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This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
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Segment 1 – Sports

The guys went over some sports scores.

Segment 2 – Emails

Bubba asked Spice how the naughty Alysha and the Amputee stuff is
going, Spice said they must be having a tough time dialing the phone
or emailing, they then went over some birthdays. The first email of
the day said they love the show, the emailer said the first medal of
Honor winner died the other day, Spice said the guy’s name isn’t sexy,
Manson said that the guy didn’t tell the Nazis “What you talkin’
about”, Spice thinks the guy who wrote the line for Gary is sitting at
home, cursing his name, Manson thinks it was written differently.
Another emailer didn’t like how Bubba admonished the music of today,
Bubba said he gets in trouble for the same stuff, the emailer compared
various thinks Bubba has said over the years, Spice thinks the guy has
something on his hard drive. The emailer asked about Bubba’s rap
career, Bubba said he had about as much of a chance of that being a
hit, about as much as winning Powerball. The emailer said Bubba is a
bitter old man, he asked for a show, Bubba crumpled up the email, he
said he’s tired of these people that complain, Spice said it’s like
the people who say that when they get pulled over, they tell the cop
that they pay their salary. Another emailer said he named his kid
Berlin, he thanked Manson for that name,
Spice then did his Stripper DJ voice, Bubba thinks Doug Clem. Another
emailer said the Jimmy Hart song should be on the website, Manson said
the song was stuck in his head all day, Bubba isn’t sure if they could
put it on the site. Another emailer asked why Bubba gave Coleman flack
for beating his wife, then said Chris Brown was a visionary, the guys
cracked up at the name “fun Man Pete”, Brent thinks he’s on the not to
be trusted list. Bubba said you’re not supposed to take the show so
seriously, Manson said there’s some sarcasm. Another emailer said they
saw Richard Marx in concert, Spice said if he grew up in that area, he
thinks he wouldn’t bring his girl to one of his shows. The last email
of the day said they can’t get the Hogan song out of their head, the
emailer said they can’t believe Bubba “Gripped it” out of Hogan’s car.
We then heard the song; they then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 3 – Jessey James clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza in
Canada, then into “I Need to now” by Mark Anthony. Bubba plugged the dollar preview, h sad he’s a little nervous about his
Chicago appearance, he then said that Gordo and Auggy will be fighting
in the Bubbagon, he said that he doesn’t like the name Bono, he likes
Manson’s suggestion of “White Trash Bono”, he then said that Adam
Smash will be in studio, he then gave a tymbal to Todd and Shelly, as
they raised about $3000 during the month of May, we then heard the
tymbal for Steve Hurley, as he raised $13,000 for the month. Bubba
said heather’s Dad David went to a car dealership in Houston, he got
the paperwork taken care of, got the new vehicle, the dealership
called him, saying they made a $499 mistake on his registration, he
thinks they’re just screwing him out of more money, he said it’s
typical car guy stuff, he said it’s like Chris Hanson at a car
dealership, he then went on to say that Jessey James and Sandra
Bullock are back in the news, he likes how Sandra is a class act, he
said there was a miss match to begin with, Manson said she got her
wish for a bad boy. Bubba thinks it would make sense for Jessey to say
that he has a problem, Spice said he went to rehab. We then heard a
clip of Jessey on Night Line, Spice said she’ll be on the MTV Movie
Awards, Bubba thinks the crowd will pop for her, Manson thinks the guy
is a moron, the guys think he’s horny, Manson gave him the wha
treatment when Jessey said he was part of a divorced family, Bubba
said they can’t even get into the Doug Clem stories, Ned thinks Bubba
shouldn’t have been so snoopy with the pictures. Bubba said that his
Dads car was painted school bus yellow with a white stripe down the
middle, he said the pictures were shady, Ned thinks that Doug Clem and
Gene Simmons were two of the greatest men ever. Bubba said that Bruce
Clem is like an older version of Manson, he thinks he has black lung
from Doug’s smoking, he asked Ned to do a song about Bruce, Ned said
he’ll refuse, he thinks Bubba would be cleaning toilets at the Warsaw
Parks Department, he thinks had Doug not treated Bubba like a dick, he
wouldn’t be where he is today, Bubba thinks that isn’t possible, he
said what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, he said he tries to
spend as much time with his kids, he said he’s learned from his Dad
what not to do, Ned thinks Doug was a visionary, he then got
distracted by some noises, he guessed it was a milkshake, Bubba said
no, Spice thinks Bubba and Jessey are having a Dad battle. Bubba sad
he went fishing with a friend of his, he said they had trouble hooks,
he ended up with a fishing lure in his head, he said no one wanted to
bug Doug Clem, he said he’d drop everything to take the kid to the
hospital, Ned told Bubba that’s what he got for not learning how to
cast right, he wonders how fat was Bubba’s head at the time, Bubba
thinks Jessey came across as the biggest moron ever, he said if your
into collecting Nazi stuff, it’s a problem, he found himself watching
a clip of Akira, he thinks Jessey is anti-Semitic, Spice wonders who
would fess up to being a racist, Manson wonders why we have morons
like this on TV, he then goofed on Jessey saying that once he saw
Sandra with the baby, he wanted to be with another woman. Bubba thinks
they should get Doug Clem’s side of the story, Ned said he’ll do it.
We then heard a clip of Jessey James’s Dad talking about his son,
Spice said he has a great idea, but he doesn’t want to say it on the
air. Bubba thinks maybe there’s some credence with Jessey, Brent said
he believes Jesse’s Dad, Ned wondered if this was Doug Clem in the
clip, Bubba thinks he doesn’t credit the guys enough, he thinks Doug
couldn’t be this calm, Spice thinks he would snap. Bubba said it hurts
him that he doesn’t have a relationship with his Dad, he said he’s not
going to reward him for being a dick, he said Tyler would be messed up
if he hung out with Doug. We then heard Ned’s “Doug Clem Song” from
“bubba Show classics Vol. 11”, track 15. They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Manson’s New Bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s Chicago
appearance, then into “Brandy”. Bubba said the music was provided by
Ned, Ned sang along, he then messed it up. Bubba asked what the guys
were cooking, he then said he signed a deal with Dewalt, Dave
mentioned some tools he doesn’t like. Bubba thinks Ned has called
Craig the Bulldog four times asking about a table saw, Ned said he
just needs it for the weekend, Bubba said that Ned is the worst at
lending stuff, he then discussed a company called “white Cap”, he said
you can get the Dewalt tools there, Brent said he’ll check it out.
Spice said he has some cordless drills, he said he went to Napa and
got a tool kit, Bubba thinks the site is, Brent said it
was. Bubba asked that you mention the show when you buy the stuff from
white Cap, he thinks he’ll be doing a big Father’s day promotion, he
then said Manson has a Jessey James bit, as in Jessey James Dupree, he
wonders if Jessey would like to fill in for the guys when they’re on
vacation, Spice thinks Jessey needs a cough drop. Manson said his bit
is “Jessey James Dupree Solves the Worlds Problems”. We then heard the
bit, where Manson as Jessey explains how he’ll fix the oil spill – jar
moonshine and some dynamite. Spice as a southern guy asked him how
he’ll do it, saying the plan makes no sense, Manson told him that’s
why he plays base, he then suggests filling a pool of nitro glycerin
pills, about 3,000,000 nine volt batteries, wild turkey, putting it in
a pickup truck, and ramming it into the side of a trailor, soaking a
rebel flag in moonshine and lighting it on fire. Bubba said that James
Cameron is looking to help out with the Oil Spill, he said when it
hits Florida, all hell will break loose, he said you’ll be able to fix
all the stuff on top, but on the bottom, you can’t do it, he said it’s
only nine miles from the Florida cost, Brent said we’re going to get
hit with an income tax. We then heard a news clip about BP, Bubba said
we’re being purposefully misled, Manson said he’d like to see people
go to jail for this oil spill, Brent said a criminal investigation is
open, he then went over BP’s other companies. We then heard “If Mike
Alstott Ran BP”. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Bubbagon – Auggy VS Gordo

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Btls Newsletter,
then into “Jungle Boogey”, Bubba said you can pay for the good stuff
on iTunes, he said they’ve got about a thousand pieces of audio, he
then went on to say this is the exclamation point with the tom the
Treeman stuff, we then heard a promo about that. We then heard the
Rocky music, Bubba wonders what will the title will be, Auggy said
he’s 320 pounds, Bubba said they’ll have to change his name, Spice
said he’d trade his name with Auggy. Auggy said a lot of his friends
heard the show, he said he’s no longer with him. Gordo was next up,
Bubba thinks he looks normal with boxing head gear, he thinks the fans
took a shining to him, Auggy said everything was good, until Gordo
asked him why the green room wasn’t green. Gordo said he’s never been
in a fight, he said he just does a lot of fishing before the oil hits,
he said he’s 167, Spice wondered how the guy can function if he’s on
pills. Bubba asked what his regiment was, Gordo said he couldn’t’ say,
Spice said Gordo was a zombie the day he was there (May 26, 2010).
Bubba said they’re both the next Tom the Treeman, Spice thinks Gordo
will have a better name than he does. Bubba said Twenty-five will be
the ref, the guys cracked up at Twenty-five’s gloves, Manson said it
looks like the world’s shadiest proctologist. Twenty-five told the
guys to not be pussies. Bubba asked that Manson be the bell guy, the
bell rang a short time later, Spice commented, Bubba thinks Auggy has
horrible technique, Bubba thinks he should deduct a point for
Twenty-five being high. The round ended, Bubba thinks Gordo has better
technique, he thinks Auggy is a big pussy, Manson thinks Auggy is
dying over there. Spice gave the round to Auggy, Manson and Bubba said
they’re scoring the round evenly. The bell rang for round two, Spice
commented on what was going on, Bubba thinks Gordo is kicking Auggy
ass, Manson wondered what kind of style was Auggy using, Bubba told
Auggy that turning his back on the other guy could mean a
Disqualification. The bell rang again, Bubba said the round went to
Gordo, he thinks Auggy will die; Manson said Auggy just needs to jab
more. Auggy said he couldn’t breathe, Bubba thinks it’s because the
guy is fat, he thinks this is more one sided than Lasker VS D Ball
(March 16, b2007). The bell rang for the last round, Auggy fell, but
it wasn’t a knockdown, he just lost his balance, Manson said they’re
in slow motion at this point, he said it’s pathetic. The bell rang
again, Bubba thinks Gordo one the whole match, Manson said he agrees,
Spice said Gordo took it to task, Bubba thinks Auggy couldn’t use his
size to his advantage. Auggy said he was dying, Bubba asked him if he
ever worked out, Auggy said no, he said he smokes two packs a day,
Manson thinks he’s a ticking time bomb, Spice thinks he should be the
Marberl man. Gordo said the only chance he had was when Auggy said
that he had a cigarette before the match, he said he works out a
little bit. We then heard the tymbal for Gordo’s victory, Bubba thinks
Auggy will die from the clem Gym workout, he asked the guys to come up
with some names for themselves, Spice said he likes Bumble for Auggy.
Bubba said he’s pretty disappointed in Auggy, as he didn’t’ use his
size to his advantage. Spice asked who would win in a fight – Bubba or
Bumble, Bubba thinks he’d win, he thinks even Berlin would kick the
guy’s ass. Randy in Tampa said if you do a Google search for where the
Russians blew up an oil well, he said they’re using the wrong kind of
concrete, Bubba asked him how he knows this, the guy got Eviled a few
seconds later, Bubba said this is like Nascar taking precautions after
Dale’s death. We then heard a news clip about James Cameron planning
to stop the oil spill, Brent suggests they call up Aqua man. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Various news clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the
dollar preview. Bubba had no idea what the song was Ned played as
bumper music, Ned said it’s Jay Ferguson, Bubba said the guy got
married to one of the first girls on the Weather channel, he then said
that Al and Tipper gore are calling it quits, Spice thinks it’s the
lamest marriage ever, we then heard a news clip about that, Spice
wonders how you can grow apart after 40 years, the guys think Al was
getting strange ass. Bubba read an article about a guy who murdered
someone, as he wrote a letter confessing his crime, Brent said there’s
no statute of limitations on murder, Manson wondered who likes the
Electric chair, Bubba said he likes it, he thinks Florida outlawing
the Electric chair shows us how much of a bunch of pussies we are. We
then heard a 911 cal about chicken wings, Bubba wonders if white trash
don’ have any common sense, Spice said that’s the beauty of white
trash. . We then heard a news clip about that, Bubba wonders when you
can get a half of a pizza, he thinks it’s a nice twist of faith that
she got a ticket for mis using the emergency service. We then heard a
news clip about Casey Anthony tripping over her own restraints, Spice
thinks it probably didn’t hurt as bad as Caylee getting murdered,
Brent thinks she did this as a stall tactic. Bubba said the family
needs to start distancing themselves from the situation, he thinks
George Anthony should be singing like a bird, saying what he knows. We
then heard “Caylee’s Not in The Cradle” from “bubba show classics Vol.
10”, track 5. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Adam Smash in studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s Chicago
appearance, then into “Camel Walk”. Bubba said every so often, Spice
will bring a band to the show, he said the end result turns out to be
some great radio, he asked for the band Adam Smash to come in, Spice
said the new single is called “do her Wrong”, Bubba thinks Dave isn’t
too excited about the new studio. Surge came on, followed by Luke,
then Alex. Bubba asked if they were born in Florida, Luke said he
migrated from Gainesville, Bubba said he was just in North Carolina.
Spice asked if they’ve got wooded areas, Surge said that they do. Alex
said he’s from Europe, he said they met on a website called Musalist,
bubba said he’s never heard of it, Alex said it’s a bunch of people
who were kicked out of other bands. Bubba said the guys are passionate
about their work, Alex said the band is made up of people, he said he
was the scream guy in a death metal band. Brent said for years, Tampa
was the Death metal capital, bubba thinks Richard Christy gave them
that info (February 5, 2010), Ale said he was over the Death metal
thing. Bubba asked what inspired them, Surge said he’s all about
grunge rock, Luke said he’s more into progressive rock, Alex said he
likes classic rock. Bubba asked how they write songs, Alex said he
would write words and come up with the music. Spice asked about the
scene, Luke said when they put a song out called “Sacrifice”, they
went to another side of the Country, Bubba thinks they’re the last
white rugged men in Miami, Spice thinks they should put an ad on
Craig’s list, he said the white rugged man in Miami is like the bald
eagle. Alex said they’ll do an acoustic version of “do her Wrong”,
Spice is convinced his ex girlfriend was a hooker. Surge said they’re
not sure on the album title; Bubba thinks “Love Is in the Missile”
isn’t too racy. Jennifer, the rep from Jive came in, Bubba asked if
she’s from South Florida, Jennifer said she’s originally from
Philadelphia, she said she’s currently in Atlanta, she said she’s
single, bubba thinks you can’t be single and working for a record
company with guys like this. Spice asked if she likes this stuff
better than rap, Jennifer said it’s appealing, she said she knows of
artists from American Idol, Bubba said it’s no talent, he said all
they do are karaoke singers. Bubba asked Jennifer her thoughts on the
show, Jennifer said she’s heard Bubba is abrasive, Alex said the album
is done, Bubba thinks Jive will over think the release date. Bubba
remembers his days of being a music director, he said the statute of
limitations has dropped on stuff like that. Surge said Jive looks to
him for marketing ideas, Spice likes how they have control over their
careers, he asked the guys not to overdose. They then went into “Do
Her Wrong”, we then heard the tymbal. Bubba asked if this will be the
single, Jennifer said it will start off the band. Spice asked if they
have any good stories, Luke said some of them are taken, Bubba told
Luke he’s only 21, he told Luke to get rid of her. Surge said his girl
is a belly dancer, he said she’s the hottest girl he’s ever been with,
Bubba thinks they’re too clean to be a rock group. Spice asked what
celebrity would they be with, bubba thinks it would be Megan Fox, Luke
said it’s a tough question, he said he’d go with megan ox, he then
said Mili Cyrus, Spice said he’s not much older than he is.
Alex said he’d got with Katherine Zeta Jones, Bubba thinks he’s behind
the times, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Atom Smash jams at the BRN

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza in Canada
on August 14, then into “Sacrifice” by Adam Smash. Bubba isn’t sure if
the song will be on the album, Luke said they’re doing a song called
“Last Call”, he said the album is about being on the road, Spice asked
if it’ll be like the Semi Sonic song “Closing Time”. They then went
into the song, we then heard the tymbal. Bubba thinks Jive will over
think the title, he thinks Luke has it all down, Luke said her name is
Portia, the guys think it’s a stripper name, Spice did his Strip Club
Dj voice. Surge said he met her at university of Florida, saying how
he never went there, he said he just dated girls who went there, he
said they met at a photo shoot, he said his penis was hanging out,
Bubba thinks that kind of stuff doesn’t exist, the guys think he
should just stick with that story, Bubba thinks Surge wants to get out
of the studio as soon as possible. Spice thinks he found her on, Luke said it’s, Bubba thinks Portia is
divorced with a kid, Surge said no, Spice thinks she makes good money,
he wonders if Surge knows how to belly dance, he then demoed it, Bubba
thinks he looks like Jim Morrison on stage, he asked him to act like a
snake, the guys cracked up at it. Bubba recapped the time he caught
crabs, he was sitting in class and found a crab on his crotch. He
pulled it out and stabbed it with his pencil, he said even if he had a
condom, they’ll harvest. He called up Janie Cakes, he called the
doctor, who suggested he get some Rid, but he didn’t’ have any. He
shaved his crotch, and blasted some Janitor and a drum on himself, he
ended up going to the hospital for it, the guys cracked up at the
story, he thinks crabs aren’t cool anymore, he thanked the guys for
coming in, he thinks the other shows they’ll be on will be lame, Luke
thinks Jennifer should get on the pole, Bubba thinks they shouldn’t do
that, he then went over what they’ve got coming up on the show for the
next few days, he said Tom the Treeman gave him Scott Hall’s number,
Spice thinks a belly dancer and a rock star won’t work out. Bubba
asked Manson what it was like when he was in Emerald city, Manson said
it didn’t work out, he said those days were brutal, Bubba thanked
Buffalo Wild Wings for being with Spice, they then ended the show a
few seconds later.

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