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Top Stories:
‘Ax Men’ star’s daughter mauled to death by dog
Texas College Campus Divided Over Bible for Porn Campaign
Rally to ban word ‘retard’ in Massachusetts
U.S. Postal Service may put an end to Saturday deliveries
Child services probes stun gun at Jackson home
Crist uses State of State address for offense, defense
VT Taste Test: Dr. Fuhrman’s Green Longevity Drink

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Sports scores

The show started off with some Henry Rollins as bumper music, Brent
went over his schedule for the next few days, Bubba said he’ll be on
the satellite show, he said there was no mention of him during the
documentary, Manson thinks if Simon Cowell was there, they’d let the
West Memphis Three. Bubba went over what they’ve got for the next
couple of days, Ned said he’d like to go backstage with tna, Bubba
thinks Hogan could out drink Ned, he then recapped some sports scores,
he then went on to plug the live chat with Donna, he went
on to say that he’s over the weather, Spice asked Bubba not to turn
the air down anymore, he said it’s always freezing in the studio. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – The guys sample a juice mixture

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the live
chat with Donna. Bubba said the music is provided by Carl Harris, he
said the questions for the live chat should be submitted live, he said
she won’t be going back to retro stuff, he thinks opening up the home
to James is a bad idea, Manson said the kids will be out of view.
Bubba asked Spice about a juicer, Spice said he had one, yet he hasn’t
used it, he said he feels bad, Bubba thinks Robin was grazing, he said
he didn’t use a recipe, he said he ended up putting bananas and apples
in it, Spice thinks it’s like a smoothie, Manson said you need the
leafy stuff, Spice thinks Bubba already has dementia, Bubba thinks he
would throw it up. Spice read the ingredients, Bubba buzzed all the
items, he thinks he’ll lose weight from puking, he thinks some homos
would like this stuff, he said he through the whole banana in the
blender, it ended up looking a man’s wad, , Spice thinks this is the
biggest shake ever. Bubba said he doesn’t need the other stuff, Manson
said it looks horrible, he said it looks like a baby’s poop, Bubba
said if it’s horrible going in, it’s horrible going out, Spice said it
smells bad. Bubba thinks Brent should try it, he told Spice not to
puke in the studio, he thinks there’s a reason why Manson is almost 50
and looks the way he does, he said his Mo never conditioned him to eat
that stuff, Ned thinks if Bubba lived with Doug Clem, he’d weigh 195
pounds and would be ripped, Spice said it’s like looking at cough
syrup, he said it’s not bad, Manson said it’s like a bad smoothie.
Bubba said Brent was his taster, Brent said that if the King’s taster
died, the king knew not to have it, he said it smells like someone
mowed the lawn and put in the glass, he promised not to puke, he said
if he can lose the weight, he could chug it down. Spice said it’s
about the stuff you can’t see, Brent thinks Peter Max has a jobber
make the beverage for him. Bubba isn’t sure if he could have it,
Manson thinks they should put fries at the bottom of the cup. Bubba
said it looks like what he had a week ago, Manson said he could drink
this stuff all day, he thinks they should make it into a pill. Bubba
drank some of it; he said it’s not that bad, Manson said he puts some
Orange juice in the cup. Bubba said that heather’s dog goes nuts
whenever he eats, Spice thinks he wouldn’t have time to make this
stuff; he thinks Bubba should try wheat grass. Bubba said he was on
line last night, looking for a juicer, Heather told him they have one,
Spice then goofed on him, Bubba thinks Spice has his house bugged, he
said he had the thing in his cart, he found out he had the same thing.
Manson said Donna made it in a $39 blender, he thinks they should have
a smoothie party, ned said that he would be smoking a joint and
drinking a Miller Lite, he thinks the guys are fags for enjoying
smoothies, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails, a Manson double shot

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “NC Double D’s”. Bubba
asked Carl where his Wall mart appearance promo is, he then plugged it
(11:30-1:00), he said he’ll do anything for Miller Lite. The first
email of the day suggested triple double D’s, Bubba suggested she
enter. Another emailer said they’ve never heard Bubba talk about
bolts, Bubba said he loves Arp bolts. Another emailer said they’re
proud for both Canada and America. Another emailer said they’re the
reason why they renew every year, Bubba said he’s excited about
Canada, he’s a little nervous about Toronto. Another emailer said
Spice is really under rated with his voices, Bubba said he’s turned
into something. Another emailer wondered if they have video of Spice
getting owned by Sally Jessie, Spice hopes not. Another emailer said
they really enjoy listening to the show. Another emailer said is talking smack about Bubba, Bubba suggested
buying porn. Another emailer asked for SlideJobJones email address for
something. The last email was a complaint letter from a guy who didn’t
like the song “Wild Whale”, Manson said it makes fun of people who
have animals in captivity. Brent said there was a situation in
SeaWorld that was 18 pages; it was edited down to ten. Bubba thinks
the emailer is behind the times, he said if you have the option to
boss hog through life, they’ll take it, he said a lot of followers
aren’t that successful, he thinks Siegfried & Roy‘s tiger was having a
bad day, he said if he was the whale and he had to do tricks, he’d
bite someone, Spice said he’d probably have a fun time at SeaWorld,
yet he wouldn’t be surprised if someone gets their head torn off.
Bubba said a lot of animals can’t go where they’d like, he said a
whale doesn’t’ have to worry about stuff, except for some crazy
Japanese dude on a boat, he said stuff like this happens every year,
he got distracted with Palin on TV, Brent said she was on Leno. The
emailer didn’t like Ned’s comments, referring to Ned as a smart
allick, Spice said the show requires them to not shut up; Manson said
it would be dead air. Bubba said he has to be talking all times, he
said he doesn’t know of any radio show that has done well that has
dead air, he referred to the emailer as an idiot, he then had all the
guys be quiet, he thinks the guy’s kids will be nerds. Spice acted
like the emailer, and Bubba has one of his friends who was unfamiliar
with the show, Bubba then had Manson acted is another worker, Bubba
said he’d check out the show. The emailer thinks it’s not cool to make
fun of stuff like that, Bubba told him the true men behind his back
think the guy is a nerd, he said the Casey Anthony stuff is way worse
than that, he thinks “Wild whale” is about a two, Spice said that “My
Trunk” has a message in it, Manson said he did it as he outraged over
the lack of coverage, Bubba hopes Debbie whipped her ass with the
complaint letter. We then heard “Wild Whale”, then into “My Trunk”
from “Bubba’s new and Misc Hits Vol. 9” track 9, and “The Clemulus
Package” disc 1, track 16. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 4 – Cuba

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army skin.
Bubba said Carl is a man’s man, he thinks Slayer sounds like homos, he
then went on to say that PayPal is excepting the raffle tickets now,
the deadline to get your stuff in his March 13, there’s a one dollar
charge for handling, no matter how many tickets you get, he said the
one breath of fresh air with Obama is that if you’re from Cuba, you
should be allowed to see your family, there’s a woman who married a
spy for Cuba, Brent said she got fooled by him, Bubba thinks she’s a
dumb bitch, Brent said it’s the oldest trick in the book, Bubba said
he’s mad at whoever gave her the judgment, he wonders who the suckers
are who took part of the jury, he likes how Cuba isn’t giving her
anything, he said she could stop up to two hundred flights, he thinks
she lives in Miami, Brent thinks they should charge her with harboring
a spy from a Foreign Country. Brent said the families from the Pan Am
flight 103 got paid, Bubba said we pick and choose who to mess with,
he thinks this is a James Bond movie, Manson thinks you get what you
get. Bubba wondered if Hogan was on Fox news, Brent told him it was
channel 360, we heard Hogan saying he had to change his life, he said
his family disappeared, he told the host he’d like to get him in the
ring, Ned thinks the guy is a sawed off little prick. Bubba said he
can’t get into it, he said that Linda has reared her ugly head again,
he then went back to the article he was looking at earlier, he thinks
we need a big douche of the legal system, Brent said the lawyers
wouldn’t want loser pays, Bubba told Mj that when he beats him, he’ll
have to pay. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Mancow on Fox audio, crazy lady calls in, Tucker Carlson

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Unity In The
Community. Bubba thinks they might go a little earlier with Tucker.
Joe said he’s an air traffic controller, he said everyone who flies
over Cuba has to pay fees, he said every country other than the U.S.
has to pay fees to use the airspace, he wonders what will stop her,
Bubba she could affect more people, the guy said instead of being
$150, it’ll be more. Bubba thinks the whole world is about trying to
shake down other people, Brent thinks her life isn’t worth
twenty-seven million dollars. Big Frame in New York asked the guys to
stop talking about Jason Ellis, he thinks he would be a postal
delivery guy, he wonders why Howard plays best of, Brent said his guys
need a vacation, Bubba said it’s just how they do it, he thinks Artie
is good at what he does, the guy said you could almost hear Artie’s
commentary. We then heard a clip of Mancow talking to someone, Brent
referred to him as a sellout, Bubba said he doesn’t like his body
language, Spice said he’s active; Bubba said the camera guy can’t stay
focused on him. Angelia in Tampa said she was on XM, we then heard the
coocoo sound effect, she said she loved the guys, Bubba told her to
settle down. Angelia said she’s 37, Bubba thinks she got fired from
her job for not be able to communicate with people. Spice asked her
what medication was she on, Bubba wonders why she’s even calling them,
Spice said if this was a phone sex line, he would’ve hung up, Ned said
he would’ve finished. Bubba got on the bullhorn and said some stuff,
the coocoo sound effect was heard in the background, Spice thinks
she’s medicated up. Bubba thinks she’s rambling, he told her to say a
few things, she thinks the guys are fun, Ned thinks she gave him a
depressed kiss. Bubba took himself out of the conversation. Ned talked
to her a little, he thinks she’s a barrel of information, Spice said
they’ve got Tucker on, Ned wonders why she even called, Manson thinks
this is Ms. South Carolina, he then told her half of America can’t
find the us on a map, Angelia said bipolar people are geniuses. Bubba
asked her what she’s on, Angelia said she smokes some weed, Brent
thinks she’s not giving any answers. We then heard Tucker’s bumper,
Bubba recapped the situation, Tucker thinks her claim of not smoking
is a lie. Bubba said he saw him on TV, Tucker said he’s started
running, he said he makes himself do three miles every morning, he
said he doesn’t want to be one of those dorks, he asked Bubba if he’s
tried it, Bubba said he never has. Tucker said he used to wrestle in
high school, Spice sarcastically think its rugged. Bubba asked Tucker
about his love for potato guns, Tucker said he hasn’t checked his
followers, he thinks a lot of his followers are from the Bubba Army,
he said about ten years ago, he did a piece on a guy named Joe.
Surprise who invented a potato cannon, he said he has a raffled potato
cannon, Bubba said he’d like to shoot Tom the Treeman with it, he then
explained the leech challenge to Tucker, he said they’re huge, he said
they’re putting them all on tom’s back, he’ll then be tied up to the
torture wrack, they’ll then hit the leeches with Super balls, Tucker
said he’s having trouble keeping his Cornflakes down, he said they’re
all about gun rights. Bubba said in Cook County, you can’t even have a
gun in your house, Tucker said Chicago has a big ban, he said the left
wingers would ban that stuff tomorrow. Bubba wonders why you can’t
take the best of both parties and combine them; Spice said that Tucker
snickered at women’s rights. Tucker said he looked up Gene Lasker; all
he got was stuff on a racecar driver. We then heard a clip of Carl
Harris introducing a news clip, with Jabberjaw playing the role of
“Roxanne Moxy”, and Spice acting as Lasker, Tucker thinks it was the
dumbest thing he’s ever heard, Bubba said he likes to watch Gene for
him being an idiot, he said Lasker hates Palin, Spice said Lasker used
to be a dirty dining guy. Tucker wonders how Gene knows Tucker doesn’t
hire various people, Bubba thinks he has more guns than Tucker, Spice
told Tucker that potato guns don’t count, Bubba then ran down the
various guns he has, Brent said that Florida has great gun laws,
Tucker said his mind was made up after hearing Bubba has an AR15, he
said he wouldn’t want to shoot a 50 cal while standing up, he thinks
that McDonald VS. Chicago will change everything. Bubba said he has so
many guns, he has to hire a guy to clean them, he then asked about
Rick Parry, Tucker thinks the idiots will leave, he said Roger Stone
is a great guy, Bubba wondered when will he work with James Carvel,
Bubba said he really likes him, he went on to say that we probably
shouldn’t have been doing the bailouts, Tucker said artificial markets
are hard to maintain, Bubba said that AIG is paying it’s bailout money
back, Manson wonders where the money is going. Bubba said Kevin
Hayslett has a waiting list of people who are looking for houses,
Tucker said our attention has been turned to health Care, he thinks
Elizabeth Warren is annoying, Brent said she’s smart. Bubba asked
Tucker who the biggest scumbag is, Tucker said most annoying would be
Debby Washman, he thinks Barbara lee Burkly is far out, the worst ever
is Maxine Waters, Bubba thinks Brent is the man, Brent said he’s an
anti Wilsonien, who are people who didn’t like Willson, Tucker thinks
he’s awful. Bubba said he’s hooked on “The Presidents”, Brent said
it’s really good, Bubba said they get into some good stuff, Tucker
thinks it sounds awesome, he said he watched a documentary on Pearl
Harbor, he thinks we were racist against Japanese. Bubba told Tucker
that Gene is relentless, he said he’s a legend in Tampa, he thought he
used to drive race cars, the guy think Lasker is 60, ned thinks he’s a
man’s man, Tucker said he’ll investigate it. Bubba thinks they’ve
gotten Tucker ribbed up, he wonders if they should get Gene to
interview Tucker, Brent said he could push Tucker’s buttons all day.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – J Spas

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s appearance at
Wall Mart this Saturday. Bubba said Jone Rivers will be on the show in
a few minutes, Brent said she was on Howard’s show yesterday. Jennifer
in Ohio said she loves listening to the show, she said she was told to
terminate her pregnancy, as he’d probably be mentally retarded, she
said her kid is normal, she said she didn’t like the clip they played
yesterday, Bubba said he’s pro woman, he asked her how she found out,
she said her husband enjoys the show. Mike wondered if the woman ever
said what medication she was on, Bubba wondered what he was on, Mike
said he’s on some stuff, Bubba goofed on him saying yes, Ned told him
to share his pills, Brent thinks the guy is partying every day, ned
thinks this guy is cool, Bubba likes how the guy has the right setup,
Mike said he’s been taking the medicine since 1987. Ned wondered how
constipated the guy is, Mike said h3e’s not. Ned said he doesn’t get
wheening himself off of stuff, Manson thinks the guy wants to try and
outdo the caller from earlier. Bubba read an article about a guy who
owned about six or seven jack spas, Brent said he likes this guy, he
thinks it’s not the biggest problem Miami has, Manson said it’s a
victimless crime, he said it’s almost a service to society. Bubba said
prior to relief, your beside yourself, Spice said there’s nothing like
it, Bubba said you’re a whole different person, he thinks that type of
atmospheres are needed, he thinks crime rate may be down, he thinks
the “To Catch A Predator” guys wouldn’t have much to do if more spas
were available, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 –

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Unity In The
Community. We then heard Hogan’s bumper, Bubba said they saw him on
TV, Hogan said Steve is doing a great thing for the Community; Bubba
said its back on. Hogan said the car is solid, Bubba said no one has
them, he wants to get Hogan to be there, Hogan said he can’t talk
about a lot of stuff. Bubba said he thinks something is going on, he
thinks Hogan’s ship is about to come in, he said it would’ve killed
most men to go through what he went through, he said his promo airs
between 10:00-11:00, Hogan said he’s never had anyone talk to him like
that, he said it caught him off guard, he said Bubba isn’t Hogan.
Bubba thinks Hogan shouldn’t be in the ring, he said he’s helped Hogan
through various things; Hogan said maybe they’ll try to get back on
track. Bubba wonders if it’ll be every Monday, Hogan said yes, he said
tomorrow night is the last Thursday. Bubba said Angle called him the
night the promo went down, he said he’s never heard Hogan get talked
to like that. Spice said he liked it, as it’s where wrestling and real
life intersected, Bubba said the guys liked it, he thinks people will
like it. Hogan said he’s never gotten on the computer, Spice said he
should be lucky. Bubba wondered if Vince has ever talked to him like
that, Hogan said no, he said he’s good with it. Ned dared Bubba to
talk to Awesome Kong like that, Hogan thinks scheduling preventing him
from being on Howard. Bubba thinks they should do the Brooke Hogan
dating game, Hogan thinks she’ll find a match one of these days. Bubba
wonders if went too far with the promo, Manson said sometimes, people
will tell Hogan what he wants to hear, Spice thinks everyone kisses
Bubba’s ass, Bubba said he couldn’t imagine Bubba talking to him like
that, he then cut a promo on himself, they then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Palin on Leno

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page. Bubba plugged Donna’s appearance on, he said you’ll
have to ask your question via the show’s Twitter page, he then plugged
his wall mart appearance from 11:30-1:00, Spice said it’s one of the
busiest places. We then heard a clip of Palin on Jay Leno, bubba
goofed on her accent, he thinks her saying that she studied mass
Communications should speak volumes to her Political Science
knowledge, he thinks she’s a panderer, he continued to bag on her
accent during the clip, he wonders what she just said, Manson said he
wasn’t paying attention, Spice thinks she didn’t explain anything,
Brent said Fox is the number one network, he then goofed on Bush
saying “Fool me once, fool me twice”. Bubba thinks Palin is a
hypocritical bitch, Manson thinks all she has are talking points,
Bubba wonders why she comes across as an idiot, Brent said she took
the phrase “Wee wee-ed up”. We then heard a clip of Palin doing
stand-up, Spice sarcastically said he’s excited for this, Bubba thinks
her delivery is better than Leno, Ned thinks she should do it topless,
Bubba thinks she’s a better broadcaster, Manson said he finds her
funny in some aspects, Bubba thinks she uses Alaska, we then heard the
gong, Bubba said that Spice scared the daylights out of him with that,
he said the reason why she’s so popular is that she’s against the
grain, he said he doesn’t want to pay any more homage to her, they
then ended the show a few seconds later.

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