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Wednesday on the show, Manson offered a new Clem’s Creek, Bubba talked to callers about the personal effects of the US deployment in the Middle East, the show discussed General McChrystal’s Rolling Stone interview, and Bubba shared inside information about his Chicago tapings with WGN.

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Bumper music provided by Moonshine Miller:

Everyday People – Sly and the Family Stone
Carry the Zero – Built to Spill
Don’t Let the Green Grass Fool Ya – Wilson Pickett
Harnessed in Slums – Archers of Loaf
We’re Only Gonna Die – Bad Religion
Use Me Up – Bill Withers
Army of Me – Bjork
Candela – Buena Vista Social Club

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Segment 1 – Devon James update, various callers

The show started off with audio of the Rays losing. Bubba came on
saying the music was provided by Miller, Ned said they don’t make
music like this anymore. Bubba went over some sports scores, Spice
said at least it’s a long season, he said that Boston and New York
know how to turn it on. Bubba went over what they’ve got coming up on
the show for today, he said that the Devon James situation turned out
to be a shakedown, he said this just proves that some of them are
looking for a payday. Spice said he believes that she slept with him,
Bubba said anyone could say anything about it, Manson said he doesn’t
believe anything she says, Bubba said it’s on, he said this also
proves the media will jump on anything, he said that the days of fact
checking are over, he said that he wouldn’t mind calling Nick up later
today, Spice thinks he’s a media whore. Bubba wondered if anyone heard
Cowhead’s show yesterday, Spice said that Dick might’ve heard
something; Dick said Nick was on Cowhead’s show, saying that everyone
has a restraining order. Bubba took a call from a guy who said Nick
was on Cowhead’s show, saying that he talked with Gloria Alred; the
guy thinks its bullcrap. Bubba said this might shake out to be good
for them, he said this could be the show that gets the lying bitch out
of her cave. Steve said all this stuff is driving him nuts, Bubba said
he’s got guys dying and an oil slick that could screw things up. Head
asked for a Lasker update, Bubba said that Gene bonded out; he said
he’ll see if they can get him on. Brian said he’s been a Howard fan
for a long time, he said that Bubba is more edgy than him; Bubba
doesn’t think that’s the case. Brian asked if Spice is like Robin,
Bubba said no, he said they’re a bunch of dudes. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza in New
Orleans. Bubba said he was on last night, he said that if
you just wanted to watch just one clip, you can do that for a small
price, he said they’re working on some application. The guys went over
some birthdays. George said Randy Lajoy owned up to smoking marijuana,
he said that at least he’s not like Mayfield, who denied everything.
Bubba thinks maybe you can smoke weed after the NASCAR banquet, he
said that they randomly test people there. The first email said that
the show has gotten better. Bubba said that the ratings are a
disaster, saying that he’s not going to get into it; he said some
people think the PPM is tracking them. Another emailer said they
almost spit up there coffee when Bubba mentioned
Another emailer thanked Bubba for turning them on to the Cotton Mouth
Kings. Another emailer said they’d like to send the show their rap
demo, the guys cracked up at the artist name, “Smacky McCrackin’”.
Another emailer asked about the place where Bubba and Ned have gotten
wheels, Bubba said it’s Another emailer said that a lot
of rap stations are in South Florida, the emailer hopes Bubba doesn’t
get kicked off, Bubba thinks it will happen, he said guys like Steve
Doll got kicked off of Chicago radio. Another emailer said they heard
Bubba mention the Fropay, the emailer said Bubba is right on that
stuff. Bubba said he was at heather’s horse barn, he said they’re
really big, he didn’t mean to sound child like, he said the horses use
their heads as weapons, he said pinning the ears back mean that they
don’t like you, Manson said they hate that. Bubba thinks it’s
something with the horse community, as they don’t like him, he thinks
they don’t like him for wearing a red hat, he said geese are really
mean, Spice wonders what animal Manson hasn’t owned, Manson said they
find him, he said geese crap everywhere. They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – BP Oil

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba
wonders if Miller is in a box, Ned thinks he won’t be able. To fit. We
then heard a news clip about a judge that struck down Obama’s six
month ban on oil drilling. Brent said the judge has a job for life; he
has interest in Halliburton and BP, Spice suggested they take a break,
Manson suggests that the president just hang out at the Whitehouse,
Bubba suggested that the Whitehouse have a little putting green, Spice
said that the ceo of BP sailing around on a clean ocean isn’t such a
good idea. Bubba said if he was President, he’d have to set aside his
hobbies, Spice said it feels as if the Presidency means you’re
grounded for four to eight years, and you have a lot of homework.
Bubba said he would take advantage of the food there, Brent said it
doesn’t look good when you have all this stuff, Spice said it’s
infuriating that Bush was hitting golf balls during his
administration, Manson thinks you’re just chilling on the golf course,
Bubba thinks Obama is talking to Biden about sports, he said we’re
only asking for a break, he said this just a judge being a jackass, he
hopes they have another disaster just to learn them. Todd said he has
the attention span of a retarded cockroach, he said the oil rig guys
will be sucking off the welfare system Brent said that’s not the case,
he said they’ll pay. Bubba said he feels for the people that will be
affected, Brent said Clear Channel didn’t start a big fund. Bubba said
they’ve set this safety net up for people to be irresponsible. Justin
in South Florida said there hasn’t been an oil spill ever since the
program started; Manson and Brent said it only takes one. Spice said
it’s hard for him to be sympathetic, he said it really pissed him off
to see BP’s ceo on TV. Brent said the guy is wrong, he said that a lot
of rigs have blown up from a blowout, Manson thinks you can’t do it,
the guy got Eviled a few seconds later. Bubba said that ten million is
nothing to move an oil rig, he said we’ve been big oil’s bitch for
years, he said that every year, from Memorial day to Labor day, gas
goes up a little. Ned said he’s all for the spill, as it saves him
money. Eddie said he’s heard that it’s about two million gallons a
day; Bubba said no one really knows, Manson said you have no idea how
bad the spill really is. Bubba took a call from a guy who went on and
on about the oil spill, he got Eviled for that, Bubba said that if
you’re on a cell phone, take a breath. We then heard Ned’s “Messages
to BP”; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – the guys comment on the war

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Clem Racing Inc
shirt. Spice said they’ve gotten some emails from people asking about
the bumper music, he said that stuff is in the recap, Bubba said Blind
Lawrence emailed him, saying that he wouldn’t be able to make it to
the show, as his handler was out of town, Spice said they’re
disappointed. Ray ray came on, telling the guys that they keep him up,
he told the guys not to hate, but to celebrate. Spice asked him what
kind of drugs does he sell, Ray ray said it all depends on where the
money is, he said he’s about Roxies, he said you can buy them for 10,
and sell them for about 25, he said he smokes a little, he said he
sees how people get hooked on pills, saying he’s not trying to be a
zombie. Spice said he’d love to meet the guy, Ray ray said he’ll swing
by the Venue. Spice said the listeners hate him, Ray ray said that’s
the point, Bubba said that he got a lot of emailer should’ve
admonished him, Ray ray said that you shouldn’t hate, participate, he
said it’s not what you’re going to do about it, it’s what you won’t do
about it, he said he has a lot of white friends who do the same thing,
Spice thinks one of our Presidents said something like that back in
the day, Ray ray told Bubba to preach it, Bubba said that’s the
problem with America, he thinks the guy is a visionary. Ray ray said
Bubba has always been funny, he said he just knows where the Bubba
Show is at. Spice asked if he’s in a gang, Ray ray said gangs aren’t
really popular, he said the Bubba Army is quite the gang. Bubba said
he’d like to take his address down someday, Spice thinks Bubba will
get him arrested. Ray ray asked why Brent doesn’t talk much; Brent
said he’s not allowed to, Ray ray said that if he got paid to do
nothing, he’d do it. Heather said Bubba has a lot of influence on the
US, Brent said that when you’re in the Military, the president is your
superior, you can’t bash him. Heather said she can understand the
disrespect, Brent said it’s a law, he said you just can’t do that.
Bubba said there are some things you can do VS what you can’t. We then
heard a news clip about that, Bubba said if you’re a four star, you
should know how to play the game, he said Brent has a huge problem
with it, regardless as to what he thought about the President. Spice
said he understands where Brent is coming from, Manson said he kind of
respects it, he thinks the guy has swagger; he said you either stand
by it or don’t say it at all. Bubba thinks Chrystal is has gone
through this before, Brent said yes, Brent thinks he’s in the rear
with the gear. Bubba thinks if we pull out, it will be a win for our
Country, or we fight it from the air and sea, Manson said the war is a
joke, he said we’re paying the Taliban $4,000,000, Spice said it’s on
McChrystal’s tab. Manson thinks that if we put all those troops on our
boarders, we’d be safer. Bubba said what’s destroying our Country are
the Credit default swap. Manson said he’d like to fight the people
over here, not over there. Bubba thinks someone should find Bin Laden
and bring him to America, he’s not sure if it ends the war or not, he
thinks none of it will happen, he thinks it what our parents had to go
through, he thinks it’s gone longer than Vietnam, Brent said nothing
positive has happened from it. Bubba asked that less air travel, what
the war has done, he said the terrorists have won, he said it’s gotten
to the point where you can make fun of everything, except for
Muhammad, he said South Park had their stuff censored, he thinks that
when they mapped out 9/11 on a napkin, they would never would’ve
guessed that we’d be a bunch of pussies, he said the Taliban has us
freaked out, he said we need a President that speaks like he does, he
said they should bring the troops home to fight at home, he said if
someone had that mindset, it would be nice, Manson thinks it won’t
happen, Brent said that Regan never occupied a country. Bubba said the
Taliban could’ve never predicted that we’d be afraid of them; Manson
thinks we should train on monkey bars. Staff Sergeant came on, he said
Bubba is on point with what he just said, he said he was sitting with
some Marines, he said you have an objective, he wondered what we’re
fighting for, he said the money could be better spent over here, he
asked what would happen if the draft was to start today, Manson said
the war would be over, he said if his kid was drafted, he’d be
protesting. The guy said he remembers when Vietnam was front page
news, Bubba thanked the guy for his service, he asked how mad would
Manson be if he was to be drafted, Manson said he’d move to Canada,
Brent said that’s why the draft should be in place, Manson said
there’s no sacrifice. Bubba thinks the Politicians won’ do anything,
Spice said if he was going to be drafted, he’d cut off his toe. Bubba
said that if the draft was in place, they’d go to Canada. Brent said
not to be racist, we’re getting invaded by Mexico, Bubba said obama
would’ve been the man had he done what he had said, Manson said he got
him; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Randy Michael’s discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Ned’s 12 Inch Meaty
Mandingo (with a side of man sauce)”, followed by Manson’s “Jesus VS
Ala” from “bubba show classics Vol. 6”, track 10. The bit features
Jesus and Allah competing in a wrestling match, with Hogan
representing Jesus, and Macho man representing Ala. Bubba said that
Miller will be in a comedy show, he then told Brent to let the games
begin, he thanked the Tribune company for believing in him, he said
they all worked with Randy Michaels, he said it hasn’t been the same
without him, he said Randy believed in him back in the Orlando day, he
recapped his first meeting with Randy Michaels, when Randy asked him
why he plays his own music, he said it’s because the music on the
station sucks, Randy said it was a good point. Bubba recapped the time
when he got the job on the Power Pig, the two rules were that he
couldn’t say the C word, and he couldn’t bring his own music, he then
said the people of Tribune have no idea what they’re dealing with when
working with Randy, he said that Bill Cunningham will get it, he said
bill is the biggest name in Cincinnati, he said he’s a smarter version
of him, Brent said he’s got a great show. Bubba said one of Bill’s
shows is about child beauty pageant Moms, Spice said they’re crazy.
Bubba said when you go on a TV show, you’re not going to get hit with
softballs, he said that anyone else would turn away from the show, he
said that Randy thinks it’s genius that they’re getting sued, Spice
said it’s just odd, he then read an article about that, he said he got
the cops called on him, he said that he talked to Bill last night, who
said that since he’s a lawyer, he’s not afraid, Brent said HBO has
done stuff about that, Bubba said that guy about Robert Feeder, Brent
said he’ll find the audio about that. Bubba remembers when Randy would
call him, bummed out that he didn’t get a complaint call in a while,
he said Randy is willing to invest in their syndication, he then
recapped a situation he had with some Jesus freaks and some strippers,
he said the bible people lock on the door, he said some old woman was
sitting in the front row, he called her Ms. Crabtree, he said you have
to know when to back it off, he said when an old woman starts crying,
he has to step back, he offered up a beer with her, she said yes to
that. Brent said at that point, the cops pulled up, Bubba said the
police report said that the bible bangers had said that the grandma
was kidnapped. Maj said he could hug the guys talking about the draft;
he said that everyone would get up and go. Bubba said Manson has a new
Clem’s Creek, Rico said he misses getting drunk. Manson said it’s
about slavery, he said can’t really give these kind of spoilers out.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Manson’s New bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper, followed by “use
Me” by Bill Withers. Bubba thinks Pagan and Potheads will be in Tampa,
Manson said it’ll be on July 16 at the Tampa picture theatre. Bubba
thanked Steve from Stingray for fixing Heather’s car, he said there
one of his favorite all-time dealerships. Mindi said that when she was
younger, she was involved in the pageants from when she was six months
to around seven or eight years old, she said she went through her ugly
phase, Bubba said kids aren’t ugly. Mindi said she wasn’t into it
anymore, Spice thinks she’s on Zanex; we then heard the coocoo sound
effect as she talked. Bubba thinks it’s a big problem, Spice cracked
up as she talked, he thinks she was ugly, Bubba thinks she’s lucky to
get her Zanex filled, he told her to get her tubes tied and stop
listening to the show, she then got Eviled. Leon asked if the TV show
will be available in Tampa, bubba said he’s not sure, he said when he
knows, he’ll let you know. We then heard Manson’s new Clem’s Creek
bit. Bubba told Brent he needs to get his pizza maker fixed; Brent
cried that he didn’t know how to get it fixed. Twenty-five Cent has
bad dreams about the show, with Bubba as the slave owner. Bubba asked
for Twenty-five to take his pants off, the guys cracked up at Bubba’s
Southern voice, Bubba thinks it’s problematic, Brent said he sounds
perfect, Bubba thinks he sounds like Mr. Garrison. Bubba thinks
Twenty-five smells like a thousand African assholes, Twenty-five said
Boopity a few times. Bubba thinks he lost his scrub brush. Bubba then
asked Brent why he hasn’t gotten his pizza maker fixed. Spice is in a
game show called “Are You a counter Programmer?” Bubba thinks they
could sign the check to him. Miller has him counter program Bubba’s
racing talk, Spice calls Bubba a race Dad, he ends up being the
champion. Twenty-five Cent wakes up, only to have Bubba ask him to
drop his pants. Spice ends up losing his counter programming
championship, as Ned is heard counter programming Bubba, Bubba thinks
its cheap heat, Manson said he’s got stuff in the works. Bubba asked
Brent to sit in Mogeler city with a Mr. Microphone, Brent said he
hates himself, Bubba tells him to shut up, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Note: All the clips of Brent in manson’s new bit are from the Jack
Daniels meltdown (Friday October 2, 2009)

Segment 7 – Hulk Hogan Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza in New
Orleans. Bubba said that there’s a story about a Brother who killed
another brother, we then heard the news clip, the guys recapped how
the situation might’ve gone down, with Spice as the guy burying the
body, Bubba thinks it’s white trash if you kill your brother, only to
bury him out back, Spice wonders why you’d want to dig a big hole,
rather than a shallow one, Ned thinks Steve Acenburg might get some
ideas, Spice said he wouldn’t know what to do, as he doesn’t have a
backyard. Bubba asked how Mr. Swaggles is doing, Spice he’s doing much
better. We then heard the 911 call about that, Bubba thinks it sounds
like the woman just saw a ghost, Manson said it’s horrible, Bubba said
he feels bad for the sane people in the family, he said that has to be
really bad for the Dad, he asked Manson what it would be like if he
had to deal with that. Spice wonders if Bubba was in that situation,
Bubba said he’d ask for the death penalty for his kid if that
happened, Manson said it’s hard to even think about it, he thinks you
should write them off, Bubba said Berlin would be his favorite. Bubba
thinks the 911 person is being a dick, Spice said the cops are on the
way, Manson said that the woman said that she wouldn’t send anyone
out, Bubba and Spice recreated a scene where Spice acted as the 911
operator, and Bubba as the woman, he said she’s told the story at
least four times, he thinks she’s described the body before, he said
he’d like to have her on the air. Jay said his girlfriend works for
911, they have a system where they have to do things, the information
is transferred over to the fire department, they need to keep
confirming the information. Bubba thinks once the information is true,
just reassure them. Rob said this is a tragedy, he asked for the call
to be auto-tuned, Spice said that’s a fantastic idea, Bubba said he’ll
over rule the idea. Bubba took a call from a guy who asked what they
did with Ned, Bubba said they don’t tell Ned what to do, ned said he’s
on the Hatley program. The guy asked about the Jabberjaw situation,
Bubba said her Mom pussed out, he thinks Michelle will still live
there, he said he feels bad for Jabberjaw. Spice thinks the operators
should have “Dueling Der Ders” and “The boopity song” ready to go.
Bubba did a situation like that, with Spice acting as a Southern about
a murder, then as a black man saying he got short changed on a
sandwich. Bubba and Spice then attacked as cop car radios, with “The
Boopity Song” in the background, he then decided to have ned as a car,
Bubba asked him to pull his pants up, Ned said this is a white trash
situation, he said Damnit to the situation, he said it’s ruining his
evening, Manson thinks the music would stream line things. Bubba said
they need a Mexican deal, Spice said it’s in the works; he said
they’ve also got an Asian one. We then heard one of Hogan’s bumper,
Hogan said that was brutal, he wonders if it’s legal, he said its
torture, he said he’s regrouping. Bubba read an article about his TV
show, saying that Bubba was the best first time talent he’s ever seen,
Hogan said wow, Spice said it was nice. Hogan said he got out of
Springer mode a few years ago, he said he gets locked into Springer.
Bubba said he kicked two of the guests off of the stage, he said he
had some audience members show their breasts, he thinks it will be
green lighted, Hogan said he can’t wait, he said he’d like to be on.
Bubba said radio is tougher to do than TV, Hogan said TV was a walk in
the park, Spice said radio gets the last respect. Brent said Bubba
could’ve been given no prep and would’ve been able to knock it out of
the park. Bubba said his last show was midgets, he said Richard
Dominic just told him they had midgets, he said he dug everything out
of them, he told one guy to get off his stage, he said one woman was
stripping for teeth. Hogan said he’s got a lot of stuff, some stuff he
can’t say, he asked to do some voice overs, he said he had to do voice
overs with a guy with a microphone in a small room. Bubba told Hogan
he could record some stuff at the show. Hogan said he road through the
clem Gym parking lot, Brent said he was there, he said he should’ve
knocked. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Bubba’s News Audio

Bubba said the music was for all the south Florida fans, Spice said
he’s craven Salsa. Bubba said that the Florida marlins fired their
manager, as well as their bench and hitting coach. We then heard a
clip of Devon James from march 23, 2010, where Bubba asked her why she
waited so long, he stopped and started the clip to comment, he hopes
she goes on Cowhead’s show, as it will solidify her damages. Spice
came on saying that Nick hung up on him. Bubba wonders if they’re
flipping the script, Spice said he hopes so, he said they don’t
believe the story; he said she’s a liar. Bubba said they took his
money and didn’t abide by the contract, Manson as a Southern said
contract Shmontract. Brent said Tom was on it yesterday afternoon, he
said he wants to get as far away from these people as possible, Manson
said they took the money and spent it on big screen TVS, cigarettes
and beer, Spice said the point is not about the money, it’s that they
signed a contract. We then heard a news clip about a guy who tortured
his kid, Bubba thinks the kid would be in the same situation, Manson
asked what’s wrong with people, Bubba thinks death would suit them, he
wonders why you’d want to rub crap in a kid’s face, he said if he was
king, they’d be dead, he thinks the kid will be messed up for life,
Manson thinks the guy calling the cops is a stupid move. We then heard
a news clip about the judge who presided over the Anna Nicole smith
situation, he’s now writing a book, Bubba thinks he can tell the story
better, he thinks they should have a law that says you can’t benefit
over a big case. Spice said he liked the judge who had a penis pump,
Brent thinks it got him removed, Spice thinks the judge is stocking
up. Bubba said he hates Ross Simpson, Spice thinks he could kick
Bubba’s ass, Bubba said the AP sucks, Manson said he makes him want to
have a warm glass of milk, Brent said it’s like listening to NPR, they
then ended the show a few seconds later.

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