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June 27th, 2012 by Staff

Segment 1

Bubba encouraged people to friend them on acebook, he then talked
about the Rays game last night, he then talked about,
he likes how you can put in information.

Segment 2

Coming out of break we heard a promo for the Gay mall Challenge,
followed by “Holywood Nights” by Bob Seger. Bubba apologized for the
long intro, he’s tired of being a baby sitter, Twenty-five was still
in the rack. Bubba went to words to regroup.

Segment 3

Bubba plugged what they’ve got coming up on the show for the next few
days, Blind Lawrence will be hanging out with sme 2001 girls. The
first email asked Bubba for a website for truck parts, Bubba said it’s Another email said that he’s mad his wife is reading
“50 Shades of Gray”. Another email thinks Twenty-five is a great mix,
Bubba said it doesn’t stop the detractors. Another emailer said they
work at Publix, it was great to meet Bubba. The last email said they
like Twenty-five on air, Bubba thinks that wn’t last long with him
over sleeping.

Segment 4

Coming out of break we heard a promo for the “Tom the Treeman
Fireworks”. Bubba plugged his appearance in Ft. Meyers this Friday, he
then told Ned Larry Byrd is going to resign as President of the
Pasers. We then heard Dock’s positioning statement, he said one of the
signs got knocked out, he then talked about some trophies he is
making. Bubba talked about Americans claiming they’ve seen ufos,
Manson said that there’s a possibility they exist, Brent thinks that
there’s no proof, Ned said he’s seen videos of them, he claims to have
been probed, saying the experience is like that of being touched as a
kid, you don’t want to talk about it. Tara thinks we’d be ignorent to
think we are the only living species. Ned said he’s been probed six
times, the last time was in the 80’s, he described the aliens as
looking like ZZ Top. Tracey doesn’t get why the guys question religion
yet Ned just talked about getting probed by Aliens Bubba told her it’s
caled common sense, he said it has nothing to do with her belief in
God. Mike in West Palm basically re stating what Tara said, Bubba said
that unless your going to call them with something different, don’t
call them. Jay recommended the movie “The fourth Kind”, Bubba gave him
the Evil treatment, saying he had other stuff to do. Adam said that
there’s no bearded man in the sky, Manson said yu can’t dis prove it.
Bubba said that if he gets a chance to meet Jesus, he’d thank him for
dying for his sins, he said that he’d put a big Bubba Army sticker on
the purly gates, he then explains how he’d bamboozle Jesus. We then
heard a promo for the Top five countdown, this week it’s the UK
charts. During the coutndown, Twenty-five came in saying that he just
overslept, Bubba admonished him for doing that. Bubba thinking the guy
who sings in Fun is a fag, he then said that you can’t do anything
anymore, as Amare Stoudemire got fined $50,000 for saying “fag” on
Twitter, he asked for someone in radio to be different, he said he
listens to all of the stations in Tampa.

1.      Usher – Scream – Manson, Ned and Tara like it.
2.      John Newman – Feel the Love – Bubba, Twenty-five, and Ned like it.
3.      Fun – Tonight – Bubba, Ned and manson denyed it.
4.      Flo Rida – Whistle – all denyed.
5.      Gary Barlo and the common Welth Band – Sing – no one voted on this one.

Bubba played a bunch of clips during this song, saying he was doing a
mashup, this led to him asking for Twenty-five to dance around the
studio nude with his penis hanging out, with Ned acting as the hype
man, he then played cowbell in time with “party Boy”. We then heard a
promo for Ned’s Load, followed by “iPhone”, parody of “Pay Phone”,
where Ned is disgusted with people who drive while using their phones.
Segment 5

Bubba came back talking about the Sandusky case. Joey Chittwood the
Third came in, he said Bubba’s studio is the best, he sold his house
in Indiana. Bubba told him Larry Byrd had resigned, Joey said he heard
that, he knows some of the Paser guys, he thinks Nascar on a road
course is great for the sport. Bubba asked if the ins speedway would
be good enough to make it to Nascar, Joey thinks they’ll use it for
the Grand am stuff. Bubba told Joey about his dirt track announcer, he
wondered if Wheeland has competetion, Joey said there’s no competetion
for guys like that, he mentioned Musco lighting as an example of a
company that ran off their competetion. Bubba asked about the Coke
Zero 400, Joey explained what that will consist of – honoring a hero
before the race, fireworks, and Train will be performing in concert.
Bubba said it’s a great display. Joey said they do a lot of great
things for the Military, seeing them in action gives him more respect.
Patrick in Ft. Meyers said he likes how Daytona opened up a jeep
section, he thanked everyone at the track for his experience. James
said he participated in the Trump car, Bubba thinks Joey should run
for governor, Tara thinks Joey is awesome. Bubba said that for the 2nd
year in a row, Jim Neighbors couldn’t sing, he then said that tom
Carginy died a few years ago, Joey said the guy had the best pipes in
the industry. Bubba talked about robin Meed doing the National Anthum
at Daytona, Joey said that they do test runs to make sure the person
involved can do it. Mike in Tampa asked if they still have bleechers
in the in field, he had said that he used to be pee in the gutters and
lit coutches on fire, he asked if oey could change it, Bubba gave the
guy the Evil treatment. Joey said that the track repare went well, he
then described what happened when the jet dryer was hit, he then
recapped what that day was like. Bubba asked oey to give a run-down as
to what their specials are, oey explained that kids are free all week
long, he said no one is offering what they are offering. Bubba asked
about the grand finale of fireworks, the amount of wiring can wrap
around the track two or three times, Joey said they’re go big or go
home, he said that last year the display was about 17 mnutes long, he
thinks when he retires, Bubba should take over, Bubba said he’s more
of a short track guy, he said that he misses Jimmy Hunter.

The website is:
The number to call for tickets: 1-800-pitshop

Segment 6

Coming out of commercials we heard a promo for Bubba Raceway Park,
followed by a 911 call, then into Manson’s “Three Dumb Fucking Cunts
Playset” from “Manson’s Greatest Hits” track 15, and “Bubba show
classics Vol. 8”, track 19. The bit is an advertisement for dolls of
Parris Hilton, Brittney Spears, and Lyndsey Lohan. Buba played some
Tech N9ne, he tinks Twenty-five should take over the interview, Manson
said it’s crazy. Bubba said that he has some Mike Tyson stuff, he then
said that someone is admiting involvement in the Two Pock murder.

Segment 7

Coming out of break we heard a promo for Bubba’s Ft. Meyers
appearance. Tech N9ne was in studio, Bubba said he already likes this
guy, Tech introduced his friend Chris from Kansas. Bubba wondered
where Kansas City was, Chris said both Misery and Kansas. Bubba said
he went to East St. Lewis once to get an abortion for a girl, Tech
N9ne thinks St. Lewis looks like Detroit, Bubba isn’t sure which one
is worse – Detroit or Cleavlend, he thinks he would name himself after
a gun too if he was in a city like that, he thinks Tech has never
played a venuee that is surrounded by strip clubs. Tech listed some
places he likes – Denver, Sweeden and Denmark, Bubba said he had some
Danish nannies he tried to screw. Larry came on saying that Tech N9ne
is a Juggalo he met Tech at the gathering in Ohio, he said that he saw
Tech hooking up with a girl, Bubba thinks the guy broke Juggalo code
by ratting him out, he then asked about Luke, Tech said that he went
to some of his parties when he wasn’t supposed to. We then heard a
news clip about a guy who admitted to shooting Two Pock, bubba thinks
it’s a guy trying to stay in the spotlight, he then goofed on Tech’s
friend with big eyes, he thinks he looks like the black guy from Catty

Segment 8

Bubba said that Tech N9ne will be on stage, he thinks that he doesn’t
do censored stuff. We then heard a news clip of Mike tyson and Spike
Lee on the today show, Bubba thinks Tyson has gone through so much
money, he thinks Mike can still fight, Tech said he saw him in “The
Hang Over”. Tony asked Tech N9ne his thoughts on Lill’ Weezee, Tech
said the guy is successful. Chris said that he can’t smoke weed, it
makes him crazy, Bubba said he had good sources tell him that Mike
Tyson got railroaded with the Washington rape case, he said he was
going to break, but Brent cut in saying that Bubba was out of breaks.

IO show

Hour 1:

The show kicked off with “Am I A Psycho?” by Tech N9ne.
Chris talked about a drink he likes, Bubba said he’d rather go with the pills.
Greg in Kansas said he’s been with Tech N9Ne since day one.
The guys talk about the term “MC”.
Manson is amazed Tech N9ne knows all the words of his songs.
Tech did some stuff for Madden.
Joe in Ohio asked what it’s like working with ICP, Tech just recorded
a track with them called “Scream”.
Bubba asked Twenty-five to step it up.
Tech talked about working with Lill’ Wayne.
Frank thanked Tech for all he’s done for the soldiers.
Pussy on the road – Tech tinks pussy is the greatest invention.
Jason told Tech Bubba is a rapper, Bubba says “40s and Blunts” is horrible.

The guys talk about the N word.

Segment 2

“Riot Maker” by Tech N9ne is the rejoiner song.
Tech N9ne and Chris perform live at the show “Beautiful Music”.
Bubba goes through his iTunes with sme rap he likes (Notorious BIG,
Run DMC, Two Pock, Tech N9ne and LL Cool Jay).

Segment 3

Deamands, Anger” by Tech N9ne is the rejoiner song.
“D-Ball Ball Shock” (“On The Chip” disc 1, track 15) is played. In
this clip from April 14, 2006, D-Ball gets his balls shocked, the guys
crack up at the size of his tiny balls and penis.
Manson’s “Blackman Winter Olympics” from “the Adevnetures of Blackman”
track 2. In the bit, Blackman and robin, along with Fah-q and Ass
Hopper partake in a bobsled contest.
Bubba came on saying he was tired, Manson marked out to Tech’s friend Chris.
“Hypnotize” by Notorious BIG closed the show.

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