thinks maybe Metro PCS would be able to help
them out, he then plugged the chat tonight, he thinks he
looks like Russ the Ferret, he then plugged the NC double D contest,
he said he has a DVD of Tom the Treeman and 25 bull riding. They then
ended the show a few seconds later.

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