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June 30th, 2010 by Staff

Wednesday on the show, Bubba, Spice and Manson participated in the Richard McTear Challenge as it was streamed live to, Doctor Mark stopped by the studio to answer all your Men’s health questions and to promote the newest Revitalabs energy line, and Bubba detailed more of his HOA grievances.

Tune into the show tomorrow for the Tom the Treeman Fireworks Challenge!

Wednesday’s bumper music provided by Spice.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010
Segment 1 – Bubba gets mad over some callers

The show started off with audio of the Rays losing, followed by “Get
Higher” by Paper Tongues. Bubba thinks that today is the last day of
June; Manson said this month is flying by. Bubba took a call from a
guy who asked about mark Ober not keeping the girl in jail, Bubba said
he thinks they’re using her as bate, Manson thinks the caller had a
blender in his car. Bubba said he’s got some Ober stuff, but he
understands this tactic. Ron thinks all cops should enforce the Grady
Jud policy, the guy got Eviled, Bubba thinks it’s the day where you
have an eighth grade education, he then went over some sports scores,
they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Pagan Potheads
show in Tampa. Bubba said he’s got a lot of emails to get to, he said
that they’ve got a bunch of content about Dante Morris, he said had
the charges stuck, he would’ve been in jail by now, he said he wants
more people giving out ass, and people who kill cops off the streets,
he said a lot of good data comes from the emails, Brent said he’s
looking at who represented Dante, Bubba said something is going on,
the guys then went over some birthdays. Cory in Canada said he was
listening to the replay, he said the justice system has failed them;
he then recapped some cases they’ve had. We then heard a clock ticking
as the guy talked, he then got Eviled. Bubba said when you just go on
and on, Manson likes the idea. Officer nickels thanked Bubba for the
support he gives them, Bubba said if there is someone above, Dante
will get caught in Pulk County, he then went over what they’ve got
coming up on the show for today, he then recapped the human fireworks
demonstration, Spice said he bought some stuff that is insane. Bubba
said that the deaths were un necessary, he wonders when we’ll take
vops more seriously, he said mark Ober laughed at him when he got re
elected, he said he doesn’t care who they put in, he said no term
limits is the problem, Brent said every office should be term limited.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for some special best of
shows. We then heard a news clip about Dave Curtis and Jeff Cocab’s
deaths, followed by Manson’s tribute song about that. Bubba said the
music was provided by Spice, he then said he’s got emails to get to.
Joe said he knows a guy who is friends with Mark Ober, the guy has had
some felonies, he said Mark is corrupted. The first email of the day
asked why the guy was out on the streets, Bubba said he’ll save the
emails; he said no one is taking the stance they are. Another emailer
said they were the guy who was shot by Dante Morris; the emailer said
that to say the state botched up the case was an understatement.
Another emailer said they’ve never felt so moved after listening to
the show. Another emailer said today was the first time they visited
his website, the emailer said they were floored by the tribute.
Another emailer said they just downloaded the app for the station,
Bubba said they’re coming out with an application for the show, Spice
said he has Wunder Radio; Brent listed some of the stations that are
streamed on it. Another emailer said they heard Bubba’s racist message
about Awesome Kong, Bubba thinks the emailer has never heard a second
of the show, Bubba reread one of the sentences, Brent said it doesn’t’
make any sense, Bubba said a woman should be treated with the respect
she garners, Spice said people are begging to play the race card,
Bubba thinks that speaks volumes in the emailer being racist, the
emailer said that Bubba is one of those tea parties who blame Obama
for everything. Another emailer said something happened before Dante’s
charges were, the emailer said it was his eighteenth birthday. Another
emailer thanked Bubba for what he’s doing. Another emailer said he’d
like to help out, Bubba said his foundation has a 93-94% give back
rate, he said he gives the money directly to the families, he said no
one takes a salary, he said they process your credit card instantly,
he said he doesn’t need to hold an event, he said his putting together
some kind of benefit. Another emailer said there’s a strong chance as
to why Morris is still on the street, the emailer thinks he might’ve
been working as an informant for the feds; Bubba thinks the guy isn’t
an informant. Bubba said that the guy shot both cops point blank in
the head, his accomplish ran over one of the bodies. John asked Bubba
what the possibilities are that he’ll get arrested elsewhere, Bubba
thinks the guy could be out of the state, Spice said that the guy
could be anywhere, Bubba said he only could’ve gone so far, Brent
thinks someone is harboring him, Spice said the reward is $95,000,
Spice said that’s a big chunk of change. Bubba said anyone would cut a
deal with the accomplish to flip, he then read an article about the
reward money, he thinks ned would make stuff up for that amount of
money, Ned said he’d flip on his wife, they then went to commercial a
few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Various stuff

Coming out of commercials, we heard a news clip about the cops looking
for Morris. James said he was watching TV and saw the guy’s mug shot,
he remembered the guy, saying they shared a room together, he said the
guy was a punk ass back in the day. Bubba thinks Ragusa got out
shadowed, we then heard a news clip about Ragusa getting sentenced,
Manson said it was just on a plea deal, Spice said she looked like his
dog (Mr. Swaggles), he thinks she was coming back from vacation, Bubba
asked Brent to look at the judges who presided over Morris’s cases.
Bubba said guilty to one of the guys in the clip, Spice said he didn’t
do anything, Bubba said he likes the judge, Ned asked to be one of
Ragusa’s students, Spice said he’d like to visit her in jail. Bare in
Sunrise said he posted something on, he said he got arrested
in 2001; he doesn’t get how the guy is still walking around. We then
heard Morris’s family making a statement, Bubba thinks it’s just cover
your ass mode, he said no one wants to be like that, he called the guy
a dildo as he was reading from a piece of paper, he thinks they’re
begging that he get shot, Spice thinks he’ll have to dress up. Bubba
said no one in the media as the balls to report it the way they did,
we then heard the news clip with “
The Boopity Song” under the clip. Spice said if that was his kid, he’d
say kill him if the cops need to. Bubba recapped how he would report
it; Manson said you’ll never hear that. Allen said he loves the show,
he thinks they should gives the accomplish the same punishment.ohn
said the cops he need to get the cameras. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Men’s Health with Dr. Mark

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the special best of
shows. We then heard Dr. Mark’s bumper, Mark plugged
Spice wonders what a penis doctor blogs about, Mark said they just
update. Mark said his new product is more of an energy thing. Spice
said you can’t take a fat burner and expect it to burn off, Mark said
it supposed to curb your appetite. David in St. Petersburg asked about
verica seals, Mark explained what it was, Ned said he’s got a bag of
worms around his junk; Spice thinks mark has ectomy on the end of
everything. Bubba read an email from someone who said that they have
to pee after sex, they still have an errection, Mark thinks the
emailer is older. Brad said a few months ago, he was on Lexipro, he
said it makes him stop having violent outbursts, Bubba thinks the guy
just glossed over it. Brad said he would just get paranoid around
people. Mark said that long term stuff can cause sexual issues. Mark
said all you have to do is put Maxx in the code box; Spice thinks it’s
a celebration. John on protection said he’s a large guy, he said his
calcium deposits come up, Mark said the problem is the tissue can’t
get out. Spice said he notices that some guys grow a lot of arm hair;
Bubba said he has it, Ned thinks he should shave it off. Bubba read a
text from someone asking how bad the surgery is to fix a kidney issue,
mark suggested Dr. Riceman, as he’s the best with kids. James said
about half way to work yesterday, his left arm went numb, he thought
it was loss of circulation, he then felt it n his left leg, he was
asked to go get a mri done, he thinks it’s stress related, Mark said
he’d check every reason why, he suggested the guy check to see if he
has a hole in there. Bubba took a call from a guy who asked about fat
burners, mark said you have to track that stuff, he said some people
think they eat well, when they don’t, Bubba thinks Mark is insane, he
said mark makes a good pill, he then said Big dick emailed him, saying
that a woman donating $50 to Another emailer
thinks they’re breaking down, Mark suggested the guy see his doctor.
Anne said her husband has problems getting an errection, Mark said you
should be sexually active at 55, Spice said he feels bad, as the guy’s
wife is calling. Anne said they’d like to do it the same time a week,
but he can’t do it, Bubba suggested they call Dr. Mark, Mark said
he’ll be 50 this year, ned thinks the guy is queer. Jimmy on
protection said when he urinates, it kind of boldges out, Mark said a
lot of cripples get what the guy has, he said it’s a bottom whole, he
said he was trained in reconstruction. Carlos in Orlando said he has a
problem with premature ejaculation, he said he used to take Extacey
which would help, Mark suggested the guy take some Zoloft if needed,
Spice said Extacey is a fun drug. Another emailer said that they have
a problem with going to the bathroom all night; Mark thinks it’s an
enlarged prostate. Another emailer said they figured out they have
crabs, the emailer said they got it about two weeks ago, as well as
some back pain, Mark said they should see the doctor. Bubba asked mark
if he sees crabs, Mark said no, Spice said they’re nasty, he said he
can look at a woman and see if they have crabs or not. Bubba said he
had crabs in college once; he shaved his crotch and put some stuff on
it. Another emailer asked if Bubba still promotes Revitalabs, Mark
said they do, he said it’ll be four years this fall. Another emailer
said whenever he hard sneezes, he gets a pain his grone/taint area,
mark suggested the guy get his prostate checked just to make sure.
Cameron in Miami asked about Zanex on the brain, he snorts about four
or five a day, Spice said no big deal, Mark asked what the guy does,
Cameron said he drives, he then got Eviled. Travis said he’s 24, ever
since he was about 15, he’s noticed a skin tag on the top of his
shaft, Mark said they could zap it or snip it off, Bubba told him not
to get him on the skin tabs. Mark said he sees people coming in about
the Bubba special, Bubba thinks they should have the Ned special, if
you have diseases and stuff like that. Mark said they got a bunch of
calls over the Vasectomy thing, Bubba said it makes sense. Robert said
his girlfriend is pregnant, he said his drive was down, while her’s
was up. Mark said if he’d like to be checked they can look at it,, he
said if it’s a problem he should check it out, Bubba told the guy to
man up, he then said that would be Dr. Bubba Clem’s method of dealing
with it, he then thanked Dr. mark for coming in, he went on to plug
the Men of Playgirl, Spice said Tasha will be going, he’s not all that
excited by it. Bubba likes how Tasha has the mindset to ask, he thinks
Donna would get a right hook, Manson said he’d drop her, he then used
Spice’s “bitch I told you” line. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 6 – Various stuff

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Clem Racing
incorporated T-shirt. Bubba came back saying there’s a bunch of great
stuff on, he said Sluggo has made his return, he said it’s
temporary though, he thinks Sluggo is putting an application up if
you’d like to hear the show, he said the bubba Army is very generous
when it comes to donating money. Tonya said she loves the show, she
said that she knew matt Tut, saying he was a good boy growing up, the
guys yelled for her to shut up, as she wondered who shot first, she
got Eviled a short time later. Bubba said that he could see if the guy
brandished a cell phone or a water pistil, he said pulling out a gun
is a problem. Michael said matt tut would still be alive if he wasn’t
so stupid, he said Matt was asked not to reach for the gun, Bubba
played some gun sound effects, Manson as Matt said he’s part of a gang
called The Schwinns. We then heard a news clip about a bill collector
getting in trouble for telling a guy’s daughter that her Father would
be under arrest, Bubba said the guy didn’t pay his bills, so it’s on
him. We then heard a news clip about a guy who killed his kid for
crying during the World cup, Bubba said it’s brown trash, Spice said
he’s secure enough to let Tasha attend the Playgirl event. Mike in
Jacksonville came on discussing mark Brunel, Bubba said he’s glad the
guy isn’t playing for the Packers. Bob said Mark Ober screwed him over
on something, Bubba Eviled him saying that Mark may’ve been the
visionary for arrested the guy, he then explained the Richard Mctear
challenge, Manson described what they’d be doing, as he came up with
the idea. Ned said he probably couldn’t participate, as he thinks his
shoulder would pop out of the socket along with the baby, Brent said
he’ll run the board. We then heard Ned’s “Dead Bay-Bay” from “bubba
Show Classics Vol. 10”, track 17; they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 7 – Richard Mctear Challenge

Coming out of commercials, we heard the promo for the Richard Mctear
Challenge. Bubba wondered if they were live, Brent said they could
hear him. Bubba wondered how fast some guy was going, he clocked some
guy going 29, he thinks people think their weirdoes, Manson thinks no
one will be able to hit the target, Bubba said the target has three
holes, he wondered if Spice likes the car, he said everyone is hitting
the breaks for some reason, he said the guys are looking to get the
golden Baby award, he then noticed a guy who stopped in the middle of
the road, he yelled at the guy, he thinks some MJ listeners are there,
Manson thinks they should put the radar gun on this joker, he thinks
the guy is going twelve miles an hour, Bubba yelled for the guy to go
back to his Country. Spice went first, Manson thinks he’s hauling ass.
Spice tossed the baby; it bounced off a rock and almost landed in the
hole. Manson went next; the guys think he had a bad throw. Spice said
all he was doing was timing it right, Manson said he was pretty close.
Bubba went last; he doesn’t think he needs a microphone, Spice thinks
they should’ve played “40s and Blunts”. Bubba gave it a throw; the
guys said it was way off. Spice said Bubba was running over lawns,
Brent told Spice he needed to back up a little. Bubba gave the baby
another toss, Manson said it was worse; Bubba thinks he sucks at
killing babies, he thinks Spice one. Carl Harris came by to give Spice
the golden baby trophy; they then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 8 – News & Homeowner Troubles

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page. Bubba said was locked up, he thinks someone else should
do it, he thinks they’re near 40,000 followers on Twitter, Spice
wonders if they make a lot of virtual dollars. Bubba said that
Budweiser is going over to Kevin Harvick’s car, he said that would be
huge, Brent said it would be great for him. Bubba said New Orleans
wants $10,000,000 from BP, we then heard a news clip about that, Spice
said they know BP needs to give them the money, Manson said he wants
to move there and open up a business. We then heard a news clip about
a guy who got held up by a home owner, Bubba goofed on the guy in the
clip, he then stopped it, saying he’s heard enough. Michael in Tampa
said he doesn’t’ care about bubba throwing babies out of a car, he
said Bubba is a fat ass, Bubba said he’s fat and disgusting, he said
he doesn’t have any time to work out, bubba said his life doesn’t
allow him to eat properly, he said the guy is dead on, he thinks he’s
the fattest guy to own a gym, Michael suggested Bubba try an apple
sometime, Bubba said the apple doesn’t taste as good as the McDonald’s
cheeseburger, Spice thinks you have to have a lot of will power. Bubba
asked about Alia Brown, he thinks she’s hot, we then heard a news clip
about that, the guys cracked up at the clip, Bubba said he doesn’t
want a woman who is good on TV, as she’ll leave you. Billy came on,
his radio was up, Bubba thinks the guy is a brain surgeon, he asked
about the white trash in Lakeland, Bubba fired up the clock as the guy
talked, , Bubba said he doesn’t have his ad’s money, he said it
doesn’t take a lot of money, the guy got Eviled a few seconds later.
Bubba said he can’t even have a floating dock in the neighborhood, he
said that will cost him an extra $3000, he said this is all over Tina
Bacon, he said he’ll be taking pictures of everyone else’s property,
he said he’s the one that Ms. Bacon turned in, he said she complained
about him, he said that everyone will have to pull their docs out,
Manson thinks the neighborhood will be behind Ms. Bacon, he said
everyone in the neighborhood may end up hating Bubba. Bubba told the
neighbors to call the show, he said he has a bunch of damages if he
was the only guy who has to get a permit pulled, Ned thinks Bubba is a
dirty rat. Bubba said he’s trying to build a new home in his
neighborhood, he said that Ms. Bacon’s family used to live there, she
found out that Fabrizi wanted to knock it down. Fabrizi ended up
having his friend Kevin bought it; he then gave it to Fabrizi, who
tore it down. Bubba said he called the place that puts in the docs, he
said that while the workers were putting it in, Ms. Bacon told the
guys to stop working and to go home, he wonders what right she has, he
said Fabrizi told her his thoughts, he then said he got a letter
saying he wasn’t properly permitted, he said the doc is being
reviewed. Spice asked why Bubba is dragging everyone else into it,
Bubba said because he doesn’t want to be the only guy to have to lose
$5,000. Manson asked if they changed the regulations, Bubba said no,
he said no one is changing his mind, he then asked Manson what Donna
would do, Manson said that she would take pictures, bubba thinks
that’s why Donna would live with him if Manson was to die in a crash.
Keith in Connecticut said Bubba is right in this case. Bubba took a
call from a guy who said the house that was torn down was Ms. Bacon’s
Grand parents lived, Bubba said he gets that. The guy said the
conspiracy is that Bubba is moving Howard Stern into Bay Way Iles,
Bubba thinks Howard wouldn’t live in that neighborhood. Lee in
Jacksonville said he used to work with Bubba in the clear channel
days, he said he wouldn’t want bubba to do it; he asked that bubba
focus on Tina Bacon. Jeff said they don’t have a statue for a floating
dock, he said any of Bubba’s engeniering is what he does. Tom thinks
Bubba is right, he said everyone should pay. Bubba said he doesn’t
know the people he needs to turn in; he said Fabrizi got a letter
about that, he then said he should call him, as he knows more about
it, he then wondered if they have a set up for him. Bubba called him
up, he said Fabrizi never answers his phone, he said he’s over him, he
thinks he’s too cool, he then said Scene is opening on July 28, Ned
said he’d like to go, he said he’ll take the next day off. Bubba
dialed up a number, it was the wrong number. Bubba called Fabrizi
again, he wonders what he could be doing, he got sent to voicemail, he
said he’s done with him, he’s thinking about closing Scene up. They
then ended the show a few seconds later.

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    Chris from BC Canada, I’d love to know what song was used as a bumper, via Spice Boy, during Segment 5 of the Wendsday June 30th show… Looking forward to seeing you all in about a month in Calgary, I’ll be driving about 947km (588 miles) row 7 front and center… listening on sirius for 6 years…. Keep it up…. but please let me know what song that was before the Dr. Mark segment

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