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March 9th, 2011 by Staff

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Recap by Blind Lawrence
Segment 1 – Coming up on the show

Bubba started by saying he was listening to Drew Garabo’s show last
night on, he then said that tonight, Captain Thunder and
Gene Lasker will be on RadioIO, he then recapped what they’ve got
coming up on the show for today. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 2 – DNA

Bubba came on saying he was slammed, he’ll be sending a case of DNA to
Alex Young, he then said he went into a 7-11 the other day, they
didn’t have any, he then said that the Uhurus are waiting in the
buckle brush for him, he said it’s amazing how they can turn three
seconds of audio around on him. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bikes for Badges on
March 20. Bubba said that he recorded three segments for Channel 10
last night, he doesn’t get how everyone is afraid of Goliath Davis and
the Uhurus, he said they’re putting the show in an unfair corner.
James in Charleston said he met the guys Friday night, he thanked the
guys for coming down, he asked Bubba if he got a chance to check out
the key chain, Bubba said that he has it in his office. We then heard
a news clip about Tiki Barber wanting to go back to football, Bubba
said that he’s interested in getting on the Buccaneers, Spice then
goofed on him, saying he’ll play for his worst level ever, he thinks
the game has passed him by. The first email said a gas station in
Orlando is charging $5.39 a gallon, Spice thinks he doesn’t need t buy
premium gas. Another email suggested Spice keep the Tyrone character,
Ned said Tyrone sucked. Another email said he often criticizes the
show, but he does like Bubba’s comments on the Uhurus, they have the
same thing going on in Jacksonville. Bubba thinks that we’re in 2011,
and not the 60’s, Spice said just when you think it’s over, something
like this will come up, he wonders when the checks and balances
becomes something other than a hostel situation. Bubba said what the
Uhurus have planned for him are hostile, he said that if his words are
taken out of context, he’ll gladly apologizing for that, he then said
he’ll play audio that Joe doesn’t even have on the site, the guys
think white trash will be the demise of us. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Pill Mills, Top Five Country

Bubba came on saying he has a bunch of stuff to get to, he said that
he’s never seen a Governor get protested before his State of the
State, Brent said that the Democrats might split into their own party,
Manson said that it won’t do any good, as we’ll now have four parties
to screw us over. Bubba then read some articles concerning pill mills,
he asked for people who voted for rick Scott to call in, if they’re
willing to admit to voting him in, he’s not sure if Alex Sink would’ve
been better or not, he said that being Governor is a polarized job, he
said you know there’s trouble when Rick’s own party is against him. We
then heard the positioning statement for the top five Country songs,
Spice said they haven’t done country in a long time, he said it’s
either upbeat stuff, or sappy stuff, Bubba thinks Country ass is one
of the most popular, Ned thinks Christian rock ass is the best Bubba
feels it’s milfs taking their kids to Disney concerts like Miley
Cyrus, he had a hard time saying one of the artist’s names, he said
that Billy Corgan hates Bubba, over his feud with Jeremy Borash. We
then heard “Let Me Down Easy”, the guys think the steel guitar in
Country music is the white trash sigh, Manson thinks the guy sounds
like Soulja boy, the guys goofed on the song a little, Spice said if
he had a lighter, he’d hold it up in the air, then set himself on
fire. Jen on protection said she feels helpless, she thought that the
pill mill would be a sure thing; she said she has a lot of cases in
regards to that. Bubba suggests we just close the pill mills down;
they don’t need the Governor’s approval. John in Sarasota said he
voted for Rick Scott, he said he’s a Republican, Bubba thinks he
proved his point. David in Orlando said he screwed up by voting for
him. Bubba wishes that Rick would be forthright with people, we then
heard “Who are you when I’m not looking”, he wonders what it means,
the guys think Blake Shelton is deep, they further goofed on the line
in the song about book ends, Bubba wonders if a 3rd grader wrote the
rhymes for this, he thinks this stuff is very predictable, Spice
thinks this a romantic interrogation, Manson said if Rick Scott would
ban sad Country music, it would solve the pill mill problem. Michelle
asked for Bubba to pick on another song, she asked for the guys to rip
on Mexican music, the guys goofed on her for saying that. We then
heard “Back To December” by Taylor Swift, Manson said she’s a hit
machine, Bubba asked for 82% less Lady Gaga, and 82% more Taylor,
Spice said she’s steamy, saying it wasn’t her best effort. Bubba gave
Taylor a tymbal, while giving the previous artists the loser horns.
Mary in Tampa said her Mom is a hardcore Republican, knew everything
about Rick Scott, voted for him anyway, and would do it all over
again. We then heard “This Is Country Music” by Brad Paysley, Bubba
thinks its white trash “Sesame Street”, he said that Bruce Clem can
play the bandgo, the guys cracked up at the lyrics; Bubba feels this
is white trash pandering. We then heard “Don’t You Wanna Stay”, the
guys think Kelly Clarkson is good, Bubba thinks he should play this
whenever heather decides to leave him, he then said he was listening
to Drew’s show last night, a guy called in and said “Terrible” the way
Charles Barkly does, the guys think Kelly should’ve done the song, he
wonders if the State of the State was recorded, Manson joked that he
did it in his bathroom. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 5 – Bubba comments on Joe Waller

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page ( Bubba said he has six discs, he then
decided to clear the callers he has lined up, he thinks Channel 10
caved into the Uhuru controversy. Avid said he saw Bubba on “Family
Guy”, Peter had a segment called “You know what really grinds my
gears”. Bubba took a call from a guy who said they should give Rick a
year; he then asked about racing, Bubba said they got rained out last
week. Chris said she can’t put her makeup on in the morning, as she’s
cracking up too much, she said that she knows it’s St. Petersburg, she
asked that Bubba be careful, she then asked the guys if Bubba ate the
cookies she sent him, Bubba said he did. CJ asked Brent if they’ve
ever impeached a Governor, Brent said it would probably be a long
process. Eric said he voted for Rick Scott, he said he’ll do research
in the future, he said he’s a huge Country music fan, he thinks the
commentary is hilarious. Bubba said he has so much stuff to get into
with the Uhurus, he doesn’t even know where to begin, he then said the
Uhurus are a black Militant group in St. Petersburg, he said everyone
is afraid of them, Spice said they limit themselves to St. Petersburg.
Bubba thinks at the least, they might boycott the advertisers, Spice
said he didn’t like how they painted Bubba. Bubba said that the Uhurus
are claiming Bubba has called for Joe Waller’s death, Manson thinks
only 11 people read it. Bubba then read the article, stopping and
starting to comment, we then heard a clip from the website, Bubba said
it’s not the case. Chris wondered if the Uhurus are violating Bubba’s
federal trademark, Brent said yes, Spice said they would think it’s a
racial issue if they were asked to take the stuff down. We then heard
a clip Bubba saying cuffed and stuffed, he then told Joe Waller that
he could bankrupt his organization, he said that it would be
hypocritical of him if he drug him into court over this, but he
doesn’t want to, he said he won’t tie up the courts with this, over
name calling, he said he hates getting dragged through that process.
Spice said Bubba has the right to stick up for himself, Bubba said
he’s been contacted by some powerful attorneys, he told Joe that he’s
not bigger than the system, he said he’d specifically get African
American lawyers, he said he has the right to depose Joe. Spice said
they have an open invitation to come in. Bubba said you can’t take 9
seconds of someone speaking metaphorically and make him look like the
bad guy, he said he does have the right to change his decision. Manson
said Bubba isn’t a hypocrite, saying that name calling and slander are
two different things. Bubba said that if they had the smallest
audience, that’s too many people, he then recapped some of the
charities they’ve turned off; Brent said the Schindlers operate in
Canada. Bubba said he could end up dead over this, Spice said part of
him says they should move on, while the other part says it’s part of
the show. Bubba then read from the website, he said he makes fun of
bad people, regardless of race, Spice said he loves pulling articles
on white people. Bubba said that Joe is just spinning it his way; he
said he’s invited Joe to the show many times. Tom in Tampa said Bubba
was saying what people were thinking, he said Joe is a racist. Mark
said in the 9 second clip, he never hears a name mentioned, he said
that Bubba could be talking about Osama Bin Laden; Bubba said he could
be the topic of conversation. Rickey said the Uhurus are just like the
WBC. John said he called a few weeks ago, he thinks Bubba should sue
him, but he might be more ammunition. Jake thinks the Uhuru guys is an
attention whore, he thinks the lip is taken out of context. Joe on
protection said his wife worked with someone related to Joe Waller, he
turned away housing for certain people. Bubba said that the guy is
anti Semitic, he then read some of Joe’s comments on the Jews, he said
he’s done taking about him, he said he wanted to defend his actions,
he said the only thing he wants is for them to take his audio off the
site, he said he doesn’t’ want anyone to touch anyone. Brent said that
there was a journalist in Oakland was murdered, Joe Waller supported
the murder. Jennifer on protection said she’s frustrated with this
guy, she said all these guys do is keep the community down. Bubba
asked if she’s a black American, or an African, the woman said her
ancestors were from African. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 6 – Michelle Williams

Bubba said he was in a pissy mood, Dr. Joe Saturley helped him out, he
got him some McDonald’s for breakfast, he thinks he’ll never weigh
185, ned thinks it would work if Bubba would get cancer. We then heard
a news clip about the CEO of BP apologizing. We then heard Michelle
Williams’s positioning statement, Bubba sounded bummed out that it
wasn’t her, Michelle said it was her, she said she can’t pick up the
show, Bubba said they’re on 96.1, Michelle said she got a bunch of
messages about it, she said she doesn’t know anything about this guy,
she said she doesn’t agree with anything the guy says, she doesn’t
want the threat of assassination. Bubba said he only makes fun of
stupid people, he then played some clips of him talking about Joe,
where he says he doesn’t want anything physical done to anyone.
Michelle said that she emailed Joe last night, asking for a riot to
not happen; Bubba said people are just trying to keep their jobs.
Michelle said she’d like to have a sit down with Joe to talk to him,
Bubba said he’s dumbfounded by her stance on this; he’s surprised
they’re having this conversation. Michelle said she’s in her peaceful
days, we then heard the clip of Joe saying stand up for Hydra. Bubba
said Joe hasn’t come on the show, he said he’s really upset with her
on this topic, he said he helped her out when her softball team was
getting screwed with, he said he doesn’t fragment his help to color,
he doesn’t think she have her facts straight, he said he takes
responsibility to when he’s done good, as well as when he’s done bad.
Michelle said she’s concerned for the safety, Bubba said it’s a sad
day when he has to run around in fear, he said he finds it disgusting,
he said Joe doesn’t have footage of the Uhurus saying they should
handle the matter peacefully, Michelle said that she’ll wait for Joe
to contact her, Bubba said that he won’t do it, he said that he’s
guilty of sticking up for a man who was shot, he doesn’t care if he
gets shot, he said the guy is just a spin doctor. Bubba said he needs
a vacation out of the country; they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 7 – Uhuru Discussion

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Take the Money and Run” by The
Steve Miller Band. Bubba said that he’s in quite a pickle on this.
Zach on protection said that they should start referring to the group
as a gang, Bubba said they disgust him on the same level as the KKK,
he wished that they’d be out of business, he said it’s a sad day that
he has to worry about this, he said that the guy has cooked his own
goose. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Hulk Hogan

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba
had Hulk Hogan on, Hogan called Joe Waller a clown, he then plugged
Micro Wrestling tonight at the Blue Ogwanna. Bubba took some calls
from some listeners in regards to the Uhurus, he said he was done,
they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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